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Dick Cheney Birthday Bash & Retirement Party

Dick Cheney Birthday Bash & Retirement Party January 30

A retirement party celebrating Vice President Dick Cheney's 65th birthday―and eagerly anticipated departure from public life―will be held in the hometown of the Lincoln, Nebraska native Monday, January 30, 2006, 65 years exactly to the day of his birth.

This not-to-be-missed "Birthday Bash and Retirement Party" on the site of the Vice President's old stomping grounds will provide an ideal setting for a catalog of the crimes and ignominies of Cheney's vice presidency, while simultaneously raising the call for his impeachment and an end to the 'culture of corruption' now pervading the Oval Office.

The gala birthday affair is being hosted by a homegrown collection of Lincoln-based organizations, including the Nebraska Green Party and the locally legendary Nebraskans for Peace, which―as the nation's oldest statewide Peace & Justice organization―has been publicly calling for Cheney's impeachment ever since the native son made a whirlwind campaign stopover at his childhood home in June 2004 for the sole purpose of headlining a $250-dollar-a-plate partisan fundraiser. Scheduled to run from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. on Monday evening the 30th, the farewell fete will be held at Duggan's Pub, 440 S. 11th Street in Lincoln (at the corner of 11th & 'K' Streets), just 24 hours before the Vice President's cohort delivers the 2006 State of the Union address.

In addition to music provided by the "Tricky Dicks," the speaker line-up for the event will include Democratic National Committee Executive Committee member and DNC Native American Caucus leader Frank LaMere of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska; University of Nebraska-Lincoln Professor Robert Hitchcock, who heads up the institution's Conflict and Conflict Resolution program; former Green Party 1st Congressional District candidate Steve Larrick, addressing Cheney's oily business dealings; and number of other speakers who will cover everything from the Vice President's repeated efforts to abrogate the American people's civil liberties to the estimated price tag of his retirement pension and benefits package.

A more fitting tribute by the folks back home for a figure of his renown is not to be imagined. That the citizens of his hometown would go to such lengths to commemorate the storied career of one of their very own, merits―one would surely think―national attention and consideration. And for just a sampling of the tenor the local organizers are endeavoring to strike on this august occasion, the following specially commissioned birthday ditty is tendered…

Happy birthday to you,
you, crim-i-nal, you;
we want your impeachment,
and your running mate's too.

Tim Rinne
402-475-7616 home/402-475-4620 work


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I love it!! What a fitting eulogy to a "man" of such dubious character!! I wrote man in quotation marks because, there are times when I look at his sneering face and think that he personifies evil!! The cartoon drawing I have seen of him and Beelzebub with the caption "Separated at Birth?" is right on!!!! Let us hope that his retirement will also coincide with his Impeachment!!!!!
Kick 'em all out!! Start over!! Could we see a bit of HONESTY in Government for a change?? How refreshing...

What a stellar event. Do you suppose The New York Times will cover it so that all informed Americans who cannot make the trip to Nebraska will be able to join the event in spirit, at least? Perhaps the Washington Post will send a correspondent so all those good Christian Republicans in Washington, unable to break away from their lies and deceptions, can weep and wail and gnash their teeth.

As a native Nebraskan, I am extremely proud of you!! I'll spread the word here in the "Blue State" N.W.

RICHARD B. CHENEY!! I hope you enjoyed ruining your Party for everyone. You insisted on hurting others and telling lies. Now it's time for all bad birthday boys to go to their rooms while the party goes on without them.

I want to ask you please to read and consider signing and forwarding my brief petition: MR. CHENEY, WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU!

What I hope to accomplish with this petition is to procure enough names to get it picked up by some major promoting news or publicizing or action organization. But I need all the help I can get right away. You may choose to sign anonymously and leave the phone number space blank.

As you probably knowk, this man Cheney is really deceitful and evil! Many of us in The United States feel he is highly responsible for Bush’s policies. He disseminated false intelligence which led up to the disastrous and devastating War in Iraq, exercised cronyism in contracts to rebuild Iraq and the destruction after hurricane Katrina. He has refused to release his energy plan meetings with oil companies to the General Accounting Office and contemptuously defied Congressional requests; his top aide was forced to resign because of personal involvement in the Valerie Plame CIA leak; he has journeyed to Texas to assist criminally indicted House Speaker Tom DeLay raise money for his defense fund; he is relentless in fighting Kyoto and allowing big business to destroy old-growth forests for profits; most of all to me, he worked vigorously defending (not even denying!) continued US use of torture! The list goes on, and on! Just today (January 20, 2006) a front-page NEW YORK TIMES story reported Cheney’s continued public defence of the government’s domestic telephone “eaves dropping

Dick, it's time to retire. As VP, you're manipulated the media & the public very well indeed. Top 'o the morning to you. Sorry that I will not be able to attend the bash @ Duggan's Pub.

Yours truly, Rick

I am outraged that the company, Halaburton, the company that Chaney had to resign from when he became VP, as the CEO of a company was not conducive with being VP, was given the "clean up" job in Iraq. It was not 3 months into the job that the company was making money illegally. It was reported, but nothing happen to the company, It was left to do whatever it wanted. Not providing good equipment for our fighting soulders, not rebuilding Iraq properly, but making millions and possibly billions of our tax dollars. The the New Orleans fiasco. Again Halaburton was given the clean up job. NO bids were out, just send in Halaburton. It was not more that a few weeks they were using Mexican laborors at $5 an hour and charging FEMA $20 and hour. The cleanup shoud have been done by the people that lost their jobs and needed employment. Have a honest days work for an honest days pay. And this by the company that had our VP as the CEO. Something in very, very rotten in Washington. Lets throw the bums out and put homest people in their places.

Dorothy Mikos
Wenham, Ma

can any one tell me about the protest that took place in ducan ok. recently. possibly in june of this year. if so would you email me at thanks , bud

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