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Seventeen in Congress sign Conyers' letter on Rove


A letter penned by Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) calling on Bush adviser Karl Rove to explain or resign over his role in outing a CIA agent has garnered a handful of signatories in the House, RAW STORY has learned.

Just 17 members have signed. Finding congressmembers to sign a letter during a Congressional recess is often difficult, and Conyers' office has extended a deadline for others to sign on until next Wednesday.

The current signers are Reps. John Conyers, Jr.; Maurice Hinchey; Sheila Jackson Lee; Sam Farr; Diane Watson; Barbara Lee; Zoe Lofgren; Danny Davis; Henry Waxman; Corrine Brown; Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick; Raul Grijalva; James McGovern; Bernie Sanders; Lynn Woolsey; Mike Honda; and Carolyn Maloney.

The letter follows.

July 14, 2005

The President The White House Washington, DC Dear Mr. President:

We write in order to urge that you require your Deputy White House Chief of Staff, Karl Rove, to either come forward immediately to explain his role in the Valerie Plame matter or to resign from your Administration.

Notwithstanding whether Mr. Rove intentionally violated the law in leaking information concerning former CIA operative Valerie Plame, we believe it is not tenable to maintain Mr. Rove as one of your most important advisors unless he is willing to explain his central role in using the power and authority of your Administration to disseminate information regarding Ms. Plame and to undermine her husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson.

We now know that e-mails recently turned over by Time, Inc. between writer Matthew Cooper and Time editors reveal that one of Mr. Cooper's principal sources in the Plame matter was Mr. Rove.1 This has been confirmed by Newsweek and two lawyers representing witnesses involved in the investigation.2 Mr. Rove's attorney, Robert Luskin, also has confirmed that Mr. Rove was interviewed by Mr. Cooper in connection with a possible article about Ms. Plame three or four days before Robert Novak wrote a column outing Ms. Plame as a CIA operative.3

We also know that Mr. Rove told Chris Matthews that Ambassador Wilson's wife and her undercover status were "fair game."4 A White House source also appears to have previously acknowledged that Mr. Rove contacted Mr. Matthews and other journalists, indicating that "it was reasonable to discuss who sent Wilson to Niger."5

The above facts appear to be directly inconsistent with previous statements by you and representatives of your Administration concerning leaking in general and the Plame case in particular. For example, on September 30, 2003, you stated "there's just too many leaks [in Washington]. And if there is a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is."6 You also stated "I want to know the truth. If anybody has got any information inside our administration or outside our administration, it would be helpful if they came forward with the information so we can find out whether or not these allegations are true and get on about the business."7 On October 10, 2003, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan was asked if Mr. Rove or two other aides in your Administration had ever discussed the Plame matter with any reporter, and he stated he had spoken to Mr. Rove and the others and "they assured me that they were not involved in this."8

Regardless of whether these actions violate the law - including specific laws against the disclosure of classified information9 as well as broader laws against obstruction of justice,10 the negligent distribution of defense information,11 and obligating reporting of press leaks to proper authorities12 - they seem to reveal a course of conduct designed to threaten and intimidate those who provide information critical of your Administration, such as Ambassador Wilson.

We hope you agree with us that such behavior should never be tolerated by any Administration. While it is acceptable for a private citizen to use every legal tool at his or her disposal to protect himself against legal liability, high-ranking members of your Administration who are involved in any effort to smear a private citizen or to disseminate information regarding a CIA operative should be expected to meet a far higher standard of ethical behavior and forthrightness. This is why we believe it is so important that Mr. Rove publicly and fully explain his role in this matter.





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I know this may sound a little angry and I apologize for that to the
moderators and the group. However, getting "black listed" from
my beloved IT/Communications Training Industry and having the KKK come after my family and killing my animals kinda leaves you a little "irritated". The infuriating part is knowing that your only "crime" is defending Truth and the U.S. Constitution and
speaking out for Peace, Love and Justice for ALL.

I feel that the Hippy and Yippie have replaced the Jew and the
Black as the new "domestic" scapegoats in this latest Machiavellian
delusion of world conquest by a minority of its population. But,
hey, that's just me based on my pretty gosh darn horrific experiences
over the past four years.



Dear Congressman Mike McIntyre,

Although I am new to your district having just moved to the Wilmington area due to being driven from my home in Chatham County, NC by what I considered to be life threatening harassment by the local KKK, I am writing you to PLEASE sign Congressman John Conyer's letter to President Bush demanding that Karl Rove either explain his role in the felonious "CIA identity compromise" of Valerie Plame or resign his position.

As an American citizen, I am outraged by the barbarous
Machiavellian tactics of these Neo Cons, the refusal of the
corporately controlled media to report on this continuous
stream of High Crimes and Misdemeanors that has become "business as usual" under this administration, and the complacency of the American People and their own government officials to these UNCONSTITUTIONAL
acts of uncivilized men.

I have worked in the IT and Communications business
for over two decades and have worked closely with
all branches of government, military, law enforcement,
and the intelligence agencies of both our country
and our allies as both an instructor and a consultant.
What I witnessed on Thursday with the tragic bombings
in London in both the event itself and the attempted
corporate media blitz that followed horrified me as I realized the depths these Power Men will go to get their
way. While my heart goes out to those that died and
suffered during this tragic event, I feel a cub scout could recognize this as a deliberate Counter-Intelligence
"False Flag" operation. Fortunately, it is clear that
the American people and especially the people of the
World are just not buying it. Strategically, this
attack could not benefit al Qaeda in any way, shape
or form, but would instead push them further from their
goals. It would have great benefit for those that are
beating the "War Drums" over it.

These Neo Cons must be stopped before they do further
irreparable damage to the country and the world.
We must show the world that their "Project for a
New American Century" (www.newamericancentury) is
based upon 19th century bad pseudo-science and is not in the best interest of the American People or the world.

ON TOP . . . Please support Congressman John Conyer's
efforts to expose Karl Rove as the psychologically
disturbed Machiavellian Neo Con Hatchetman that he is.

. . . and I'm not too keen on Robert Novak's role in all
of this, either. How has he managed to avoid all prosecution? Who DOES he work for? My guess it is
NOT the supporters of the US Constitution.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. I look
forward to meeting you in person and working with you
in the future as my family starts a new life in the Wilmington area.

- Frederick C. Blackburn
CEO/Bivouac International, Inc.
xxxx xxxxx
Wilmington, NC 28405

Yeah, I left out the ".org" in the original, too.

Should have been (!!!

Pretty damn, funny, eh? :-)

Hey, check it out. I am a full grown man in his 40s and I just
acknowledge to the entire WORLD that "OOPS, I made a mistake
that I should have known better about. Here, let me recognize
and acknowledge the mistake, then fix the problem. Done!!!"

Ta Da!!! It can be done!!! Grown men can say, "I screwed up"
.. .. AH . .. I feel so much better humbling myself a bit.

Lest ye be like little children . . .


So the next time your friendly neighborhood PNAC Neo-con comes to your door selling cookies...
SLAM THE DAMN DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I also sent a copy to my former Congressman,
David Price, NC 4th District.

Congressman, I can forgive the meaness and acts of
cruelty of the frightened children of Chatham County, NC, but
I expect the "older kidz" to step in and challenge the "Bullies"
that are doing the "Fear Mongering and Hate Cheerleading"
that produces ill will between neighbors.

I may have long hair and the Liberal Voice of the Dreamers but I am still part of "WE the PEOPLE" and NOT part of some "THEM" group
that those in some Machiavellian POWER Junkie "US" group have defined so that their side will "WIN" and if we want to eat we had better go along with them and let them have their way.


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