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Iraq: Credibility, Responsibility, Accountability

Senator Barbara Boxer Speech at the Commonwealth Club
San Francisco July 6, 2005

It is a great honor to be back at the Commonwealth Club.

When I decided to give a speech about Iraq, I knew I wanted to give it here. That’s because of the pivotal role the Commonwealth Club has played for more than 100 years, fostering real dialogue on the critical challenges that define the times in which we live.

Today, those challenges are vast, from the Supreme Court vacancy to the attack on Social Security. But the war in Iraq is the most daunting because the status quo—of Americans dying, of Iraqis dying, of young soldiers coming home by the thousands with injuries to mind and body—weighs so heavily on all Americans.

As a policy maker, I must push as hard as I can for a strategy that can succeed in Iraq and bring our brave men and women home. That will only happen if we immediately bring credibility, accountability, and responsibility to a war that has been lacking in all three.

Last week, President Bush had a chance to regain credibility when it comes to Iraq. In my opinion, he did not.

He mentioned 9/11 five times in 30 minutes, despite the fact that there is absolutely no connection between Iraq and that tragic day.

Iraq was a war of choice, not necessity. The war of necessity was the war against Osama bin Laden that we launched after 9/11…the war that every single Senator voted for…the war that was a clear response to the vicious attack of that day.

That’s why I was incredulous when Karl Rove said: "Liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to offer therapy and understanding for our attackers. Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 and the attacks and prepared for war.


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When will history stop repeating itself? Goebbels re-enters in the form of Rove's new BIG LIE:

It is strange to see History repeat itself, but the Ironic thing is People still lockstep for greed.

Rebuilding Iraq and Energy Alternatives:

But first: IMPEACH BUSH!!!

So many americans have said that until they see the Downing Street Memos reported on the front page they won't believe it! That is what the government wants. We have lost the media! We are ranked 39'th in the world for free press. Chilling

I guess we can't make the MSM do there job and report real news!
But it not just the Downing Street Memos,there the Phame case,coverage on the investigation into 9/11,theres the criminal activity of Halliburton and Tricky Dick 2,Diebold,Gannon,and many other big important issues!
I forgot all the missing $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Brit man tells it like it is on MSM >>>>> LIVE:

Let's plaster our rear car bumpers with Downing Street Memo stickers... they gotta read at redlights!

Thank-you Senator Boxer!

Senator Barbara Boxer's speech, shows much and is truthful, I wish the media would cover this stuff, then interview the people who went.

The underlying reason's are to much is geared towards Warfare. This is not a answer. Assist the Middle East, and around the world in pilot programs for food, water/enviornemental, research/education. But we can't even clean-up our own cities. This Administration does not have a plan to help anyone, besides what they say. If we are lucky enough to catch what little news we get now, it might tell us to boil our water tonight. Or water only on even days, or Ozone Action days, But Taxes keep going up, and up. Where are things different, we all need the same Freedoms, not just the Rich Friends and Family of Bush.

Keep up the good work. Hopefully they will be held to account, for their actions.

While I admire Sen Boxer's well written words on the Iraq War it disturbs me that not once does she mention accountability of the current administration. While I agree with her that our present policy has not worked calling on the President to change it is a waste of time. Congress needs to concentrate on getting rid of these idiots through the impeachment process and then after the smoke is cleared (I would ask who would be running the country if Bush/Cheney were thrown out?) try to solve the situation in Iraq which is NOT I repeat NOT to "stay the course."

Here is my proposed solution. First after we have a new responsible administration in the White House (after a successful impeachment) we should admit to the Iraqi people that we made a huge mistake in invading their country. We should also admit this to the world by going to the UN. We should also admit to the Iraqis that we not the international community owe them help to put their country's infrastructure back to way it was before we invaded and blew the crap out of everything. Next we should annouce to the world that we WILL remove our troops from their country as soon as is feasibly possible and as a token of good faith do something to prove it. If so we will probably diffuse the insurgents will and maybe just maybe they will stop attacking Americans. A good example would be to eliminate the walls around the "Green Zone". We should then turn over the whole country to a broad based UN peace keeping force not one dominated by us. Then the UN could help with organizing a proceesS to let other nations help in the rebuilding process. Many European countries have just as much expertise in these matters then we do. We should immediately put a freeze on all contracts any US company has to provide any kind of services there to see which ones are charging fairly and which ones are simply war profiting. The UN would ultimately have then responsibility to fairly and openly let all countries have an opportunity to participate in the reconstruction. Now to how Iraq is ruled. Do we (The US) have a right to insist that they have to impose a democracy like ours? HELL NO!!! WE owe them the right to decide on their own without ANY interference from us how the want to run their country. The UN can do this. Now to the oil. Its their oil let them do with as they see fit for their country. If they can get $150/barrel so be it. If we don't like it tough. We should have long ago begun weaning our country off dependence on oil. (However this doesn't mean we should start drilling in ANWR). Who is going to pay for the reconstruction THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. WHY? Because its the right thing to do! Now to our military presence. If the Iraqi people want us to maintain a presence in their country then we should listen to what they say and do accordingly. If they want us out then we should GET THE HELL OUT"!!

