You are herecontent / Hinchey rails at Bush regime, Urges action over Iraq war

Hinchey rails at Bush regime, Urges action over Iraq war

By Dave Richardson
Times Herald-Record

New Paltz - Last night, more than 500 people hung on Maurice Hinchey's every word.

The Hurley Democrat leaned into the podium and looked gravely at the audience.

"We are in danger of losing our republic," he said. He was far from joking.

The topic of discussion: the so-called Downing Street memos, a series of documents recounting conversations between British Prime Minister Tony Blair and high-ranking British officials in 2002, during the buildup to the war in Iraq.

The memos, which have reportedly been authenticated by British officials, paint a picture of a Bush administration apparently set on war with Iraq long before the decision to invade was supposedly made and bent on "fixing the facts and the intelligence around the policy."

British and American officials have repeatedly denied this is the case.

But Hinchey, as well as more than 100 members of Congress and a majority
of Americans, according to recent polls, say they believe Bush
deliberately misled Congress and the American public about Iraq's weapons
of mass destruction arsenal and its connections to the Sept. 11 attacks.

Last night, to a packed auditorium at SUNY New Paltz, Hinchey pressed his
case to an audience that watched intently and interrupted often with
applause, cheers and two standing ovations.

"The president has said over and over war was a last resort," Hinchey
said. "Many of us in Congress realized this was not the case. And the
Downing Street memos explain the way the president misled our nation,
misled Congress and misled the nations of the world."

Hinchey said Bush planned to oust Saddam Hussein from the earliest days of
his administration and then "twisted and distorted the facts around a
policy decision that had already been made."

"They used the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon to
justify what they had always wanted to do: attack Iraq and change the
regime," Hinchey said.

President Bush lied to Congress about Iraq's plans to build a nuclear
arsenal, about its weapons of mass destruction and its connections to
Sept. 11, Hinchey said.

He said the failure of Republicans in Congress to "act responsibly" by
allowing serious inquiries into the issues raised by the memos was
tantamount to a conspiracy between the legislative and executive branches
of government, in direct contradiction to the instructions of the

"This cannot be accepted," Hinchey said. "If this continues into the
future, it will not be long before all the basic democratic principles of
our country are in ruins, and we wake up to a very different nation."

Hinchey urged voters to put pressure on legislators to investigate the
allegations and open impeachment hearings if they are found to be true - a
scenario he admits is highly unlikely in Washington's extremely partisan

"They will fail to do it, and then we must throw them out next year and
replace them with a Congress that will," Hinchey said.


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We must get out the vote to throw the repubs out of office. If we don't get a democrat congress in we can kiss the America we know good bye.

I have written numerous letters to my two repub senators, Kyl and McCain. They don't even give me the courtesy of responding.

How you going to vote? on a black box? Into a black hole? The power of the vote is in the hands of the dark side now, you may vote till the cows come home, the results will for ever now be what the neo-cons decide it is.
"the ones who count the vote control the results"

I think many would change their vote to Kerry today, and never tell a soul that they did... sooooo many that even the "men-in-black" wouldn't have the manpower to cheat away that many reversals of remorseful votes.


What will it matter if our votes don't count? We also have a media that is more than willing to "project" the loser as the winner.

Until we have serious media and electoral reform, you can forget your vote cause it just won't matter.

Aside from the above, the next thing we need to go after is anti-trust violators, war profiteers, and revoke the charters of corporations engaged in criminal wrongdoing.

If we could accomplish these objectives we might just have a chance.

I wish I could be optimistic, but I am not.

That's because they realize how dumb you are for thinking that voting in a few democrats will bring back the good ole days.

and the PNAC's dangerous plots for Pax Americana's imperialistic pre-emptive acts of war is BEYOND dum. Where's the FAMILY VALUES (unless you consider killing and conquering foreign families on their own sovereign land as "family values".) Neocon-lovers are totally Orwellian and scary. I dub you "ORWELL-SHRUBS".

History lesson 2020:
.. . And the Western civilized nations of the world could not believe how many Americans got fooled by the Naz (oops , forgive typo)...Neocons.

I see more and more poeple (or maybe just posts), coming here to try and make people feel bad for doing what any real American should be doing right now; questioning authority, and trying to get to the root of a problem that threatens America. I could get mad at these people (poster(s)), but I think it is a good sign. If they know we're here, and they are driven to post negativity toward those of us who want the truth, then we are moving in the right direction.

I agree the Democratic Party enables the neocons to rule and over the last century has particpated in imperial domination of the world.

But I think we all need to unite to defeat the most extreme quasi fascist arm of corporate and imperial rule and then discuss, educate and bring along people to challenge the whole framework that allows 3-4 % of the richest to control 80% of the wealth and occupies the world with 600 bases to maintian control of resources and markets.

