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Philadelphia Daily News: ROVE MUST GO

AS DEPUTY Chief of Staff for the Bush administration, Karl Rove is a high-ranking White House official, privy to a number of classified documents and state secrets.

It's now clear that Rove, President Bush's chief political street fighter, can't be trusted with the nation's secrets. Not when a cheap political attack can be made.

As Newsweek reports and his attorney now acknowledges, Rove revealed to reporters that the wife of former ambassador and Bush critic Joe Wilson was a CIA agent. Wilson was sent to Nigeria to determine if Iraq had attempted to buy nuclear material. When Wilson could find no proof, he accused the Bush White House of leading the nation to war on false pretenses. Rove then outed Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, in an attempt to discredit Wilson.

The White House has now been caught in a major lie. For two years White House officials have denied that Rove was the source of the leak. At one point spokesman Scott McClellan said Bush would fire any White House employees if they had leaked the name, which is a federal crime.

There is no easy way to explain this away. And the White House shouldn't even try. Rove must go.



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yes! this story is finally getting traction!(the investigation has already gone on longer than the entire watergate investigation,and has seemingly gone nowhere to date) Watching McClellan get grilled was a sight to see! PLEASE anyone who has been dissatisfied with media coverage involving this administration,take time to call or E-mail to the TV stations, papers,etc. and let them know that you appreciate their coverage of this(better late than never) I firmly believe that you can get a lot more accomplished with POSITIVE reinforcement than just by complaining- when they do something wrong, by all means let them know, but when they do something right,we need to be sure to acknowledge that, as well!
* motivation is forged through the experience of success-Abraham Maslow

I remember seeing this on a documentary called "Bush's Brain" last summer. I am thrilled that this story is finally breaking (yawn...a year later), but of course only the "interested" public is paying attention. I can tell you that no one in my office even knows who Rove is or why he is in deep dookey. Lucky for the GOP that they have so soured the arena of politics that the average Joe does not want to know anything!

Kudos to Bush for promoting Rove into a position that the public may actually pay attention to. For too long Rove has been the man behind the scenes and pulling the strings with noone the wiser. Welcome to Neverland Rove! Hey did you get my letters last year?? freak!

The only thing that will save the GOP now is "another catastrophic and catalyzing another Pearl Harbor". (excerpt from page 51 of "Rebuilding America's Defenses", from the Project for A New American Century, Sept 2000. pdf @

It would be nice for a journalist to be able to differentiate between a country named Niger and a country named Nigeria. Kind of silly, but worth noting. Shows how updated our media truly is... But I'm sure the Eagles are gonna win the bowl this year.

If Bush Fired Rove he would win some points with some and earn a little forgiveness. But, he's stupid and will earn even more anger from the American people furthering the cause of demanding his impeachment.

It could be that Rove knows too much. If he isn't willing to fall on his sword for the cause, they may be stuck with him. If so, the entire ship will sink....more quickly.


Rove is our modern-day equivalent of Josef Goebbels. While the parallel is not precise, the result is essentially the same. "Bush's brain" intuitively and intensely understands that the BIG LIE does, indeed, work. Tell it, tell it big, tell it again and again and again and again...and enough folks will eventually believe it. After that, the sky's the limit, really.

What a pity that we could collectively forget so much in just 60 years. Not a shining testament to our ability to learn as a species.

Becuase the NEO-CON'S are still doing the same for 80 years, BATTLEFIELD EARTH, over not just Oil, but SLAVE control. Ron L. Hubbard, Narconon and Scienceology. Business as Usual.

I could not agree more. History is in the process of repeating itself mainly because our citizenry has chosen to ignore history. How can you learn if you ignore something?

The time for action is upon us. The pressure must be applied on the current regime to answer all questions on all issues. The President swears to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution. He and his administration have attempted to destroy the Constitution in violation of that oath.

It is amazing how often the name Josef Goebbels comes up. The similarities between the neocons and a certain party found in Germany in the early 30s is also striking. Their 9/11 was the Treaty of Versailles.

It astounds me that when Valerie Plame was first outed she was considered by all to have been a covert agent of the CIA. Everyone in the WH was yelling about what a terrible crime it was that she was outed and the one who leaked the information should be drawn and quartered. Now its a different is suddenly questionable that Plame WAS a covert agent - the WH will probably start telling people she was only in the typing pool. And if the leaker didn't use her name, well then, obviously no crime has been committed and everything is hunky-dorry.

It raises hypocrisy to an art form.

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