Now having said all this do I believe it can happen? Yes I do! Do I think it will happen? I don't know.
The jury is still out.

What about the Criminal Implications, and where would you find a honest judge. When Most of the Neo-Con's are frothing at the muzzle now. The last 2 Presidential elections show some of the Hate they carry and what they will do to get over.

Where is America today, except in the Hearts of the Minority. Not the cocky Police, tapping the Bush/Cheney Sticker on their Ticket Book. Or the Retired General on the Golf Course at Base Spewing his Hate of Liberals.

I 100% agree with your post!

Good Job!

The Republicans know something that the Democrats don't know. The Republicans know that the left end of the spectrum is still afraid of confronting the grief from 9/11.

The Democrats are in real trouble with the grief thing, and the Republicans know it. All a Republican has to do is wave a flag and jump right into several versions of "patriot".

The Democrats, with their pent-up grief, are an easy target for "on-air amusement" as the right wingnuts sing "patriotic" all night long.

I think the lefty grief over 9/11 is a black hole. The Republicans had some type of grief experience that I can't figure out, but it helped them get over it fast and immediately start out on a spending and control binge.

The Democrats look into the abyss of grief most Democrats carry
around. This is the moment when the left is totally disarmed and naked in front of the audience. That horror dream where the nightshirt is not long enough to cover you and the weather emulated northern New England, blowing very cold, frozen ground, alternating hail, snow and rain.

When this happens the Democrat might as well forget everything and be complicit in a way. And that is what happens.

Okay, so, we have to look into the abyss and working together, we can identify whatever is important. That will help take a lot of the fear away. I can't quantify this number at the moment, so I have to live with "a lot" of the fear of confronting this grief will dissipate along along with whatever garbage is connected to it.

I think we must begin to face this grief by talking about 9/11 and how it grabbed you and me and slammed you and me to the mat sayin' "uncle" I cannot look at that!

Do NOT go to bed with organized crime, at least not officially and publicly for all the world to see. Cabeesh?
Remember Hoffa? He hated Bobby Kennedy!

These Neocon thugs always reeked ... and now Iraqui's interim is explaining the facts of life to the Republicans, I mean, to the whole WORLD...I'm sorry to be partisan on this issue, but Democrats got some common sense and street smarts and foresaw all this murder and mayhem from all the lies coming from cronyism/corporate crime and oil industry and military complex and on and on... Where are the pro-life Christians ? Why aren't they outraged at this infiltration of their Republican party by a bunch of gangsters for blood for oil?
Are they so naive they're in shock?

Republicans should have dis-enfranchised themselves years ago from these Neocons, even decades ago.

All those innocent people snuffed out by a bunch of chickenhawk thugs using our military as pawns. I'm sorry folks, I'm upset and all my shoulda, coulda, wouldas aren't helping.

Republicans, wake up, don't go to bed with thugs, ok? I feel so remorseful for those poor Iraqui people. I agree with the Iraqui interim... he needs our money and humanitarian and practical aid NOW.

July 9, 2005 -- Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook: "Al Qaeda" was the name of a U.S. intelligence database -- Writing today in The Guardian, Cook revealed, "Al-Qaida [sic], literally 'the database,' was originally the computer file of the thousands of mujahideen who were recruited and trained with help from the CIA to defeat the Russians
One of Iran's top clerics, Ayatollah Mohammed Emami-Kashani, picked up on U.S. and Israeli ties to Islamic terrorist groups on Iran state radio. The cleric said Al Qaeda was an "illegimate child of the West." Emami-Kashani said, "You talk about Al Qaeda. Have you forgotten who has bred Al Qaeda? . . . It's the illegitimate child of America and Israel, but you name it Islam. This savagery is not Islam. It is coming from inside of you and it is now punching you." His remarks were specifically directed at Prime Minister Tony Blair. The ayatolloh also had pointed words for President Bush: "Acting against terrorism must be honest ... and you will not succeed unless you wise up and change your ways." BBC Teheran correspondent Frances Harrison is reporting that the Iranian government is now emphasizing that U.S. funding for the Afghan mujaheddin spawned both the Taliban and Al Qaeda

