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Bush's war on terror is a colossal failure

Toronto Star, July 10, 2005
Haroon Siddiqui says terrorists are targeting us because of our policies in Muslim lands, not because we are free

Madrid: 191 dead. Beslan: 330 murdered, half of them children. Riyadh and Jeddah: more than 100 killed. London: about 50 massacred.

Then there's the daily terror of Iraq, where more than 700 people have been killed in the last month alone.

Our leaders respond with revulsion and resolve, as they must, when the tragedy hits closer to home.

They walk the fine line between increasing security and causing panic, between feeling our pain and exploiting it.

Officials who need to be seen to be doing something are, on TV.

Breathless reporters, anchors and "security experts" spout scary scenarios, pontificate about the latest terrorist group about which they know nothing, and recycle such vacuous phrases as the "vertical vs. horizontal command structure" of Al Qaeda and its "metastasizing" cells.

Islam bashers renew their racist demand as to what Muslims are going to do about the horror.

But once we get past all that, and the empty editorials, what are we left with? This:

The war on terror has been a monumental failure. In fact, it has made matters worse.

You could see that in the words of George W. Bush and Tony Blair after the London blasts.

They contrasted the dastardly acts of the terrorists with their own good deeds for Africa and the environment. True but irrelevant. The terrorists are not from Africa and they don't care about gas emissions.

Blair added: "We will not allow violence to change our values and our way of life." And Anne McLellan parrotted: "We will defend our way of life."

This is a Bush-ian formulation: they hate us because we are free. It cleverly obviates any need for self-scrutiny.

It is also patently false.

Terrorists, if they are to be believed, are targeting us because of our policies in Muslim lands. Thursday's communiqué made that clear enough.

Terrorists also have already changed our way of life.

Abu Ghraib. Guantanamo Bay. Secret prisons abroad. "Renditions." Torture. Assassinations. CIA abductions, even on the friendly soil of Italy.

Fear still rules America. Even after waging a war on false pretences, Bush can find refuge from low approval ratings by continuing to link Iraq to 9/11, as he did the other day before — where else? — military cadets.

Our own governments are invading our privacy, suspending civil liberties, criminalizing entire communities and repeatedly exhorting us to be "vigilant," thereby risking vigilantism, the anti-thesis of the rule of law.

All this may be excusable if it were making us any safer.

Combine this with the other failed elements of the war on terror, and you can see why we don't feel reassured by even the Churchillian calls of Blair ("We shall prevail and they shall not") and Bush ("We'll find them, we'll bring them to justice.")

Paul Martin and other leaders, cowered into co-operating with Bush, need to start saying that the emperor has no clothes.

Terrorists used to be spawned in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Now they mushroom in Iraq, even Europe.

So much for Wahhabism being the font of terrorism. What shall we do now? Bomb Europe?

Far from being "in its last throes," as Dick Cheney claims, the insurgency in Iraq is getting worse. Iraq is also sliding into civil war and lawlessness.

Condoleezza Rice, helicoptered in and out of the walled American headquarters in Baghdad, urges Arabs to send envoys to Iraq but it is they who are getting slaughtered, as the Egyptian one has just been.

If Iraq is indeed "vital to the future security" of America — and, by extension, all of us — as Bush says, he has made it so.

In Afghanistan, where the war was won long ago, the war goes on. Civilians still die under "friendly fire," prompting even the American puppet Hamid Karzai to complain publicly. Raids on civilians continue, alienating even more people.

It's not just the Muslims who are up in arms, as a worldwide poll by the Pew Research Centre shows. China's image is now better than America's. Canadians lead those who think of Americans as violent. The biggest reason cited for the widespread anti-Americanism is Bush and his policies.

There is no easy answer to how we should proceed. But a dose of honesty would be a good start.

Haroon Siddiqui is the Star's editorial page editor emeritus. His column appears Thursday and Sunday.

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W doesn't want foreign land ... he wants American territory (Or should I say Cheney, Rummy, and Wolfy do, W is their Pinnocchio).


(appoligise for the misspelling)


(the third times the charm, maby I can get a job in the Bush administration)

You won't get Fired!!!!;c]

Terror experts say London blasts are part of a new kind of conflict with an uncertain finish.

