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The Worst US President Ever?

Published on Friday, July 8, 2005 by Dawn, Pakistan's leading English-speaking newspaper.
by Huck Gutman
The writer is a professor at the University of Vermont in the US.

Bush is quite likely the worst president in the 200-year history of the United States. This has enormous implications for the international community, since his country is not a small republic like the Maldives or Andorra, but a global behemoth.

His power as the most powerful man on earth derives not from a particular intelligence or set of talents, but by virtue of his position as the leader of the dominant military and economic nation on our planet.

Many of us in the United States do not like the way in which George W. Bush runs the American nation and attempts to run the world. Our numbers are growing: in each of the nine national polls taken in this month less than half the respondents are of the opinion that he is handling the presidency well. More significant still, since he retains a reputation for personal charm which buttresses his standing in the polls, the latest poll reported that only one-third of Americans think the American nation, under Bush, is headed in the right direction. Two polls earlier in the month found that well under 40 per cent of Americans approve of the direction in which he is leading the country.

Americans are very fond of lists, so let me do the American ‘thing.’ Here is a list of the top 10 reasons why President George W. Bush can be considered the most disastrous president in American history. This is actually a double list: the first five items concern foreign policy, while the second five address domestic policy.

Mr Bush began a war on false pretences. He lied to his people when he committed them to the war on Iraq, and on the basis of those lies he has undermined world security and committed his nation to the destruction of much of Iraq. Tens of thousands of Iraqis have died — and over 1,700 Americans — for no reason greater than that being a war-time president would improve his political stature. (Well, it is possible that his personal oil interests, and those of his friends, factored in. Maybe also an idiosyncratic personal grudge — on the order of, ‘I’m going to show up my father and get that damn Saddam Hussein and show I’m tougher than both Saddam and my Dad’ — that raises his Oedipal complex to international dimensions.)

That he lied about Iraq’s ‘threat’ to the United States is no unsubstantiated allegation. The recently revealed “Downing Street Memo


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There's nothing left to add. You've hit the nail on the head. This man is a despicable loser in everyway.

But I hear George is going to counter all the above by having a couple of new patches sewn onto his faux military leather jacket. Once they are safely on he will be walking around, with a ridiculous macho gait, on the decks of a few aircraft carriers until all his problems disappear.

But also I think we need some snappy new names for the on going occupation of Iraq.
How about...
Operation "Iraqi Freedom Justice Shield"
Operation "We are good, you are bad"
Operation "A Few More Bucks for Halliburton Please"
Operation "So Who We all Honorin Here Today?"

This analysis of the administration is overwhelming. It is also alarming in its thoroughness. Seeing all of the foreign and domestic fallacies perpetrated by Bush identified in a single article is extremely frightening to any one of good will.

Taking back America from this loathesome contingent of fascists is essential to the restoration of this country's stature in the world.

I wonder which administration apologist will come forward on this site to atttempt to refute the thorough arguments presented in this piece. One thing is for certain, should any such apologist reply, the content will be the usual series of catch phrases and stock drivel.

The worst ever, no doubt about it. I want to give credit to who was I believe the first to voice this and recognize it and that was Helen Thomas, the most Senior member of the White House Press. Remember what George did to her, made fun of her and shunned her? The heavy handed response to her statement by George and his people reminded me of the way Martha Mitchell was treated during Watergate.

In addition to the above article there is another that is very well written and worth the read in the July 4 issue of The New Yorker.
"The Home Front, A soldier's father wrestles with the ambiguities of Iraq by George Packer."

Machiavellian...a good word for Bush and his group....with Cheney being one of the worst and most frightening.

So many things have been swept under the carpet that he has done. Perhaps it's time to go back over old ground and start chipping away at him. The press has decided for whatever reason not to ridicule him but he is so worthy of ridicule. As mentioned, his macho gait, his stumbling speech and wired sound bites, his lies which are frequently switched to better lies, etc. He must be called out on these things and exposed. When will the press take notice?

Fabulous points made here. Real question remains however -
why doesn't Congress stop him? Our Constitution gives them (and only them) the power to do get rid of him. Surely there is enough intelligence in Congress (both Rep & Dem) to recognize what you just laid out. Surely our legislators have children and grandchildren whose future they care about. Do they REALLY believe they can afford to leave Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rove in power til Jan 2009 without risking
nuclear holocaust? If they would just take the time to watch ex-secy of defense Robt McNamara's documentary FOG OF WAR!!

It had a very sobering affect on citizens, politicians and the media.

There is no doubt.... This is the worst president in American history, and one of the worst leaders in human history. But he even could be upstaged as the worst by the next one if he/they have their way. Time to fight is NOW!!!! By the way, whats to stop the christian far-right wing neo-cons from changing the two-term rule for Presidents?

I think maybe it is time we push for one term for every Pres. Make the term longer, perhaps 5 or 6 years...and then they are gone.

No starting to campaign immediately after being sworn in for the next election. It might give us a break from constant campaigning..
What do you all would take some work to get all States to approve...Whoever would just have one term to truly serve the country vs. political parties and interest groups just to get re-elected.

Fabulous idea...wish it could be made retroactive.

There are a couple of bills floating around in Congress right now that are meant to repeal the 22nd Amendment - which limits the president to two terms. Sorry, I cannot remember the bill #s. And perhaps this has been tried before, but I really do worry about these two bills floating around anywhere with Bush in the White House and Jeb dodging hurricanes in Florida.

