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It Turns Out They Fight You at Home Because You Fight Them Over There

By Tom Hayden

So much for Tony Blair's hope to "put Iraq behind us." The dustbin now awaits George Bush's argument that "we must take the fight to the enemy over there so we don't have to fight them at home." Imperial fantasies, as shattered as the London transit system. The G-8 leaders feign innocence while the innocents die.

At first we may see the militarist impulse. As the pompous Robert Kaplan has written, "in a world of tribes and thugs, manliness goes a long way." (imperial hubris, 240).

But reality will quickly sink in. Already Denmark and Italy are warned that they are next. The "coalition of the willing" has dwindled from 34 to 20, and will continue to disintegrate, leaving the US with 20,000 stateless mercenaries subsidized by America's taxpayers as the largest ally in Iraq.

The lesson should be that Bush has put the West, including the American people, at life-and-death risk by going to war for fabrications. We will never be "safer" as long as we invade and occupy Iraq, prop up the Saudi dictators, and crawl towards only a token Palestinian state. We will be safe when we no longer forcibly occupy Muslim lands in the oil-driven search for dominance.

Before more attacks and more deaths, it is time for Congress to take the initiative from the Bush Administration and hold hearings on an exit strategy from Iraq. It is not acceptable for Donald Rumsfeld to scorn an exit strategy in favor of a victory strategy any longer.

It is time for the peace movement and congressional allies to show solidarity with the British people by getting to the bottom of the Downing Street Memorandums scandal which the smug American media continues to downplay.

It is time for dialogue with the 82 Iraqi parliamentarians - one-third of the American-sponsored regime - who are calling for a timetable for American withdrawal.

When governments, through their march to folly, fail to protect their own citizens, it is time for those citizens to push their governments aside and become the peacemakers.


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Everyone of you America hating assbags is a complete fucking moron. You whiney motherfuckers are still so upset about getting your asses kicked by George Bush that your hatred clouds even the most basic elements of common sense. Guess what. saddam is a fucking terrorist. Pure and simple. Remember our great President after 9/11? He said, "If you're a terrorist, we're coming to get you, if you harbor terrorists, we're coming to get you." If bubba clinton would have cared more about getting these scumfuckers than getting his dick sucked, 9/11 would never have happened. What's so fucking hard to understand about that. As far as a link between saddam and 9/11, there are many. He operated a fucking safe haven for these savages for years. zarqaui was being treated by sadaam's personal doctors before we even invaded. But even if there was no link between these brothers in arms, who gives a shit. 9/11 changed everything. When sadaam didn't do as we and the rest of the world said, we had no choice. We knew he'd had WMD's in the past. Hell, there's video of women and small children of his own people he gassed. If he had gotten rid of these weapons, why did he stonewall the inspectors? And what about the fact that he was shooting at our planes over Northern Iraq for the last couple of years? Would it have taken him actually hitting one to get your ire up? As far as going it alone, seems to me everyone that matters went right along with us except france and germany. Well guess what? Turns out those motherfuckers were in bed with the psychopath all along. We can't take chances with these kind of maniacs anymore. And to see the way you idiots go on about Gitmo and Abu Ghrab is laughable. Everyone of those vermin would cut yours and your childrens throats if given half the chance. Do you truly believe any different? Thank God Almighty we finally have a new sheriff in town who understands this and is doing everything he can to protect the American people. Even you bunch of losers. The really sad part of all this is that you bastards know every word I've written is the absolute truth. But politics and your unreasonable hatred of this man is more important than winning a war we must win. You repugnant motherfuckers make me want to puke!! How the fuck do you people sleep at night?

Go ahead and puke away. Puke your brains out. Your brains are somewhere down there in the lower intestine because you have your head up your ass.


Do settle down and try and place what happened into perspective.

Bush is largely responsible for the explosion of terrorism over the past 3 years. The whole world, much less the muslim world, know very well that Bush invaded Iraq not to fight terrorism, but to settle a family score. Well 1,700 + have died so far for this misguided Middle East adventure of his, but more importantly and according to one of his retired Generals, Bush's war is creating terrorists quicker than we can destroy them.

The only way to solve this spike in terrorism is to impeach Dubya and criminally charge every last one of of the neocons who currently occupy power - pull the troops out of Iraq, and quit making every American a walking target for Islamic fundamentalists.

"They are here because We are there." - Pat Buchanan.

Pat speakith the truth Kimosabe.


Let me guess: Bill O Reilly? Rush Limbaugh?
By the way,if hussein and bin laden really are connected, as you assert, that's one more Bush lie to add to the list.Remember that George W Bush has said publicly that they are in NO WAY CONNECTED.
Do your homework, Freddy. Don't get your news pre-chewed.
by the way,don't kid yourself into thinking GEORGE=AMERICA.The people on this website are adhering to the american tradition and are patriotic in the true sense of the word. Don't forget that America was founded by the patriots-the people who stood up to tyrannical government against overwhelming odds (a tyrannical gov't headed by GEORGE) and emerged victorious. Knowing that there are people who equate AMERICA with lying,torture,greed,manipulation and deception,not to mention disregard for human life, is what keeps me awake at night.Fred, your language alone shows that you are a deeply miserable person.and you lecture about" politics and unreasonable hatred?"

