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The Treasonous Lies of Bob Novak and Karl Rove

By Cheryl Seal

I watched "Meet the Press" on Sunday (Oct 5), a show that more accurately should be called the "Tim Russert Kiss-ass Hour" (or TRKA - which, appropriately, sounds like the title of one of the more knuckle-dragging species of college fraternities). The show's sole purpose for being is to allow Bush administration officials and other darlings of the rightwing to drop by for coffee-and-camera time each Sunday morning and present their slanted version of the latest outrage they have committed on America while Russert smiles, nods and simpers.

As the saying goes, you cannot serve two masters. Bob Novak and Karl Rove, representing the most arms of America most subverted by the NeoCon regime - the White House and the media - are making it emminently clear who they serve, and it isn't the American public.

I watched "Meet the Press" on Sunday (Oct 5), a show that more accurately should be called the "Tim Russert Kiss-ass Hour" (or TRKA - which, appropriately, sounds like the title of one of the more knuckle-dragging species of college fraternities). The show's sole purpose for being is to allow Bush administration officials and other darlings of the rightwing to drop by for coffee-and-camera time each Sunday morning and present their slanted version of the latest outrage they have committed on America while Russert smiles, nods and simpers.

This week's episode of the TRKA Hour was dedicated to spinning the Valerie Plame story. As you will recall, Valerie Plame is the CIA operative who was outed in a collusion between, mostly probably, Karl Rove and, most definitely, Bob Novak, a blustering, pompous old coot who remains on the payroll of the "Chicago Sun-Times" for God knows what reason (maybe he has accumulated sufficient dirt on the folks who would probably LOVE to fire him). Novak has the distinction of being about the last dedicated Bush administration apologist out there amongst the "major columnists" who make regular rounds of shows like the TRKA Hour.

First up with Russert was Joseph Wilson, husband of Valerie Plame, who, like a gallant husband and good citizen, is enraged by the outing of his wife. Outing a CIA agent is, as I have said before, tantamount to attempted murder, not mention felony theft of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of taxpayer dollars. To establish an effective cover for an agent may take years and a great deal of resources - all paid for by American citizens. An agent like Plame, who worked with overseas contacts, may have people in several different countries whose confidence they have laboriously worked to gain. Those contacts, in turn, have contacts, and so forth. Once an agent is outed, this entire network is compromised, as is the safety of everyone involved who can now be linked to Plame by the "bad guys." Not only that, but you may as well flush those taxpayer dollars spent to construct the cover down the toilet.

Wilson was not intimidated by Russert, who enjoys bullying anyone not in his Kalorama Kocktail Klub (the new KKK) circle, a mutual admiration society centered in the swank Kalorama neighborhood where Cheney and Russert dwell as chummy neighbors. Confronted by Wilson, Russert did what he always does when someone has a good point: first he interrupted Wilson mid-statement, then, when Wilson failed to be cowed, merely lapsed into silent sulking. Wilson stood by his guns. Although he of course could not be absolutely sure Karl Rove was behind the leak, Rove pushed the leak for days after Novak first wrote about Plame. It should also be pointed out that Karl Rove was FIRED by Bush I in the early 1990s for leaking damaging information about someone else to a reporter. And guess who that reporter was? His good buddy Bob Novak. Wilson also stood by his assertion that, should Rove be proven guilty, he should be frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs.

Next, Novak himself appeared. Russert simpered and snickered and rapturously listened to every comment of this sellout "columnist," careful not to bring up any "difficult" points such as questioning Novak about his previous episode with Karl Rove in the early 1990s. If I were a Republican PR person, the last person I would have wished to have appear on the TRKA Hour was a character as unsympathetic in looks and manner as Novak. This sour, jowly, hound-dog-eyed old geezer looks like someone sent over from central casting to play the role of the Evil Bank Manager in a movie in which the bank forecloses on Sunnybrook Farm and Rebecca is evicted. Worse, Novack's only defense was bluster and the repeated claim: "I've been in this business 40 years" (repeated four times that I counted).

