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Explosive New Rove Revelation Coming Soon?

Time to get ready for the Karl Rove frog-march?
By David Corn
Huffington Post

I don't usually log on Saturday evenings. But I've received information too good not to share immediately. It was only yesterday that I was bemoaning the probability that -- after a week of apparent Rove-related revelations--it might be a while before any more news emerged about the Plame/CIA leak. Yet tonight I received this as-solid-as-it-gets tip: on Sunday Newsweek is posting a story that nails Rove. The newsmagazine has obtained documentary evidence that Rove was indeed a key source for Time magazine's Matt Cooper and that Rove--prior to the publication of the Bob Novak column that first publicly disclosed Valerie Wilson/Plame as a CIA official -- told Cooper that former Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife apparently worked at the CIA and was involved in Joseph Wilson's now-controversial trip to Niger.

To be clear, this new evidence does not necessarily mean slammer-time for Rove. Under the relevant law, it's only a crime for a government official to identify a covert intelligence official if the government official knows the intelligence officer is under cover, and this documentary evidence, I'm told, does not address this particular point. But this new evidence does show that Rove -- despite his lawyers claim that Rove "did not tell any reporter that Valerie Plame worked for the CIA" -- did reveal to Cooper in a deep-background conversation that Wilson's wife was in the CIA. No wonder special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald pursued Cooper so fiercely. And Fitzgerald must have been delighted when Time magazine -- over Cooper's objection--surrendered Cooper's emails and notes, which, according to a previous Newsweek posting by Michael Isikoff, named Rove as Cooper's source. In court on Wednesday, Fitzgerald said that following his receipt of Cooper's emails and notes "it is clear to us we need [Cooper's] testimony perhaps more so than in the past." This was a clue that Fitzgerald had scored big when he obtained the Cooper material.

This new evidence could place Rove in serious political, if not legal, jeopardy (or, at least it should). If what I am told is true, this is proof that the Bush White House was using any information it could gather on Joseph Wilson -- even classified information related to national security -- to pursue a vendetta against Wilson, a White House critic. Even if it turns out Rove did not break the law regarding the naming of intelligence officials, this new disclosure could prove Rove guilty of leaking a national security secret to a reporter for political ends. What would George W. Bush do about that?

On September 27, 2003 -- after the news broke that the Justice Department, responding to a request from the CIA, was investigating the Plame/CIA leak -- White House press secretary Scott McClellan said of the Plame/CIA leak, "That is not the way this White House operates, and no one would be authorized to do such a thing." He also declared that the allegation that Rove was involved in this leak was "a ridiculous suggestion, and it is simply not true." Days later, Bush issued a straightforward statement about the Plame/CIA leak:

There are too many leaks of classified information in Washington. If there's leaks out of my administration, I want to know who it is, and if the person has violated the law, the person will be taken care of.

Perhaps Bush won't have to "take care of" Rove if this new evidence does not lead to a prosecutable violation of the law. But Bush also called on any government official with knowledge of the leak to "come forward and speak out." Has Rove done so? No. So it seems he violated a presidential command. Would Bush be obliged to fire him for insubordination? And there's another key point to consider: whether Rove told the truth when he testified to Fitzgerald's grand jury. Rove's attorney, Robert Luskin, has acknowledged that Rove appeared before the grand jury, and Luskin has said that Rove did speak to Cooper prior to the publication of the Novak column. But what did Rove tell Fitzgerald and the grand jury about this conversation with Cooper? And -- here's the big question -- does Rove's account jibe with the new documentary evidence that Newsweek is scheduled to disclose? If it does not, Fitzgerald would have a good start on a perjury charge against Rove.

At a public meeting in the summer of 2003, Joseph Wilson, responding to a question about the leak, quipped that it would be interesting "to see whether or not we can get Karl Rove frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs." He then had to pull back from that comment and concede he had no evidence to support his hunch that Rove was one of the leakers. (By the way, Novak cited two unnamed Bush administration officials when he published the Plame/CIA leak.) With Newsweek's latest article, we may be getting closer to frog-marching time.
By the way, for other recent pieces I've written on the Plame/CIA leak case, please check out my own blog at


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Is there truly anyone out there that believes that anything will happen to Karl Rove over this? With the power he wields? No some small technicality will undoubtably come up out of nowhere that will exhonerate him. Truth doesn't matter anymore, only political gain and revenge does. All Rove has to say is "it wasn't me!" and the media will say "See it wasn't him! He said so!". The founders of this nation spoke of freedom and liberty. I guess it had to end sometime.

