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Canvassing for Impeachment - a Joyful Day

By Carol Wolman

Tourists always crowd the little seaside town of Mendocino, California, on Fourth of July weekend. I made lots of copies of the attached letter to Congressman John Conyers (D-MI), which encourages him to investigate possible grounds for impeachment, and sallied forth to collect signatures.

It's the easiest canvassing I've ever done. People stood in line to sign. About half the people who signed (around 100, in a couple of hours) also took a blank copy so they could canvass their friends.

I walked around a crafts fair and a cocktail hour hosted by a local hotel. Reactions were fascinating. Quite a few people burst out laughing when I approached them with: "Would you like to help impeach Bush?" Some of these were Bush supporters, who sobered quickly when they saw the general enthusiasm for impeachment. Others were just happily amazed that such a possibility even exists.

Lots of people said "It can't happen, why bother?" I explained that there is a big, rapidly growing movement, but a media blackout prevents this from being known. (Many people only use the internet
for news, weather, maps, shopping and the like, and have no idea of the range and depth of discussions that take place in Egroups and on listserves. Many more don't use it at all.) These people were
astonished to hear that 128 Congresspeople have already joined Conyers in demanding answers from the president.

A few demurred, saying that they were afraid of retaliation from the Feds, even though I showed them that these letters are faxed directly to Conyers' office. To the fainthearted, I threw out a challenge:

"The founding fathers put their lives on the line to sign the Declaration of Independence, so that you can have freedom. Won't you do the same for your descendants?" Next time they are approached, they'll sign.

My favorite encounter was with a friend from the Foursquare Gospel Church in which I was baptized, though I stopped attending it years ago (Presbyterian now). This is a rapture church, and she is an
ardent Bush supporter. I became instantly passionate. I shouted at her that Bush is a liar, and a hypocrite, just like the Pharisees. I yelled that Bush is a blasphemer who deserves impeachment for misusing the name of Jesus. She was stunned, but quickly muttered that what happens here doesn't matter anyway. "We're supposed to choose life, not pie in the sky", was my response.

Overall, my canvassing was a great success. Many people thanked me, and wanted to know if others are doing this. I referred them to

The buzz about impeachment is getting louder. Many visitors were in Mendocino from out of town, and will spread the word when they go home. The mood of America is changing rapidly.

Those that are so invested in the established order that they fear impeachment, officials in both parties, are seeking to deflect impeachment energy into a "get out of Iraq" movement. This is a
wonderful byproduct, but doesn't take care of the worldwide prison camps, the unending assaults on the environment, the push to develop new nuclear weapons, etc.

We the people need to take back our power from the warmongering corporate criminals. Bush and Cheney have to go.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. Print out the Resolution of Inquiry, make copies, get a clipboard, and go to your local barbecue, parade, fireworks display, and gather signatures. Impeachment is the way to restore the American spirit of freedom, justice and tolerance for people of all creeds, colors and nationalities.

HERE'S A KIT to help you get started:

Here's the Form Carol Wolman Made and Used Effectively.


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Along with that Request from a Successful Activist working the Uninformed, print out her Kit and Visit the Veterans For Peace Site Click over to the 'Declaration Of Impeachment', print out Declaration, print out the Charges, Sign The OnSite Petition, another link gives you a pdf of a Petition you Use to get others to Sign!
This Link Takes You To The OnSite Petition Sign On:
First Link Takes You To VFP HomeSite To Get Started On Rest!!!!

The Way To Save Democracy-Is Action, To Support The Troops-'Bring Them Home,NOW!!!!!'
USN '67-'71 GMG3 Vietnam In-Country '70-'71 COMNAVFORV