By Charles J. Hanley / AP Special Correspondent

New York and Washington. Bali, Riyadh, Istanbul, Madrid, and now London. When will it end? Where will it all lead? 'Endless war' puts world on edge
The experts aren't encouraged. One prominent terrorism researcher sees the prospect of "endless" war. Adds the man who tracked Osama bin Laden for the CIA, "I don't think it's even started yet."
An Associated Press survey of longtime students of international terrorism finds them ever more convinced, in the aftermath of London's bloody Thursday, that the world has entered a long siege in a new kind of war. They believe that al-Qaida is mutating into a global insurgency, a possible prototype for other 21st-century movements, technologically astute, almost leaderless. And the way out is far from clear.
In fact, says Michael Scheuer, the ex-CIA analyst, rather than move toward solutions, the United States took a big step backward by invading Iraq.
Now, he said, "we're at the point where jihad is self-sustaining," where Islamic "holy warriors" in Iraq fight America with or without allegiance to al-Qaida's bin Laden.
The cold statistics of a RAND Corp. database show the impact of the explosion of violence in Iraq: The 5,362 deaths from terrorism worldwide between March 2004 and March 2005 were almost double the total for the same 12-month period before the 2003 U.S. invasion.
Thursday's attacks on London's transit system mirrored last year's bombings of Madrid commuter trains, and both point to an al-Qaida evolving into a movement whose isolated leaders offer video or Internet inspiration -- but little more -- to local "jihadists" who carry out the strikes.
Although no arrests have been made in the London attacks, a group using al-Qaida's name made a claim of responsibility, otherwise unconfirmed. Experts say the bombings bore hallmarks of al-Qaida.
The movement's evolution "has given rise to a 'virtual network' that is extremely adaptable," said Jonathan Stevenson, of the International Institute for Strategic Studies' Washington office.
The movement adapted, for example, by switching from targeting aviation, where security was reinforced after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, to the "softer" targets of mass transit.
Such compartmentalized groupings, in touch electronically but with little central control, "are going to be a prototype for understanding where terrorist movements are going in the 21st century," said the University of North Carolina's Cynthia Combs, co-author of a terrorism encyclopedia.
Combs said the so-called Earth and Animal Liberation fronts in the United States are examples -- if less lethal ones -- of "leaderless" militant movements based on isolated cells. She also said it's not unrealistic that another American example -- far-right "militia" cells -- might make common cause someday with foreign terrorists against the U.S. government.
Bruce Hoffman, the veteran RAND Corp. specialist who fears an "endless war," dismisses talk of al-Qaida's "back" having been "broken" by the capture of some leaders.
"From the terrorists' point of view, it seems they have calculated they need to do just one significant terrorist attack a year in another capital, and it regenerates the same fear and anxieties," said Hoffman, who was an adviser to the U.S. occupation in Iraq.
What should be broken, he said, is the cycle of terrorist recruitment through the generations. "Here you come to the main challenge."
He and most of the other half-dozen experts said the world's richer powers must address "underlying causes" -- lessen the appeal of radicalism by improving economies, political rights and education in Arab and Muslim countries.
Combs cited bin Laden's use of Afghanistan as his 1990s headquarters. "If we hadn't been ignoring Afghanistan and instead offered real assistance, would it have become a base for bin Laden?" she asked.
Not all agree this is an answer. Stephen Sloan, another veteran scholar in the field, prescribes stoicism.
The American, British and other target publics must give their intelligence and police agencies time to close ranks globally and crush the challenge, said Sloan, of the University of Central Florida.
"The public has to have the resolve to face the reality there will be other incidents," he said.
Scheuer, who headed the CIA's bin Laden unit for nine years, sees a different way out -- through U.S. foreign policy. He said he resigned last November to expose the U.S. leadership's "willful blindness" to what needs to be done: withdraw the U.S. military from the Mideast, end "unqualified support" for Israel, sever close ties to Arab oil-state "tyrannies."
He acknowledged such actions aren't likely soon, but said his longtime subject bin Laden will "make us bleed enough to get our attention." Ultimately, he said, "his goal is to destroy the Arab monarchies."
For James Kirkhope, the outlook is "depressing."
His Washington consultancy, Terrorism Research Center, sometimes "red-teams" for U.S. authorities, playing a role in exercises, thinking like terrorist leaders. That thinking increasingly seems focused on a struggle for Islamic supremacy lasting hundreds of years, he said.
And for the moment they just "want to be kept on our radar screen," Kirkhope said. For all the terror and carnage, he said, last week's London attacks carried a simple message: "We're still around."