Let's take a look at the gaping holes in Novak's story:

NOVAK STORY: He claims he had absolutely no idea that the information about Plame was a big deal. He says he got the impression that she was a paper pusher in one of the CIA's DC offices. He said the comment about Plame working for the CIA was "just an offhand remark" at the end of the conversation.

HOLE: The fact that the White House informant called several other journalists looking for a place to plant the leak is, by itself, enough to blow this story out of the water. But even more damning to Novak's case is that in his article on Plame, he referred to her repeatedly as a CIA "operative." Since when would anyone - even the slowest-witted among us - describe someone who files papers in an office as a "CIA operative?"

NOVAK STORY: "I've been in this business 40 years."

HOLE: Anyone who has been a journalist for 40 years, unless they are senile (maybe that's Novak's best defense!) would know the difference between "CIA paper pusher" and "CIA operative."

NOVAK STORY: He claims he is not revealing his source because that is his prerogative as a journalist.

HOLE: That prerogative is supposed to apply only to sources who, at the time of imparting the information, made the journalist promise not to reveal the source. In the case of Turner vs. Dolcefino, for example, the issue was that the reporter had vowed silence in exchange for the information given by the source.

In addition, journalistic prerogative usually involves PRIVATE CITIZENS. The protection of White House officials is, to say the least, overstretching prerogative by most anyone's definition. Why? The press is supposed to be in the business of PROTECTING the public from unethical officials, not protecting the unethical officials! Once Novak knew that he had been induced to out a CIA agent, it should have become his duty as a journalist to expose the perpetrator. In any case, Novak claimed that the comment about Plame was "an offhand remark" made at the end of a regular conversation. Since when does an "offhand remark" at the end of an "ordinary conversation" involve swearing the listener to secrecy? C'mon, Novak. It was either leak and you KNEW it, or it was a casual conversation and needn't be kept secret.

NOVAK STORY: When Tim Russert asked Novak is he was afraid he might go to prison for refusing to reveal his sources, Novak smirked smugly and said he hardly thought that would be a danger.

HOLE: If Novak takes his own story about journalistic prerogative seriously, then he SHOULD be worried. Why isn't he worried? First, because he doesn't take his own line seriously - it's bullsh-t and he knows it. Second, because he knows in any case that his good buddy John Ashcroft would never put him in jail. That treatment is reserved for young women (Vanessa Leggett) without friends in high places who aren't jeapordizing national security and who aren't officially even journalists!

NOVAK STORY: The CIA called Novak and told him not to use Plame's name because it would make things very difficult for her, especially when she went abroad. Novak claims that this didn't seem strong enough to compel him not to reveal Plame's name.

HOLE: As Novak is so fond of sayinghe's "been in this business 40 years" and knows how Washington works. It this is true, then he KNOWS that the CIA cannot provide him with any details about an agent and the nature of her work (like mentioning that she could be killed in retaliation) because to do so would further compromise her.

NOVAK STORY: Incredibly, Novak tries to justify his injustifiable act against Plame by saying that he thinks Wilson was too left-leaning to have been entrusted with investigating the Iraq WMD issue.

HOLE: Novak proves here that he is anything but a patriotic American citizen. In our system, we are supposed to have an unbiased jury, an unbiased judge, and, ideally, a government that represents the check and balance of two parties. When we are talking about going to WAR, then it seems critical above all things to have an unbiased "jury" examining the evidence. Who would think it was "American" to have a jury trying a black man, for example, stacked with white racists? We have worked decades to root out that kind of injustice. If Novak were a patriotic American, he would applaud Wilson's role, especially as Wilson's take on the WMDs has been confirmed by David Kay.

But the fact of the matter is, Novak and Rove -regardless of whether Rove was the direct leaker or merely the highest-level (short of Bush) "leak condoner"- are NOT good citizens nor are they patriotic Americans. Here are the crimes against Democracy, the American public, and private individuals they have committed:

1. Undermining of national security by exposing a CIA operative and by creating a rift of trust between the White House and CIA.