July 3rd, 2005: Today is the 34th anniversary of the death of the late 60's American Poet and lead singer of "The Doors" Jim Morrison who, in 1971, mysteriously passed away in Paris, France sometime after he was sentenced to serve jail time by the conservative Florida court and it's conservative citizens for The Lizard King's "indecent exposure" at a 1969 concert in Miami. As a true rebel he was, Mr. Mojo Risin' didn't conform to the Nixon-loving, shallow-minded conservatives who wanted his head on a stick because he had personified the free-spirit artistry he was trying to share with a changing America that wanted to progress both politically and culturally at a time when the Vietnam War was tearing the country apart. As I was collectively reflecting on America's strange aura on how it became a nation, by way of the near-practical annihilation of the Native American indians who first inhabited this great and mystical land that the white Europeans had pillaged and raped, I was reading a September 23, 2000 article written by Dennis Roddy of the "" about how President George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, and two of his companion's, who in 1918, crept into a cemetery near Fort Sill in Oklahoma in the middle of the night and pried open a grave site of the infamous Apache warrior, Geronimo. The sadistic purpose: to attain the skull of the great warrior as a symbol of a secret elitist society
called the "Skull and Bones", in which they were members of, and, are ironically and strangely located in New Haven, Conneticut, home of Yale University, where George W. Bush gloriously attained his "C" average education and shared it with an America now already being held hostage from his blind and evil stupidity; and this is the same town where Jim Morrison went to jail, for, as to what the New Haven police claim, was "trying to incite a riot" when Morrison was explaining to his "wild child" audience that he was maced backstage by a jealous police officer who caught both Morrison and a female fan "getting it on" in a shower stall. Anyways, back to the story at hand: once "W 04"'s weird grandaddy and his sicko buddies got a hold of Geronimo's sacred cranium, they took it back to New Haven to spiff it and polish it up for their goofy rituals that have been attended by the many generations of Bushes and other powerful elitists who belonged to the "Skull and Bones" club. This weird club keeps the ugliest house on High Street, located in New Haven, and the members dress up as skeletons, wizards, and even THE POPE! for their psychopathic ceremonies. Happy Halloween, Bushniks!! Apparently, Geromino's skull is not safe from these white people. Want to know more about Dubya's fanatical family empire tree? It's gonna be real ugly, folks, so here it comes! I also was reading up on several articles, one of the sources came from our former enemies of our American Revolution and now our endeared ally, those pesky Brits, "the Guardian".
In their September 25, 2004 article by Ben Aris from Berlin, Germany and Duncan Campbell from Washington DC had stated that "our" president's
grandaddy was mingling with Adolf Hitler and his pathetic Nazi
murderers. "The Guardian" had obtained confirmation from newly discovered files from the U.S. National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director of that became the architect of the dreaded and hated Nazi war machine our "Golden Generation" had gallantly fought off for our freedom. From as far back as the early 1920's, Prescott Bush and his partner in crime, George Herbert Walker,
whom Bush #41 had his pompous ass named after in the family tree, collaborated with such individuals such as Fritz Thyssen, a German industrialist who helped financed Hitler to power, Averill Harriman, a New York railroad magnate that helped Bush and Walker into some banking ventures, in which they created their company the Union Banking Corporation or the UBC, and others, position themselves to prominence and power and financed Hitler during the second World War by profitting off the Jewish holocaust victims at the Nazi concentration camps in Auschwitz in the 1940's. A hint of how sick these people are: George Herbert Walker, "our" president's other granddaddy, was a former heavyweight boxing champion that became an arrogant charmer who lived in extravagant houses and apartments in the east coast, loved golf, hunting, drinking scotch and beating his sons to a pulp and was also a religious bigot who hated Jews and Catholics, even when he was a Catholic himself! Until 1942, when the U.S. government put a stop to Prescott Bush's war profitteering by
the Trading With The Enemy Act that seized all of his shares from his UBC that Prescott Bush was a director and shareholder of at the time, the Bush-Nazi connection continued their "own wrath of terrorism" on an uncertain world at war. I could go on and on AND ON!!! Just read up on those articles as well as "The Bush-Nazi Connection" on the 2000 edition of The Draheim Report, (Issue 14, May/June 2002) and, believe me, YOU'LL BE FUCKIN' SHOCKED AND APPALLED!!!" Maybe Jim Morrison was right when he said, "ADOLPH HITLER IS ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVING IN MIAMI (AND THE WHITE HOUSE)!!! If the all the Jesus-lovin', SUV drivin' conservative Republicans were so Goddamned inspired and supportive of putting Geronimo and Mr. Mojo Risin' incarcerated, or worse, six feet under, we should do the same to the Bush administration due to their terrorist past and even more terrorist present because the Downing Street Memo is OUR poetic weapon of justice! Read up on the horror stories and think about it, America, and have a safe AND sane 4th of July.

Peace and Love,

Geronimo's Karma

What about old Prescott's friends and family attitude after being slapped on the back for his war crimes. Did His friend Otto Ambros stay head of BASF, even while in jail for helping kill 6 million or more people at IG Farben. Did Prescott have little Georgie watch and listen at family get togethers how to get away with bringing Nazi friends into america for the new CIA and pass AMNESTY laws for them and become a Senator in 1952. Did the Family learn how to make laws fit their needs, just ask Jonathan Bush, Neil Bush, Marvin Bush, James Bush, they all know what they have done and continue to do. And lets honor his name with James-Jeb-Bush's son George Prescott Bush.

