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Calls for Removing Rove on the Floor of the House of Representatives

Watch Rep. Waxman (D-CA)

Watch Rep. Inslee (D-WA

Watch Rep. Slaughter (D-NY), Rep. Watson (D-CA), Rep. Pallone (D-NJ), Rep. Frank (D-MA) and Caucus Chair Menendez (D-NJ


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Rove,you are the weakest link...goodbye!

Where are all of the righteous Republicans that were screaming for Clintons head because he lied about some babydoll? This administration has misled the whole world, let alone the taxpaying US public, and not a word from ANYBODY in Republicanland!

The righteous (only when a liberal is in trouble) Republicans are currently hiding behind the White House stonewall until Karl gives the thumbs up that it is OK to come out. Somehow American's need to shame the Republicans into doing the right thing here. They need to take back the GOP from the hands of the Neo-Con's and show America that the Neo-Con Party is not the GOP. I don't hold Republican values (largely), but I don't believe the current administration speaks for a large portion of the Republican Party. I just think they tend to blindly hold the Party line, and this is the box of cracker jacks that they were given, so they are blindly sticking to it.

Brian- if there's one thing I've learned in recent years, it's that the republican party (as it stands now) knows no shame. better to convince them that they're on a sinking ship and watch them abandon ship like the rats they are. self interest and self-preservation is the only way to get through to them. cynical as it sounds, I believe it's the truth.

Karl Rove has been the mastermind behind every major republican victory in recent memory, hes like the emperor from Star Wars, controling and manipulating everything from a distance, Does anyone really believe that Bush himself was smart enough to lie and cheat his way through two elections? It's refreshing to see Rove finally be exposed to the country as the rat he is.

We have more dirt on Bush and his little country club with this Downing Street Memo than the expert prosecutors (haha) had on OJ (or MJ).

Somebody needs to do something (more) before they blur something else into the populus to rule out insignificant facts that some of us consider to be a bit important.

In my mind, the corner of the constiution has been lit, we need some brave citizens/firemen (fox news would say) to put out the flame before its all gone and then in hindsight we're all, "Somebody should of done something! I should of done something when I could."

Before I'm screwed because I'm not a wealthy-southern-anglo-saxon-christian-- that has a hidden agenda and not enough oil--damn it.

But everyone knows too, because of the beloved Patriot Act, our government can and has been working to restrain citizens from exercising free speech.

I believe the concept of citizenship is diminishing the longer we're just consumers of the twisted corporate insitution which has the money and power to buy and sell our government.

Well people, what can we do? I'm all ears (or eyes as the case may be).

I agree. The Patriot Act endangers the Constitution. Bush's latest excuse for being in Iraq is to "Bring Freedom and Democracy to the [heathen]" ("uh, yeah, that is-are why we're here-uh, there- uh, yup"). In the meantime what is happening to our Freedoms? We're no longer the free peoples we were. Our citizenship is threatened every time an ILLEGAL alien is given rights equal with citizens. Lou Dobbs is right to be worried about our pourous borders. With our rights as Americans so abused by our elected (?) government we are dangerously close to having LOST the war on terror

1] stay informed.check out the links at for starters
2] contact the media.Let them know you're not happy with their avoidance of anything incriminating Bush. Praise them when they do actually report on these issues.
3] communicate with your senators and congressional representatives.demand accountability, praise their efforts. voice your support to counterbalance all the flak they take from the Mehlman goon squad
4] get others to do all of the above, starting with being informed- the more you know, the more PISSED you will be, believe me.
5] peter werbe's talk show streams live on the internet- call in and be heard around the world!

7] be aware of and participate in any type of local demonstrations or town hall meetings-aside from being heard, it's a great way to meet others with a like mind. its also refreshing to actually be able to talk with others who can see through the crap, and another good potential resource- united, we stand, divided, the smirking chimp in the whitehouse gets his own way at YOUR expense.

Just an idle thought - if Rove goes will this start a domeno effect? It is easy to see that wee laddie Bush will be lost without Karl holding his hand and telling him when its safe to cross the street (Downing?) -- But the question remains who else will be (is) implicated? Rove is BIG fish and the cornerstone of Bush's ideology, if (when) he goes, the foundation will crumble, bringing all Bush's administration with it. I could be wrong in this, probably am, but right now this is better than reruns of CHEERS'

Reruns are a thing of the past--no pun intended. CHEERS is what the Bu(shit)es are doing as they laugh at their stocks and our inaction climbing off the charts.

This video format doesn't play on my computer. :-(

Does anyone know of a Quicktime version (.mov, .mpg, .mpeg, etc.) or a .wmv that will play on WMP 7?

