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Something Rotten in Denmark

So says Danish journalist Bo Elkjaer whose pointed letter to both Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen and President George W. Bush appeared in the popular daily newspaper, Ekstra Bladet, to greet Bush on his arrival today in Denmark. Last year Elkjaer won the Danish equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of events leading up to the U.S.-U.K invasion of Iraq. With the full support of the Ekstra Bladet management, Elkjaer did the kind of reporting and analysis largely missing from the U.S. "mainstream media."

The Danish journalist's letter reflects a continuing determination to hold his prime minister and the U.S. president accountable for the lies leading to launching of war on Iraq.

One is left wondering how long it will take U.S. journalists to summon the courage to ask the president this kind of pointed questions.

Elkjaer's letter in PDF. (Page 1 is Danish, page 2 English.)


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Is there one journalist left in this country, with its great historical record of a free press, who dares to ask these questions?

We've got the journalists and the congressmen to ask the questions. But we also have a whitehouse that destroys these people. Look at Dan Rather, reports on Abu Ghraib and this is just the beginning of a long list. For some reason bushandco can turn the public against the truth, everyone winds up apologizing and bushandco is the hero once again.

We need reporters that after asking the questions stick by their story and destroy bush. They need to know they have the support of people like you and me. When the question is asked we should all be sending emails or calling these people with high fives and atta boys. Let them know they are not on this limb alone.

The American investigative journalists that are willing to dig and probe for WE THE PEOPLE (instead of the military-industrial complex), we have to give them many letters and emails to show we stand by them. We don't want them to move to the UK like Greg Palast had to do get the job done, but thank God we still have access to Mr. Palast through the net:

We have to stand by international reporters also, such as the great Dane reporter !

Journalism 'American-syle' has evolved from getting to the facts to just take the money and run. Bush, Inc. has a lot of your money to buy all the good press he needs.

If you're not afraid, that makes you complicit. Think about that.

To news editors and publishers: If you're not afraid, does that mean you're complicit?

To news editors and publishers: The TRUTH is coming out and won't be stopped.

Be part of it or go down because of it. Your choice.

I agree!

As more Americans are getting disgruntled by the Bush administration,they are listening to other people and falling off the propaganda trail.
I'm talking about Republicans,there getting hostale and they want answers.

yes....I did just clap my hands over my keyboard just now....

Ever since the end of World War II, I have been ambitious enough to find out what kind of world we were to be in for now that the Axis powers from Nazi Germany, Mussolini's Italy and Hirohito's Japanese
Empire were laid wasted to the American military power and culture that truly believed in truth and justice in the modern world. I applied my sense of journalistic adventurism and curiousity at CBS in the late 1940's to see what we, as a human race, could do once we had shaken off the dust, cleanse the blood and removed the rubbles of war and perservere towards peace and progress through the 1950's and beyond. Such other pioneers such as Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley and Dan Rather were inspired by my standards of "gritty, go-get-'em journalism" that went out to seek the truth whether if it was enlightening or horrific. These stories of humanity were shared with the many viewers that wanted to know what was going on with the world around them right at their 6:00 pm dinner table. Now, half a century after my passing, 24/7 news networks have been infiltrated by hollow, pretty people in suits that claim they're "telling the news like it is" when the Orwellian corporate owners and editors who support a corrupt administration that pressures the media from displaying the truth and enlighten the masses to it. Instead, wanna-be journalists like Larry King, Wolf Blitzer, Tim Russert, Nancy Grace and whoever else on TV are just phony puppy dogs afraid to get down and dirty and make TV news history, no matter what the consequences were to be. American Media of the 21st Century, I'M TURNING IN MY GRAVE!!

Edward R. Murrow

A list of questions for "Mr. President"

In a formalized way, as well branded and marketed as was the lead up to War, I propose that a list of questions that most American's would like to hear the answers to be drawn up, "packaged" and promoted to the media, along with a demand that these questions be asked. It's not as important that they be answered as it is that they be asked. If necessary, a cash reward might be offered to any journalist who asks any one of these questions at a formal press conference with the President.

