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"Turd Blossom" Must Go
Alexandra Walker

There's a popular maxim in Washington, D.C.: "Nothing's harder than getting fired from the federal government." Doesn't matter if you regularly show up to work inebriated (something I've witnessed personally). And apparently doesn't matter if you jeopardize national security—outing an undercover CIA agent—in the name of defending a plan for war whose stated goal is "protecting national security." This is why the folks at Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington were quick to call on the White House to revoke Rove's security clearance in light of the new evidence against him.

CREW's director, Melanie Sloan, issued the following statement yesterday:

---By disclosing Ms. Plame’s identity as a covert operative, Rove may have violated a federal law that makes it a crime to “intentionally disclose any information identifying


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As to the Bonifaz Memo to Conyers on this site, as to impeachment, etc. -- the only way I believe Bush will be impeached (which I am all for), is if we reduce the republican majority in the house by means of election (in 2006). If we don't, I don't believe he will ever be impeached. The GOP will fight with everything they've got, like they have, and always will, regardless of the truth (which with them, and their news whores, seems very subject to their interpretation). -AC

What makes you think the 2006 mid-terms will be any less fraudulent than the 2004 presidential elections?

America is lost. Welcome to Amerika!

as much as it scares me, I believe to my soul you are correct

Presidential elections?

Read "The Grand Inquisitor" by Dosteyevski, with attention to the inquisitor's outrage that Jesus had returned and would interfere with the church's goal of relieving people of the burden of thinking for themselves. I sometimes think most bush republicans cannot stand the burden of thinking for themselves and view with outrage anyone who can and does. It is traitorous, you know! We must all think the same thing, think what we are told to think, and never ever argue with the church, AKA White House. Some republicans "know" (heavy emphasis on the quotes) that anyone not parroting the party line must be an idiot. For them, if truth were a 2x4 smacking them right between the eyes, they would still deny it, blame it on the Dems, and sleep soundly at night; knowing that they are thinking inside their tight little box.

I've noticed that without exception, these people get their news pre-chewed. The facts simply are not there, and when it comes down to it, they consistently fall back on ad hominem attack-you're just quoting the liberal media- (sarcastic)its all a conspiracy-etc.- I believe that the people who buy into this kind of rhetoric are listening to the TONE rather than the content- O'reilly, Limbaugh,etc just sound so confident and condescending that they MUST be right. they imply with their tone that anyone who doesn't agree with them must be stupid or deliberately misrepresenting the truth for sinister political gain,or "they just hate freedom",etc.- I think that's why these people always get so flustered, resort to vulgarity, etc- they hear rush say these things with such condescending swagger that it must be right,but when they try to parrot their heroes, they inevitably get confronted with fact, which they can't counter. this threatens their belief system and their reality, but they can't support their position with fact. panic sets in, and they attack like cornered animals. if Rush or Bill were here, they'd really put you in your place!what they don't see is that their guests/callers are carefully screened,and if someone does manage to get through who knows the facts and can't be intimidated, they edit them out, pot their mikes down,cut them off, etc- believe me, rush and bill would fare no better in a legitimate discussion. these poeple latch on to a "sports team" mentality- its not about issues or what you believe. they automatically agree with anyone who has (R) after their name.

I think there is nothing further to be said. Action has to be brought about. It's time for us Democrats to finally stand up to the tyranny that confronts us. I personally am sick of us always hiding and being so concerned about our politics that we back off from every intimidating issue that faces us.

If we do not take a stand now, there will either be no democrats left...or the damage will be so severe to our countries integrity that we will be first to do a great deal of 'nation rebuilding' at home.

Our consideration, and our tendency to always watch our backs...and try to be considerate of all sads...has labelled us cowardly and spineless. Compassion is very easily mistaken for weakness and being soft on the issues.

I must say, that I do feel that Howard Dean is a bit crass...but he does seem to have a few key elements of a good democratic spokesman. He has the courage that the left has nearly been bled dry of. He is not as outspoken as the far right paints him out to be when you compare what he's said to some of the things that rove has said. However, Roves side...the administration and the republicans in general...stand by Rove. In these circumstances that is most certainly not a good thing.

However, it does upset me when a democrat says something that raises a bit of a stir...and every single other member of the party just kinda whistles and looks the other way.

Thank you, After Downing Street, for bringing a unity back to the democratic party. I guess that Bush and his opressive administration should also receive some of my thanks.

But I just can't bring myself to give them.


This is not a matter for Democrats, but for Americans.

Yes, exactly. We need the Republicans on our side as well. Let's not forget other Party's in this country (I'm a Green) too. This is an American strugle. If we get the majority across all Party's to agree and move forward the truth will come out, and we will have a chance to take America back from such destructive hands.

We who believe the Bush Regime has led us down this path through lies and deceit for the personal gain of the "elitists"; have seen and heard evidence enough to fully investigate and hold all perpetrators
accountable. This goes so far back; that when the "tyrant" Saddam
was quoted as saying Bush is the war criminal, most rational people know that the quagmire of "world leaders" are in a struggle for world control. Few of "them" care about what happens to the world or the people of the world. Those that do care are "taken out" for obstructing the tyrants. "They" have their shelters and their controls,of whatever it is they think they need, without concerns for anyone or anything else.
I am extremely thankful for the Tom Paines and hope Fitzgerald's concern over Rove is to prove operations in the white house corruption HIGHLY Treasonous. In view of the Skull and Bones Connection of Bush and Kerry (Negroponte etc.) I found it slightly comforting that Kerry did say Iraq was "the wrong war at the wrong time". His call to have Rove fired is interesting to say the least,
and one last thought, having spoken to a Pentagon worker, who verified with me that although of the same organization, Kerry was the underdog because there was not enough dirt on him, and he may even have a conscience; which can not be said about his Bushite cousins. Watching this unfold, is probably the best espionage and skullduggery story in our history. Unfortunately, the screenplay and script bleeds real blood and feels real pain.

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