Actually Shrub's "WAR ON TERROR" is thus far "right on plan."
Chaos, disinformation, slight of hand, misdirection, beheadings, new terror attacks, other countries being forced out of the "Coalition of the Deceived," all right on schedule...leaving the spoils of war (OIL) to the US invaders.

The War On Terror is in actuality a War OF Terror being led by the President of the United States and his NeoCON thugs to rule the world. 9/11 was the INSIDE JOB that was used as the pretext to implement the PNAC plan.

As the television sets in the United States remain tuned to the "Human Tragedy Du Jour" - the beat goes on in the NeoCONS quest for global domination and Facism.

How can we expect the citizens of America to stay focused on the truth of 9/11, the Downing Street Memos, the Plame investigation, etc. when the news media elects to provide wall to wall coverage of the human tragedy stories that the NeoCONS have counted on to keep us preoccupied and in the dark on matters of substance?

The Media is not the solution. The media is the problem. Who decides that Michael Jackson deserves wall to wall coverage whereas the Downing Street Memos, the Plame investigation, or the TRUTH about 9/11 deserve none?

The media has come to believe that its job is to be the electronic version of a sleazy tabloid, at the expense of our constitutional democracy. The dumbing of America continues apace.

As you spend the day watching the coverage of an approaching hurricane, and the aftermath tomorrow, the NeoCONs laugh their asses off at their good fortune to have yet another distraction, and another reason for King George to shower the State of Florida with the nation's riches, to buy yet another election for his "Party."

They place no value on human life.

Learn the truth of 9/11 - expose it.

and WE are the peons of this feudal fascist system.

Here, Here! I highly recommend the new version of Painful Deceptions to anyone is not yet familiar with the forensic evidence surrounding 9/11. It's available free here, streamed or downloadable, Windows Media Player or Quicktime:

Just watched Painful Deceptions. During 911 we were all so shocked emotionally, we actually weren't comprehending what we were actually seeing.

This video is a MUST see! Really see the scenes, with calmer emotions of today - and get shocked for another reason. Realization of the lies told to us.

Spread this video clip far and wide!

The only things that matter now is that we continue to keep pressure on the MSM to report on the War in Iraq and anti war efforts and hopefully a groundswell will put enough pressure on Congress to start a Resolution of Inquiry in the House. Support John Conyers efforts.


Impeach Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Every time Bush opens his mouth, we get another package of lies.

Liberals still don't get it! The war on terror is bogus. It was Bush and the military industrial complex who planned and carried out 911. The evidence is overwhelming. Look at WTC 1,2 and 7. These buildings were clearly imploded (look at the DVD Loose Change).

Putting Dems back in power will do nothing to stop the real terrorists from bombing or nuking us yet again. It ain't about W its about the whole putrid, fascist system. Dudes, look at the evidence. Our own goverment bombed us using depleted uranium while imploding the towers. Not even the Nazis did that to their own people. Dudes, come on now!

Exactly Correct. The US and British governments are completely behind the attacks on their own soil. This will enable them to impose draconian laws on us impeading our civil liberties. The national ID card/Real ID act, police state, to build support for the unpopular war in Iraq, to bolster support for unpopular Blair/Bush, to veer the MSM from the Downing street Memos and Rove's treasonous outing of CIA agent Plame.

Is it not becoming clear now to the country and the world that
the so called "War on Drugs" was/is also just a Machiavellian NEO CON
tactic to "divide and conquer?"

Think about it. First, in the 1920/30s the NEO CONS figured out how to get around having to ammend the US Constitution to make a common weed and commercial product, "HEMP", illegal with the non-existent "TAX STAMPS" that they had used to get around the 2nd ammendment to make automatic weapons FEDERALLY (Empire wide) illegal. This was to give the NEO CON (they openly called themselves Roman "fascists" back then) Texans a weapon
to neutralize the rising Mexican Marxist population. They knew they
could not do another "alcohol prohibition" rally to get the required
majority to ammend the constitution, so they had to "cheat."

