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International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration

305 West Broadway, #199, New York, NY 10013
PRESS CONTACT: Connie Julian: 917-449-9064 Commission office: 212-941-8086

Harry Belafonte to Will Also Speak at Bush Crimes Commission

Friday, January 20, 5-9pm, Riverside Church, 490 Riverside Drive
Saturday, January 21, 10am-6pm, Riverside Church, 490 Riverside Drive
Sunday, January 22, 1-5pm, Columbia University Law School, 116th & Amsterdam Avenue

Actor, singer, and activist Harry Belafonte will speak at the opening evening of the Bush Crimes Commission this Friday at Riverside Church. This unprecedented citizens’ Commission of Inquiry which runs the entire weekend will hear testimony on the basic question: Is the Bush Administration guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity? Few have dared raise this for public examination. On January 20-22 in New York City this Commission of Inquiry will do so-- with rigor, substance, and a deep sense of responsibility to the people of the world.

Internationally-known expert witnesses and whistleblowers from the US and UK will testify in five areas: 1) war, 2) torture, 3) global environment, 4) global health (AIDS and reproductive rights), and 5) the administration’s response to Katrina.

Witnesses and judges include former commander of Abu Ghraib prison Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski, former British ambassador Craig Murray (speaking for the first time in the U.S., and quoted January 16 by Al Gore) who exposed US use of torture in Uzbekistan, former arms inspector Scott Ritter, ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern, unembedded reporter who spent 8 months in Iraq Dahr Jamail, Guantanamo prisoners’ lawyer Michael Ratner, former US diplomat and retired US Army Reserve Colonel Ann Wright, Katrina survivors, and many others.

This Commission will break the unwritten rule in this country by speaking the unspeakable. It is acceptable to criticize particular leaders as uninformed, incompetent, and even personally venal. But to suggest that the administration has actually committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, and to assemble the facts to prove those charges, is beyond the pale, and is actively being suppressed by Bush administration.

Charter, full indictments, standards for judgment, and audio and video coverage of the first session:

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Media coverage will probably be difficult to receive and any coverage I fear, may attempt to paint the inquiry as a fringe group. Don't allow this to happen. Is there a strategy to get the story out concerning the George W. Bush War Crimes Against Humanity Inquiry?

get rid blair and Bush for lying and killing. I am fed up

Since the people would like to be out Iraq and who knows where the lunatic leader of our country will try to invade next.We the people should accept the olive leaf that offered from bin laden and get out of a ridiculously sticky mess that bush is creating for us all.

how pathetic.

Fascinating that in Bin Laden's last communication he stated that he was re-considering terrorism because so many Americans don't support President Bush.
The American people have been inundated with lies, particularly around their food supply and the destructive, duplicitous information on health and medication. I believe these ongoing assaults on our well-being for financial gain contribute to the American acceptance of this humanistically irresposible man.
We condemn Cuba. Cuba doesn't spray its crops and everyone gets Health Care, much of which is Holistic.
I pray that out of Bush's disastrous reign, the American people will rise in a massive backlash and claim our valiant heritage.

We have been around since FDR and have not known of an administration that deserves impeachment more or has been so corrupt.
None of them have ever served militarily yet they don't hesitate to send others to war to fight and die,not for a noble cause, but for their own arrogance and personal gain.
America deserves better.......our citizens deserve better. We don't like being known as a bully and a terrorist nation. This administration needs to go, along with their 'fixed casino-type' voting machines.

go go go

These thugs need to be extradited to stand trial in the Hague. We need the United Nations to hold hearings as well, and seek remedies for the ILLEGAL WAR waged by the CRIMINAL CABAL that took this country into DICTATORSHIP and thinks nobody cares. We care, and we need to ensure that never again in the history of mankind that another RUTHLESS, MURDERING DICTATOR take over the United States and use it's armed forces like murdering mercenary killers as this so-called un-elected president
has done.

is the penalty for crimes against ALL HUMANITY!!!!

I'm a Democratic Activist, yet seeing this on the list of impeachment events was the first I had heard of it. You've got to get the word out to more mainstream Democrats if you want a better response. May have to have you speak at my club. Will try and attend. Keep the movement growing.

I am putting out a "Wanted for Crimes of Terrorism' poster with mug shots of BinLaden, Bush, and the ChickenHawk Whacker Gang. Reward Offered: Freedom, Justice, Peace.

The only Tv station that publishes the real war statisrics is PBS and it's on the McLaughlin group: as of 2/13/06 Americans dead 2,214 Americans medically evacuated from Iraq is 51,600 that's correct fifty-one thousand six-hundred: The Pentagon says it's "around" 15,000!!! Iraqi dead approx 120,690: Bush said it was near 30,000!!! If the main street press put this out for the world to read we would be out of Iraq in a heart beat !!!

What about the whole depleted uranium scandal that effects the health and lifes of so many american troops and most of all - the Iraqui People ? ! !
Horrible mutations of newborn babys of american soldiers aswell as in the Iraqui population has increased to the loudest scream for help EVER !
Please let us never forget hiroshima ! WE ARE HERE : , it is basically a international meetingplace for exchanging informations . We are your friends from europe , Berlin , germany - showing our solidarity with all of The American People in their Call for Peace , Justice and Truth !
With united efforts we WILL have the media listen to the voices of the worlds scientists , doctors , ex-congressmembers , veterans ect .

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