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Where's W Now?

Please plan peaceful protests for the following events, and in the meantime ask the White House when Bush will reply to Congressman John Conyers' letter.
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Tuesday July 12, 2005
NEW* BUSH in Washington, DC - 7:00 AM: Bush meets with Senate leaders
from both parties (Frist/Reid/Specter/Leahy) to discuss SCOTUS.
[, 7/11/05;, 7/11/05]

BUSH in Washington, DC - 9:10 AM: President Bush will welcome Prime
Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore to the White House. This will be
Prime Minister Lee's first visit to Washington since becoming Prime
Minister last August, though the two leaders met last November on the
margins of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Santiago.
The President will discuss strategic and trade cooperation with the
Prime Minister, in addition to other issues of mutual interest. [White
House, 6/28/05]

NEW* BUSH in Washington, DC - 10:30 AM: President Bush makes remarks to
the 2004 and 2005 NCAA Sports Champions. [White House, 7/8/05]

Wednesday July 13, 2005
NEW* BUSH in Washington, DC - 9:55 AM: President Bush meets with his
Cabinet with focus on budget
(midsession review coming out same day). [White House, 7/8/05]

Thursday July 14, 2005
NEW* BUSH in Indianapolis, Indiana - 11:45 AM: President Bush makes
remarks at the Indiana Black Expo Corporate Luncheon. [White House,

Friday July 15, 2005
BUSH in Washington, DC: President Bush will welcome President Antonio
Saca of El Salvador to the White House. The President looks forward to
continuing his dialogue with President Saca on issues of shared interest
like free trade, democracy, and security. [White House, 7/8/05]

NEW* BUSH in North Carolina: White House officials decline to provide
further details, such as the purpose of the trip or specifics on where
he would visit. They said the trip is not related to politics or the
military. [White House, 7/8/05; The News & Observer, 7/9/05]

Monday July 18, 2005
BUSH in Washington DC: President Bush will welcome Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh to the White House on July 18. The visit marks the next
stage in the expanding and deepening U.S.-India relationship, building
on the recent high-level exchanges and initiatives between the two
governments. The two leaders will touch on all aspects of U.S.-India
cooperation including economic, energy, and strategic elements. [White
House, 6/3/05]

HUCKABEE in Des Moines, IA: Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) will be named NGA
chair at the conclusion of the annual meeting in Des Moines, Iowa. [AP,

Tuesday July 19, 2005
BUSH in Washington DC: President Bush will welcome Prime Minister John
Howard to the White House on July 19th. A critical ally and partner,
Australia continues to work with the United States to combat terrorism,
stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and promote peace
and freedom. President Bush looks forward to discussing with Prime
Minister Howard important regional and international issues and ways to
further deepen and broaden bilateral relations between the United States
and Australia. [White House, 6/24/05]

Thursday July 21, 2005
BUSH in McLean, VA: President Bush will appear at a fundraising dinner
at the McLean home of a prominent Jerry Kilgore supporter, the former
Attorney General who easily won the Republican nomination for governor
in June. [AP, 6/15/05, CNN, 6/29/2005]

Friday July 22, 2005
CHENEY in Princeton, NJ: New Jersey Republican Committee fundraiser
featuring VP Cheney. [New Jersey Republican Committee]

Friday July 29, 2005
BUSH in Washington, DC: President Bush will host Pakistan's Prime
Minister Shaukat Aziz. The Pakistani Foreign Ministry said Aziz will
stay in Washington three days and visit leading members of Congress as
well. [AP, 7/6/2005]


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I almost choked on the July 15, 2005 item on the President's schedule, the one where he "looks forward to
continuing his dialogue with President Saca on issues of shared interest like free trade, DEMOCRACY (?), and security." (Emphasis and question mark added).

You might think President Bush might like to engage in initiating a dialogue with the American people regarding DEMOCRACY. He could start by answering Representative Conyer's questions re: DSM.

I decided to e-mail the President and request he respond to Rep. Conyers, as follows:

Dear Mr. President:

As the elected leader of ALL of the citizens of the United States of America, you have a duty to respond to legitimate inquiries of interest to all of those citizens.

