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How Many Wives Did Rove Think Wilson Had?

Here's a pointed comment from
SO WE'VE GOT Karl Rove's latest story, as recounted by his lawyer, Robert Luskin.
Rove did spill the beans about Plame in an effort to discredit Joe Wilson. Only he didn't mention the name 'Valerie Plame'. He only spilled the beans about 'Joe Wilson's wife'.
I'm no lawyer. But I'd hate to go into court with my case resting on that distinction.
And remember, the president has certainly known all of this from the beginning.
-- Josh Marshall

The other claim we can imagine Rove making is that he didn't know Plame was undercover. And here's another useful comment from on October 9, 2003:

As we’ve noted before, one of the best pieces of evidence that Novak (and thus his sources) knew Valerie Plame was a clandestine employee of the CIA was that he said as much in his original column. There he called her an “Agency operative.


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CBS news correspondent Jim Stewert reports that Miller said"The risks are too great. The government is too powerful." That is chilling.

What I want to know is, if we know the President lied about WMD and the Al-Qaeda-Saddam link, that we're already at war with Iran, and that his chief political advisor outed a CIA undercover agent, then why are we still letting these clowns speak publicly, and, even worse, why are the media pretending to take them seriously?

It's like a sick nightmare where you're listening to somebody lie to you -- and you know they're lying -- but you have to keep listening to them anyway. You can't make them shut up.

You know those dreams when you have to scream but nothing comes out? Well this is one none of us are waking up from.

Then there are those other nightmarish "Questions."

Time to email ALL American religious institutions ...will they be the Voice of America to stop this hideous war that perpetuates MORE terrorism?

sure you can make them shut up. There's a knob on your set. And you can tell everyone you know that you don't watch/listen/read them anymore...and why.

You have a mighty big "if" in that post there. What if that "if" was not the way you thought it was.

What if the president didn't lie about the WMDs.
What if the president didn't lie about the al Qaeda - Saddam link.
What if we are not at war with Iran.
What if his chief political advisor didn't out a covert CIA agent.

What if you knew the truth instead of the Democratic party talking points?

The president didn't lie about the WMDs, as even the Downing Street Memo shows.

The president never lied about any Saddam-al Qaeda link, as he never claimed Saddam was behind 9/11, and the relationship between the two, a non-operational relationship, is well documented and can be found in the bipartisan 9/11 Commission Report.

At war with Iran? Me thinks you've been reading a little bit of Scott Ritter. Ritter said we were going to start bombing Iran by the end of June. Ooops. Looks like someone was lying.

Oh, and if you haven't figured it out yet, Rove didn't "out" Wilson's wife. He never said she was a covert agent, thus he cannot have blown her cover.

Truly you are stuck in a dream where you are screaming. The dream is you being completely brainwashed into believing lies and fairy tales to oppose the Bush administration. This misinformation campaign was started by the Democrats after we had started the Iraq war.

If you go back and read what the Democrats were saying up until that point, they were supporting the president going to war and saying the same things about WMDs and all of that. The Democrats have always wanted to remove Saddam Hussein. Only fools believe that the anti-war stance shown by most Democrats is anything but a fake front to get votes. They've been plotting to remove Saddam since the Clinton era, all of them.

Unfortunately the Democrats in the USA aren't as honest as the Tories in England - at least they didn't pretend they were against a war that they actually fundamentally supported.

Before the war in 91 modern Iraq was the most developed country in the Arab world. Yes saddam went after kuwait,that was wrong and yes he was a dictator but he spent billions of dollars on education! Iraq society was thriving. After the war in the 90's The United States and the UN put economic sanctions that disabled this country.This country that was one of the most educated and industrial societies was left to fail, they had nothing and there economy became nothing. It is a fact that they destroyed the weapons of mass destruction. This has been proven. Even more so with the little known Downing Street Memos. We went to war with a country that was a shell. Why! It really is simple Oil! Don't blame the democrats for the republican corruption. I know many, many people who are republican and if you ask them what hey think of this administration they cringe ask any republican today, they are thinking twice about this government. I could go on and on but I am GOING TO BED!

It is late for me and I am very much concerned about what is unfolding in the administration and the lack of truthful press coverage. Some how I find my self watching this process as a novel. We could never find a great story as interesting as the one before us. I am not the greatest writer but I have a lot to say. I only wish for truth and that has been kept from us,I.E. Downing Street and the lack of press coverage. Americans have a right to debate even if the administration is opposed

Please cut the bullshit with the dishonest Democrats comments,this administration has lied more than any I have ever seen (50 years) and that includes Tricky Dick. I still haven't figured out if you are stoned or just stupid. I'm a liberal and so is my son (First Calvary) why don't you look us up for some therapy if you think like Herr Rove. I'm sure you're as brave as he is.

Rove is not going to be convicted as a Traitor, even though what he did was treasonous, his move will be to be found guilty of perjury and put an end to the disscussion.

only morons trust him now.

Muwahahahahahahahaha... ;o)
(Sorry for being so junior-high, I'm just glad they finally shut-up)

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