Using the new "science" of Psychology, the NEO CON "Supermen" did
what they do with ANY new knowledge . . . made a weapon out of it.
Thus, mass media "PROPAGANDA" was born. "Hemp" was re-labeled with
a very "Catholic" and very "Mexican Foreign" name, "MARI-JUANA"
(in the mind of a Puritan Protestant, "MARY" immediately triggers
low level anti-catholic sentiment. So, would "Juan-a" trigger
anti-Mexican sentiment. Then, thru the churches, have the "moral
authority on all things GOOD and EVIL" preacher tells the mothers
that there is a "GREAT DANGER TO THE CHILDREN." "Reefer-madness"
was produced and shipped to the churhes and schools. Yellow
journalism with the likes of Hearst supported the effort with
good ol' witch hunter, Harry Anslinger on the puppet strings.

Once a Machiavellian "predator" finds something that works, they keep
doing it until it doesn't work anymore or the tactic is exposed.
If you ever expose them, though, they will put you on their "enemies list (remember who was on Richard Nixon's enemies list?) and will not
rest until they have gotten their revenge. In the 1800s, the NEO CON Tory pals "The British Empire" were in India and everyone was learning about "Elephants", which are some of the most intelligent sentient beings on the planet. It is no accident that when the NEO CON Republican party was formed,the Republicans chose their "mascot" to be the "Elephant." Know why? Because "an elephant never forgets." Now, everyone knows that line, but few know its meaning. If you ever abuse or harm an elephant they WILL remember you . . forever. There are lots of tales of elephants crossing paths with previous abusers years later and the elephants will attack and try to kill them.

The Tax-Stamp worked fine until Dr. Timothy Leary exposed the
law as "BULLSHIT" in the late sixties. (The Supreme Court ruled that
the 'sophomoric cleverness' along the same lines of 'Are you still beating your wife?' was unconstitutional. The law said to apply for a stamp you had to have the hemp in hand, but if you had the hemp in hand without the stamp you were breaking the law.)There wasn't much resistance at first since the old objective of "suppressing Marxist Mexicans" had been achieved and was old news.

However, enter latest challenger to the NEO CON plan of New World
Order, the products of post WWII "New Dealism" . . . a baby-boom
of children that did not grow up abused and in want. The least
"traumatized child" generation that this planet may have ever seen.
From the military PX's came a flood of cheap transistor radios,
record players, records, magazines and paper backs.
These middle class kids had the audacity to tell the RICH and POWERFUL NEO CONS that "We are NOT your damn property, you are
LYING to us, and that is a Double Standard!!! BULLSHIT!!"
Go figure, young men didn't want to fight for a cause they didn't
believe in and young women didn't want them to, either. "HEY
LBJ, how many kidz did you kill today" grew into the angry
"Hell NO! We Won't Go!!" revolution of YOUTH. This scared
Darth Vader and the Emperor.

So, NEO CONs Strom Thurmond contacted his frat brother Tricky Dick
Nixon and said, "We can take care of these degenerate uppity
kidz with your new Powers under the FDA. You simply say their
LSD and Marijuana have 'NO medical or scientific value' and make
it a "controlled substance." ("Controlled substance" meant that
they could still use it but we couldn't. If anyone has seen the
new Batman movie, you might be suprized that that "ultimate FEAR
drug" of the Scarecrow was what the CIA was looking for with its
LSD research . .. no need for torture when a Machiavellian "product
of science" will "break" the prisoners for you) Talk about a
Pandora's box opening up on THAT one!!!

Hey, they had already tested the waters with this one in the 50s
when they threw scientist and doctor, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, in prison
where he died "suddenly and mysteriously." "These sheep will even let us, the politicians, tell them what SCIENCE they can have access to." Talk about your basic Spanish Inquistion in a bad suit. Remember that it was the FDA that raided Dr. Reich's lab in Maine
and his book warehouse in New York. And in true NEO CON mafia style,
they kidnapped him on a trumped up "Contempt of Court" charge,
stole his notes, trashed the place and BURNED THE BOOKS!! Just a few
years after we had seen that anti-NAZI propaganda of "They burn
books and that is WRONG!!" our own government was there in New York
City burning a warehouse full of INVENTORY because the NEO CONS didn't like what was in the books. Made them look . .. kinda
crazy, maybe?

