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Bob Reuschlein: Three counts of high crimes and misdemeanors for Bush

Capital Times
A letter to the editor
July 5, 2005

Dear Editor: The Iraq War Resolution passed the House on Oct. 10, 2002, and the Senate the following day after repeated assurances, public and private, to Congress that war would be a "last resort" and that President Bush would follow the terms of the resolution, first seeking U.N. Security Council approval. Both were lies, according to the Downing Street minutes of three months before. It is a crime to defraud Congress.

The 23 "whereas" clauses that precede the resolution text mention, in order of frequency: weapons of mass destruction 10 times, the U.N. Security Council nine times, terrorists seven times, 9/11 four times, Persian Gulf three times, weapons inspectors once, al-Qaida once (saying they had a base in Iraq and failing to say it was in the Kurdish-controlled area), and regime change once (the real reason). So the justification was mainly about WMD and the U.N.

The resolution indicates that Congress supports a new Security Council resolution and enforcement of the existing resolutions.

The use of force section grants authorization to the president under only two circumstances: to defend against the Iraq threat, later proven nonexistent, and to implement U.N. resolutions if Iraq refuses to promptly comply.

Unfortunately for Bush, who was hoping for a pretext to invade, Iraq was doing everything to comply when the war started, hence it was an illegal war of aggression for the purpose of regime change, without U.N. approval or any reasons of self-defense.

Furthermore, when the president used force, the resolution required a presidential determination that two conditions were being met. One was that "peaceful means" would not either relieve the Iraq "threat" or would not enforce Security Council resolutions. WMDs were proved nonexistent by U.N. inspectors before the war and U.S. inspectors after the war, so neither of these requirements was met.

Second, the president must show that this action is "consistent with continuing to take necessary actions against international terrorists, their organizations and those nations, organizations and persons who planned, authorized, committed or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001." Since there is no connection between Iraq and 9/11, this presidential determination must also be fraudulent.

So the president's repeated assurances that he preferred a "peaceful resolution" of the crisis and considered war a "last resort" were frauds to get congressional support, and, in fact, this fraud worked on Sen. Herb Kohl, according to his reasons for his war vote. Further, the president violated the terms of the war resolution, fraudulently claiming that Iraq was a threat or was in violation of the U.N. resolution, and that the Iraq war was part of the war on the perpetrators of 9/11.

That makes for three counts of indictment for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Bob Reuschlein


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There are few who remain {in the group who drool} who still believe BUSH-ROVE CAN'T FIX EVIDENCE TO A CRIME AS EASILY AS HE FIXED POLICY FOR A UNJUSTIFIED WAR_ Here's a hankerchief to catch the drool!

Yes Seixon, Bush lied, dissembled, falsified documents, exaggerated and embellished, denied conflicting evidence,and drove this nation into a calamitous war. Our military has been broken, our recruiting is reduced, our allies are shrinking, our massive costs for Iraq are enormous and escalating, and the grandiose plan to give an entire region the gift of"freedom" and "democracy" is evaporating into "when they stand up , we can stand down". As a Republican, when did you cease to complain about Nation building. When did you decide to be the world's policeman and use our brilliant offensive military as policemen who cannot speak the native language, and don't understand the culture to create a nation of Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds.WHY Seixon do you support this insanity.Why arn't you furious with these neocons with their fervid imaginations and total failure to make ANYTHING they predict come true. They are not Republicans ..they are radical idealogues and they are destroying your party and our nation.


Bush has most definitely lied. About something. He has used a lot of spin. Honestly, if the president was to be completely honest, he'd be wrecked politically. Every time he was honest, the Democrats would attack him over his honesty because anything negative that the president would admit to, they would jump all over and blame him for it.

That is a big reason why politicians just can't be honest, and that goes for all parties and all politicians.

Now, I would love to have you prove some of the assertations you come with here, especially the one about Bush falsifying documents (lol), but I don't expect you to be able to because you are like many others who just rattle off the talking points, and can't play the game. Sure, Bush exaggerated sometimes. What's important is that you, as an American, know the facts so that you know what he is exaggerating, and if the exaggeration is justified or not.

