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You Go, MyDD

By Bob Fertik,

Over at MyDD, Chris Bowers is launching an awesome project:

Ever since the 2003 primary season, the notion of political blogs conducting or commissioning their own telephone polls has flickered to the surface every now and then. A few months ago, Impeach PAC became the first blog to actually go through with it, raising enough money to commission Zogby to run a poll on impeachment.

For the record, (not ImpeachPAC) sponsored these pathbreaking polls - three so far (Ipsos, Zogby, and Rasmussen), with more on the way. And to go back to the source, the polls were inspired by polling activism launched here at

That was really cool and impressive stuff by Impeach PAC, but now here at MyDD we are going to take things at least one step further. As our first move in what we hope will become a semi-annual series of netroots commissioned polls, MyDD is going to commission a comprehensive nationwide poll that will ask twenty questions that most polling firms, especially those attached to commercial news organizations, seem unable to ask themselves. This poll will include:

  • Several well worded questions on impeachment, all drawn from questions that were asked about the impeachment of President Clinton in 1998-1999.
  • Several properly phrased questions about Iraq and withdrawal that go beyond the false choices many polling outfits seem to ask at the behest of the Bush administration.
  • Several well-worded questions on Bush's unwarranted domestic spying.

In the extended entry, I have included a draft of some of the questions I wish to ask. The purpose of this post is to ask you to critique these drafts, and to offer your own questions for possible inclusion in our first poll. While I need particular help formulating the questions on domestic spying, you do not have to limit yourselves to the topics I listed above.

What a lovely invitation!!! Please give Chris as much help as you can.

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Here are a couple of questions to add to the poll.
Along with the regular questions about (the necessity for) IMPEACHMENT
(a)Is your congressperson (republician)(democrat)?
(b)Will your congressperson favor impeachment?
(c)Do you favor starting a recall of all the republician congressional delegates?
(d)Do you know how to start a recall petition?
Based on this, the IMPEACHMENT process could start (YEAH, HALLELUJEH) will the day ever come????

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