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What Would Independent World Television Do for Downing Street Minutes Coverage?

An interview with the creator of Independent World Television

BuzzFlash: I want the BuzzFlash readers to know what you anticipate doing is not just news, but a full-fledged broadcast schedule. The news is one part of it, but there's so much more going on. But I want to get your response as to just how you would see your network handling the Downing Street memo, as compared to what has happened. As soon as it appeared in the Times of London, we had it up on BuzzFlash. Several readers sent that to us, and it was our headline story all that Sunday. The Washington Post didn't run a story for twelve days on the Downing Street memo. Walter Pincus, one of their writers, wrote a piece, which ran on page 18 of the front section, almost two weeks after it appeared in Britain. And most papers in the United States just didn't cover it. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune recently ran a piece by their ombudsman that tried to explain why they didn't cover it. He said we didn't know about it until about a few days later, when a reader of BuzzFlash -- and they mentioned BuzzFlash by name -- wrote to him, the ombudsman, and said I'm reading all these stories about the Downing Street Memo on How come you're not covering it? And so the guy went to And the ombudsman for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune said, oh, gee, you know, how come we don't know about this?

I don't know quite what to make of that. Then he brought it to their editor, and they ended up writing a very, very strong and critical editorial lacerating Bush on Memorial Day, which was the first, if not the only, major American paper to call him a liar, and saying basically that our soldiers have died for lies, which was an astonishing editorial for an American paper. But even so -- even though this was a paper that went that far -- they simply didn't appear to know about the Downing Street Memo. I find this unfathomable. How would your network prevent something like that happening?

Paul Jay: This is the whole point of why we need this network. Even when things break through on the Internet, the fact is 80-85% of the people still get their news from television. If you can't break through on the TV, it doesn't break through into the popular consciousness. Of course, we would have covered this. We would have been all over it. You know, Robin Cook resigned from the British Cabinet after seeing all the data. I mean, from the very beginning, we know that the British Cabinet and Cabinet members have said that this case -- and this is just the gun -- we've already had the smoking gun.

What we think is, if you don't do it on TV, it doesn't break through. But if we break through with it on television, then it makes it much more difficult for the rest of the television media to simply ignore these stories.

What television is doing, and to some extent the big-media print press -- is they're treating propaganda as news. They're allowing political forces and corporate forces to create a façade of how the world looks. And they're reporting on the façade as if it's real. I liken it to professional wrestling, about which I made a film. Wrestling press can talk about wrestling theater as if it's something real, even though everybody knows it's theater. Well, the same thing's happening here. If you try to step outside that as a journalist, they call you partisan.

This is what I think was a great problem in the political discourse, particularly in the United States -- if you do good journalism, and you allow yourself to come to the conclusions the facts lead you to, you're called partisan. You're called a liberal if those facts lead you to a critique of the White House. We have to break that discourse. We have a right to come to conclusions based on facts, and not have those facts demeaned with these political labels. I won't buy into that and our network won't buy into that. We'll go where the facts lead us. We're not calling ourselves a liberal network, a progressive network.

The current political culture in the United States is character assassination. Shoot the messenger. "Sixty Minutes" had a story on Bush's military record. The issue becomes, was the document forged, not that the fundamental story about Bush was true. The same thing takes place about the issues of the Koran in Guantanamo. The issue is did Newsweek actually get exactly the right source or not -- but, as it comes out later, the substance of the story was true. Character assassination is being used to refute journalism. Not to say there may have been mistakes in the way "Sixty Minutes" handled something or Newsweek handled something. Maybe there were. But the rest of the media is allowing what may have been mistakes to overshadow the substance of the story, which turned out turned out to be true.

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The only coverage the MSM will give protesters at this weeks G8 summit will be to show them fighting with the police. There will be absolutely nothing said of why they are there. I hope the MSM proves me wrong, but I doubt it.

Independent coverage would be welcome. Here are some other thoughts on what can be done to defeat the RNC-effort to disrupt the upcoming road shows on the Downing Street Memo: [ More . . . ]

of course, if the shoe were on the other foot and it was the republican leadership holding these meetings, Karl Rove would be the one tripping the fire alarm so he could "prove" that the democrats were trying to obstruct the truth- they seem to have mastered the technique, and use it well.