So, today, to discredit and "neutralize" an "uppity" Liberal all you
have to do is to scream to the church mothers, "This Liberal is
a threat to your children!! We found drugs on the scum." And
as many a YIPPIE, Hippy, musician and minority activist knows . . they ALWAYS find drugs somehow . . . (oh, what's that in the
binocular case, Mr. John Lennon? Mr. Donovan? Mr. Garcia? . . .)

My personal saddess moment was when the "Compassion and Reason"
of President Carter, who as a campaign promise to heal the country
was going to decriminalize "Marijuana" in 1976 was drowned out by
the sudden backlash of the "Oil Industry Energy Crisis" and the
latest NEO CON propaganda and disinformation tool, the new
"pop star" tele-vangelists of the MORAL MAJORITY. By 1980,
the "Divide and conquer" tactic worked. The Democratic party
was forced to purge itself of the "Pot smoking" Liberal to look
"Good" before the Church mothers. Our own Political party that
our families had supported for generations joined in the
domestic "Purity Purge" war against us. That rated pretty high
on my personal lifetime event "this sucks" meter.

Today's children are now being "educated" in over crowded prisons
of "zero tolerance" policies. The message is clear, "if you want
to have any future, don't use your own judgment and follow all the
rules without question no matter how stupid and unreasonable they

And always remember, your permanent "RECORD" doesn't show what
you were convicted of by a trial and jury of your peers . . . no,
that great database shows all the "ARRESTS." The message is clear,
"Zero Tolerance. You break a rule and you are OUT of the game
and you don't eat." Great way to neutralize the middle class
and the uppity poor, isn't it?

Plus think of all the guns, cop gadgets, and drug testing kits Bushco gets to sell to the tax payers. Then there is the added
benefit of "beefing up" the domestic Roman Guard with para-military
units with full combat gear.

Of course, rich Neo Con kids like the Prince Henry or George W. Bush are exempt from such matters.

And people wonder why kids are depressed and angry . . .

But we've got the Internet and each other!!! Just as the Downing
Street Minutes are the smoking gun "Nixon Tapes" to fight this
illegal war of conquest in Iraq, last month's Supreme Court judgment
on "Medical Marijuana" was the key. It can now be argued that the
entire FDA Controlled Substance Schedule law is bogus because
by "acknowledging" that there is such a thing AS "Medical Marijuana",
they have just admitted that Hemp has medical and scientific value.
They should have refused to hear the case based on the fact that
there can BE no "medical marijuana" because marijuana HAS NO
medical or scientific value. And like the Downing Street Minutes,
it is now just a "communication war" for the ear of the American
Citizen. How long will it take the people seeing terminally ill
patients being "subdued" by para-military troops and sent to
prison to die to start getting mad enough to say, "BULLSHIT!!!
They person is sick and needs Love and Medical attention in a healing environment!!!"

How many of their own children must be destroyed by the "zero-tolerance" Hitler Youth Progrommes before they start getting mad
enough to say, "BULLSHIT!!! They're my kid and they aren't doing
anything that I didn't do when I was young!!! The punishment is
why worse than the crime!!! You are just being mean and evil!!!"

I have a friend that went up against a local NEO CON Power System.
She is dying of cancer in Central prison, NC. She has to put on that
"Scarlet Letter" orange jumpsuit and full body chains to be moved
to the local hospital for her weekly chemotherapy under the para-military Roman Guard Escort that have been given the "Authority" by the people to physically restrain, hit with a club, use chemical weapons on (pepper spray/mace), stun via electroshock torture device,
or shoot with a gun and kill, IF she "gives them reason."
She has two beautiful daughters being raised by their grandmother.
One is struggling in college and the other is struggling in high
school. Obviously justified since mom was an "uppity bitch liberal
that dared go up against the Supermen." Right?



I am so sorry to hear of your struggles and loses. It breaks my
heart anew everytime I hear this same story. "I am a GOOD PERSON!!
Why am I being treated like a criminal in my own country? Just
because I challenged a Machiavellian Power System with logic
and reason??? That's NOT FAIR!!!"

