You are herecontent / Linda McQuaig says pliant American press behaving like Pravda in coverage of the U.S. president

Linda McQuaig says pliant American press behaving like Pravda in coverage of the U.S. president

Toronto Star, Canada

If clear evidence emerged showing George W. Bush had written in his diary that he had lied to the American people to justify his invasion of Iraq, would the U.S. media even consider that a story?

I'm not sure any more. To an astonishing extent, the U.S. media have avoided scrutinizing this U.S. president, even after it became clear he'd launched a war in the name of disarming Iraq of weapons that didn't exist.

The Bush administration and the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee blamed this on "faulty intelligence," an explanation the media have largely parroted.

The Senate committee promised last summer to probe what role the White House may have played in concocting the faulty intelligence — but only after the presidential election.

Once the president was re-elected last fall, the Senate committee chairman, Republican Pat Roberts, simply cancelled the promised investigation of the White House's role, insisting it would be "a monumental waste of time to replow this ground any further."

Replow it further? How about plowing it once?

Roberts's decision to let the administration off the hook on Iraq was barely covered in the media.

Recently, some top-secret British government memos, leaked to the British press, have revealed that America's chief ally believed Bush's case for war was fabricated. Still, the U.S. media have barely stirred.

The British memos reveal the Bush administration had decided by April 2002 — a year before the invasion — to use military force against Saddam. This contradicts Bush's insistence that war was only a last resort.

One memo, detailing a secret meeting chaired by British Prime Minister Tony Blair in July 2002, shows the Blair government considered that Bush's case about the dangers of Saddam's weapons "was thin" and that "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

The memo also shows the Blair government realized invading Iraq would be illegal and hoped Saddam could be provoked into doing something to justify war against him. One plan was for U.S. aircraft patrolling southern Iraq (officially to protect ethnic minorities from Saddam) to drop bombs in the hopes that Saddam would fight back.

The memo noted that "spikes of activity" by U.S. aircraft had already begun "to put pressure on the regime." British figures show that between May and August 2002, ten tonnes of bombs a month were dropped on Iraq. Still, Saddam failed to be lured into war.

In a televised address last week, Bush portrayed U.S. actions in Iraq as defensive, as necessary to protect America from another 9/11.

I saw no mention in the TV coverage of what the British memos reveal: that those with inside knowledge knew Saddam's arsenal posed no danger, that the intelligence was being "fixed" and that the U.S. dropped bombs to try to provoke a war — while insisting it was doing everything it could to avoid one.

Instead, the media kept their focus on what the president said in his speech. Pravda, covering a Soviet leader's speech, would have been similarly respectful.

Linda McQuaig is a Toronto-based author and commentator.



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Thanks Linda McQuaig and the Tonronto Star. MSM is just code for Pravda now.

In eastern bloc countries they used to turn their tvs to face outside the window when the evening news was on.

Its becoming the same here too.

Nonsense news in a land that demands facts about where our money, our troops, and our constitution is going.

Visit here:

Capital Times
June 30, 2005

"The point is to recognize reality: The invasion and occupation of Iraq did not stem the spread of terrorist activity in the Middle East. It handed the terrorists new opportunities for recruitment, and it gave them new territory in which to operate. Until the president acknowledges these fundamental realities - and his own responsibility for making things worse - it will be impossible to undo the damage.

George Bush set out to deceive the American people Tuesday. That was morally wrong, and tactically foolish.

But Bush also deceived himself, by engaging in the fantasy that some new spin will allow him to avoid taking responsibility for making the world a more dangerous place. Ultimately, that is the bigger, and far more dangerous, lie."

So much for the myth of the liberal media bias, where is the liberal media when we really need it? What we have today is a corporate media, news is entertainment and lives and dies on ratings just like any other sit-com, what an apt discription, news as sit-com. If your news program is owned by General Electric, which profits from a war economy, they are not going to bite the hand that feeds them by a critical analysis of the war. If the corporate news media lives and dies by ratings, well we know what to do, turn off the TV, change the channel; thank god for the internet.

Sit-news. A very apt description.
Check out a (coming) independent news channel:

Thank you Canada,the American people are not getting the news!
We heard about Monica and the stain for years.

But we have some serious charges against many in our Whitehouse and the big medias don't think it's important!
There is evidence this war was started on a BIG FAT LIE and men are dying and they don't find this news worthy.
Not to forget Karl Rove outing the CIA,Halliburton rippping us off,missing money in many depts.of government the list is endless.

But the Micheal Jackson,Scot Peterson and now Natalie seem to be all they cover.I'm waiting for them to play reruns of the stain on Monicas dress!

President Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari stood shoulder to shoulder at the White House on Friday, both pledging eventual victory over the terrorists and their daily attacks.

Dr Ibrahim al-Jaafari is the new Prime Minister of Iraq in the Iraqi Transitional Government following the elections of January 2005.