Fred, you sound like a rabid dog backed into a corner.obviously you must know on some level that the facts don't support you.your diatribe reeks of fear.

hi,fred. are the facts closing in on you?

To Mr. Calhoun:
Are you Karl Rove in disguise?
Such potty mouth.
Neocon dreams unravel hard it seems.o

Interesting: you didn't mention bin Laden. What world are YOU living in? Remember Tora Bora? Oh-- that's right, W let Osama get away.....
Better blame everything else under the sun. Are you sure you're not Karl Rove?

I shouldn't dignify your profane rant with a response, but here goes. No amount of reason or fact will convince you that the war on Iraq was based on lies and was has made America less safe at the cost of $180 billion and climbing. Obviously your hatred of the truth causes you to rant and rave and spew forth obscenities like a crack head who can't get a fix. I just have one comment for you Fred: if you're such a believer in the war, why don't you go over there and fight it? Either you are chicken shit or a hypocrite, which is it? Go ahead, cowboy, go to Iraq. Maybe an RPG will blow off a hand, foot, or arm. Maybe a sniper will blow off part of your face. Maybe you'll get shell shocked from the experience and suffer from post-traumatic syndrome for the rest of your life. Maybe you will suffer depression or poisoning from depleted uranium. Either way, it's all good. While you are gone, we'll make sure to take care of your old lady (if you have one) and show her a good time. We'll send a picture of us with her and a note "wishing you were here". After all, gotta support the troops, right? The only absolute truth here is that you deserve to die for your principles that you obviously hold so dear. See, I don't think you are a man at all. You are a coward in disguise, hiding behind a keyboard. Spewing forth your filthly, pathetic rants without any accountability. Go ahead, sign up. They need you there. Go die for your country. Maybe you'll impress them so much over there with your "must win" attitude you'll end up getting fragged with "friendly fire".

Hey anonymous,
It's not my fucking job to go to Iraq. It's those soldiers who signed up freely, of thier own volition and knowing what could be in store for them. As far as the terrible things happening over there, guess what, it's a war. That's what soldiers do. Fight wars you dumbass. And there has never been a more appropriate or honorable reason for going to war than we've got fighting these animals right now. Why don't you take a poll of the men and women actually fighting the damn war. They understand. Because they have something you'll never posess, honor and duty to our country. As far as my language, I was only speaking in the language you stupid freaks understand. You all just love when the whoopi's and the rest of the hollywood puke spew it at our President. As far as the cost of the war, $180 billion dollars is well spent if that keeps the bastards fighting over there and not in my back yard. I don't recall us invading anybody before 9/11 and that didn't seem to stop them at all. What gave them the fortitude to even atempt a 9/11 is that they were used to ol' bubba (a fucking rapist) not doing a damn thing after each terrorist attack over the previous decade. They weren't prepared for a real man in the job who doesn't play that bullshit anymore. What is so hard for you to understand about that? But I guess you think those savages are just misunderstood and need a little therapy. Why don't you go over there and try to reason with them? Let's just see how long you keep your screwed up head. But since you said I should die for my principles (you sick fucking scumbag) maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing at all. Lastly, two things. I can assure you with all you hold dear, no woman of mine would ever have anything to do with your filth or any of those like you. Or were you planning on raping her like your good buddies sadaam and bubba clinton. And in conclusion, I'm hiding behind my keyboard huh? Well tell ya what, I live in Houston, Texas and would be willing to meet your disgusting ass anytime, fuckhead. Just let me know when and I'll be overjoyed to be there. In the meantime, sit down, shut up and let the real men in this country take of your family. Because if it was left up to the likes of you, all our families would be living in fear and then you'd get to see all your eloquent descriptions of war and the battlefield carried out right here on Main Street.

that explains everything, Keyboard Cowboy! Yes, you would know a REEEEAL man when you see one ...Bush is a CHEERLEADER for the Troops:

"Everyone of you America hating assbags is a complete fucking moron."

What a valid argument...I will now blindly follow Bushco (NOT!)

and he never saved anybody's ass in his life except his own.
(I used the A word literally, so it doesn't mean I reached down to this "person's" level, ok)

The article was excellent and correct and so were the 2 posts following.

A war that started on a LIE,children are fatherless,wives have no husband and Moms no sons!
I hope Congress does there job,I think the GOP congress is blocking everything!
Maybe America needs to bring them down.

What if there is no Bin Laden?

What if Al Qaeda is an American operation?

What if Zarqawi is a myth?

Then how do you explain 9/11?

How do you explain the incredibly predictable timing of today's attacks?

How desparate was the need for a diversion and a fear injection?

What if human life has no value in this grand strategy?

