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What TV News Looks Like

The BBC has produced a documentary that US television news producers might want to learn from. Although aired weeks before the Sunday Times broke the story of the Downing Street Minutes, this program discussed those minutes without naming them.

BBC documentary "Iraq, Tony and the truth?" broadcast on BBC on March 20, 2005.

BBC page:


Full video of program:


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The Downing St. Memo is yet another piece of evidence that our President together with his direct subhordinates in the Cabinet hold such disdain for the truth and indeed the citizens of our country and the world at large that they should not be held accountable for direct lies. Together with that is the knowledge that over 50% of Americans apparently don't bother to educate themelves beyond the 5 min. sound bites of the news media, so by gaining control of our major media, turning it into the White House propganda outlet, they can gleefully do pretty much whatever they want.
Something I haven't heard discussed yet, that I think bears some airing in the public forum is the obvious outcome of anadministration that has managed to get control of all three branches of goverment. First Bush has surrounded himself with neo-cons and at the very least yes men and it is common knowledge Bush has no patience for anyone who has a different opinion...this has led to the resignation of many within the administration already ( Oneil, Clark, and others ). The GOP has a majority in the House and Senate so the legislative branch is under their control for the most part. Republicans have done little but rubber stamp every decision Bush has made since his first election and have completely reneged on their responcibility to maintain oversite as the people's representitves onf the executive branch. Finally, the Justice order for a Justice Dept. to be effective it must be independant from the executive in so far as its ability to investigate and indict any wrongdoers. That was hardly a reasonable expectation in John Aschroft as Attorney General and I see no reason to assume its any more realistic with the current one. Again, the first and highest priority of anyone picked by Bush is thier loyalty to the Bush doctrine and the GOP at large.
What effectively has taken place is the systematic removal of the checks and balances that have been a part of our political system since our countires inception. No scandle, no revelations like the Downing St. Memo, the Valerie Plame outing, Cheney's Halliburton connections, Cheney's clsed door meetings with Oil executives, none will see the light of day or raise to the level they should. Especially in a country devoid of investigative journalism. We all saw what happened to Dan Rather when he went against the Admin. mantra. Where is the outrage in our country, what worse crime can any president do then drag us into a war on lies ?

Have referenced this before. It is a BRILLIANT 3 x 1hr BBC Documentary by ADAM CURTIS that aired in the UK January of this year, also at Cannes Film Festival. I believe there was initially some interest by various parties, including PBS, to pick it up for distribution here, but supposedly due to monetary concerns around copyright and royalties etc. It was dropped. Being a decades-long paranoid conspiracy theory advocate I tend to think there were other "influences" at work. I was able to see it at a small "art house" where they kinda circumvented these issues by screening it as part of a "Film Festival". If you talk to anyone who has seen it I think you will find they would agree that it is a far more effective, informative AND entertaining piece of work than Fahrenheit 9/11, and could have substantial impact if it received wider exposure. I know there are "copies" around on DVD, so if anyone with more connections and access than I should happen to come upon a copy..........?
For more info check following:-
>THE NATION: 6/2 & 6/20 '05: "Beware The Holy War" by Peter Bergen.
>FILM COMMENT: June '05: The Power of Nightmares" by Chris Drake.
The Truth Shall Set You Free..and leave you alternately gasping and rolling in the aisles ! patrickmonk.rn.

BBC's "The Power of Nightmares," is excellent and available for download on Just put in a search for "nightmares" and it will (or should) take you to the link. It's most educational and very well done.

The Power of Nightmares - a BBC Documentary
(This program reveals Straussian philosophy of Bushco> "Noble Lies")

Each program is 58 minutes long - - Real Video

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


God Bless You, Downing, and the Coalition. I have been trying to get these transcripts to the American People for 77 days. Thank you for getting the news through the blockade. If it had come on Columbus' ship I don't think it could have taken any longer!!

I'm glad you were able to use this information I sent to you.

Thanks for posting it!!

You know what would be great? Some group like MoveOn burning DVD's of this program (the wmv file at is pretty high quality) and having house parties with them.

Anyone who wants a good grasp of the games Bush and Blair (and often enough, Bush on Blair) were playing in the run-up to the invasion, owes it to themselves to watch this documentary.

For a long while, it hasn't been available off the internet so I was very pleased and grateful to find this link. I'd like to mention that the imagery is awesome and the quality of the production is likewise terrific. I agree too, that the actual quality of the available recording is of very good-excellent quality (almost flawless when played at normal size)(the first version I had viewed was of such amazing quality, that it allowing for crystal clear playback even at enlarged size--nevertheless, this one is better than most other online videos and we're very lucky to have it; thanks to the host).

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