Our military is facing tough times, that is true. What is also true is that the USA hasn't fought a war like this since Vietnam, and then we had a draft. We have been lulled the past decades into a false sense of safety where our armed forces were degenerated into the state they were before 9/11. After 9/11, recruitment went up with people wanting to defend their country. Now when the going gets tough, more and more people are trying to get out of it, such is human nature. I'm not sure what you actually expected. Those of us in the reality-based community understand that there was no way that recruitment would keep growing when the going started getting tough in Iraq, it is completely natural for that to happen, especially in a war which is not like WWII. We are not fighting for our direct safety as much as we are fighting for a policy that will make us safer in the future.

Our allies are not shrinking any real amount. France and Russia have never really been on our side, not even Clinton could get them on his side. The French and the Russians constantly called the actions of the Clinton administration "unilateral" and "illegal" much in the same way Bush's actions are called now. In reality, neither were unilateral though a case can be made for illegal. However, we are putting our allegiances to the test, and we are finding out who our real allies are. They are the UK, Australia, Japan, Italy, some others, and don't forget Poland! (lol) In fact, our allegiances with the Eastern bloc have become strengthened by this war.

"When they can stand up, we will stand down", I find it funny that you are attacking this policy. We are STILL in Germany and South Korea, over 50 years after we went in. I don't hear you complaining about that, because there is nothing to complain about. The majority of Americans believe it is right for us to follow this policy, because it is the only responsible thing to do. You don't break up a fight in a school yard, and then leave so the bullies can just keep on beating kids up. If you were a bit less partisan, you'd see how realistic and ethical this concept is.

I am not a Republican, though it is obvious you have to paint me as one in order for your world view to make sense to you. I have never voted for a Republican in my life, and I am more of a free market socialist than anything else. I am liberal on many issues, as well. The last thing you could call me would be conservative. Thus, I don't see why I should be complaining about nation-building. Nation-building is not good as a rule, but in certain cases it is the best policy. In a more utopian world, the rest of the nations in the world would be helping Iraq out more, but alas, they can't see through their hatred of Bush enough to really help them out, although they have donated some money, and have nixed some of the debt that Iraq has owed them. With that said, they could be doing a lot more. They can disagree with removing Saddam Hussein all they want, but not helping the Iraqis now is just plain mean.

The USA has been world policeman for some time now, and it is because the USA is the only nation willing to put itself on the line for others, even when there are no spoils to be had. The USA is the only nation on Earth that has found out that freedom and democracy is the best thing for people, and that when it is spread, wealth and good conditions are created, not only for the receiving nation, but also for the USA. The easiest way for the USA to boost their own economy is to have other free nations to deal with.

I don't see why any of this is "insane". Giving Iraqis freedom is insane? Why? Because you hate Bush? I would have supported this war no matter who executed it, Clinton, Gore, whoever. Saddam needed to be removed, and we had the goods on him to do it, and he was an easy target to break open the market for democracy in the Middle East.

You should really ease up on the anti-Bush Kool-Aid and start realizing that the world isn't quite as black and white as you are painting it. Yes, Bush has done some bad things. Yes, Bush had made mistakes. Yes, Bush has said some things that might not be true. Yes, Bush has lied to keep things a secret in order not to endanger us and our policies.

What you need to do is get over all that and see what the result of it all is, and where it will take us.

Ideologues? Perhaps, but at least they are ideologues bent on giving freedom to the rest of the world, instead of looking the other way and hoping everything will be OK like the Clinton, Bush I, Reagan, Carter, etc. administrations did.

Wow! thanks for the great humor page. You folks are so far out on the fringes of society that you think that the vast majority of people 1) think like you but are afraid to speak out, 2)include us dumb superstitious conservative Christians who are hopeless cases anyway, or 3) will rally behind your wild attempts to impeach Bush once your "clear charges of criminal behavior" by the President are laid out for the masses.

