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McClellan vs. Press Corps on Rove, Tuesday Edition

By Greg Mitchell
Editor and Publisher

NEW YORK For the second day running, White House Press Secretary Scott McClelllan suffered through relentless grilling from reporters who demanded answers or at least comment on disclosures that top Bush aide Karl Rove had discussed CIA agent Valerie Plame with Time magazine's Matt Cooper.

McClellan at an afternoon briefing again refused to say much, claiming he did not want to jeopardize the “ongoing investigation.


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Bush was talking out of the other side of his mouth when he said he'd fire anyone in his whitehouse if they were involved in the leak. bush is a man that cannot and should not be trusted to keep his word.

Haven't you noticed hr only fires peons, not the persons that give the orders or do the most damage.

I am an an American!

"Q: It's not my job to have a constructive dialogue, Scott. Sorry."

What's his email? I want to thank him...budding Woodward and Bernstein that he is ! John ain't going to "go with the flow" anymore.
Cool man !

I watched both of these on c-span, Monday and Tuesday. Clearly the surprise attack had Scotty battered and bloddied on the ropes Monday, But his trainers coached him between rounds, and he came our better prepared on Tuesday.

To think that the white house handlers would let their boy get pummeled a second day in a row is naieve. The reports have to take this up a notch. Here are three suggestions for what they should do in order to keep landing the kind of blows that make Scotty dazed and confused.

1. Trick him. Force him into saying something he does not want to say. Question; "Scott, Senator Conniers and others have petitioned the President to expalin the contents of the Downing Street Memo, that the facts and intellegence were being fixed around the policy. Clearly The Niger Yellowcake information plays a role in this. Will you comment?" Then if he responds, "You are asking questions related to an ongoing investigation, yada-yada, you nail him with the follow up. Question: "So by taking the 5th, you are saying that there is a clear link between the the contents of the downing street memo and this ongoing investigation? that is big news?"

2, Scott actually scored points yesterday by saying the "I think the American people can understand and appreciate that" in reference to the position the administration has taken about not commenting on issues related to this ongoing investigation. This sound-byte got out there several times, and went unchecked. That is too bad. Because it was the colrrilary to this remark by a reporter on Monday that nearly knocked scotty out of the ring. The reporter said, "Scott, do you think the American people are going to beleive any of this." Today, if Scotty tries to say that bit about the the "american people can understand and appreciate this" The reports must immediatly couterpunch and say "No Scotty, the admistration is wrong, the american people don't understand the white house position, it nor do they appreciate it. In the preabble to the Contract with America that the Repuplican majority swore "to end its cycle of scandal and disgrace. To make us all proud again of the way free people govern themselves." Where is that integrity now?

3. Fillibuster the Press Breifings, Reporters need to stand with solidarity, and not ask a single question that does not embarrass the administration and shame them into confronting these issues. This stand-off has already made the national news two days running. It will continue to work, but only if the reporters work together. Change the tempo from time to time with other embarrassing issues they don't want to answer. "Will the president defy congress and appoint Bolton durring the recess?" or "When does the president plan to respond to Senator Connier's Petition". "Does Tom DeLay have the support of the President?" "Why has Halliburton received additional multi-billion dollar contracts for expanding Gitmo, when the nation's reputaion is so clearly damaged by it." "Did Gonzales write the now famous "quaint/outdated" memo to the president and suggest the US opt out of the Genevia conventions to protect the president because he feared Bush could be tried for war crimes under the 1997 War Crimes act."

The reporters need a good co-ordinated offense to keep the presure on. They are up against the greatest spin machine in history and they neet to capitalize on gains made in Monday's sneak attack.

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