What if they next decide to declare martial law and shut down the Internet?

What's next?

Why should we believe that Al Qaeda was behind today's attack?

Open your mind and your eyes to opposite world.

Assume the opposite of what you hear to be the truth.

“There’s no shortage of documentation, in print and online, on how US intelligence agents operating around the world since the 1950s have created and developed their own terrorist groups,

don't be rediculous. of course osama bin laden exists. our CIA put him on their payroll ages ago, trained him,etc.- wait a minute...isn't he still ON the CIA payroll? and why is it that he hasn't been caught, even though we had him cornered and let him go several times? once we got our puppet in afghanistan and got the caspian sea pipeline under construction, bush declared bin laden irrelevant, and said we no longer needed to capture him. but isn't that why we invaded afghanistan to begin with? didn't we say "either you turn over bin laden or we'll come in and get him? nothing to do with OIL,really.

Tom Hayden hits on a good point that I often loose sight of myself. What roll does the mainstream media play in all of this? Yes, I am well aware that the mainstream media have handled the Bush administration with kid gloves, but I haven't really given much thought to how smug they are. Until now that is. If Congressional hearings actually finally do happen and the Bushies are impeached, what is America going to do with the press? They need a hard lesson too.

Brian-this is what scares me more than anything!they're obviously directly involved either for financial reason or through intimidation. the fact remains that the general populace hears only what Rove wants them to hear! they're COMPLICIT!
-P.S. the statistic elsewhere on this site about viewership stats for news networks are shocking... more people watch FOX than all the others COMBINED?! scary,scary thought.It's discouraging.

They have to be involved in some way. As you say, it's either that they are getting their money from the radical right (most likely), or they are trying their best to cover up something. I can't believe that many people watch FOX News! It is indeed scary, but all mainstream media seems to be about the same now. FOX just wears it on their sleeve.

Well, as a communications engineer and instructor, I feel that this
entire scenario makes a perfect case to repel the Telecommunication
Act of 1996. It was this change in communications law which made
it legal for an individual or corporation to own more than seven
radio stations, seven newspapers, and/or seven television stations.

Like the man said, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

I have been urging people in the mean time to contact the FCC
and file complaints against these media outlets and their parent corporations, as well as to file complaints to the House
Sub-committee on Telecommunications, Trade and Consumer Protection
to complain about the FCC's complicity in these outrages of

How is it that Janet Jackson's "boobie" and Howard Stern's "ca ca
humour" can raise the ire of the FCC to the passion of a "Southern Baptist Preacher with hemorhoids" while this continues without so
much as a "yellow card" warning whistle?

Excellent point!anyone have the above mentioned addresses & phone numbers? my gut instinct is that congress would be the more responsive...anyway,this gives us an opportunity to take action instead of standing by in impotent rage as this problem only worsens(and it IS!)

To file FCC complaint online:

To call FCC enforcement bureau:
(+1) 202.418.7450

The Committee on Energy and Commerce
Joe Barton, Chairman

Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet
Fred Upton, Chairman

The rules they are breaking are in the FCC Guidelines (I think)
1.720 thru 1.736 if anyone wants to speack "legaleeze"

Thanks for the ideas and the links, Frederick. I will start doing my part right away.

Tom Cruise




In 1954, Israeli agents working in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including a United States diplomatic facility, and left evidence behind implicating Arabs as the culprits. The ruse would have worked, had not one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to capture and identify one of the bombers, which in turn led to the round up of an Israeli spy ring.

Some of the spies were from Israel, while others were recruited from the local Jewish population. Israel responded to the scandal with claims in the media that there was no spy ring, that it was all a hoax perpetrated by "anti-Semites". But as the public trial progressed, it was evident that Israel had indeed been behind the bombing. Eventually, Israeli's Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon was brought down by the scandal, although it appears that he was himself the victim of a frame-up by the real authors of the bombing project, code named "Operation Susannah."

It is therefore a fact that Israel has a prior history of setting off bombs with the intent to blame Arabs for them.

So, much is happening that we cannot put into context...I recently found this website... Some of the news has been reported but all the facts have not been revealed... It is getting way to important to keep things covered up...

After 9/11 instead of concentrating efforts on al-Quaeda, Bush let Osama dance free and took after Saddam on fixed pretenses when Saddam wasn't a threat. In a great display of power Bush endearingly called "SHOCK AND AWE" many more than three hundred innocents and many more since have lost their lives and their homes! Also our soldiers continue to die, as well as Iraqis every day! Bush and Blair have reaped what they have sown! There is never an excuse for terrorism either ours or theirs!

Unbelievable the level of ignorance at this sight. Bizzare Conspiratorial accusations that Israel is behind the bombings....that Bin Ladin doesn't exist. And you people want to be taken seriously?

As of July 1, 2005 , Wikipedia has no idea where OBL is:

True Torah Jews are against Zionism BTW...

The Left is truly repugnant.

nor are they blissful...they are simply sheeple in the steeple of false prophets.

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