Just to help some of you (if possible) understand international law on warfare; After the Iraq invasion of Kuwait and our subsequent victorious pushback of Saddam out of Kuwait, he violated 17 UN resolutions including constant firing at US and British Aircraft, refused to provide any proof (except trust me) that he had destroyed his WMD, and through his financial and other support of terrorists (you know like the $25,000 each time to suicide bombers in Israel for killing inocent civilians including American Tourists). According to International Law, when you violate an agreement to cease from hostilities the other side has a right to RESUME military action against you. That is what President Bush, England and 32 other nations did...and Congress knowing this, will never despite the rhetoric, take this to a bill of impeachment...
So, grow up...learn to do something constructive with your lives and learn a little about both US and international law.

As an added note; most of us Veterans fully support the President; Men in my family have served in the military going back to the French Indian Wars before the Revolution and ever since. I served during the 60's earned a purple heart and would gladly go again if I wasn't disabled; and my two youngest sons did serve in the Marines and did one tour in Iraq and one also did a tour in Afghanistan.

A proud Veteran and Republican

Larry Robinson

Noticed an OBVIOUS omission- you did not sign yourself as a proud American... To be a proud American you would have to denounce Neo-conism, and reclaim your religion(Christianity,Islam,Torah-Judaism,
and any other religion that loves people).

But your blah-blah-blind faith speaks for itself (your god is the Neo-con god of oil/greed that needs sacrificial lambs , even ones own offspring to the god of empire .) You support the chickenhawk that kills thousands for empire and oil (oh, about his little WMD's "mistake" ...Bush- YOU'RE FIRED! And about his more obvious lies- Bush- YOU'RE FIRED! Either way, Bush is IMPEACHABLE) Even his twins will not enlist! Good grief, you would trust Nero while Rome is burning. Most of the world and more than half Americans want to see Bush IMPEACHED. That is why you found this "fringe site"... it's easy to find!

Unlike you, I do not find humor in the grief of these fine families who have lost fine children. I wish your young Marines good health and long life... I would not wish Bush's evil upon anyone , including the men & women and children of Iraq.

Mr. Robinson, in your capacity as an expert in U.S. and International Law, maybe you could explain to me why your fellow legal experts in Tony Blair's government arrived at the conclusion that resuming military action against Saddam because of repeated UN resolution violations was "unlikely to receive any support."

In preparing your reply, you might avail yourself of the following document, which explains exactly why there would be no support under International law on these grounds.

Confidential -- Iraq: Legal Background

You might also explain why, with such a sure and solid legal justification at their disposal, the Bush Administration opted instead to frame the war around unproven WMD claims.

Larry, thank you and your sons for your dignified service. But how about a quick lesson in, well, the truth? Dubya & Associates are going down, you can count on that. I might not be Mr. "INTERNATIONAL LAW ON WARFARE" like yourself, but, you know what? I didn't buy Dubya's pitch before the war and I certainly don't buy it now. Oh, and which one? WMD, Sadamm, his sons, 911, freedom and democracy? The truth, its the OIL STOOPID, period.

Do the terms Peak Oil (from now on each barrel of oil pumped out of the ground will cost more and more), Non-renewable Resource (once its gone, that's it), Global Responsibility, and Personal Integrity mean anything to you? How about "BLOOD FOR OIL"?

If you're going to go to war then you damn-well better go to war the right way. For the right reasons and only when all other avenues have been exhausted. Remember dumb bitch’s infamous right-wing bullet point, "Mushroom Cloud - Smoking Bullet" remark? Well, we should all look out. WWIII is what the War-Hawks want? Well, raise your hand if you feel the world would have been a safer place today if we were not in Iraq. The PNAC, Neo-Con-Men and others have insured our demise, thanks guys.

The case for the illegal war against Iraq was a complete fabrication, generals' troop strength recommendations were ignored, and there was absolutely no tangible exit-strategy. Oh, but its the media's fault Bush's approval rating is at a meager 43%. What happened to his "political capital"? What an idiot! Is it true ignorance is bliss?

