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Washington Post Mentions Zogby Poll

Zogby Polls on the I Word

Even the pollster couldn't believe his eyes. "It was much higher than I expected," John Zogby said of the 42 percent of voters who said they would support impeaching President Bush if it were established that he lied about his reasons for the Iraq war. The Zogby International poll was released Thursday and showed Bush's job approval rating at 43 percent.

By comparison, in October 1998, as the House moved to impeach President Bill Clinton over the Monica S. Lewinsky scandal, a Zogby poll found that 39 percent of voters supported the House action, while 56 percent opposed it.

Bush also fared worse within his own party. Among Republicans in the latest Zogby poll, 25 percent said they would support impeachment if Bush lied. Among Clinton's fellow Democrats, support for impeachment was below 14 percent.

Zogby said the hypothetical question "reveals just how badly divided this country is over the war," but also that people may be more comfortable with the idea of throwing a president out of office. "Presidents go to war and do things that are questionable by large numbers of citizens," said Zogby, but no one has ever been impeached for it.

Unlikely that the Republican-led House will begin proceedings anytime soon. But the Web sites are up and running. is running a petition drive. is planning a march on Washington in September. site argues that the Iraq invasion was unconstitutional. asserts that Bush secretly decided to go to war and to mislead Congress in mid-2002.



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The most stunning numbers that I have found in John Zogby's June 27th thru 29th polling, is the "interior numbers" that he, and MSNBC host Keith Olbermann spoke about on "The Countdown" in a piece titled "Bush By the Numbers", aired on June 30th. On the question of if Mr. Bush didn't tell the truth about why we went to war with Iraq, 25% of Republican respondents would support impeachment proceedings. This is the most telling number, considering he received 90% support from his party in his re-election.

When asked of what he saw as the opinion of the public from his recent polling numbers , Zogby said, "...we're beginning to see in these numbers and other numbers we've gotten, that the polarization is starting to be chipped away at, and that the growing center is coming back and being re-created. Americans are getting tired of the polarization".


polls are all well and good but when will the impeachment start? talking about it is no good! action is what I want to see!

Is it really neccessary to impeach George Bush? Is it even proper to address him as President ? The 2000 election was the result of a political coup. Bush and his cronies literally moved themselves into the White House even as a recount was being conducted.Does the fact that the Democratic senate did not stand up for the will of their constituents and demand the recount of the majority black vote in south Florida qualify the legitimacy of his place in the seat of the United States President ? This movement could not possibly taken place without the wealth and political clout of the Bush family.This would be all well and good if we were a dynasty but we are not.This is not a presumption, this is a fact. Put aside the electoral vote, as this would only pertain if a vote by the people of the United States had been conducted. This was not done as even the most devout Republican leader could argue.You cannot argue with facts. One might argue though as to how this travesty of our electorate process was achieved.Obviously , the people of the United States have very little say regarding the decisions and policies of our government. What perplexes me is what happened to our Democratic Senate who could have, at the very least allowed the final count, already in progress, and the recount in south Florida (which was obviously flawed, given the demographics)be conducted according to the undeniable will of the
Given these circumstances, the results of the 2004 elections should be void ,Bush and his accomplices should be imprisoned and tried for
political and war crimes and the offices should be temporarily filled with competent officials. Not empty suits like Giuliani or his ilk ,who were ignored and disliked before 9/11 and simply, because of their presence at the time gained notoriaty as a hero and a leader.He was simply there. He simply did what any mediocre mayor would do. He grabbed a mike and stood for a photo op, as did Bush and almost every other political figure. The real Heros were the men and women risking life and limb to save others, and to compare Giuliani to them is to cast a pall on their honor. In the same respect,not to denegrate the response and heroic measures of those people, being a Hero is NOT a qualification to the office of the President.
We need to get back to square one and decide what does qualify one to that Office. Forget red state/ blue state, Forget Democrat / Republican. We have problems of critical proportion facing our Nation.
ALL of us. The entire working population of this country , the ONE true majority, are facing the same problems.Whether Republican or Democrat. Every one of the problems facing the vast majority of Americans begins with corporate America,telling us that the problems of rising health care, pharmaceuticals, outsourcing jobs cannot be solved without rising prices and major layoffs. Ridiculous !!How about some sacrifices from people at a high corporate level.How about some serious thought as to how to solve rising costs of Health Care. What makes Group Insurance work ? One word; Group. Who has the largest Group work force in the Country ? Why, It's the Country ! Group the work force together and what do you get? Lower costs due to competition.I'm probably wrong,as this seems to simple as to having been ignored for so long but I have a feeling that many of our problems could be fixed quite simply except there may be some financial recriminations for corporate America. That would be a shame ! Imagine having to live on only a couple of million dollars a year or so !!!
We need some MAJOR changes, some extreme actions, actions that take some real guts from the people in this Country who are in the position to instigate some of these changes.NOW !! I believe they may be surprised by the backing they would receive.
We've been torn apart by this red crap /blue crap long enough and I think all people together are beginning to see the light.Politics like this can only exist if they keep the Country divided.

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