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George and Tony Get their al-Qaeda Fix

By Greg Palast

The tooth fairy, Santa Clause, WorldCom profits, the Easter Bunny, al-Qaeda.

The cruel, evil jerks who blew up the London subway last week, despite appropriating al-Qaeda's name for their website and T-shirts, have about as much to do with al-Qaeda as a Beatles tribute band has to do with the Fab Four.

For all the horror, hoopla and hair-pulling, this was no September 11. Timmy McVeigh slaughtered a heck of a lot more people in Oklahoma City with his cow-poop bomb.

I'm not belittling the heartbreaking hideousness of this crime, but let's get the facts straight. If al-Qaeda is the Panzer Division of terrorism, these London bombers were terrorism's Cub Scouts. We're talking a few pounds of nitro wired to a clock -- a design badly copied off the Internet.

A witness watched some Arabic-looking teenager nervously checking his bag on a bus which, London's un-hysterical police now believe, he accidentally triggered, blowing apart himself and a bunch of unlucky commuters.

Al-Qaeda this ain't. All the evidence is that this half-assed attack was the work of some poor young Muslim schmucks, possibly whipped into a frenzy by the mewling mullah of Finsbury Park, Omar Bakri Mohammed, a cleric who enjoyed the comfortable middle-class dullness of England during the week while on weekends preaching, "a 9/11, day after day after day" to punish his Western hosts.

It's not al-Qaeda, but for George and Tony, it's good enough. Blair's Foreign Secretary dramatically dashed out to tell us that the explosions had the "hallmarks of al-Qaeda." Our Commander in Chief, looking as commanding as possible (no reading of kiddie stories this time), could not have been more satisfied.

The "hallmarks of al-Qaeda"? That's not true and Blair knows it. And Bush knows it. And that's no little matter, my friends.

Because Blair and Bush are al-Qaeda junkies. They've sold us on everything from fingerprinting five-year olds to invading Baghdad to tolerating plummeting paychecks all on the slick line that we are under attack by a well-trained, well-armed, well-funded hidden army called al-Qaeda.

But our War President and War Prime Minister are having a little problem with their war on terror. The enemy's gone AWOL. Except when we go LOOKING for trouble -- as in invading a Mesopotamian country -- trouble pretty much stopped looking for us.

Even September 11. Forgive me for pointing this out, but no matter how horrific, it was in the end the deed of a couple dozen fundamentalist fruitcakes with box-cutters hankering for a hot time with virgins in the next life who got "lucky."

Yes, unlike the London attack, the "luck" of the September 11 hijackers required the sick genius of monied operatives and a Washington administration that operated with eyes wide shut toward Saudi gangsterism.

But now al-Qaeda's luck's run out, not because Bush has us taking off our shoes in airports, but because, overwhelmingly, Muslims in this world really have no attraction to killing kids or commuters.

For Bush and Blair, organized terror's diminishing powers was a political problem -- until last week, when the al-Queda addicts of the White House and Downing Street got a new terror fix. Even if it wasn't the real al-Qaeda, it was enough for them to mainline into the body politic a big, fat dose of fear.

Now, with world media all jumped up on its latest fear high, Bush and Blair can resume their sales pitch: more weaponry, less liberty.

FDR calmed a nation when he said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." But the Bush and Blair slogan is, "We have nothing to sell but fear itself."

Greg Palast is the author of the New York Times bestseller, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. Subscribe to his commentaries or view his investigative reports for BBC Television at


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if Bush and Blair would deliberately let attacks happen, to help solidify their power. I know it's tin-foil hat territory, but what would help Bush more right now than a terrorist attack on US soil?

It's not a tin foil theory!
Now we have 2 WTC maintanance workers saying that there was massive explosions in the lower level of the North tower.
This diputes the governments claims.

Rodriguez and Sanchez

Time to have a real investigation of 9/11!

That answer is easy... an attack on UK soil. Close enough to America to get days of endless coverage by the US corporate media, but far enough away so that it did not stop the wheels of commerce here.

It was a "too perfect to be a coincidence" distraction from issues like Downing Street, Rove's looming indictment, global warming, Afican aid, failed Iraq policy, the economy, the deficit, etc.

"Too Perfect" that it occured just a week or so after Bush's lame speech designed to rally his base in support of his Iraq war fell flat on its face. It was as if Bush's polsters said, "Gee the speech didn't give us a bounce in popular support, maybe a dramatic series of terrorist bombings will do the trick? What is the minimum amount of casullties we can inflict, but still get the most news coverage, Let's shoot for under a hundred. That should do it."

I fliiped on Larry King last night and he and his guest, some fat conservitive pundit, agreed. "The bommings benefited the Bush administration."

Any cop will tell you, when investigating a crime, first look at those who would benefit from it. Chances are, you'll get your motive and your perp in short order. Who benefited from this series of bombings? No one except the president, and neocons vested in seeing him bolster his flagging power base.

I hate it that thoughts like these even enter my mind. I hate it because I long to trust my government, and not feel like I have to watch over them every step of the way. But I can't help it. I feel like the parent of a devious two-year old child, and I have to hover over that child every moment to try to prevent them from harming others or himself. But unlike the parent, I have little power to prevent these harmful actions. Being an American with a consceince is trying these days.

Check out the PNAC website, they are the neocons who wrote Bush's bible on world domination. They mention the need for another Pearl Harbor to get people behind their bid for an American world . The BB's (Bush& Blair) show their distain for us daily , they would gladly sacrifice us for their objectives . What's a few people when your talking about the big picture ie; the world.

for the world to see, a year before 9/ obvious is that?

It's like hanging a sign on your un-locked door that says "Psychopaths welcome to come kill my wife", and then reporting to the cops that a psychopath killed your wife.

Is this really Greg Palast writing? Considering his unbelievably good track record with his reports this is surprising. For such an intelligent man to so easily bite the racist bait of Blair so soon seems strange to me. First of all, there is absolutely zero proof that this was an Islamic - based attack at all; and as a matter of fact early leads point much more conclusively to fascist groups trying to start a divisive race war and general epidemic of scaremongering in England and throughout all of the West. In any incident like this which affects all of us on so many levels we must always ask the first investigative question - Cui Bono, who benefits? Does the Islamic cause benefit by now being prematurely reviled and attacked despite complete innocence after Mr Blair's so predictably racist/escapist remarks? Islamic terrorists mus really be the dumbest terrorists in the world (or right wing fascists the smartest) if they planned on bombing England as they were already planning troop removals openly. Not to mention, there are numerous reports of multiple Islamic groups under surveillance being genuinely surprised at the attacks; there was no dancing in the streets and widespread calls of victory over this one. It's about who had the means, motive and oppurtunity, not who had the brown skin. How could "poor islamic schmucks" obtain C4 plastic explosives, find a safehouse to manufacture the bombs, synchronize the attacks so perfectly without being caught and escape the most expansive and powerful intelligence network known to man (although it's true powers are really unknown to most men) in the form of MI5, the CIA, Interpol, Echelon computer tracking software (if that internet claim was o authentic why wasn't it instantly pinpointed through Echelon/PROMIS software? Why was Israel warned of the attacks just minutes before? This story is much deeper than what it first appears as. We should rememer the danger of knee - jerk reactions after 9/11 - look for Bush to try to tie Iran with the C4 connection.

Read between the lines folks. (fascist bombing leads)

It is Greg Palast, it's on his website. And yes, you are right, kind of knee-jerk pop news. Good for the MTV crowd.

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