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Want CNN to Tell the Truth? Do it for Them!

While Christiane Amanpour is discussing the London terror attacks a man passing by breaks in and speaks truth to the camera. The man says: "tell the truth about what happened" and then: "They're in Iraq, that’s why it happened. There were 50 killed in Iraq". Watch video clip.


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When one person speaks the truth in such an appropriate way, the truth rings in everyone's ears.

This guy's courage gave me goose bumps...Imagine the courage that it takes just to survive in Iraq, or Bolivia, or Columbia... we should all feel ashamed, for a moment, and then start screaming the truth from the roof tops if need be

veritas vos liberabit

I couldn't watch the video. It was 'closed'. But UK prime minister is as guilty as the people who actually planted the bombs. And guess what: the good people of Great Britain re-elected him. They should hang him from the highest tree!

Try clicking on the WMV tab.

Maybe somebody can do the same in America!
Fox has a big window that is visable during there program.

But this truely speaks of what the Brits think of this war.
My daughter lived there for over a year and this confirms what she said.
I can't believe the MSM is blocking the truth from the American people!

Not too smoothly, she changes the subject to the already cliched sentiment about how the British are good at being bombed. Why not tell the truth, when given such a compelling opportunity?

I emailed Fox news and told them what I thought of their anchors behavior after the London bombing. I then emailed the FCC and the anchors themselves. I am still so disgusted with Fox. I would say its about as low as anyome could sink but I don't watch the channel so they may have sunk lower many times.

If you "don't watch the channel" how can you comment on the anchors' behavior?

I saw clips on Democracy Now. Britt Hums talking about buying with the market down because of the bombing was priceless. It was topped of course by the anchor deciding that yes the French could get bombed and nobody would care. And then of course there was the comment about the Arabs blood getting spilled along with the "regular people".

I do watch (however difficult it is) Fox News because I want to see their take on issues. It is not possible to try to convince people they are wrong unless you know what "misinformation" they recieve, that was a term Bush used to describe Fox.The comments by the Fox anchors is truly in line with standard Fox rhetoric , they are truly the bottom of the barrel and show it daily. The right to speak ones opinion is one I defend but to claim Fox tells anything close to the truth is ludicrous . Fox gives people just enough info to justify their prejudices and hate , which is why their ratings continually fall. I called Fox to tell them I am insulted by their remarks and was told by the operator not to expect anything less from the station.The people who are on the air at Fox are cheap hack's and should be told so as often one can stand to loose the time it takes to call(202-824-6300) oops that slipped out!Look at who they employ, Geraldo "Al Capone" Rivera, Bill"I'm only a pervert on the phone" O'Reilly, Britt"I should have more comapssion for the British with this name "Hume,and on and on . If they wern't so dangerous they would be a joke channel .

This a link to a site which i believe gives the true motivation for our so called leaders, to carry out their endless polices of war.

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