2. Attempted murder. That is what outing a CIA agent amounts to, purely and simply. In the 1990s, an agent named Welch was outed and, within a short time, found murdered outside his home. Some of the people in the chain of contacts of which Plame was a part may be murdered, even if she is not. Sadly, these retaliatory murders may never be revealed because of the secrecy of the chain.

3. Subversion of the American press. Novak allowed the American press to be used as a tool by the White House for revenge. This is not "free speech" or "journalistic prerogative." This is premeditated abuse of the press, just as surely as the Mockingbird program, through which the CIA planted phony, damaging stories in the press to help gain White House and Pentagon objectives. Just as no one would call the Mockingbird program "the right of free speech," no one would consider what Novack did his "right." What possible public"need to know" was there in revealing Valerie Plame as an agent?

4. Theft of American tax dollars. By refusing to come forward with the leaker, both Rove and Novack are forcing the need for an investigation - a very expensive investigation. The right thing to do, the selfless thing to do, would be for Novak to come clean about his source and/or for the leaker to step forward for the good of the country. The fact that this is not happening is glaring, incontrovertible proof that Novack and Rove's self interest outweigh all other considerations, including the welfare of the American people they are supposed to serve.

5. Advocation of a dictatorship: The fact that Wilson's report on the WMDs was considered reason enough to make he and his wife targets at the expense of American security and tax dollars shows a despotic - in fact murderous - intolerance of dissent that is appropriate only to the most oppressive fascist dictatorships. That is certainly not the America that real patriots want to be a part of or to uphold.

In future history books when they list those who made constructive contributions to America in the early 21th century, missing from the list will be Karl Rove, Bob Novak, Tim Russert, Rush Limbaugh and all the otherr hypocritical, treasonous losers who have made it their personal mission in life to tear down the American ideal so many thousands have given their lives over the past 250 years to build.

This White House Scandal Finally Tips the Scale!

"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism" - Thomas Jefferson

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be...
The People cannot be safe without information." -- Thomas Jefferson

Author: Cheryl Seal
Posted: Monday October 06, 2003 03:05 AM

This White House Scandal Finally Tips the Scale!

The Treasonous Lies of Bob Novak and Karl Rove


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The problem of fascism is that it doesn't just land one day out of the sky... it sneaks up on you.

Look at the lapdop American press. Shock a dog long enough it just lies down and takes it-- this is the psycopathology of Rove, W, Cheney, and Novak--

Wake up and smell the fascism America. Its here.

Does providing news about Rove/Novak endanger the lives of the US military?

When monitoring the MSM ( Mean Stream Media ), one would think so!

Now that the notes have been turned over by Time, a move I applaud, I have yet to hear the media state what the real issue is here. What is that issue? That the law has been broken, and not by the person about whom the initial article by Mr. Novak was written, no, but rather by the source itself. This is the real issue here folks. We're not talking about Woodward protecting Deep Throat because he is exposing a cover-up, but rather that Copper, Miller, and Novak are protecting someone who either on their own, or ordered to do so, revealed the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame for revenge, plain and simple. It was not to protect and inform the American citizens of corruption in the government or about those responsible for an unjust and illegal war based on premeditated lies told to the American people and the world, but plain old revenge because the Bush administration didn't like that someone actually exercised their rights under the first amendment, and exposed that administration's incompetence and willingness to outright fix the facts to fit the policy. I doubt any national news agency or anyone they employ will have the guts to point this out, as it can't be that they just happened to miss this little bit of reality — if that's the case then maybe someone should hire me to run the national news. After all, I seem to be the only one pointing this out.