Destroys the world ecology and cuts medicaid, foodstamps and housing to pay for a tax break for the decadently rich.

I have contacted my representatives brownback and robertson and the governor of Kansas and not even the responce of a pre written reply.

personally I'd hate to see Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex) tossed aside just because he's a Texas Repub - There's a few (damn few) other Republicans as well who don't follow the neocon lead. But we DO need a House that is opposed to the current status quo, willing to take the stand against this administration and vote for impeachment - Then we need a Senate who will support the House's opposition!

Any voting system that is owned by an "interested" party or dosn't leave a verifiable paper trail should not be allowed.

My Congressman hasn't answered me either and he's a Dem!

I think most of us will be ignored until something or someone in the media gives a voice to basically middle America again.

Not just use the words according to 42% of Americans, but have faces to those Americans stating their views for people to see, such as NBS, CBS, ABC cable (please no Fox) We are sending letters but who is reading them, who is reporting on what the letters say.

Bush will have no power when the so lovingly imagined "invisible hand" of capitalism knocks the nonsense out of us with $150 a barrel oil prices. Nearly every big field in the world is in decline with no alternate ways to boost production before our hydrocarbon adddicted economy falls off the cliff, and praise be to God for that. Forget terrorism and impeachment and "the return of the republic folks", we're headed toward either locally managed cooperative bioregions or a clusterfuck beyond even the most erudite cultural historians imagination. The ecosystem has more power than CNN or Fox News, as they will soon find out ( see ya on the breadline Bill O'Reilly). The choice is ours now, the comfort of ignorance or the challenge of survival. The Pruning is about to begin.

The reason why they don't seem to care or react ot any of this is
that the vote in this country is rigged. They don't have to care
about what perhaps over half the country desires. The key is the
voting system. If there's no way to confirm the initial count
there is no real vote... Demand paper trails, etc. Then perhaps
things will begin to change.

I wrote to my Arizona representatives, Congressman Jeff Flake, Senator Jon Kyl, and Senator John McCain, asking them to take action, and uphold their constitutional mandates, but, unfortunately, not even one of them has acknowledged my requests, or even replied to my numerous letters. It's an outrage for them to ignore their sworn duties.

Recall. Total Recall.
Promise them expulsion.
You'll get an email.

I wrote Senator Nelson, I told him to support the re-opening of the Intel Investigations, and I promised to vote for him instead of recalling him... Katherine Harris (neocon spokes-model) is running against him in 2006!

Everybody, Florida really, REALLY needs your help... we need to get from under JEB's thumb by impeaching (or whatever they call it on the state level) Florida's governor too... good grief, JEB hates the disabled in Florida almost as much as his Shrub-brother loves oil empire. By helping Florida, you'll be helping America ... No more Bush Bullies in the White House... no Bush Boys (or girls for that matter) PERIOD ... they are NOT the Brady Bunch!!!

There are at least two women from the Republican mind-set who are by most standards femmes scoundrels.

There she is on the bottom rung... Linda Tripp
Followed by Katherine Harris on the next rung.

Somewhere above Katherine Harris lurks Beelzebulb, himself.

That's because their sworn duty is to uphold the rights of the wealthiest and most powerful white male land/capital owners (see: US Constitution). Does anyone else realize that the legal framework for us "freedom lovers" has NEVER been replicated by any other democratic government (aside from that shining beacon of love, peace and harmony known as Iraq, whose president murdered 6 unarmed resistance fighters before taking office to prove his mettle to Exxon,Bush,Cheney et. al) in the world. Gee, yeah, lets put clear all those nasty republicans out and put democrats in because they strive for a "wider war", hmm, you really couldnt come up with a more insane stance for an "opposition party". These fucking scoundrels are all complicit in the energy wars and they have no good reason to stop, there on the winning team... for now. As long as there is blood and carnage to speculate on, these bastards cant help but cash in no matter who is "winning". This is a global race to the bottom in support of an experiment that is utterly impossible to continue, meaning global capitalism. Once they run out of fresh markets to exploit, dont be surprised when mainstream america gets a taste of its own medicine in the form of post - sanction like scarcity that decimated Iraq for 10 years. The war always comes home, if you have any faith in these spineless, fellating knaves who pose as our "representaives" you are wasting any opportunity at a fighting chance when we are actually forced to face the cost of this unfettered bloodlust and needless dependance on the population control masters and their drive for oil addiction. Addicts make easy opponents in any struggle.

"We are in danger of losing our republic," is what Hinchey says. Too late. We've already lost it-- every day, that is, that the neocons are in office.

DSM is the latest low blow. Lying and conspiracy to start a war. Fuels the military industrial complex-- and oil is what fuels our favorite machines.

It is the pathetically naive that believe we had fair elections-- Florida 2000 and Diebold 2004 show that voting/Democracy has become a sham-- its been sold to the highest bidders-- lobbyists in Washington, Halliburton and their brownshirt friends (Diebold, K. Harris).

