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Questions for Karl

From American Progress Action Fund

Over the weekend, McLaughlin Group panelist Lawrence O'Donnell revealed (and Newsweek confirmed) that one of the PlameGate sources being protected by Time reporter Matt Cooper is none other than President Bush's senior adviser, the Mayberry Machiavelli himself, Karl Rove. Of course, we have known for some time that Rove played a leading role in the coordinated smear campaign against former ambassador Joseph Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame, the outed CIA operative. (Shortly after Plame's identity was revealed, MSNBC's Chris Matthews famously told Wilson: "I just got off the phone with Karl Rove, who said your wife was fair game.") Yet the new revelations, confirmed by Rove's lawyer Robert Luskin, are important. Not only do they provide first-hand confirmation of Rove's role in the Plame case (contradicting previous claims from the White House), but they represent what O'Donnell calls "the first hole in the Rove two-year wall of silence about the case." Below, a few questions for Mr. Rove.

WHY WON'T YOU JUST COME CLEAN?: On Sunday, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) called on Karl Rove to publicly disclose the full details of his involvement in the Plame case. "I think the American people would feel a whole lot better if Karl Rove himself got up and made a statement that he did not leak the information, nor did he order anybody else to leak the information,'' Schumer said on ABC's This Week. "That would totally clear his name." Schumer is correct. A simple, clear statement by Rove would do much to end speculation about his role in any potential wrongdoing. Yet Rove is refusing to answer questions about the case, and, more suspiciously, his attorney is justifying his silence with the specious claim that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has "asked us not to talk about what Karl has had to say." As Lawrence O'Donnell points out, "Prosecutors have absolutely no control over what witnesses say when they leave the grand jury room. Rove can tell us word-for-word what he said to the grand jury and would if he thought it would help him." The only thing that prevents him from doing so, O'Donnell adds, is "a good lawyer who is trying to keep him out of jail."

WHEN DID YOU FIRST SPEAK TO JOURNALISTS ABOUT PLAME?: Though Rove's involvement in the smear campaign against Wilson and Plame is well known, the timeline is still uncertain. The new statements from Rove's lawyer only further muddy the picture. In October 2003, Rove reportedly admitted to the grand jury "that he circulated and discussed damaging information regarding [Plame] with others in the White House, outside political consultants, and journalists," part of an "aggressive campaign to discredit Wilson through the leaking and disseminating of derogatory information regarding him and his wife." According to investigative journalist Murray Waas, Rove told the grand jury that "he had only circulated information about Plame after it had appeared in [Robert] Novak's column." But according to Rove's attorney Robert Luskin, "Rove spoke to Cooper three or four days before Novak's column appeared." What, then, did Rove share with Cooper?

WHAT EXPLAINS THE SUSPICIOUS WORDING OF YOUR LAWYER'S STATEMENT?: In interviews with Newsweek and the Los Angeles Times, Robert Luskin repeated two points: that 1) Rove "never knowingly disclosed classified information" and 2) that "he did not tell any reporter that Valerie Plame worked for the CIA." The wording of this explanation itself raises questions. If point #2 is the whole truth, and Rove never did tell any reporter that Valerie Plame worked for the CIA, Luskin would have no need to state point #1, that Rove had not "knowingly disclosed classified information." So why have Luskin's statements -- which were crafted with the utmost sensitivity, one can be sure -- worded the way that they are?

WHO FAILED TO TELL THE TRUTH -- YOU OR SCOTTIE?: Rove's acknowledgement of his role in spreading information about Wilson and Plame seems to clearly contradict a claim in October 2003 by White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, who said that "those individuals [Karl Rove, Elliot Abrams, and Lewis Libby] assured me they were not involved with this." So, did Karl Rove and his White House colleagues knowingly deceive Scott McClellan, or did Scott McClellan knowingly deceive the American people?


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To the point of the suspicious wording of Rove's lawyers statement. He says Rove never did tell any reporter that Valerie Plame worked for the CIA. It doesn't say he didn't write it on paper.

Every thing seems to point at a government that has taken control of the media! These issues should have been PLASTERED ALL OVER EVERY FRONT PAGE!! I find the lack of information and debate very troubling! I almost think that if you read the bible, BUCH MAY BE THE Anti Christ.

