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Douglas Barber Commits Suicide

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Last month, on December 16, 2005, Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran Spc. Douglas Barber was my guest on my radio talk show. He said he'd been diagnosed with PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) and despite receiving some help from the V.A., was still having trouble getting his life back together.

Yesterday, one month later, on January 16, 2006, I received an email from a listener who'd been exchanging emails with Douglas since his appearance on my show. Douglas has just sent him an email that troubled the listener. Douglas said he no longer had anything to live for, and was getting ready to "check out of this world." My wife immediately called Douglas and left a message on his cell phone. She also called the Montgomery Police Department in Alabama.

At the start of the 3rd hour of my program last night, I received an email from one of Douglas's friends, who told me that Douglas had committed suicide earlier that afternoon. Today I was able to confirm his suicide with the Opelika, Alabama Police Department. The officer in charge of the investigation told me that it had happened with officers on the scene trying to talk Douglas out of it. The officer told me Douglas took his gun, fired one shot, and killed himself.

Here is a link to the interview Spc. Douglas Barber did on my radio show on December 16, 2005 – commercial and news breaks have been edited out. I am so sick and tired of our brave soldiers dying as a result of George W. Bush's lies, and I feel I owe it to Douglas to do whatever I can to ensure his death was not in vain.

Please use this story and the interview in whichever manner you feel will best help the truth be known. Spc. Douglas Barber was truly one of this country's finest. He even re-upped knowing that this war was predicated on lies. He served his country (its leaders) and obviously, did not receive the help he needed when he returned home.

How much longer will this country allow this to continue?

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Namaste. May Douglas find his peace now.

I too am a long-time listener of doug's and I too was deeply saddened by this tragic event, and I wish nothing but the easiest of mourning for his freinds and family. R.I.P. Spc. Barber, you are gone but most definately not forgotten.

We just lost our Josh, an Iraqi War Vet, 4 weeks ago to this EPEDEMIC! WHEN is the GOV. and VA going to DO SOMETHING!

Here is Josh's "story"..feel free to contact me anytime

Julie Westly...Josh's Aunt

The Barber story breaks my heart in a way that few others have, even though I never knew him, because that could have been any one of the friends I love who suffer with PTSD. None of them are safe ... no one is safe from this.

What would you have us do? PTSD doesn't go away, no matter what you do, or how medicated you are. Some people just cannot handle combat stress, and unfortunately, nobody knows how well they'll deal with it until it's too late. The sad truth is, nothing is going to help the PTSD problem. When I first began to experience combat stress, I spoke to my father, a former Special Forces soldier...he was able to help me work through it BEFORE I developed PTSD. This is the only way, in my opinion, to stop the problem. Get to it before it starts. Blaming the government for doing nothing won't help. It will only make our country look weak and divided. There is nothing the government CAN do.

Just $0.02 from a combat veteran.

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