DSM may be our closest yet to legally hold the industrialists (and increasingly fascist) elements of our government accountable.

I do not use words like fascist lightly. Formerly I ONLY used it in relation to overseas governments of the 20th century. No longer... Neocons/Murdoch/Fox News/Cheney/GW Bush are the lastest offspring of fascism.

Demand a DSM investigation now. Impeach.
BTW: Incredibe article here. Included a few paragraphs...

The Worst US President Ever?
by Huck Gutman

Bush is quite likely the worst president in the 200-year history of the United States. This has enormous implications for the international community, since his country is not a small republic like the Maldives or Andorra, but a global behemoth.

His power as the most powerful man on earth derives not from a particular intelligence or set of talents, but by virtue of his position as the leader of the dominant military and economic nation on our planet.

Many of us in the United States do not like the way in which George W. Bush runs the American nation and attempts to run the world. Our numbers are growing: in each of the nine national polls taken in this month less than half the respondents are of the opinion that he is handling the presidency well. More significant still, since he retains a reputation for personal charm which buttresses his standing in the polls, the latest poll reported that only one-third of Americans think the American nation, under Bush, is headed in the right direction. Two polls earlier in the month found that well under 40 per cent of Americans approve of the direction in which he is leading the country.

Americans are very fond of lists, so let me do the American ‘thing.’ Here is a list of the top 10 reasons why President George W. Bush can be considered the most disastrous president in American history. This is actually a double list: the first five items concern foreign policy, while the second five address domestic policy.

Mr Bush began a war on false pretences. He lied to his people when he committed them to the war on Iraq, and on the basis of those lies he has undermined world security and committed his nation to the destruction of much of Iraq. Tens of thousands of Iraqis have died — and over 1,700 Americans — for no reason greater than that being a war-time president would improve his political stature. (Well, it is possible that his personal oil interests, and those of his friends, factored in. Maybe also an idiosyncratic personal grudge — on the order of, ‘I’m going to show up my father and get that damn Saddam Hussein and show I’m tougher than both Saddam and my Dad’ — that raises his Oedipal complex to international dimensions.)

That he lied about Iraq’s ‘threat’ to the United States is no unsubstantiated allegation. The recently revealed “Downing Street Memo

Hold DSM hearings.. then impeach all the neocons.
Good analysis here...
The global anti-insurgency battle against al-Qaida must be fought smarter if the West is to win. To criminal investigations and surveillance must be added a wiser set of foreign policies. Long-term Western military occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq is simply not going to be acceptable to many in the Muslim world. U.S. actions at Abu Ghraib and Fallujah created powerful new symbols of Muslim humiliation that the jihadis who sympathize with al-Qaida can use to recruit a new generation of terrorists. The U.S. must act as an honest broker in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And Bush and Blair must urgently find a credible exit strategy from Iraq that can extricate the West from bin Laden's fly trap.
Chicago political scientist Robert Pape argues in his new book, "Dying to Win," that the vast majority of suicide bombers are protesting foreign military occupation undertaken by democratic societies where public opinion matters. He points out that there is no recorded instance of a suicide attack in Iraq in all of history until the Anglo-American conquest of that country in 2003. He might have added that neither had any bombings been undertaken elsewhere in the name of Iraq.
George Bush is sure to try to use the London bombings to rally the American people to support his policies. If Americans look closer, however, they will realize that Bush's incompetent crusade has made the world more dangerous, not less. "

I have a novel idea. Instead of attacking all Republicans as bad lets encourage the more moderate ones to take back there own party which has been hijacked by the right wing neocons. They could even have their own website republicans for impeachment or republicans for moderation. I just have a gut feeling that there are a lot of Republicans out there who are embarassed with the conduct of their party. We should find out who they are , encourage them to contact their Republican congressman and support a Resolution of Inquiry.

I agree with you that there are bound to be many Republicans that are disgusted with the current Neo-Con attitude and would love a more traditional Republican at the helm. The problem I see in getting them to move forward with reclaiming their Party is that they might fear that coming out against the Neo-Con's will hurt their Party. That by trying to cull the herd of Neo-Cons's, they will be opening themselves to losing support for their own views. I for one would be much more inclined to be supportive of a moderate Republican (I'm not a Republican myself), especially if they really stood up to the extreme right and put them in their place, but I don't think they will. I hope they prove me wrong and get behind investigating the crimes of the Bush administration.

after we convince them to collectively IMPEACH BUSH.

this is what you'll get when you mess with us, snarls Cheney

quit wasting your time reading the 95,000 "progressive" articles about a "smarter" war on terrorism. If you spew that crap you might as well bolt your knees directly in front of the toilet now.

I must say, this crossed my mind need to even
read an article. These are strange times.

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