I don't blame you for your sense of duty and allegiance, though. Its human nature to want to be on the winning side (or what is perceived to be the winning side). Nobody wants to admit they've been played and used; expendable pawns in a political power struggle based on irrational ideologies of control and greed.

Unfortunately the right-wing propaganda machine has got the best of you and many otherwise well-meaning RED Blooded Americans. The crap piles up a mile high and then some in the Bush Administration. But what goes up must come down. And when the shit hits the fan, there is going to be Hell to pay. Watch out!

Thanks Bush, you jackass!

It is one thing to add up the number of years your family members have given to war (it has been central to your lives), but another to believe that, therefore, war is justified in every situation.

In every war situation people die before their times, die horribly, bystanders to war are taken before their times, or their lives are ruined. The environment, through no fault of its own, is also attacked and altered, its life forms disrupted, destroyed.

I will never forget that while we waged (Reagan's years) the war of attrition on small Nicaragua, whose leader Ortega was elected by the people and replaced earlier U.S.-supported dictators, those children had their schools destroyed and their school years interfered with. At the same time my little ones were going off to school here in the U.S.

What arrogance on our part to launch war on other people! How sad that the victors in war don't feel sad about the war and the lives lost, or do they inwardly feel sad and just gloss it over for the rest of their lives?

Dear Larry,

They did a real good job on you!

As Americans, all of us applaud your service and wish you well. You are just as entitled to support the President of the United States as others, including myself, are entitled to disagree with the head of the Executive Branch of the government. That was the point of your service in the first place.

Please carefully read the Presidential Oath of Office. You will find that the President "solemnly swears that he will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America"
Whether you wish to understand that this President is failing in this solemn task is your choice.

Hey Larry,

Did you get the memo? Just wondering, because as a concerned citizen, especially one who has proudly served this country, and protected our rights I just think you might like to ask yourself why, if Bush has nothing to hide in regard to his decision making process for going to war with Iraq, he doesn't just come clean and enlighten those of us lost out in left field. In the meantime, I'll just keeping looking for that truth out there in left field.

A proud citizen of the US, and member of the Green Party,

Brian Turner

This issue is not "conservative" vs. "liberal". There are a number of notable Republicans, like yourself, and independents who are skeptics and outright critics of the war, including Pat Buchanan, who nobody accuses of being "liberal".

I respect your service to our country and your families sacrifices over the years. I've always wondered why Bush, in his latest speech at Ft. Hood when he called upon more Americans to join the military, doesn't practice what he preaches. Specifically, he shirked his duty, and what are the odds that his daughters will join up and fight in Iraq? What do you think?

You should know that the "coalition" was brought together with promises of goodies and threats of retaliation for those not ready to sign up for the war. Consider Turkey, the biggest example of true democracy in the middle east, an ally for years that Bush had hoped would provide a northern launching pad for the invasion of Iraq. An offer, ( bribe?) of $80 BILLION DOLLARS in foreign aid wasn't enough to get them to join the coalition. Fact was, even though the money offered was staggering and they needed it, the Turkish parliament vetoed the package because they knew they would get tossed out of office if they accepted. Does that tell you anything?

As far as previous military action in Gulf War I, the reason that it had wide ranging support is specifically because the goal was very narrow: to get Saddam out of Kuwait. Your argument falls apart because Saddam did not re-invade Kuwait (or any other neighbor for that matter) so that pretext for war is not valid.
Larry, as hard as this may be for you to accept, you and many other veterans and citizens of this country were duped into supporting this war under false pretenses. It's that simple. In your post I see no rebuttal of the key points outlined in the criminal charges.

I would like to honor your families sacrifice to this country by making sure this reckless, lying President doesn't send them into harm's way under false pretenses.

Oh, never mind, what's the point. Watch your fave shows. Go back to your couch.

PS That's where you left the remote to the MSM.

Although every place has its good and bad, I see no light at the end of the tunnel here and am looking into moving to Canada.