I full well agree that Independent TV covering real news of by and for the people REALLY MATTERS. I have been writing and searching someone or someones who can and will call to the people for INDEPENDENT TV COVERAGE of what is really going on, because the MSM
Propaganda machine is as Paul Jay says, how the larger percentage of the population get their news.
MSM's "new snippets" with 'up or down vote polls' dont give any true information on whatever is going on, and propaganda polls are only part of the distraction giving people the illusion that their vote really counts, as if these subjects truly mattered. PLEASE BRING TRANSPARENT INDEPENDENT TV to the people...With transparency and real communication We the People Will be in full support in the mutual
purpose of upholding Truth and Justice; with full coverage of what is really going on, and what truly needs to be done. Hoping this is finally possible, I urge and support a full blown campaign to get this done.

During the 2004 elections Mr. Baraka Bama during his speech at the Democratic Convention stated he only saw one America. Well now more than ever it is evident that we have an America that is divided. The TV Networks, and major newspapers are controlled to the point that they seem to be part of the GOP, and will only print or report what is favorable to the right wing.

I am sad to see that the media and the press do not stand up for truth and justice. The DSM have been totally ignored, and making it seem that it is okey for the Commander in Chief to lie to, Congress, the Senate, and his electorates. I lost all interest in watching CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, who in my opinion were reliable sources of information that presented news unbias. However, since the attack on 9/11 the major newspapers and major networks made a complete flop, comming accross as if Bush has done no wrong, and stating with their actions: "we cannot question Bush's decisions because it is unpatriotic."

I had never seen so much apathy on the part of the major networks and press. In a way this reminds me of the media in third world countries. In those countries when the reporters get something worth printing or televising, first they run it by the politician or main subject of the news on hand. They do this with the idea of getting a bribe or getting paid not to broadcast or publish that information.

I wonder if bribery and kickbacks is what is going on, or is it that the media is now totally controlled by the right wing, or is it that the reporters are afraid of getting fired?

Northern California Action Alert.
The S.F.MIME TROUPE has just started it's Summer tour. Did a lone-wolf action on the 4th handing out flyers and was ASTOUNDED how few people in the audience had heard of the DSM, even here in Loony Leftie San Francisco. They should be our base, the already converted. Appears that while the word may be spreading on the web it's not yet reaching the grassroots. We need more "boots on the ground", person to person contact, respectful in your face confrontation of complacency. If they are anywhere near you, get a few folks together, print up and distribute some material, boo the villains, cheer the heroes, spread the word to your neighbors, and, oh yeah, have a good time. For those not fortunate enough to live here in Paradise, look for similar gatherings of good folks near you and do the same. The People still have The Power.
In solidarity, patrickmonk.rn.sf. Mime Troupe itinerary at ><

International perspective on DSM a key. Helps Americans get through the media blackout here at home.
At home impeachment is a must. Use the I-word.
Impeach. Impeach.

Aso a question for moderates of any stripe (Dem, Rep, Ind, Green). In light of the link between DSM, Rove, neocons, and continuing policy:

Agree or disagree with the following?.
Published on Tuesday, July 5, 2005 by
Supreme Court - Media Ignore Possible "Fascist" Play
by Thom Hartmann

Historically, when fascists have come to power they have used either the threat of enemies or social issues to get the people to agree to give them control of all branches of government. When their true agenda - raw power - comes out, it's too late for the people to resist. As Francisco Franco famously said, "Our regime is [now] based on bayonets and blood, not on hypocritical elections."

Thus, the nomination of Gonzales, or another candidate with strong fascistic leanings but no clear abortion record, will probably be trumpeted in the mainstream corporate media as a triumph of "moderation" on the part of Bush (or a tribute to his "stubbornness" or his "loyalty").

In fact, it could mark the end of our 200+ year American experiment in democracy.

I received a positive email from NECN TV for informing them of the "memo's". They claim to have been running reports about the memo's all along. My suggestion to you is email all the news media demanding that they report the DSM. THAT'S WHAT I DID. I also suggest that you email your reps and demand that they support you in the effort for truth.

The chickens cannot patrol the fox.
MSM is chicken on the DSM.
Thank the brave Americans who have spoken out about the DSM.

We need an independent media (IWT broadcast to every home).
We need an investigation into DSM.

America needs a Downing Street memos investigation now.
BTW, will MSM report the following (and DSM as well)?

