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Rove's Leak Points to Bush Conspiracy

By Robert Parry
July 11, 2005

A key national security principle for dealing with top-secret information, such as the identity of undercover CIA officers, is strict compartmentalization, often called “the need to know


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Good article and correct!

It seems to me that the conspiracies are starting to pile up at the White House. This is like a house of cards, once any one of the conspiracies forces an investigation the whole thing is going to unravel. I can only imagine what Bush has to do to sleep at night.

He must be sweating bullets but maybe that's only Cheney.

Which high official of this administration was spending a lot of time at the CIA and could of known Valerie Plame's covert work; hint hint, his initials are Dick (don't confuse me with the facts) Cheney!

Someons please correct me if I am in error but since the Novak column is dated July 14 2003 and we went to war in March 2003 isn't the leak of Ms. Plame's name treason punishable by the death penalty? Of course I don't expect this outcome, but I was wondering. I think Rove will become this administration's Ollie North ( another liar) who will take a bullet for the Fuherer , get pardoned and get large dollar speaking jobs. So much for justice.

Wonder who Rove will replace on FOX.

When a party is under suspicion of having committed the crime of leaking the name of a CIA employee, we should suppose that party to be innocent until proven guilty. On the other hand, should the government not try to limit potential future damages?

Either this administration includes the most conspiratorial group of traitors ever assembled, or the number of coincidences in the past four years ranks right up there with a miracle.

Get used to the word CONSPIRACY. And the famous trick of shouting down the truth tellers as "Conspiracy Theorists" is not going to fly...for it is we Conspiracy Theorists who have figured their shit out.

Name a person in America who does not know that Karl Rove is famous for launching smear tactics against his political opponents. Right. I don't care what your political pursuasion is, you know this for a fact.

So when their grand CONSPIRACY to acquire Iraq was threatened by a truth teller, who could possibly be surprised that Karl's primal response was to launch a smear campaign against Wilson? What else would he do? He's the strategist and the hatchet man. It's his job.

The first question he would ask is "What do we have on him?"
the second question he would ask is "What do we have on his wife?"

With all of the power these guys have amassed and Cheney's direct line to the CIA, is it really hard to believe that they didn't ask Bolton or Tenent or somebody in their back pocket to dish up some dirt to discredit Wilson's claims regarding Niger? Hell, they had their own intelligence agency in Cheney's office forchrissake!

What could possibly be more believeable knowing what we do about the character of these men and their desire to win at all costs?

Not Conspiracy Theory...Conspiracy FACT!

Or are you a Coincidence Theorist?

This one's a no brainer.

Fry Rove! Use him to get Cheney too.

Miller has got to be protecting Cheney.

Keep Karl in protective custody...we need him under oath to take these bastards down. Don't think for a minute he's not fearing for his personal safety in light of this. He knows what ruthless bastards his co-conspirators are.

I hear Gitmo is nice this time of year, and we've got the Patriot Act in place to haul his ass down there without a warrant - and thanks to our new Atttorney General, we can torture his sorry ass all day long until he tells us the truth about EVERYTHING.


Don't close down Gitmo...send the entire Administration there!

After all, Cheney loves it!

"They're very well treated down there. They're living in the tropics. They're well fed. They�ve got everything they could possibly want," Cheney said in a CNN interview.

Don't forget your sunscreen, Dick!

Visualize NeoCONs In Gitmo for all eternity.

The people I work with who used to laugh at my outrage and conspiracy theories are looking at me very differently lately. I've also been asked if I don't get tired of all the work investigating the stories to find the truth and worry I won't become a target of harassment for using my name when calling or emailing , yes I do but the alternative is one I can't live with. If we do nothing we become complicit, and I am not willing to tell my granddaughter I did nothing when Bush tried to ruin America.I'm not doing a lot but I'm doing something.

Hi Michael. I just wanted to let you know I am right there with you. I work with a ton of people that lean so far right that you would swear they fill their right pockets with lead. I haven't heard much of the kind of talk they were spouting off around November after Kerry had been ripped off. I too am of the mind that if I don't try and work against what I see as wrong, that if I turn a blind eye, that I am just part of the problem. I will not stand by and watch a few spoiled apples ruin this country for the rest of us for their selfish gain. I will do whatever I can (even if it is so small as to make almost no difference) to help save America so that children yet to be born can enjoy some of what used to make this country great. I am with you.

I ,too, am of a like mind.however, I've seen a little too much from this administration to actually use my full name- I applaud your courage and integrity! Don't ever feel that your contributions are insignificant-I'm suprised at how many people feel that they can't make a difference, and so use that as an excuse for complacency!The bush admin. counts on that attitude! KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT- I know it seems overwhelming at times(!) but what's the alternative?!

I am proud to stand with all of you, thanks for your words of support. I know Bush wanted to spur Patriotism but I don't think he knew it would be directed at him not with him.I truly believe all of you who participate are Patriots and I am glad for that and so will our future generations.