Several weeks ago, Representative Conyers along with other member of the House of Represntatives delivered to you a list of serious questions to which all Americans deserve answers.

As an attorney, I am acutely aware of the Constitutional requirements of all members of all branches of the American government. You as the Chief Executive in the Administrative Branch have the responsibility to "PRESERVE, PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA".

Responding to legitimate inquiries posed by over one hundred (100) members of the House easily is numbered among such duties.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard J. Schaedler, Esquire
PA Supreme Court ID#27809

I applaud your message to the President, to protect and defend the Constitution. However, in the e-mail I sent to him, I could not bring myself to leave a respectful salutation. I can no longer respect an office, or a man, who has so perverted it's function.

It was not easy! However, since I am an attorney and did provide my PA Attorney ID#27809, I felt compelled to write in as professional a manner as possible under these trying circumstances.

We are all obviously freedom loving, true patriotic Americans. Anyone who agrees with me that the President owes us the answers to Rep. Conyers' should flood the WH with these e-mails one at a time. Individually, we should not parrot the same issue over and over. i do feel that individually we should keep up pressurre on the President when a separate issue presents itself for inquiry.

Thanks for your support and involvement.

We must vanquish these oppressors.

I too emailed the President. I don't expect anything from it, but if we all do our part, who knows where it will go.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your response from the President. If by some chance, he does not reply, I would like to suggest you forward your email to six of the top newspapers in the U.S.

I also e-mailed the president. I do not expect anything either. Except for maybe harrasment.

Below is the Autoreply i recieved after sending my e-mail
Thank you for e-mailing President Bush. Your ideas and comments are very
important to him.

Because of the large volume of e-mail received, the President cannot
personally respond to each message.

In addition to, we have developed White House Web
Mail, an automated e-mail response system. Please access to submit comments on a specific issue.

Additionally, we welcome you to visit our website for the most up-to-date
information on current events and topics of interest to you.
I doubt he response to any.

I got the same thing.

Dear Mr. President,

I do not want to email you with my name. I am a working Mom of a young adult with a disability, and I live in Florida. There is enough pressure on me dealing with your brother, Governor Bush, and his so-called "agendas" for Florida's disabled.

I feel mortified and betrayed by the Bush Administration. I left the Democrats when President Clinton was running for office because I am pro-life. My eyes opened wide before your second term. I am now back with the Democrat Party that I grew up with. You and your Administration obviously used pro-life people to go to a pre-emptive war- not a good idea, if you ask me.

Frankly, if I do not trust a Democrat candidate in the future, I will do a write-in vote before I will ever vote for a Republican again. And I mean that forever. I will not vote for a Republican for dog-catcher in my county, that is how betrayed I feel by your Administration.

I am a Christian, and you have done everything in your power to prove that you are a "wolf in sheep's clothing". However, I and my child are not sheep, we are American citizens of the United States of America. And I follow God first, the Constitution second, and from now on, the Republican Party NEVER. Amen.

Just a Mom

I am not a religious person, and I never have been, nor will I ever be. But I am completely heartened to the point of saying "thank-you, thank-you very much" for giving me some hope that there are still reasonable christians in this country. Speak your mind more please, and your reasonable christian friends too. Thank-you again

Who, in the end, is actually responsible for the behavior of the White House Staff?

Dear President Bush:
Please respond to Congressman Conyers letter asking you to respond to the DSM issue signed by 560,000 american citizens. It looks bad if there is the appearance of a cover-up. There may be no base to these charges, and we the public would like to know that too....

I just sent my letter to POTUS, asking him to dump Rove now. That's what a straight-talking, courageous leader would do, right?

Stonewallers, like Nixon and Clinton, had culpability of some sort. Their egos trumped their intelligence. It will be interesting to see whether Bush will measure up to his billing as someone who ferrets out evil. (He certainly has a golden opportunity with this situation!)

We need to making Presidential lying to the citizens (and the world) no-no number 1. Please write your letter NOW.

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