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Americans Support Impeaching Bush for Wiretapping

For Release: January 16, 2006

New Zogby Poll Shows Majority of Americans Support Impeaching Bush for Wiretapping

By a margin of 52% to 43%, Americans want Congress to consider impeaching President Bush if he wiretapped American citizens without a judge's approval, according to a new poll commissioned by, a grassroots coalition that supports a Congressional investigation of President Bush's decision to invade Iraq in 2003.

The poll was conducted by Zogby International, the highly-regarded non-partisan polling company. The poll interviewed 1,216 U.S. adults from January 9-12.

The poll found that 52% agreed with the statement:

"If President Bush wiretapped American citizens without the approval of a judge, do you agree or disagree that Congress should consider holding him accountable through impeachment."

43% disagreed, and 6% said they didn't know or declined to answer. The poll has a +/- 2.9% margin of error.

"The American people are not buying Bush's outrageous claim that he has the power to wiretap American citizens without a warrant. Americans believe terrorism can be fought without turning our own government into Big Brother," said co-founder Bob Fertik.


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We all should paste and copy this article for the MSM. Maybe one of them will have the guts to report on it. Impeachment is in the air, it's about time. Thank Zogby for conducting the poll, better still, thank the American people for waking up to this corrupt administration.

i wonder how much tapping smirky is doing to the democratic party?he should be impeached for hundreds of things!

I believe Americans are too slow to action as it regards Bush & Co. While Americans are making up their minds about Bush, thousands of Americans are dying in his illegal war.

Judith Haney, Editor

This war needs to be taken care of. We need to just lay our fists down and show the towel heads who is boss

ONLY 71% of libertarians favor impeachment?????

I am intensely embarrassed;

I take this as a personal failure.

---The Bikemessenger
(AKA Impeachasaurus Rex)

We know Bush and Cheney must go. The polls show most people agree with us, and this with a mainstream media cover-up. We have to bull our way into the public eye. Bring these signs. Bring yourself. Print these signs and post them anywhere you can. Leave stacks of them in libraries and your building laundramats. Post them in grocery stores. On campuses. Any place you can think of. We have to get the word out.

Mr. Hersh:

Thank you for the "Impeach Bush and Cheney" sign.

One unique aspect of my approach to my work is a home-made frame bag tied to my bike.

It makes for a perfect display of your sign.`

Starting today,(Tuesday, January,17th) it will be displayed prominently at various well-traveled points about downtown Miami.

After all these decades in this vocation, surely and verily, yours will be the most important message this messenger will ever transmit!

---The Bikemessenger
(AKA Impeachasaurus Rex)

P.S.--Will pose for photographers, time and circumstance permitting.

unless we can filibuster alito,and get these bullies to back's up to the people to contact their,phone calls,inundate's the only way.

Many are saying that impeachment is not possible with the present congress...therefore we should not waste the time.

That misses an important point: history will record whether some members of congress behaved responsibly and followed their constitutional duty to stop high crimes and misdemeanors by the executive, or lay down and let the administration get away with murder...not to mention torture and theft. (yes, theft from the next generation who will have to pay the debt incurred now)

It will also force every Republican to go on record as supporting or rejecting the misdeeds of the Bush administration. They will NOT be able to say: "Oh, I didn't approve, but there was nothing I could do."

It is this moral reponsibility that requires members of Congress to start investigations and then impeachment proceedings. If semen on a dress is worth it, then blood on the ground is more than worth it.

i have never read so much garbage in my life. nobody has had their civil liberties taken away. it is a time of war with an enemy that possibly already lives among us. many of the 9/11 hijackers lived in this country and communicated constantly, so what if the NSA listens, who cares. this is all about removing Bush from office, none of you care about the country all you care about is power and regaining the oval office. how would you try and catch terrorists in this country? please offer a solution and not just criticize whats being done

Your intellectual gymnastics are fascinating.
I've never seen anyone able to plant his face so tightly
into his own rectum.

Dear Anonymous,

The founders wrote the Constitution the way they did because they had just fought against a government that put its own power ahead of the rights of the people. Are you telling me you know more about how to prevent an out-of-control government than they did? These are the men who laid their lives on the line to create the free country we enjoy. Do you know more about what they fought against than they did?

Do you really believe that the 9/11 highjackings would have been prevented by the President breaking the law and illegally directing the government to spy on innocent Americans?

You do know that all of the information needed to capture the highjackers ahead of time was already known, and had been gathered using legal means, don't you? You do know that the daily briefing the President decided to ignore - to vacation through - was based on that legally gathered information?

There is no excuse for breaking this law. If at any time, it is believed that there is cause to spy on someone, it is already legal to spy on that person for a full 45 days without permission from anyone. If after 45 days, nothing is found, then permission is needed. If at that time, permission is not granted, because the court determined that there was no cause to spy on that person (a VERY rare event), then the information has to be destroyed.

What you are saying is that it should be OK to spy on you for ever, for no reason at all, even if you're innocent.

Don't you believe in freedom? It sounds like you do not, since you are making the same arguments the leaders of the Soviet Union used to make: "You have nothing to worry about, as long as you're innocent."