If even HALF our population did "not a lot" like you are,this country (and world,for that matter) would be a much different and better place! DON'T SELL YOURSELF SHORT!!! (see additional comments below)

Checkout this transcript of Scottie and the WH press corps

Thanks Robert Parry-- excellent analysis. Excellent article.
Odds that it was W or Cheney who were in conversations with Rove: 99.9%

Odds that W or Cheney will be punished for conspiracy:

Odds that a fall guy like will take the heat for Rove/Cheney/W:

Odds that the mainstream media will wake up and actually start responsibly reporting the DSM, the outing of Valerie Plame/conspiracy at executive levels of government:

However... hope springs eternal.

Plame's name was never a secret, so it wouldn't matter even if Rove named her. You could find her name on this site long before this whole fracas even started.

Face it: Rove did not blow Plame's cover. He never said she was a covert agent. Swish, that's the game folks.

Now to find out who actually did blow her cover.

Hey, you're not really Seixon at all, you're KARK ROVE!

Hi--Thanks for all your hard work. In Louisville, we stay busy working to topple the corrupt Bushies--it helps maintain our sanity in these crazy times. We're ready for "Downing Street Memo Day" on 7/23 with a rally & street theater. We are printing 100 "Impeach Bush" shirts--to sell everywhere we go.

We don't expect to see much change of attitude among the far-right Bush War lovers. But like you, we have had an amazing impact on those in the middle--decent honest Americans who were unfortunately duped by Bush and his lies.

It's nice to know there are people across this country who are working for the truth, as if their country depends on it. Thanks.

>"He is married to the former Valerie Plame and has two sons and two daughters."<
To tell me this bit of info on Wilson's public bio is enough to disclose his wife's secret intel work does not wash! Some half rate lawyer could have seen this one a mile away.
Face it friends, I hate to be the rain on the parade here, but I do not see this corruption in our government go away anytime soon.
Having lived through Watergate, I can tell you that the answer is still largely in garage-speak, "Follow the money..." Of course, it is a blatent trail these days, not in paper bags secretly left in a phone booth, but in the jet trails of corporate jets, corporate lawyers and the conglomerates that they add on to with each passing bell on Wall Street. People, I'm afraid we've gone to meet the enemy and the enemy is us! Most of us, even at low end jobs with WalMart, work for the board of directors that finance the elections, those who run for those elected seats and, as we have discovered, the parent media corporations that supposedly "report" on the whole mess!

I grew up in the shadow of Harry Truman's home. Even as he was financed by "Tom's Machine" in the 30's, he still, at least, told the truth and made no bones about the fact that "the buck stops here (with the President)!" Well, the buck still stops in the Oval Office, but not the buck of responsibility and accountability Truman was referring to, but the big massive bucks ($) as far as the eye can see in oil reserves, energy exploration, military contracts and all the supporting undustries, etc, etc, etc.

The sad fact is, Truman's Party, The Give 'em Hell Man from Independence, has jumped on the corporate bandwagon! Let's face it, how many of those filthy rich bastards in D.C. really, I mean really, give a damn about the working poor. I have heard the same damn promises and speaches for 40 years and all I have honestly seen is the rich getting richer and the poor still exploited as non-union labor and cannon fodder for the Waltons and Bushs of the country!

As long as people are complacent in this country, as they have for years now, nothing will change. I'm convinced that rich Democrats are really not much better! They may sing a different verse, but it's still the same damn song! I'm afraid we are at a point in this country where only significant change (like a rewrite of our Constitution, term limits on all politicians,...) will make anything different worth while. I don't think we're there yet. Poeple need to be more deperate to make those kind of real changes. You can bet, those who benefit in power and money (i.e. politicians and the corporations who hire them) do not want change!!!

Rove didn't disclose her secret intel work. All he said was that she worked at the CIA. Nothing about being a covert agent.

Oops, there I go again, destroying peoples' world view again. Silly me.


I thought I told you to take your Fox and go to bed! You're grounded.

revealing that she was CIA would be all it would take to out her as an
undercover agent because a little research would reveal that she presented herself as having a job outside of government.

>"Oops, there I go again, destroying peoples' world view again. Silly me."<

The only world view you have is the one you see with your head up your ass! Please...

This article finally articulated the main point-- that the knowledge of CIA operatives would not be exchanged at Rove's level in the White House. Where he got the knowledge could only derive from two sources: Bush and/or Cheney. That's why Rove's not the "target" of the investigation, only a "subject". The real source is above him. And he may well be Miller's source as well.

By the way... has anyone even seen Cheney recently?

Why didn't her source give her permission to talk? Or was she threatenend to go to jail and keep silent? She certainly wasn't honest about WMD in her articles and in her article on Galloway she doesn't quote him even once and the Times gave no text whatsoever. By going to jail she looks more like a journalist than she should.

Read justin Raimondo's analysis which includes information from Wilson's book that is highly relevant.

Bush has had Rove on board for a long time. Rove and Co. smeared McCain. When McCain asked Bush about the smear, Bush shrugged and said I didn’t attack you it was somebody else.
Rove was also very likely involved in the Dan Rather story about the forged documents. Bush knew what was going on.

As my son would say, “If you have an attack dog and you like what that attack dog does and you keep him on your property, then you can’t say you didn’t attack anyone when the dog attacks. That doesn’t work.

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