Adding "Gate" to the end of every conspiracy/scandal in US politics is one of the worst bastardizations of American English to date. Please, please stop doing this. Watergate was the name of a hotel, not some scandal involving Nixon and water.

I think a more appropriate name would be. Plame-blame-game. Because to rove and gang everything is treated like a game to be won. No matter what costs.

I wholeheartedly agree! A little more imagination and creativity, PLEASE!!!!!

Karl Rove, with his latest comments that Liberals wanted to seek indictments and offer conseling to the attackers of 9/11 goes to show just how vicious this man can be. Keep up the great work and hopefully the truth will come out in the near future. My only comment would be that if G.W. Bush were to be impeached for misleading Congress and out Nation to war, that Cheney also be impeached. I cannot fathom anyone wanting Dick Cheney to occupy the White House.

Herr Cheney is the insurance policy that Herr Bush took out for his own protection. If both of them go we get Hastert, oh yeah!

What the emails say I do not know. But Rove has already admitted speaking with Cooper the week his article came out. But Rove claims that Novak's article was already in print then and he was protecting the White House from an aggressive attack by Plame and Wilson. This is weak. Of course Rove told Novak also. Rumour has it that Novak has cut a deal with Fitzgerald. I am wondering if this "deal" is not meant to protect Rove's last line of defense. But if Novak's feet are held to the fire then he will implicate Rove who will surely save his skin by letting us know who deserve's the true credit for all this. I wonder who that might be!

Heck, let's start making all the politicians answer the questions in "yes" or "no" format.

Mr. Bush, did you ever use cocaine? Yes or No.
Mr. Rove, did you ever reveal the name of a CIA operative. Yes or No. If yes, under what circumstances?

Enough of these 50-word circumlocutions through legal mouthpieces to answer questions that any honest person can answer with a single syllable.

The news is locking the Plame Investigation down, just as they have done with Downing Street Memo, UK Briefings, 9/11 investigation of the Administrations part,and since Bush's non-effective speech all news has been parsed out of Iraq{DOZENS JOURNALITS KILLED IN IRAQ}, by networks like MSNBC. CNN, and all the others! We should have a call and email en masse and complain!

msm wants to talk about the possible impending fight over an as yet unnamed ussc nominee...instead of the outing of valerie plame and the news that karl Rove has now been implicated. The last thing the msm wants to do is go against karl Rove...

what is really disturbing is the reports that this case is not about 'payback to Joe Wilson" but about a warning shot fired at plame in an attempt to intimidate what the White House has labeled 'the antiwar group' within the CIA...a group that it seems was debunking the WMD claims of team Bush as fast as they were crafted.

If there was something called (by the white house) the antiwar group within the CIA intell agency which was debunking WMD claims isnt that a direct connection to the DOWNING STREET MEMO which clearly stated that the intell was being fixed around the policy for war?

How can we (and i feel we must) connect these dots between plames outing and the DSM for the press? If we dont start making some major noise in the media they will continue to ignore this case in favor of promoting the ussc fight...a fight the MSM plans to make tens of million of advertising dollars off of.

wake up folks, this end is only a beggining.

This is the very same thing that happened in Viet Nam. We are allowing this administration to take us to a place where 55,000 troops were killed and 2MILLION VIETNAMESE DIED!

Schumer has to be kidding right...I mean does he really believe if Rove just makes a simple statement that no I didn't do it we will feel better? That comment by Schumer is a hooooooot!

Who would believe Rove? We know he has already not be truthful about the part he played regarding goodness the man is known for orchestrating dishonesty for the sake of votes for his misguided loyalty to Bush vs. our country.

Here is another hooooot for you...May 30th New Yorker article regarding John McCain mentions (now that McCain and Bush are pals) how McCain's "aides even talk enthusiastically about Karl Rove helping McCain in 2008." Page 71...this after the famous Rove job on McCain during the now famous S.C. primary.

Karl Rove is the front-line imaged planner of the back-office strategists(Cheney, oil executives, GW Bush, etc...) Election was controlled from Day 1. Criminals controlled the election system to get him elected. With him elected they are making Supreme Court Judges go away to be replaced and steal taxes in any and every way possible. This is like the committment of sororities.


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