Let's put together a list of questions that we will demand the media ask of the President in a formal news conference setting such as:

"Mr. President, you stated on two separate occassions that you actually saw the first aircraft fly into the first tower on the morning of 9/11 prior to entering the class room at the elementary said that you saw it on TV...can you please explain on what Television set you saw that aircraft hit the first tower?"

Or how about this:

"Mr. President, Donald Rumsfeld was quoted as saying that flight 93 in Pennsylvania was actually SHOT DOWN, can you just give us a simple yes or no answer, was an order given to shoot down flight 93?"

Aren't there some questions that we deserve to know the answers to?

Isn't it time that we not only demand that the media ask tough questions, but provide them with a list of the questions that require answers?

Let's formalize an effort to craft a list of questions that require answers, and DEMAND that the MSM ask these questions, or face a boycott. Let's hit the MSM in their wallets if they continue to fail to serve the public good.

Shaming the media into doing their jobs is what this web site is all about. It should be the primary focus of all our efforts. The MSM has the ability to get to the truth of these matters. They just need to understand that it is time to choose sides in this fight to take our country back, and they will be judged by their actions.

Judy Miller is a proven co-conspirator with Rove. It's time for those who do not yet have one foot in prison to choose sides. Put the pressure on these journalists to choose sides...and let them understand the consequences if they fail to ask the questions that at the very least, deserve to be asked.

Daring to ask tough questions is their job. Let's remind them who the ultimate boss is. It should not require angry mobs with pitchforks and torches descending on the headquarters of the Washington Post just to get reporters to start asking the questions that WE THE PEOPLE want answers to.


re-open 9/

I've been reading about 9/11 anomalies that were mentioned in comments from citizens on this website. Everyone should start asking questions again as kooky as it sounds. There are too many coincidences. One that occurs to me but is never really considered is that 3 BUILDINGS WENT DOWN IN ONE DAY AND ALL IN A PERFECTLY CONTROLLED FALL. What are the chances of that? Why wouldn't one building topple say, or just the top part toppling? The original newscasters suggested controlled demolition only no one ever mentions it again once the official story came out.

Other items: Rudy Guiliani announced that the trade center was going to collapse before it did. ABC news. He said he received a phone call.

Building 7 was a command center for the city, the secret service, and the port authority. It's owner ordered it to be 'pulled' or demolished. Mr. Silvestein is on tape explaining how he decided to destroy it. How can you make that decision in seconds when it takes weeks to have a building ready for demolition. Why destroy a command post? Silverstein made Billions that day.

Then there's the pentagon...a lot of questions there still. Why did the hijackers make a full turn to come at the pentagon from the other side. They could have driven the plane straight into the pentagon as they approached....but no...instead they turned the plane around and hit the other side of the pentagon in an unusual maneuver. And I'm only scratching the surface. The questions are endless.

This is the best suggestion that I have heard in a long time! It's time for the public to take back the media, make them accountable to us, and then have the media make the politicians accountable to the public once again.
Somehow we need to start collecting the questions that need to be asked and then somehow make sure that the media keeps asking them until they are answered.

Just wanted to put in a quick two cents about the three buildings collapsing on 9/11. To suspect some sort of demolition is fine, as far as being skeptical goes. But there is a difference between being skeptical and seeing conspiracies growing out of every event.

Fact: You can't demolish a building in a few hours with controlled explosions. You have to drill and place explosives. Those explosives have to be wired into place. This isn't something you can do quickly and silently with no one seeing. Sure, maybe the secret black ops helicopters with holographic projects (quick, everyone shout "Computer, end program" to make sure you aren't in a Matrix-like false reality) dropped a squad of metamorphic ninjas onto the roof of each of the towers and the third building for infiltration. Makes perfect sense.

The buildings collapsed, straight down, because the people who designed and built them realized that one day, like almost every other building even made, the buildings would have to be demolished.

Please, take a minute in future to research an issue before spouting off with such insubstantial conspiracies. This is why the MSM takes so little of the blogosphere seriously.

Sometimes, things happen just like they happen. No divine plan. No secret government conspiracy. Spend your time more usefully. You want to dig up 9/11 again? Super. Do something relevant that advances the uncovering of how this administration lies at the drop of a hat. But don't give credence to fantasies.

