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Where's the Washington Post?

Public pressure forced the Washington Post to run a front page article after editorializing that the Downing Street Minutes weren't news. But since that article, the Post has done no follow up.

Send a polite note to National editor Michael Abramowitz:

And to Assistant managing editor, reporter Bob Woodward:

The Post's Ombudsman, Michael Getler, is the readers' representative within the newspaper. E-mail him at or call 202-334-7582.

Here are photos of a recent protest at the Post.


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Well done!! Did anyone carry a placard protesting Dana Millbank while they were there? What was Getler's follow-up column to the Millbank protest.

Walter Pincus should roast for falling asleep at the wheel. If it weren't for Michael Smith (UK) we would not have this story at all.

Bravo, demonstrators.. You are all very classy looking people. I would pay attention if you were in front of my office!


Kudos to the demonstrators. Good job ... great signs.


Anyone know anything new about the boycott that was being organized? That may be the only thing they really pay any attention to.

Just thought I would tell you folks that "afterdowningstreet" has added a new, well-written article... every time I have logged in! and, I am on disability right now so I have time to check in with you a number of times a day.

So far, I can't remember a time when I have logged when there wasn't a NEW, well-written article to "read more".

The Washington Post has repeatedly reported on this issue. It is the New York Times, which has repeatedly claimed the memos add nothing new, or even claimed that they say the opposite of what they do say, that people should be aiming their anger at.

Its frustrating to know that the mainstream media self-censors far beyond what it is necessary, and that this harms the country.

Is it their job to report real news anymore?
Or is it simply their job to self-censor and give all news a warm and fuzzy G-rating?

Are they also aware that readership has gone way down as a result of this and that this is why people flock to internet blogs like Juan Cole and foreign news services (bbc, timesonline, independent u.k.)?

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