Democrats' letter: Rove must explain role in CIA outing or resign

The following letter, drafted by Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), was issued to other House Democrats for signature this afternoon, and obtained by RAW STORY.

Conyers, the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, calls on Bush adviser Karl Rove to explain his role in the outing of a CIA agent or resign his office.

"We write in order to urge that you require your Deputy White House Chief of Staff, Karl Rove, to either come forward immediately to explain his role in the Valerie Plame matter or to resign from your Administration," the veteran Democrat writes. "High-ranking members of your Administration who are involved in any effort to smear a private citizen or to disseminate information regarding a CIA operative should be expected to meet a far higher standard of ethical behavior and forthrightness."

The letter follows.


July 7, 2005

The President
The White House
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. President:

We write in order to urge that you require your Deputy White House Chief of Staff, Karl Rove, to either come forward immediately to explain his role in the Valerie Plame matter or to resign from your Administration.

Notwithstanding whether Mr. Rove intentionally violated the law in leaking information concerning former CIA operative Valerie Plame, we believe it is not tenable to maintain Mr. Rove as one of your most important advisors unless he is willing to explain his central role in using the power and authority of your Administration to disseminate information regarding Ms. Plame and to undermine her husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson.

We now know that e-mails recently turned over by Time, Inc. between writer Matthew Cooper and Time editors reveal that one of Mr. Cooper’s principal sources in the Plame matter was Mr. Rove. This has been confirmed by Newsweek and two lawyers representing witnesses involved in the investigation. Mr. Rove’s attorney, Robert Luskin, also has confirmed that Mr. Rove was interviewed by Mr. Cooper in connection with a possible article about Ms. Plame three or four days before Robert Novak wrote a column outing Ms. Plame as a CIA operative.

We also know that Mr. Rove told Chris Matthews that Ambassador Wilson’s wife and her undercover status were “fair game.

Maybe more of you guys can do the same. For example I enter the MSNBC question of the day, and take a vote on the question. In my comments I make mention of the DSM and urge them to give us the real news. I invite more of you and request that you get on those guys, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, and flood them with your comments telling them of their lack of reporting. Perhaps this is one more avenue to wake the media up.

NYT drops from first place to sixth place in International ranking

Of course most of the international judges do not REALLY know what has
happened to this once, fine paper.

NYT has become a non critical mouthpiece of the present US government
in news and to a large extent, opinions.

Management has directed that the paper should concentrate more on hardland news, such as lost people. killed paople, fires and car accidents.

Shame on you and those who buy the paper.

Lets face it! The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Washington Post
and a host of others are Conservative Rags for the Republican Party, and always have been. AOL and Time Warner also do their bidding as
well as most of the TV Networks and PBS. There are a few newspapers
like Knight Ridder and others that pick up on stories from foreign
news services but far to few. Unfortuately most americans get their
news from TV sound bites and conservative radio broadcasts. Very few take the time to read or check out other news sources. It is sad but
true that most don't even care to know what is really going on in their country. When they do finally realize what has happened it
will probably be too late. Somehow we have got to have an unbiased
TV Network step up to the plate in this country that will give us the real news we need to know. Anyone out there willing to try?

I have launched an email campaign to help force the media to cover this unprecented evidence please help!!!


Have referenced this before. It is a BRILLIANT 3 x 1hr BBC Documentary by ADAM CURTIS that aired in the UK January of this year, also at Cannes Film Festival. I believe there was initially some interest by various parties, including PBS, to pick it up for distribution here, but supposedly due to monetary concerns relating to copyright, royalties etc. it was dropped. As a decades-long paranoid conspiracy theory advocate I tend to think there were other "influences" at work. I was able to see it at a small "art-house" where they kinda circumvented these issues by screening it as part of a "Film Festival". If you talk to anyone who has seen it, I think you will find they agree that it is a far more effective, informative AND entertaining piece than Fahrenheit 9/11, and could have substantial impact if it received wider exposure. I know there are "copies" around on DVD, so if anyone with more connections and access than I should happen to come upon a copy.........?
For more info see:-
>THE NATION: 6/2 & 6/20 '05: "Beware The Holy War": by Peter Bergen.
>FILM COMMENT: June '05: "The Power Of Nightmares": by Chris Drake.
The Truth Shall Set You Free..and leave you alternately gasping and rolling in the aisles. patrickmonk.rn.

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