There's nothing "skeptical" or theoretical about seeing how the towers were demolished with explosives. You said it yourself: you can't demolish a building in a few hours with controlled explosions. Did you see video of WTC Building 7 coming down? It fell straight down too. Even though the minimal "damage" that occurred to it was only on one side. The MSM reported that it collapsed due to damage from the falling towers, yet it was the only other building to do so. In fact, the leaseholder whose insurance policy on the towers took place on September 10th actually admitted that WTC 7 was demolished in a PBS interview. So if it takes more than a few hours to demolish a building, Building 7's demolition plans had to begin PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER 11th!

As far as the towers being designed to come straight down: that's hogwash. Any skyscraper, especially one like the WTC Towers, can be built with only one thing in mind: STAYING UP. Otherwise, you put thousands of lives at risk. It's the responsibility of demolishers to make sure a building comes straight down. And strangely enough, that's exactly what the towers did. Despite asymmetrical damage. Despite being hit at different elevations. Both towers fell straight down, at a rate of freefall as if there was no skyscraper below the tumbling portion.

If you can't see the conspiracy in that, Mr. Anonymous, I've got some land to sell you in Iraq.


Thank you, Mike Unregistered. I would ask Mr. Anonymous to watch Painful Deceptions at this website, and then talk to us about "fantasies". The people deeply involved in the 9/11 un-cover-up are not quacks, they are people who don't have their head in the sand. The evidence speaks for itself -- once you bother to look at it.

I must be missing something in the argument. Your side seems to be saying that the towers were brought down for some sinister purpose and the collapse was caused by something OTHER than two jumbo jets loaded with fuel flying into the towers.

A third building apparently was also taken out, just for good measure, by the same nefarious people who sabotaged the towers.

You invoke comments made by officials at the time the events were unfolding. Guiliani said the towers were going to collapse before they collapsed. Duh! Is he going to say "The towers are going to collapse" AFTER they collapse?

Go through the list of all the statements issued at the time the events of 9/11 were unfolding. Better yet, go through the same exercise for some other massive disaster. People contradict themselves. Two different sources will stare at the same event and report two entirely different occurances.

So Guiliani said the towers were going to collapse. I was saying the same thing watching the tv screen. I asked a co-worker, "Do you think those skyscrapers are going to stay up?" I guess I was in on it.


Heck, why do I bother. You're right. Something sinister. Evil people did it. Whatever you want.

It's really very simple: the whole thing was a show -- a black op -- put on in order to upset the people of America and the world into becoming pliant. There is plenty of historical precident for this type of operation. Hitler burned down his own parliament (the Reichstag) in order to get the German people to follow him into war. Given all the stuff Bush has done since 9/11, based on 9/11, it worked very well, don't you think?

It's not a new or even creative idea -- read the last 5 or 6 pages of the Northwoods document of 1962, recent released under the Freedom Of Information Act. It should sound very familiar:

Okay, now that you mention it, Rove has obviously studied and emulated the Hitler propaganda machine...

Thank you! While DSM is the smoking gun that could be the straw that breaks Bush's back, in terms of legalities, getting to the the whole truth reqires scratching more deeply below the surface. I've spent the last year rather obsessively doing the research, hoping the whole time that I was wrong, and that I could find something to prove me wrong. But, no.

If you haven't seen Painful Deceptions, Please Do So. It can be streamed or downloaded for free at this site. It will be an hour very well spent. We need a fully informed populous at this critical time.


Mr. Anonymous, you sound like a passionate individual. That's why I want to make sure you understand what occurred on 9/11, so you can do something productive with that passion.

No one plans to demolish their skyscraper decades after it is built. Take, for example, the Empire State Building. It has 102 floors, and ranks among the world's tallest buildings. It's been standing for 7 decades! I guarantee there are no current plans to tear it down, either. I would like to suggest that if a skycraper MUST come down, while standing in a dense metropolitan area, it would be de-constructed, and not demolished. This would be much safer for everyone involved, and preserve parts of the building which could be used in its next incarnation.