That doesn't sound like America to me. I hope that's not the future you see for America.

The editorial page is one of the most widely read sections of every newspaper. Write as often as you can. My local paper's rule is one letter every three weeks. Sometimes its takes them a week to get back to me (probably because they're tired of hearing from me), but I have a letter ready to go every three weeks. Many papers also have a regular community forum feature, which allows for extended, full column-length essays from area residents. Look into it and GET WRITING!

Worried what people will think? Please remember three things:

ONE: You are part of the MAJORITY of Americans.

TWO: A little ultimately meaningless ridicule (usually from people who don't have the nerve to write their own letter to the editor) is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that you're actually doing something positive for your country.

THREE: Our White House is currently occupied by criminals who have no interest in the best interests of the American people. Their true mission is to serve only themselves and their corporate cronies. Any American who does nothing in the effort to rid us of these criminals is part of the problem.

John Perry
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...and write, and write. I believe many of the larger newspapers have one or two columnists on staff who are sympathetic to our purpose, but need some cover. Likewise, a lot of sympathetic would-be letter writers need the cover of recognized columnists before they will write. Most of the letters in the paper I write to went from being largely supportive of the invasion during the run-up, to being at least cautiously supportive of some kind of a withdrawal now. Furthermore, since the wiretapping scandal hit the fan, one of its columnists has come so far as to put the "I" word out there, and another one is starting to speak in terms of "Big Brother on the Potomac".

Perserverance does have its rewards.


"Any American who does nothing in the effort to rid us of these criminals is part of the problem."

There are no fences left to sit on, this the fence-sitters must be made to see.

TRUE STORY: On my way out of a supermarket this weekend, I spied, in the customer service line, a young man wearing a black t-shirt; in big white letters it said: FUCK WAR.


Also, see my comments to Mike Hersh below.

How am I doing, coach?

---The Bikemessenger
(AKA Impeachasaurus Rex)

His Nib's reasoning for wiretapping without a warrant is that we are thereby "SAFER" from the threat of terrorist attack, a matter of National Security. In my reading of the Constitution, I don't see the idea of "National Security" mentioned as a priority, I do, however see the ideas of LIBERTY and FREEDOM throughout the Constitution. I also see the 4th ammendment that secures that liberty and that freedom from being manipulated by any branch of government.

Our currant president (what's 'is name) wants us to be SAFE from his percieved threat of terror and that we can only be SAFE if our FREEDOM and LIBERTY are limited or curtailed.
Our country was not founded on the premise of security but on liberty - for me I'll take liberty. IMPEACH THE SOB!

Is BushCo "Gaslighting" NSA Whistleblowers???

I don't know if any of you caught the segment yesterday (Sunday) on the PBS show "NOW" about the NSA staffer fired for challenging BushCo's illegal domestic spying operations. What was significant to me was the fact that he was forced to take a "Psychological Exam" before he was sacked. He said he was told by the "experts" that he was "Delusional and Paranoid."

For the Newbies, "Gaslighting" is a counter-intelligence term used to describe a psychological warfare operation whereby you gain the subject's trust and then proceed to break down their will by making them question their personal judgment and perceptions. It was coined from by the 1944 Ingrid Bergman film where a woman is almost driven insane by her dominant "Right Man" husband obsessed with finding a hidden treasure.

This is classic Modus Operandi (MO) for a Patriarchal Fascist System . . . anyone that challenges the "Subjective Truth" is labeled "crazy". . . this is why all those "trophy moms" were hooked on valium and amphetamines in the 50s/60s when they started demanding their rights and all the white male "experts" told them they were crazy and they should just be a "good help mate" for their husbands.

The question we Yippies always ask is, "Are you paranoid if they REALLY ARE out to get you???" . . .;-)

"'Men just aren't the same today'
I hear ev'ry mother say
They just don't appreciate that you get tired
They're so hard to satisfy, You can tranquilize your mind
So go running for the shelter of a mother's little helper
And four help you through the night, help to minimize your
- Mother's Little Helper by The Rolling Stones


I have signed prtitions but it seems that not enough others are doing the same .I wish the Democrates start getting tougher . Di d they listen to Gore? Not enough of the party stick together .And some reps posing as Dems

The only people that should be against the President listening in on terrorist phone calls should be the terrorist. We can't sit by and allow them to build their networks like Clinton did. Thank you President Bush.

If Bush had not ignored the warnings of the outgoing administration we might not be in the mess were in now!

I know I should be elated that 52% polled believe Bush should be impeached if he ignored FISA, but one would think that by this time, after so many scandals, lies, secrecy, incompetency, and outright violations of the law, that the American people would be 90% in favor of ridding this nation of this miserable excuse for a president. My gut literally tightens and my head automatically turns away when George Bush struts across the TV screen with "Hail to the Chief" playing in the background. It seems a tremendous travesty that such a great title should have ever been conferred on such a pedestrian individual with so little appreciation for what truly matters. I am deeply disappointed in the American people's inability to see through this man and those who serve or mentor him.

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