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Making Change/Creating Peace! - Event in Santa Cruz, Calif.

On Wednesday, February 15th, please join
at 7:30PM, at the Veterans Hall in Santa Cruz
speaking about:

Making Change/Creating Peace!
What Each of Us Can Do Today, Tomorrow, the Next Day, the Day After
That, and.... to End the Iraq War and Bring the Bush Regime Down!!

This is a rare chance to hear two of the foremost leaders in the peace
and justice movement today, giving each of us concrete ways that we can

MEDEA BENJAMIN, the cofounder of both Code Pink and Global Exchange,
has been an outspoken, and tireless opponent of the war against Iraq
and of the Bush Regime from day one!! She has led numerous fact finding
and peacemaking delegations to both Afghanistan and Iraq since 2002,
including delivering $650,000 of aid to refugees of the war torn city
of Fallujah in 2005. A woman who walks her talk, she has been arrested
many times for committing acts of civil disobedience, in order to bring
the truth to light and move this country toward a path of global peace
and justice.

DAVID SWANSON is the cofounder of After Downing, a coalition
of activists that came together in May of 2005 in response to the
release of the Downing Street Memos. AfterDowning recently
received the Nation Magazine Online MVP award of 2005 in the "watchdog"
category! He is also the Washington DC director of, and
the cofounder of He works tirelessly to expose the
truth of the Bush Regime, and to remove them from power, including
working closely with Congressman John Conyers' newest attempts to
Investigate, Censure, and Impeach!!!

Together, they will inspire and inform us to TAKE EFFECTIVE ACTION NOW!


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Al Gore's challenge to congress & the media in his constitutionally
framed speech on Jan. 16th, 2OO6, at the Contitutional Hall, D.C.

Read the entire transcript by clicking on the blog at:

This TRUE 'State of the Union' message will empower our citizenry
to move forward with a revival of our DEMOCRACY.

"Have you told the auto industry to make cleaner air vehicles? Recently?"
are questions we all should be asking each other more often...

... above all is the air ... what goes around, comes around ...

Tell auto makers to make cleaner air vehicles... to save our breath, lives,
money & planet...

Toward a saner, greener and more peaceful future,

Terror is only a tactic used by angry people in order to lash out at those whom they consider their enemy. Happy and contented people don't do things like that, so we must first understand who these people are and what they perceive we did to them to provoke an act of terror.

You may also want to view this link which examines the collapse of the WTC, complete with videos. Watch the "Implosion World" videos and compare them to the videos of the WTC collapse. Implosion World has many large structures being pulled down and the only real difference between the WTC collapse and those in Implosion World is the WTC seem to have been pulled down more professionally than others. Just remember the phrase, "they cofllapsed within their own footprint". That sort of thing doesn't happen by accident. This was supposed to have been an act of terror, but was it?

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