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After Downing Street

[posted online on June 6, 2005]

It's not exactly a news flash that the Bush Administration lied to the public before the invasion of Iraq.

What should be on front pages, though, is new proof of the Bush Administration's lies brought to light by the previously unknown Downing Street Minutes, recently obtained and printed in the Times of London. (The Downing Street Memo is a transcript of minutes of a secret meeting chaired by Tomy Blair in Britain in July of 2002 to discuss preparations and propaganda before going to war. It was marked "Secret and strictly personal--UK eyes only.")

The Downing Street Minutes are deserving, in the words of constitutional lawyer John Bonifaz, of an official "Resolution of Inquiry directing the House Judiciary Committee to launch a formal investigation into whether sufficient grounds exist for the House of Representatives to exercise its constitutional power to impeach George W. Bush, President of the United States."

Bonifaz, who two years ago took the Bush Administration to court on behalf of a coalition of US soldiers, parents of soldiers and twelve Members of Congress (including John Conyers Jr., Dennis Kucinich, Jesse Jackson Jr., Jim McDermott, Jos

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where can i find your site on russian?

Nice job on CSPAN, actually also sent mail to Kevin with kudos,
said how refreshing it was to witness civilised discourse despite
opposing views, apparently "a lost art here in the Colonies".
In process of sending following to Kerry and other Sens & Reps.
Dear ....,The train is leaving the station..may be time to get on board.
There are thousands of us out here pecking away, pitching pebbles in
the pond and watching ripples spread. I think that may be a Tsunami
I see on the horizon ?. I realise that if and when this "thing" starts to
unravel it may be uncomfortable for many on both sides of the aisle
and from previous administrations but this may be our last best chance
to slow the momentum of this Corporate War Machine, and sacrifices
will need to be made. We have to take back the Senate and the Congress in '06 and if some people's reputations are tarnished,
or their hopes and aspirations dashed, well - que sera, welcome to the
club, many of us out here are only to familiar with that reality, have been
so for to long. It's time to take a stand, to stand up, to speak up and keep
the pressure up unti we take back the Peoples Houses. Sincerely,
Patrick Monk.RN. San Francisco.

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