To sum this up it needs to be said that a news reporter should NEVER reveal his or her sources when the greater good of the people is being done, but when what they are protecting is someone’s personal agenda who is manipulating the American people, the media, breaking the law, and putting the lives of other’s at risk for their own imperialistic agenda, then it is not only the legal obligation of a reporter to reveal the source, but it is his or her professional and moral obligation as well. That is unless they themselves are in bed with the Bush administration and their agenda just also happens to be that of the Bush agenda

A good and correct post!

What the hell are you talking about? The media has not addressed this information at all! How can we even begin to figure all of this mess out if the press has a blind eye!

Rove is Deputy Whitehouse Chief of Staff. Not sure when he was appointed to that "rank."

My question is and I'm hoping someone can answer it...........

Under what capacity, other than being prince stupids cheerleader, would he have a security clearance that would even authorize him to know Valerie was a CIA operative? Wouldn't there have to be another leaker?

Please someone must be able to answer this and I'll be checking back for the answer.

It's funny how Robert Novak's attitude to his disclosure that Valeria Plame was CIA operative was not a big a deal, sits very well with Karl Rove's call to Chris Mathews after the article was published in which he said that Wilson's wife was, "fair game."

This was obviously a co-ordinated attempt to discredit Joseph Wilson's investigation into whether Iraq purchased enriched Uranium from Niger. This notion was the basis upon which both Bush and Blair had made a lot of statements about the potential threat of Saddam.

Here is some additional information that explains why i think this that I posted on the blog I just started (which you could check out if you really, really like :)

Back Story on Rove
I read a cool article on MSNBC Newsweek that details some of the back story to the White House leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame. Here is a list of the most pertinent details:

1) The Time reporter Mathew Cooper aswell as an NY Times journalist is refusing to testify inspite of the decision to hand over the documents pertaining to the investigation by Time Inc. editor in chief Norman Pearlstine. They potentially face a jail sentence.

2) The ascribed motivation for the leak, which I didn't fully grasp beforehand, was to undermine the credibility of Joseph Wilson's trip to Niger. Plame was based there, and it was implied that her nepotism lead to Wilson's employ, and in turn, damages the validity of his findings. His findings were that there was no evidence to support the assertion that Iraq purchased enriched Uranium from Niger.

3) It seems that Bob Novak has made some kind of deal with Special Council Fitzgerald, as he is not being aggressively held to account like the Time and NY TImes reporters are. This is very strange.

4) Mathew Cooper has divulged that one of his sources was a top aide to Dick Cheney. He provided this information when said aide gave him permission to do so.

5) Rove's interaction with Cooper took place almost a week before the Novak article outed Plame.

6) Rove's lawyer, Robert Luskin has made two interesting statements about what Rove did not say to Cooper in his coversation. Rove "never knowingly disclosed classified information" and "he did not tell any reporter that Valerie Plame worked for the CIA," according to the Newsweek article. The first statement implies that Rove did pass on classfied information, but just wasn't aware that he was doing so. The second implies that Rove DID discuss Valerie Plame with Cooper but simply didn't make reference to the fact that she was a CIA operative.

My assessment of this would be that Rove told Cooper that Valerie Plame worked in Niger and got Wilson, her husband, the job there. This is a pretty wild estimation, but I feel pretty confident this is the case.

7) According the Newsweek, a couple of days after Novak's column was published, Rove called Chris Mathews and told him that Wilson's wife was "fair game." OUCH!!!

The problem is that the story is complicated, the stakes are difficult to condense into a soundbite, and the extent to which the story will become a topic of conversation amongst the general public is difficult to assess. A lot of evidence is leading towards serious misconduct by the White House senior political advisor. I don't understand why this isn't a bigger story. It's obviously because most news organisations are treading very carefully because of the severity of the implications.

George Stephanopolous (sp?)gave all of 1 minute, 22 seconds to Rove and the Plame outing...before moving on to the replacement for Sandra Day O'Connor...this is typical of all the minute here, one minute there and usually not at prime times when most people would be watching...they have been working to keep this from coming out and, when that failed, they began planning how they would "spin" it...we cannot let them get away with "spinning this into oblivian" and, consequently, getting away with it...

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