When I go to pick up my grandson from school, I see groups of men and women with fancy new cars and Bush stickers-.. not from this country, Big family's who own Gas Stations, 7/11's and Party Stores and sleep in the back, Cel-Phone dealerships and Video stores with Bootlegged Video's from Canada, Money going straight back to the Middle East, laughing at the other Parents, who don't support this administration. A lot of Cop Familys, They know what side their bread is buttered on.

They know the system, go with who ever has the power. Just waiting till they are called. But it is strange to see so many, so-called American Parents follow them like puppy's, waiting for some scraps.

This article is just one of many, highlighting the change around the world, becuase of misguided governments. Many speculate about why, this continues. Business... I think of all the black hearts, hiding behind gold and silk. Fear in every form, is the plan they use. The Right-Wing-Nuts drink only bottled water, park in fire zones and support ONLY each other. This plan has been in progress for over 100 years, and now is so strong, our military so weak, progress so one sided, that the Future looks bleak. They are primed from generation to generation on what to say and what to do, Just look closely at the Bush Family History and who supports them. America needs a NEW Leader, NOW. Someone with Compassion and Common Values for all our people. And these Monsters must be held accountable, not like Nurenburg, where amnesty was given in just three years to the most evil of them, only to become more powerful under the cover of the CIA.

I hope to see the day when people rise up against tyrants, where compassion is not a word to be used to trick everyone, where Freedom is won not at the point of a gun.

Bush's policy has Bankruped this country with Hate and Fear, and continues, we all see it everyday, they live in a shadow world of lies, supported by pure greed. Everytime I see the shame in American eyes, I think America is the loser, for not bringing these monster's to justice, true justice.

Little George Stupid declares over and over again that the terrorists attack and kill us because they hate our freedom and democracy. Well, by the time little George Stupid gets through with us we will no longer have any freedom or democracy, then the terrorists will not hate us anymore. So maby there really will be an end to ther war on terrorism, go figure.


Let us step back and remember that President George needed a second term to confirm he deserves the moniker of being the 'worst' ever at his job.

Last November I was saddened when John Kerry conceded defeat. After I heard, I went for a walk to clear my head. During that walk I came to the realization that this loss was actually a good thing for Kerry. Specifically, Kerry and Edwards would have spent their ENTIRE first term correcting the problems (Iraq, domestic and foreign economic policy, gutting environmental laws etc.) created by President George and his Dick. If Kerry would have won, the true colors of President George would have likely not come to their bright and clear current prominence as evidenced in the contents of this article and website.

It is also my view that President George is not only the worst at his job, but represents another fine example of the Peter Principal at work. Think George should have stayed in Texas and I do hope that Jeb stays in Florida! Don't even ask me about how well Condi is doing in her current or former position with George. It is my guess that Stanford was not saddened by her departure. It is also my guess that Colin Powell now fully appreciates who President George is and what he is about, and that explains why he distanced himself immediately when given the chance.

Friends, keep the faith that time will resolve these current challenges. I am confident that history will detail the actions and consequences of what we view as the worst President. Time may also show that the worst may be followed by the best President ever seen in the U.S.! All I know today is that the next President will not be the lame President George.

Stay well. Expect better times for the future!

don't wish that Jeb stay in Florida. Florida's disabled need freedom too.
How about the B-boys go back to Kennebunkport?... The lawmen know how to handle them there:

I'm glad there are smart people in the world to say things just right.
The article and comments were 100% correct.

I just wonder if the GOP congress doesn't do it's job,how does America bring them down.
I think it's for the people,by the people, yet!

I want my country to go back to the people.

I discovered last week that the MSM is trying to make Bush a dictator or king.
It's in the way they say,Bush wants,Bush says,Bush thinks,Bush does,etc
It's pathetic.Does nobody else's opinion matter!
The Democratis are not heard,even Republicans that have a different opinion are not heard.

Thanks for the many thoughtful comments.

When I wrote the article I realized that maybe, perhaps, things are turning around -- that more and more people are seeing how terrible Bush is. Clearly, those who have commented have seen this for a long time. But it is good to know that out there, perhaps quieter, there are more and more who think as we do: and that, I hope, will make Bush a lame cuck President, who cannot do as much harm as he would like. Although he still can do plenty.

Thanks for commenting.

Huck Gutman

We must take the media to task! The news is twisted !

Mr. Gutman, do you have a blog? I hope so. If you keep us posted, we can help if you need us.

This has to be the most acute and accurate summary I've seen to date of the Bush Administration's war on America and the world. Seeing it all in one place is right frightening. Thank you very much.

I believe America has bigger problems than thinking about the Bloody Shrub (adaptation of Molly Ivin's moniker for GWB) as the "worst" president. He is a man very much committed to the neoconservative agenda and will do and say whatever it takes to advance that agenda. If he (and they) succeed America will cease to exist.

The influence of Machiavelli on neoconservatives has been noted. But the influence of Christian Reconstructionism (Dominion Theology) and the political philosophy of Leo Strauss have only recently begun to filter down through the internet media. When you mix all three you get: (1) a belief that "all human behavior is inherently religious and that Christian law should infuse every aspect of social life....and calls for the dominance of the Church in political affairs and the creation of a single kingdom ruled by Christian leaders" - Hugh Urban, Ohio State University, on Dominion Theology - go to; (2) a belief that secrecy and deception are the norm in politics, and that the population should defer to their leaders (higher intelligences) - both Machiavelli and Strauss.

If, in fact, these influences are motivating the Bush Adminstration and its neoconservative allies then please be aware: they will not listen to you and me; they are on a holy mission; you and I are irrelevant. And so is the Constitution of the United States.

Your summary (indictment) of this administration reminds me very much of the declaration of independence's list of grievances against King George.

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