The whole family and all their friends sneek around and build their empires of terror while they sit on a Throne of Bones. And they Laugh at the poor souls under their boots. They all know what they have done and continue to do. EVERY ONE OF THEM. But if you say anything about Prescott Bush or the Bush Family, they say How Dare You talk about him. But it goes on and on. And the new Hitler's of our time have the same ideas, dominate, destroy, deny, demand, and denounce the truth. History has a funny way of repeating itself if we forget the past.

Our Laws, Education, Medical and all things American, HAVE BEEN HIJACKED, by the Right Wing NeoCon's, Scientology, Narconon's loving, Skull grabing, LOCKSTEP FOOLS.

Impeach W, yes, but don't take your eye off Florida !!!

The "Project for a New American Century" (PNAC) most likely is already grooming Jeb Bush, governor of Florida, W's smarter brother and signatory of the PNAC Statement of Principles (or I call it "Old Farts' Billionaire Imperialistic Boys Club of America). PNAC's a "non-profit organization"... yeah right, like they have to hustle cookies door-to-door to implement their illegal Iraqui invasion (follow the flood of money that flows like water into that PNAC racket...) Also, Katherine Harris, neo-con darling, is running against Bill Nelson for the Florida senator spot for 2006... gee I wonder how many voting machines are getting rigged as we speak? The only "good thing" about her running, is the Bush boys have apparently jilted her!

Imagine that, could the Neo-con parasites actually be feeding off each other...Celebrate Impeachment, yes, but also wake up and smell the orange juice !


Is it really neccessary to impeach George Bush? Is it even proper to address him as President ? The 2000 election was the result of a political coup. Bush and his cronies literally moved themselves into the White House even as a recount was being conducted.Does the fact that the Democratic senate did not stand up for the will of their constituents and demand the recount of the majority black vote in south Florida qualify the legitimacy of his place in the seat of the United States President ? This movement could not possibly taken place without the wealth and political clout of the Bush family.This would be all well and good if we were a dynasty but we are not.This is not a presumption, this is a fact. Put aside the electoral vote, as this would only pertain if a vote by the people of the United States had been conducted. This was not done as even the most devout Republican leader could argue.You cannot argue with facts. One might argue though as to how this travesty of our electorate process was achieved.Obviously , the people of the United States have very little say regarding the decisions and policies of our government. What perplexes me is what happened to our Democratic Senate who could have, at the very least allowed the final count, already in progress, and the recount in south Florida (which was obviously flawed, given the demographics)be conducted according to the undeniable will of the
Given these circumstances, the results of the 2004 elections should be void ,Bush and his accomplices should be imprisoned and tried for
political and war crimes and the offices should be temporarily filled with competent officials. Not empty suits like Giuliani or his ilk ,who were ignored and disliked before 9/11 and simply, because of their presence at the time gained notoriaty as a hero and a leader.He was simply there. He simply did what any mediocre mayor would do. He grabbed a mike and stood for a photo op, as did Bush and almost every other political figure. The real Heros were the men and women risking life and limb to save others, and to compare Giuliani to them is to cast a pall on their honor. In the same respect,not to denegrate the response and heroic measures of those people, being a Hero is NOT a qualification to the office of the President.
We need to get back to square one and decide what does qualify one to that Office. Forget red state/ blue state, Forget Democrat / Republican. We have problems of critical proportion facing our Nation.
ALL of us. The entire working population of this country , the ONE true majority, are facing the same problems.Whether Republican or Democrat. Every one of the problems facing the vast majority of Americans begins with corporate America,telling us that the problems of rising health care, pharmaceuticals, outsourcing jobs cannot be solved without rising prices and major layoffs. Ridiculous !!How about some sacrifices from people at a high corporate level.How about some serious thought as to how to solve rising costs of Health Care. What makes Group Insurance work ? One word; Group. Who has the largest Group work force in the Country ? Why, It's the Country ! Group the work force together and what do you get? Lower costs due to competition.I'm probably wrong,as this seems to simple as to having been ignored for so long but I have a feeling that many of our problems could be fixed quite simply except there may be some financial recriminations for corporate America. That would be a shame ! Imagine having to live on only a couple of million dollars a year or so !!!
We need some MAJOR changes, some extreme actions, actions that take some real guts from the people in this Country who are in the position to instigate some of these changes.NOW !! I believe they may be surprised by the backing they would receive.
We've been torn apart by this red crap /blue crap long enough and I think all people together are beginning to see the light.Politics like this can only exist if they keep the Country divided.
I sure hope so.

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