It's not suppose to be fair. That is what Machiavellian tactics
are all about. "Taking Advantage whenever and whereever you can to
neutralize enemies and expand Power System territory." Rather a
primitive system that I feel our forefathers and foremothers
THOUGHT they had protected against with the US Constitution.

Unfortunately, just like in that great Sci-Fi classic, "Forbidden
Planet", Jefferson and Franklin "forgot about the ID." The
primate mind of the ID can be a VERY powerful thing when the
child grows up abandoned, shamed, and terrorized in a toxic

I know this may sound strange, but I actually feel sorry for
Dubya right now. I feel that, like Nixon and Hitler, he is under
stressors right now that he is really not psychologically
equipt to really handle. I feel he is feeling like the world isn't
cheering anymore and everyone is attacking or abandoning him. Like all that "live by the sword" he is quickly learning that he could become "expendible" to the Power System. This will get an "anger response" because he really thinks he is doing a "GOOD and RIGHT" thing. After all, these guys just want to be "Great" to show mom and dad that THEY were wrong with all those childhood abuses and that
when you are GREAT you finally get to do what you want to do all the

Yes, I agree that this does depart from the DSM movement on the
surface. However, what I am attempting to show is the Modus
operandi (MO) of this group of NEO CONS to expand our support base
with their other victims/prey.

Think of it as a "Hey, did they SCREW YOU, TOO?" campaign. "They
don't play fair and that is BULLSHIT!!! Let's get together and
do something about it."

I hope you are able to see some of the beauty and Love here even though your path has been rocky, my friend. Plus, Batman -Bruce Wayne's dad says, "We fall to learn to pick ourselves up." I love this movie!!


Thank you Dr Dumbass FOR using ALL OF THOSE CAPITALIZED words in your LUDICROUS rant

Like many cyper-kidz trying to learn how to use "unorthodox"
techniques of communication in this new media to communicate
both literally and emotionally, sometimes I over do it.
I apologize for not being that good at it yet. Where's a twelve
year old editor when you need one? :-)

I am sorry it offended you. Let there be peace between us.

As far as content, I am just trying to posit an hypothesis to explain
not only today's news events but the pattern of events that have led up our current state of affairs. Is not the first rule of battle to
define one's enemy? Are we not in battle with those that abuse Power
to kill women and children, lie about the reasons & justifications, attack anyone that tries to expose the lies and corruption, and all the while breaking the game rules laid out by the US Constitution?

I was just trying to share some "software" with those that had eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to feel.

As Ray Davies of the Kinks would say, "I'm in a State of Confusion."
I think a lot of other people are, too.


Okay commentary here by Frank Rich. Perhaps the media is growing some spine after all....?
I don't wax hopeful.. they should have been all over this BEFORE the election...before 1500 more soldiers were killed for a lie.


"Mr. Fitzgerald made his bones prosecuting the mob," intoned the pro-Bush editorial page of The Wall Street Journal, "and doesn't seem to realize that this case isn't about organized crime." But that may be exactly what it is about to an ambitious prosecutor with his own career on the line. That the Bush administration would risk breaking the law with an act as self-destructive to American interests as revealing a C.I.A. officer's identity smacks of desperation. It makes you wonder just what else might have been done to suppress embarrassing election-season questions about the war that has mired us in Iraq even as the true perpetrators of 9/11 resurface in Madrid, London and who knows where else.

IN his original Op-Ed piece in The Times, published two years to the day before Judy Miller went to jail, Mr. Wilson noted that "more than 200 American soldiers have lost their lives in Iraq already," before concluding that "we have a duty to ensure that their sacrifice came for the right reasons." As that death toll surges past 1,700, that sacred duty cannot be abandoned by a free press now.

“Madrid: 191 dead. Beslan: 330 murdered, half of them children. Riyadh and Jeddah: more than 100 killed. London: about 50 massacred.

There's a LOT !!! I especially like the MOB=Mothers Opposing Bush
They consider themselves to be MOBsters & part of the MOB family of Mothers Opposing Bush!!!:


Does the Google News Search engine use political filtering?

I check this side a few times a day and the remarkable thing is that I have never seen a reference, how short ever, to "Downing Street Memo" [A] or "Downing Street Memo". [B} on that page.

