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The Failing 'War on Terror' Goes On

By Brad Blog

And the Bush Administration Continues to Lie About It...
As London erupts, and Bush tells us "the war on terror goes on", Eric Brewer,'s man in the White House has a timely posting today on the Administration's continued...

As London erupts, and Bush tells us "the war on terror goes on", Eric Brewer,'s man in the White House has a timely posting today on the Administration's continued fudging of numbers in their Terrorism Reports.

The number of terror incidents continue to rise, even as the Administration attempts to downplay, fudge, obfuscate the numbers in various statements and annual reports wherever possible.

According to Brewer...

"The U.S. government's National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) announced this week that the number of worldwide terrorist attacks that occurred in 2004 was 3,192. This number is almost five times higher than the figure of 651 "significant" attacks that NCTC released on April 27 of this year, after the administration received widespread criticism for attempting to hide a major increase in terrorist incidents by dropping the data from the State Department's 2004 report on global terrorism."

Brewer's fine analysis goes on to point out that virtually all of the numbers reported by the Government, completely leave out incidents from Iraq and Afghanistan despite Bush's continued assertion that these countries are now the "central front in the War on Terror"...

"The number of attacks and deaths for 2004 would be even higher if complete data from the "central front in the War on Terror" were included in the administration's terrorism statistics. The NCTC figures do not include attacks on U.S. troops fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan. If they did, the number of deaths in 2004 would be 958 higher, for a total of 4,150, and the number of attacks, at an average of 40 per day in Iraq alone, would be about 14,600 higher, yielding an incredible 17,800."

Need more evidence that you are being lied to and manipulated in this "War on Terror"?

Brewer reports on a new analytical tool available from the "Terrorism Knowledge Base" run by Oklahoma City-based non-profit National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism which is, as Brewer points out, funded by the Department of Homeland Security.

Brewer used the tool to create a graph of Terror Incidents from 1995 to 2004. Compare the years when those pesky "Liberals" who, according to Rove, were fighting terrorism by "prepar[ing] indictments and offer[ing] therapy and understanding for our attackers," versus the great success of those "Conservatives" and their new "catastrophically successful" approach...


"The war on terror goes on..."

(Brewer,'s blogger/White House correspondent, was interviewed several weeks ago on The BRAD SHOW along with BTC's blogmaster Weldon Berger. The archive of that interview is available here in MP3 format.)


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The most hated president in US history,GWB

I feel less safe then when Bush(the mighty terror fighter)stepped into power!

And the United States of America is now the most hated country,thanks george!

Research 9/11. It won't make you feel any better. see LINKS)

I woke up from my lone eagle's nest this morning to face the new day and, lo and behold, our beloved whistleblowing ally, Great Britain was attacked! With over 40+ dead and 700+ injured, the spectre of September 11th, 2001 in New York and March 11, 2004 in Madrid, Spain
has given us a dark reminder: to the pro-Bush and the oblivious and frightened masses, "the fight against terror must go on"!! (Bush's Evil Creatins: wink, wink!); to us fighting rebels who know better, "another desperate and disgusting tactic to preserve their power, greed and empire when the poll numbers and the anti-Bush army
are threatening their wretched domain! And all of this happening when
Criminal George, Inc. is in Scotland for the G8 Summit and the XXXth Olympiad was awarded to jolly ole London in 2012; how can this impeccable timing be so prevalent?!? To all my vengeful Americans whom I soar above and protect your independent and rebellious souls from the unwanted tyrany from here and abroad, "DON'T LET THIS TRAGIC EVENT DISTRACT YOU FROM THE GOOD FIGHT THAT LIES AHEAD! BUSH AND HIS CREATINS ARE STILL DESPERATE AND THEY'RE PATHETICALLY SHOWING IT, WHETHER HE'S HERE OR THERE! Our cause must give peace and resolve to our 1,750+ soldiers who were used and abused to their graves, the 100,000+ Iraqis who were illegally victimized, provoked, and murdered after March 19, 2003, and now the 800+ Brits who dearly paid the price one early summer morning because of our knowledge of the Downing Street Memo: NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!!

Al Queda bombs London subways and buses, so lets invade Mexico, it's a lot closer, they have oil and lots of beautiful undeveloped beaches. I am sure a rational can be made that we are allready being invaded by Mexico, who knows what kinds of WMD they are smuggling in with their soldiers disguised as poor Mexicans looking for work; thats probably what happened to Saddams WNDs. Mexico and Iraq are both oil producers they must have been cooperating. Yesterday Baghdad, today Mexico City, tomorrow Managua, onward christian soldiers.

Had W been prez when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, he would have invaded Mexico in retaliation. Oh... and we would have lost WWII.

He's that stupid.
Impeach Bush.

So much is happening without any meaningful context for us...the website has some interesting analysis to check out.

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