The owner of the WTC was the NY Port Authority. But it was leased, only 6 weeks prior to 9/11, to Silverstein Properties. Silverstein didn't want to minimize costs, because his brand-new insurance policy paid for everything! So to explain the "Sinister forces. Skull and bones. Fluoride in the tap water" for you...

Sinister Forces: George W Bush and company. What's his motivation for killing 3000 innocent people? Well, if he can blame it on someone in Afghanistan (Osama), then he gets to use his military to remove the regime that wouldn't let him put an oil pipeline through that country.
Not to mention get set up to finish his Daddy's war for him.

Skull and Bones: Haven't done my research on these guys, and I don't really care who's a member of a secret society. What I care about, is not having to worry about the terrorists in MY OWN GOVERNMENT.

Flouride in the tap water: if this is a broad reference to conspiracy theories in general, I'll admit, most of them are harmless. However, if you can read Painful Deceptions or view the website and explain away every dire issue they raise, I guess you have nothing to fear.


So, if you were DESIGNING a building, you wouldn't design it to make it easier for a team of trained demolition experts to collapse it when the time came, decades later?

Of course you would! That's called practicality. The people who own the building (the people who will have to pay the demolition cost when the building's time is up) will want to minimize costs at the end. Do you really think you could get a design approved in downtown Manhattan, with the buildings jammed right up against each other, without submitting a design that could be dismantled?

You high-handedly lecture me about conspiracies and opening my eyes. For heaven's sake, just ask a few architects. Go to a city board meeting and listen to the endless discussion whenever an architect presents a design.

Making a building easy to take down does not mean you're making an unsafe structure. It means you're using your brains to plan ahead.

No wonder Bush was able to steal two elections in a row.

Again, why do I bother. You're absolutely right. Sinister forces. Skull and bones. Fluoride in the tap water. Whatever.

Don't quite understand why you are tying your "9/11 collapsing buildings post" with Denmark, but here's my response anyways. Even if Bushco did not "make" 9/11 buildings collapse on purpose, Bushco were certainly thrilled that it did facilitate their invasion of Iraq(sado-masochists that Bushco are, NOT a Christian breed by far). The American whistleblowers have testimonies of Bushco's illegal use of 9-11 and/or WMD's to invade a sovereign nation that has NOTHING to do with 9-11/WMD's. "The Pearl Harbor event" that the Neo-cons of PNAC 'coincidentally' predicted was in their R.A.D. white paper in September 2000, a full year before 9/11/2001. Since I personally do not believe members of the PNAC have a crystal ball, I wonder why they would desire such a sick catastrophic event to occur to accelerate & facilitate their Iraq War plot? PNAC's wish list was pretty scary, whether it happened or not !

When I made the mention of 9/11, I made no mention of the buildings or how/why they collapsed. I raised two specific points. The first was about how it was that Bush "SAW THE FIRST PLANE HIT THE TOWER" on the morning of 9/11 prior to entering the class room. The second was about whether, as Rumsfeld stated, flight 93 was shot down over Pennsylvania.

These administration officials made these comments publicly, and I want the media to confirm why these statements were made...and what it all means.

These two issues are CONSPIRACY FACT.

If Bush SAW the plane hit the first tower, he could only have done so on a closed circuit feed to his limo, which signifies foreknowledge and planning to creat the "New Pearl Harbor" as a pretext for war as per the PNAC plan.

Bush made these statements on two separate occassions, and even stumbled in the midst of them, proclaiming that he had seen this on a television just outside the classroom at the Elementary school. No such TV was there, and no live feed of the first plane hitting the first tower was aired, at least not publicly.

Bush said he saw the first plane hit the first tower. He said it twice. The signifiance of this fact is enormous, and we deserve the truth.

This site is about the Downing Street Memos, not about conspiracy theories claiming Bush was directly responsible for the 911 attacks. Stick to the topic or post elsewhere please. Makes me wonder if you are part of a right-wing effort to undermine the ligitimacy of the DSM issue

I appreciate what you're saying, but I think it's a very relevant subject, given that all this other stuff -- the war, Bush's reelection, the Patriot Act, the reasons Bush gave for pulling England and other countries into the conflict -- stems from that one incident. 9/11 lies at the very core of it all. The discussion of DSM will not suffer from a few people talking about that core. And, no, I am definitely no right-winger! Let ALL the truth be outed.