There will be a March on Washington DC on Sept 24-26 to support House Resolution 35 which is calling for an immediate end to the war in Iraq and also for the impeachment of this Bush/Cheney administration to investigate the warmongering and exploitation of our military and taxpapers.

This march is a coalition of many different groups throughout the country, very diverse and at times, strange bedfellows, but united in this cause.


Every citizen of the US, young and old can VISIBLY show their POSITION by FACE PAINT and dressing in COLORS (much like you would do when you go to a football game or dress in green for St. Patrick's Day.) Here's how it works.

CONSERVATIVES-Red (face paint and clothing) - position-BUSH OUT
LIBERALS-Blue (face paint and clothing) - position-BUSH OUT
INDEPENDENTS-Green (face paint and clothing) - position-BUSH OUT
VETERANS/MILITARY-White (face paint and additional color stripe showing political preference: blue, green, red) - position-BUSH OUT
EveryBody Else -BROWN face paint/clothing indicates they want BUSH IN
Of Course, UPS is exempt from this assumption! lol!
Clueless - Dress natural

Imagine senators, bus drivers, cashiers, state representatives, governors, factory workers, pilots and flight attendants, doctors, lawyers, security guards, truck drivers, secretaries, CIA and FBI personnel, teachers, news anchors, judges, college professors and students, military active and inactive, etc., etc. etc., all showing their dissent visibly by their face paint. Just like we dress in green on St. Pat's Day or in blue/white to show our Colts support, etc.

WE CAN DO THIS FOR THREE DAYS even if we can't make it to Washington. WE CAN march to the POST OFFICE, CITY HALL, STATE CAPITOL and SHOW UP AT WORK in face paint. Day 1 may be slow, but by Day 3, EVERYBODY should have the COURAGE to SHOW THEIR TRUE COLORS so that our Congress and Senators cannot sweep the idea of impeachment under the carpet. And Bush/Cheney's SPIN team cannot cover under the excuse that we are at War so Bush/Cheney get carte blanche on every proposal.

The Spin machines say that polls lie. But our FACES won't lie. Our VISIBLE protest, even if we can't take off from work, BUT, SHOW UP AT WORK in FACE PAINT will give our Congress and Senate courage to confront this Administration.

Example, Can you imagine a television anchor dressed in green with green lipstick, eye shadow, rouge - GET IT!
Bus driver with a green stripe on each cheek.
Cashier with a blue heart on her cheek.
Soldier with Red/White stripes on his forehead.

Hats, t-shirts, bracelets, shoes, anything can show our position and this DOES NOT COST A LOT OF MONEY! Just makeup or facepaint will do the trick. Eye shadow, lipstick, anything will work.

Spread the word on this idea. E-mail everyone. Call people. Check your church, labor union, and local lodge. If the whole WORLD could see this VISIBLE PROTEST, the Iraqi INSURGENCE may LAY DOWN THEIR GUNS out of RESPECT for our PROTEST.

We spent millions of dollars to impeach a president for whore- mongering, we should be able to spend millions to impeach a president and vice president for war mongering, conflict of interest, lying, profiteering, etc. etc.,

This could be like the Glorious Revolution in England. Peaceful but highly effective.

UNITED we STAND, Divided we Fall.

GOD Bless America.

Love and peace,

You are a woman of courage who may have felt very alone in the Senate arguing your position but you couldn't have brought these issues in a more clear, honest and forthright position. I am a Conservative Republican who has the upmost respect for you.

I wish the Republicans would have the courage to clean up their own acts from the inside out instead of having the party tarnished and destroyed by such unethical and irresponsible leaders.

You are right on! So many friends say they want evidence in the papers about the Downing Street Memos. Americans don't realise that we are rated 39'th in free press. Chilling.

This is beautiful, I am not a constituent of Barbara's but I did write her an email about the DSM a few days ago. (I write as many as I can every day) It's really good to see that some members of our leadership actually listen! Come on everyone, get to it, the computer is good for more than Ebay, porn and mp3s!

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