Chin up, bunky!! I think these guys are truly getting ready to
"slip down the pop charts" faster than last week's great Propaganda
phrase, "Worst Attacks since World War II." Man, did that
tank out fast or what??? Good thing for the MSM there was a
hurricane brewing to distract from the "storm."

Just keep shouting to anyone that will listen that ancient
Yippie mantra . . . BULLSHIT!!! BULLSHIT!!! BULLSHIT!!!

Keep blasting the MSM with TRUTH!!!


Rove does seem above the law. His supporters have been saying that Plame's identity wasn't a secret, that she wasn't a covert operative any more, and that Rove's leak to reporters wasn't intended to damage her. They say it was done to show that Wilson was prejudiced against the Bush administration, by connecting him to a CIA analyst specializing in WMD.

According to this theory, the CIA analysts were all opposed to Bush's invasion plans, and so you only had to connect Wilson to them to show that he had an axe to grind. Isn't that special? The theory doesn't explain why, if that's true, Bush is now blaming the CIA for the Iraq WMD intelligence failure.

The theory also doesn't explain why Rove couldn't have publicly and openly charged Wilson with prejudice, and why he couldn't have done it without involving Plame, since Wilson was a known Democrat supporter and known to be opposed to the invasion well before his trip to Niger.

Another indication that Rove is still in the driver's seat is the fact that of the three reporters he tried to use for this purpose, the only one in jail is the one who didn't publish the story -- the one who disobeyed his orders.

Judith Miller doesn't think Rove is in any trouble. She said she chose jail over squealing, not because of journalistic integrity or the sanctity of reporter confidentiality, but because she was more afraid of the mafia-like Bush administration than she was of anything that anyone else could do to her.

Her exact words were, "I won't testify. The risks are too great. The government is too powerful." quoted from:

Actually, it's even worse than that.

I just found an article that says Judith Miller not only didn't publish a story exposing Valerie Plame, but wasn't even working on such a story. It says she was working on her story after Plame had already been exposed by Novak and Cooper, and what she was investigating was who in the Bush administration committed that treasonous act. It's in the Houston Chronicle, at

The most interesting thing is that she didn't publish her story, even though she obviously succeeded in finding out who did it. She was apparently too afraid of the person she found was responsible, who we now know was Karl Rove. And she's not in jail now for refusing to expose Rove, which was already done when Time magazine released its reporters notes. Instead, she's in jail for refusing to expose her source that squealed on Rove, to protect that source from Rove's retaliation.

We live in dangerous times. Anyone who publicly goes against Bush and his henchmen are likely to find any number of ways they can be retaliated against by the Administration. It is a sad time for America. They have thrown out justice and inacted police powers, Americans have to fear for their freedoms. Judith Miller is an example of the fact that this government will stop at nothing to stay in power. Jailing reporters that don't follow the party line.

Rove has a history of dirty tricks such as the Plame outing. During the Texas gubenatorial race between Bush and Ann Richards it is well known that Rove played some pretty slimey tricks. He was known for push-polling. He had pollsters call voters and ask questions like: "Would it change your opinion of Governor Richards if you knew her staff was comprised of lesbians?" While totally untrue the voters were led to believe it was true. In a strongly conservative state, it hurt Richards. Isn't it nice to know that our government has been taken over by such individuals?

This is Monday, July 11, and not one of the major media outlets is covering the Newsweek story which hit the street today that reports that Rove is the Valeri Plame leaker. If this revelation is "explosive," no one would know it from the news media coverage or lack of it. During McClellan's press conference today, CNN cut away just as Washington correspondents were peppering him about the Rove scandal. I had to switch to C-Span to get the rest of it. I urge everyone outraged by this to e-mail the cable news channels and let them know that once again, we've been deprived of news coverage which does not flatter the president or his people. I am truly puzzled by the kid-glove treatment that this president is receiving by the media. Even Woodward wants to pooh pooh the whole thing. I would never have thought that journalism would fall to such depths in this country.

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