My computer's operating system can't run WMP 9 and I don't want to buy a new comptuter just to be able to watch these videos. (Captitolism at its best?)

Rove did not violate any law, all he did was tell a reporter the truth. An inconvenient truth that Wilson did not want to be out there, that his wife got him the gig in Niger, and that he was lying about what he found out in Niger.

Enter: Create-A-Scandal-To-Cover-Up-Truth

Unfortunately, the Senate intelligence report was published, and Wilson was summarily dumped from the Kerry campaign since he was revealed as a liar.

Thanks for playing kids.

Oh, and what's up with the guilty before proven innocent garbage that Dems use against the GOP? Halliburton, DeLay, Bush, Rove, Lay, Rumsfeld...

Rove hasn't violated any law, but you still want to call him guilty and want him to resign. Hilarious.

We're glad to have ya here. It proves you're worried.


where the oil IS.

Truth is simple... 'nuff said.

Hilarious, quite right. Rove hasn't violated any law, that is really funny.

You simply cannot support an administration that has lied to start a war that has killed so many and claim to support our troops and our country. You need to decide Seixon. you're either for your country or you're for bush the dimmer. You can't have it both ways.

excellent point...and treason is treason. plain and simple. He outed a CIA agent and put politics ahead of his interest in American national security. How patriotic is that?

What's more troublesome, is the lack of Cheney on the frontlines. Where and what has he been doing for the last few weeks?

I think that the London bombings were in retaliation for the release of the Downing Street Minutes and Memos along with the proposed pullout of the British forces.

Go to the UK version of the White Rose to see how Blair has taken on Bush's persona and threaten to shove the National ID Card down the throats of the British citizens who disapprove of the National ID by 80%. Also the British media while better than the US has had much pressure exerted and the British version of the Patriot Act has been passed under the radar without any press.

The details are on this site including the eye measurements on British passports demanded by bush and passed and the problems with accuracy and and with the real terrorists being able to use this abhorrent technology.

Treasury Chacellor Brown has steadfastly refused to change the British pound to the Euro despite Blair tantrams. Blair was not re-elected. The UK does not elect their prime minister the way we (supposedly) elect our president. The public votes for the majority party and they select the Prime Minister and the only reason why the Labor Party which lost 100 seats last month due to Blair, retained their majority was that they promised voters to get rid of Blair ASAP. If the Bush Regime is using blackmail and threats against Parliament family members as they have to our Congress...I believe their are a few brave people like Chancellor Brown, Galloway, Michael Shrimpton, Dearlove who told the truth about the accuracy of the DSM show their may be more anger than fear and if there are more attacks against the British people or individuals fighting the Bush continuation of the Third Reich, I hope Britain will join the rest of the world in condemning Bush and getting their troops out of Iraq AND AFGHANISTAN.

The International Tribunal on Iraq has a very good report on WHAT THE WORLD CAN DO TO HELP AMERICA STOP BUSH'S WAR CRIMES.

Print out Amnesty International's call for all the countries of the world to arrest Bush and his top 5 cabinet members for Crimes Against Humanity in whatever country they visit for vacation or the business of continuing the war on the citizens of the world. Please keep signing petitions.

Go to JUST A CITIZEN Sibyl Edmond's site with petition and letter from Henry Waxman supporting the group, she cofounded on protecting Whitleblowers. We cannot expect more Downing Street memos or Deep Throats if we do not protect our Whistleblowers by continuing to mention the work they are doing and their courageous stand - also see John DeCamp, Ted Gunderson, John Bonnaci, Alisha Owens. has some very detailed ideas and history of the use of our military to protect corporate interests not the American people.

to get you into this vacation paradise. What a crock! Wilson is honorable and Rove's smear campaign is still at work. Go to a Rove site or encyclopedia to see the filth Rove spins and has destroyed lives and careers with and his latest the outing of deep undercover CIA Valerie Plame in revenge for her husband telling the truth to the American people about the lies that have cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

Rove's act of revenge may have cost the lives of 70 to 90 deep undercover agents that Plame was supervising and if that is so, I don't think the CIA is going to let that pass and I hope that Patrick Fitzgerald and the American people will realize the immense jeopardy that Rove has deliberately placed the American people in, but the Bush Regime does not care about protecting the American people, because according to Skull and Bones everyone including all Americans who are not among the elite superwealthy are "Barbarians" and according to their satanic Nazi philosphy lying and cheating the "barbarians" out of their money, children and lives is an act of twisted "honor".

Remember Kissenger's comment that the United States military troops are "mules, dumb animals to be used." and the lack of armor, food and health care for our troops is a continuing shame and shows that the bush regime agrees with Kissenger's disgusting opinion of our brave young people in uniform and combat to protect the elite's financial interests not liberty or freedom.

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