This country has been destroyed by the Bush Administration and the Sheep-like fools who voted Goon-Boy back into office.

Electronic voting machines, the NON separaton of Church and State, the removal of our civil rights, the "More for the rich and nothing for everyone else", screw the environment for a dollar, screw the school teachers, screw the poor, screw the homeless, screw the sick who need prescriptions, screw the police and firefighters, screw you, screw me!

Meanwhile Bush and his fat assed wife and drunken slut daughters are sitting in the white house having a few drinks (probably smoking a huge joint), and having a good belly laugh at the expense of the American People.

Canada, here we come, eh!

Fine, move to Canada then. Be off with you!
As many celebs vowed to do this, they still haven't left the USA after Bush was re-elected. Why not? Isn't it so horrible to live in the USA because of Bush? You will not move to Canada, even though you disingenuously say you are considering it. Want to know why? Because Bush hasn't ruined the USA as you claim he has.

Electronic voting machines are a problem, yes, but Bush is not the one who instituted these damn things. Look to your Democrats in power, they voted these things into being used as well.

The Constitution doesn't say anything about Separation of Church and State, the only thing it says is that Congress cannot pass a law that respects a religious establishment. With that said, the law that changed the Pledge of Allegiance to include "under God" is thereby unconstitutional. Other cases of similar things are not unconstitutional in the same way. You have to go by what the Constitution says and apply it to each situation.

Removal of civil rights? Give me a break. Name one civil right that has been taken from you since Bush took office. Exactly, nothin. If you even read up on the subject, you'd see that you have less civil rights in countries like at least the UK, and other European nations. In the UK, they are going to implement charging you for each mile you drive with your car by installing GPS and tracking you!!! Talk about civil rights! In Norway, your taxes are publically available! Give me a break, you don't even know how good you have it in the USA, because I'm guessing you've never been outside of it.

"More for the rich and nothing for everyone else", again, please. Grow up. There is now a 10% tax bracket. Did Clinton have that? Nope, his lowest was 15%. Your real concern is that "everyone else" should get "everything", and the rich should get "nothing". Bush has given everyone something, so this is just a lie from your side.

Screw the environment? The air has never been as clean as now, and we are spending billions on ways to do things better for our environment. I won't give Bush the credit for that, but that's the reality. Bush isn't a dictator, you know. There's this thing called Congress... They vote on stuff... You know, laws... Bills... Stuff like that. You should read about them sometime.

See, you are not basing anything on facts, you are basing everything from a knee-jerk reaction that stems from your Bush-hatred. You ignore all facts that are contrary to what you are saying, and continue to pop off with it everytime a subject about Bush comes up. You will never let the facts change you, either.

Bush has a fat-assed wife? Wow, then there are a lot of fat-asses in America by that standard, lol. Drunken slut daughters? Drunken, sure. Of course, you're going to tell me that it isn't normal for college kids to be drunk???? LOL. Why should they be any different than others their age? What a double standard.

Yeah, go ahead, move to Canada.
I know you won't, because things aren't as bad as you claim they are.
You just claim it because you are a disgruntled partisan hack.

By saying this, I am not saying that everything is wonderful and that Bush is the best president ever. That is completely BS.

The truth, though, in gray, is that the USA is doing very well compared to the history of the nation, although many things could be better, as has always been the truth.

Lying his way to murder and mayhem with Bush's Shock and Awe in Iraq, killing our kids as chess pawns and fodder, plundering our national budget of billions of dollars... is there NOTHING that will make you see through the BIG LIE?

(When Bush is impeached and tried for war crimes, we are going to have to be taxed extra for de-programming these sheeple, or they'll follow him to prison.)

Faced with information, you ran away and cowered behind your talking points, just like all the other cowards on here. Good job.

The Congress gave the president a blank check to go to war.
The Congress "plundered" our national budget by funding the war.

Yet you continue to pretend that Bush is a dictator that does just as he pleases. Why is that? Makes your world view easier to sustain?

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