He is a Shiite and was previously one of the two vice-presidents of Iraq under the Iraqi Interim Government in 2004, and the main spokesman for the Islamic Dawa Party in Iraq.

The Islamic Dawa Party is an Iraqi political organization. It is one if the main Shi'ite parties. The party is led by Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a doctor, who now serves as Iraq's Prime Minister.

1981 On 1 April al-Dawa carried out an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Tariq Aziz, Foreign Minister at the time.

1982 Al-Dawa failed in attempt to assassinate Saddam Hussein.

1987 Again Al-Dawa fails in an attempt to kill Saddam by attacking his motorcade.

1996 It is alleged that al-Dawa carried out the attempt on Saddam's son, Uday

"The Iraqi leader said, "You have given us something more than money. You have given us a lot of your sons, your children that were killed beside our own children in Iraq."

"Oh, Canada, glorious and FREE,
we stand on guard;
we stand on guard, for thee!

We owe our Canadian media friends an overwhelming debt of gratitude.

I was in Montreal from June 9th to the 13th for the Canadian Grand Prix (F-1) and it was a pleasure to be among people who despise Bush as much or more than I do. It was 4 days of lively discussion, and his was before the DSM revellations hit C-Span with John Conyers hearing.

I had forgotten about Pravda, I was thinking of the TASS News Agency in the same vein however.

To our Canadian press friends: Please fill the net with pieces which the corporate media here will continue to look foolish ignoring.

God bless you all up North!

Maybe we Canucks should consider restarting the War of 1812 and allow ourselves to be annexed by the U.S. this time. I can guarantee that the votes of 30 million new "Canadio-Americans" would definitely help to achieve regime change where it's really needed. :^)

More seriously, good luck and THANK YOU for this effort. Your close neighbours are watching hopefully along with the rest of the world.

OK, why does the managed (central) media avoid this issue (namely, the Administration's behavior prior to the Invasion of Iraq)

USA Today founder says Iraq is over.
Read on:
Neuharth Calls For U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq, Says Bush 'Lied'

By E&P Staff

Published: July 01, 2005 10:50 AM ET

NEW YORK USA Today founder Al Neuharth, who caused a stir last year when -- a bit ahead of the curve -- he told E&P that he favored a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, re-iterated his position Friday, with even more force.

“I'm convinced the best way to support our troops in Iraq is to bring them home. Sooner rather than later,

George Stephanopoulos grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, the descendant of Greek immigrants. His parents followed the Greek Orthodox faith, and Stephanopoulos, whose father was a Greek Orthodox priest, had long considered entering the profession himself. However, when he was a freshman in high school, he decided that he would rather pursue a different profession. Stephanopoulos attributes his experience as an altar boy, where he played a behind-the-scenes role helping the person in the spotlight, his father, as the formative experience that made him well-suited to political spinning.


Stephanopoulos wrestled competitively in high school, though he was a poor wrestler. He reports being a short, chubby kid, and was very awkward in his high school years. However, he was accepted to Columbia University in New York, where he "came into his own." Stephanopoulos received his bachelor's degree from Columbia University in 1982, where he was a Truman Scholar, member of Phi Beta Kappa. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in philosophy.

Stephanopoulos' father had always wanted his son to become a lawyer, if not a priest, so he promised his father that he would attend law school eventually. For the time being he took a job with a Congressman from Cleveland, and served as an aide in Washington D.C. Nevertheless, his father persistently questioned him as to when he would attend law school, so Stephanopoulos agreed to attend law school if he were denied a Rhodes Scholarship. Though he had been rejected for the scholarship during his senior year at Columbia, Stephanopoulos was successful in his second attempt.

While at Oxford, Stephanopoulos earned a master's degree in theology at Balliol College. He reported spending much of his time trying to root his political leanings in deeper philosophies that he studied while at Oxford.

Political Experience

Stephanopoulos was, along with James Carville and Paul Begala, a leading member of the 1992 Clinton campaign. Later, he was promoted to Senior Advisor on Policy and Strategy. His role on the campaign is portrayed in The War Room.[1]

After leaving the White House, he became a political analyst for ABC News, as a correspondent on the ABC Sunday talk program This Week, World News Tonight, Good Morning America, and various special broadcasts. In September 2002, Stephanopoulos became host of This Week.

His 1999 memoir, entitled All Too Human, was published after he left the White House during Clinton's second term. It quickly became a #1 New York Times Best Seller. [2] In his book, Stephanopoulos spoke of his depression and how his face broke out into hives due to the relentless pressures of spinning the Clinton White House message. Bill Clinton referred to the book in his autobiography, My Life, apologizing for what he felt in retrospect to be excessive demands on the young staffer.

Both Michael J. Fox's character in The American President and Rob Lowe's character on The West Wing are modeled after Stephanopolous.

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