Doing a Google search for [A] delivers a result of 1620.000 ENGLISH Pages as per 071005, B results in 558.000 pages

Google news search algorithm ( secret ) does not show reasons for my observation.......

Is it just my timing of displaying the "news" results or is there something else playing?

The "news" you're clicking on is a generic news-not DSM related.
First google[DSM], then click again on the news tab above the window. Should yield about 3,000 DSM news items.

Don't do a google news search-two part process:
1) google[downing street memo]
2) with "downing street memo" still showing in the window, click on the NEWS tab.
Should show about 3K results.


There is no problem with Google reporting on DSM. on their search
engine. It is a great engine and will find just about anything!

My problem is, it seems, that Google News never reports on DSM as news
on the Google News Page, It is as Drudge or CNN never reporting on anything negative on the war. I call that selectivity by Drudge and his people.

Google claims that what appears as news on their Google New Page is determined by the frequency with which a news item appears in the "News reports Domain" at any give time.

I find it difficult to understand that which all those references, news on DSM never is reaching the trip point or reporting level for their New page.

I do not understand what you mean by "generic" news in this onnection.
Is Michael Jackson or somebody being raped more generic news than news on the DSM or the DSM hearing?

My mistake. Thought you were asking the "how to" question, rather than the "why" question.

Again thanks.

The same observation can be made for some items in the news as Rove, Novak, Judy Miller, and quite frankly, numerous other expressions.

The point of all this is that we need to improve news coverage by on the one hand connecting with anybody who want to listen to our point of view, by using every means available and by getting access to independent outlets ( not under government control one way or the
other. )

As long as 50 % of the population still believes that Iraq, in particular the population, was responsible for the attack on New York, calling each other names is not going to accomplish much.

We need a Martin Luther King Jr and a Gandhi right about now... many of them, as a matter of fact. If the Constitution is being abused as a whip to get everybody to submit to Neocons, then religious leaders have to speak out as the moral compass of America, for the world's sake.

BTW Bush is not a colossal failure, he is
a COLOSSAL SINNER & TYRANT (failure implies he just made a "mistake")

How it all started (or the roots of Bush's colossal failures):

WATCH YOUR BACK...know who the Neocons are (Bush's godfather):

Pat Buchanan watchdogs the Neocon hijacking of conservatism:

Excerpt from :
"..In fact, AEI knew it was going to play a prominent role in the Bush administration even before George W. took office. In a December 2000 Washington Post article, "White House Hopes Gas Up Think Tank," Dana Milbank wrote: "It's noon in the American Enterprise Institute's 12th-floor dining room, where Irving Kristol, Norman Ornstein and other luminaries lunch. On the menu is swordfish and white wine. On the agenda is a Bush transition. If George W. Bush becomes president, says AEI scholar Douglas Besharov, beckoning to the dining room, 'this whole place empties out.'"

Confusion over London bomb drill 7/10/2005 10:25:00 PM GMT
A consultancy agency with government and police connections was running a drill exercise for an unnamed company which revolved around the London Underground being bombed at the exact same times and locations as was happening in real life on July 7th, BBC Radio 5 has revealed.
In a BBC Radio 5 interview which was aired on that very evening, July 7th, the host interviewed Peter Power, Managing Director of Visor Consultants, a firm which labels itself as a 'crisis management' advice company, also known as a PR firm.
Visor's managing director told the radio show's host that at the exact same time as the London bombings were taking place, his company was running a 1,000 person strong exercise drill in which the London Underground was being bombed at the exact same locations, at the exact same times, as happened in real life.
The transcript is as follows.
POWER: At half past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning, so I still have the hairs on the back of my neck standing up right now.
HOST: To get this quite straight, you were running an exercise to see how you would cope with this and it happened while you were running the exercise?
POWER: Precisely, and it was about half past nine this morning, we planned this for a company and for obvious reasons I don't want to reveal their name but they're listening and they'll know it. And we had a room full of crisis managers for the first time they'd met and so within five minutes we made a pretty rapid decision that this is the real one and so we went through the correct drills of activating crisis management procedures to jump from slow time to quick time thinking and so on.
According to Power the drill focused around 'simultaneous bombings'. At first the bombings were thought to have been spread over an hour, but that was later confirmed by police as being wrong and that in fact the bombings were only seconds apart, therefore simultaneous

Time to march.

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