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Presidents Will Break Laws To Achieve Goals

Z Magazine Online
By Jason Leopold

The recent revelation that W. Mark Felt, the former number two person at the FBI, was the anonymous source known as Deep Throat who helped Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein unravel the Watergate scandal in the pages of the Washington Post 30 years ago, should be seen as an important reminder that the leader of the “free world


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My favorite Nixon-ism is when he sat straightfaced and
explained to David Frost, the American People, and the
World after Watergate that, "Well, when the President does it, that means that it is not illegal."

That's what I love about the "Right Man" psychology. They are
always "Right." ;-)

Check out Colin Wilson's "A Criminal History of Mankind" sometime.
Fascinating psychological insights into what creates a "Nixon" or a "Bush." (ISBN 0-586-05486-3)

Imagine 6 years ago, that Bill Clinton's chief of staff had outed a CIA officer!

The Headers on the Drudge Page would have covered the full computer screen and in RED!

Today, Drudge is trying hard the divert to attention to Governor Bill Richardson ( D-NM ) This is a good sign, a very good sign for things to come.

Mr. Drudge does not know how the handle this!

Matt Drudge has got to be the biggest fraud out there. When it comes to exposing the truth with this mendacious Bush administration, you hardly ever see it in posted in "Red" on the Drudge report as he often does with Liberals.

I have emailed him several times and told him that had this been the Clinton administration that led us into a senseless war in Iraq with out having found any weapons of mass destruction, that we would never hear the end of it. It would be all over his site. It's also the same with Joe Scarborough. He's another fraud!


I didn't mean to post this twice Susan

Don't forget the fact that a huge chunk of Bush's admin. are actual holdovers from the Nixon admin, starting with Cheney and Rumsfeld, and going right down the list.Take a look at the old photos of president Nixon (pre-scandal) surrounded by cheney, rumsfeld, george hw,etc- amazing!

How many times must the TRUTH be told these days, The country is in the Toilet, The Rich have all the TAX Breaks, There are only promises that come out of the Bush Group that turn out, always, to be lies, Jobs for WAR ONLY, Judges hiding or FIXING ELECTIONS, Underfunding for all Veterans/Education/Medicare/EVERYTHING that might help the poor. Building new AUTOBONS for America, while only the RICH will soon be able to buy food and water and no one else, becuase of the cost of GAS. While He plays Golf and laughs in everyones face.


He, Bush learned his lessons from his Grandfather Prescott Bush Well, and if He could get away with it for over 60 years, so could He and Rove and Cheney and on and on. So here goes one more time. Google...Prescott Bush and IG Farben,.. Prescott Bush and John Jay McCloy,.. Otto Ambros and Prescott Bush,

Look for yourself and tell me the REAL Right Wing, can be anything but corrupt. OR do nothing and KISS this country GOODBYE.

But if you feel like I do, find anyone you can and show them the proof and ask them to show someone, MAKE HIM ADMIT HIS CONNECTIONS and don't stop until they are all put in JAIL for what they have done.

Cronkite had the gravity to say it straight to America. There is no figure like that now in the media, although Michael Moore should be taken far more seriously in this light.... since the country has lurched so far rightward in media... Michael Moore is much more a centrist in this climate.

Robert E. Lee had gravity. He asked the south to lay down their arms. They did. He knew it was the end of the war. Had Robert E Lee not courageously asked them to, the civil war would have raged on senselessly.

Since we do not have a central trusted figure to out the all-time criminality of this administration-- democracy has been saved by the hydra-headed bloggers.

The truth will out.

DSM. DSM. DSM. These are high crimes and misdemeanors.
And outing an active CIA agent? Treason. Use the I-word. Impeach.

Michael Moore = Edward R. Murrow?

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