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Rally July 4 from Noon to 2 pm in DC

By Committee to Withdraw U.S. Troops from Iraq

Support Our Troops — But Not the Way President Bush Suggests!

Rally July 4 from Noon to 2 pm at Taft Memorial Park, at Constitution Ave. and 1st Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. (across Constitution Ave. from the Senate side of the Capitol).

To Oppose the War in Iraq and Press for a Firm Timetable to Bring Our Troops Home

Join neighbors and friends to hear speeches and music on Capitol Hill at noon on the Fourth to protest the war and demand that Congress set a firm schedule to bring U.S. troops home. Metro: Union Station, Judiciary Square and Federal Center. (NOTE: There is no march, just a rally in one location.)

Speakers include:
• Cindy Sheehan, a Massachusetts mother who lost a son in Iraq, speaking as Co-Founder of Gold Star Families for Peace.
• David Swanson, Co-founder of the coalition.
• Doug Nelson, Vietnam Veterans Against the War.
• Gael Murphy, Co-founder of Code Pink, Women for Peace, and Steering Committee member, United for Peace and Justice.
• Pat Elder of D.C. Antiwar Network (DAWN).
• Vic Simon of Committee to Withdraw U.S. Troops from Iraq.




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I wish I could be there. The Downing street Memo and the implication of Carl Rove are eneough to make any american want to be a part of this movement/ no matter what party!

I agree.

I just wish Americans were getting the NEWS,there are still many in the dark.

That's why we need to connect with other WEB sites / Bloggers.

There are so many good voices and outlets, but they need to operate United in order to multiply the effect.

Be aware of a coming independent news source:

We've got the smoking gun, so near and yet so far. We've also got
Conyers, Boxer, 60 other Represenatative, Sen. Kennedy and even Sen. Kerry. Could we get George Soros and other billionaires to supply the money? If only, Kennedy and Kerry would lead this fight. What have they got to lose? Esp. Kerry, if he wants the nomination again. Hillary is too busy courting the neo-cons and Bushes. No matter. I am beginning to think that impeachment is doable.

I won't read much into that "K" instead of a "C".

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