Bush keeps bringing up 911 as the reason for the war. 911 seems to be the reason we invaded Iraq according to him. I think it's relivant indeed and so does Bush.

I agree with the earlier comment that these 9/11 conspiracy postings are right-wing conspiracy designed to take heat off of DSM.

DSM is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY bigger than people realize.

That said, keep eyes on Fitzgerald and Conyers.

Keep the heat on the DSM. Meanwhile, speaking of Conyers, this is at

Conyers circulates letter to House Democrats: 'We write in order to urge that you require your Deputy White House Chief of Staff, Karl Rove, to either come forward immediately to explain his role in the Valerie Plame matter or to resign from your Administration. Notwithstanding whether Mr. Rove intentionally violated the law in leaking information concerning former CIA operative Valerie Plame, we believe it is not tenable to maintain Mr. Rove as one of your most important advisors unless he is willing to explain his central role in using the power and authority of your Administration to disseminate information regarding Ms. Plame and to undermine her husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson...'

First of all I do not claim to be a right winger, left winger or a middle of the road winger. I am just an individual that thoroughly enjoys the freedoms that our Founding Fathers as bestowed upon us in this once great country. There is no doubt what so ever that the DSM needs to stay at the fore front of every thing that is going on with the present Administration. But there is a lot of things that give evidence about what happen on 911. Just to name a few one of which was for the two years prior to 911 you will find that it was one of Bush’s relatives that was head of security of the World Trade Center ( look it up for your self ). Next is the video interviews with some of the fire fighters talking about bombs going off in the buildings. Click on the link below to see one of the video’s.

Then there is the account of one individual talking about bombs going off in the basements of the towers. Click the link below to see the video.

Then watch the Silverstein video.

This is only a few of the accounts of what really happened on that horrific day.

We need to keep up the pressure of the accounts of the DSM on the Administration and get them to answer our questions about what happened in the meetings between Britain and the United States before the war with Iraq. All I want is a just government that is respectful of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence and quit trampling on the rights of the people.

I am in no way enamored with the current administration, and feel that they are up to their eyeballs in illegal schemes, etc., maybe even the scenario described here. However, when I watched the video of the construction worker in B4 (4th basement level) he makes no statement about "bombs going off" in the basement of the towers. His comments relate to the enormity of the impact of the planes, resulting in the damage in the basement.

Please, we need to be accurate about our statements, lest we assist those who are trying to undermine our efforts to determine the truth.

Is the MSM in "hunker down" mode about the Downing Street memos, like Cheney was during Abu Ghraib, hoping the whole thing will blow over and there will be no accountability?

What is the motivation for not covering the DSM memos in daily and in depth?

How come small town newspapers all over the country, the Madison Times, and internet blogs are all over the DSM and the MSM is paralyzed?

The media fell on their swords last year complaining about groupthink...

Theoretically the media is driven by advertising -dollars so if this many people are looking into the DSM (google searches of the DSM contintue to go up and up), then they surely ought to report the DSM?

What is this? GE-owned NBC war profiteering? NYTimes taking a bullet for Halliburton? What?
DSM anyone?

It appears that the only way to build a news network, written,
radio, TV and perhaps even on the internet is to base it abroad.

Study the WWII and the roll London played. And the efforts by Hitler
and his criminals to jam it, and send listeners to concentration camp or worse.

Study the ways that were used the supply the former Sovjet Union and now Mainland China with news. Powerful governments do not like the truth or a free press/media.

This is an excellent start. But it will need financial support and
promotion around the country.

Under Breaking news - World

Danish protests set for Bush visit

Thousands of people are preparing to stage rallies across Denmark to protest at a brief visit by US President George Bush. More than 2,000 police officers were deployed to block streets and keep an eye on demonstrators in one of the biggest security operations the Scandinavian country has ever seen. Protests were planned in and outside the capital, Copenhagen, and in the north-western city of Aarhus ahead of Bush's scheduled arrival.

The website for The Times in England,,3,00.html

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