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A record of deception

The Boston Globe
By Scot Lehigh | July 1, 2005

HERE'S THE question President Bush's Tuesday address to the nation raises.

Having framed the Iraq war in a dishonest way, can the president really expect the informed public to believe his presentation about how the stabilization effort is going?

Certainly Bush's speech started on a highly deceptive note, portraying the grinding conflict in Iraq as a necessary response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

More than a year ago, the 9/11 Commission reported that there was no "collaborative relationship" between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

Still, implications that Iraq was complicit in Sept. 11 and claims that Saddam had ties to Al Qaeda worked well for the Republicans in the 2004 campaign. They used the former tactic to deftly duplicitous effect at their national convention. In other venues, both Bush and Vice President Cheney insisted there was a relationship -- ''a whole series of contacts, high-level contacts," Cheney claimed -- between Al Qaeda and Saddam's regime.

Now the president is employing a similar approach even as he asks, in essence, that the nation trust his judgment and stay the course in Iraq.

But the time for trust has long expired. The nation would be far better served if Congress resolved to make this administration more accountable.

Senator Joseph Biden, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, recently returned from his fifth trip to Iraq. The situation he found differs in crucial particulars from that which the president described, the senator told me in an interview.

In his speech, Bush told the nation that "today Iraq has more than 160,000 security forces trained and equipped for a variety of missions."

But here's what Biden says General David Petraeus, the man in charge of training Iraqi forces, told him about the 107 Iraqi army battalions: "He said three -- T-H-R-E-E -- are fully trained and capable of executing missions on their own without American help. You are talking 500 to 800 troops in each of the units. So if you add it all up, at most they have 2,400" troops ready to function independently.

Although Bush downplayed the problems with Iraq's fledgling forces, saying "some are capable of taking on the terrorists and insurgents by themselves" and that "a large number can plan and execute antiterrorist operations with coalition support," as Biden points out, it's the ability of those soldiers to operate independently that matters, because only then can US troops leave.

Further, the Delaware Democrat said that the United States and Iraq haven't taken France, Egypt, and Jordan up on their offers to train police or military officers -- offers Biden has heard in person from French President Jacques Chirac and Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak. A high administration official confided to him that objections from the Department of Defense have kept that from happening, Biden says.

From his own conversations with NATO officials, Biden says NATO could be persuaded to send 3,000 to 5,000 troops to help secure Iraq's porous borders. But the administration has not pushed for that, he says.

On Tuesday, Bush said that 40 countries and three international organizations have pledged $34 billion to help Iraq's reconstruction. Actually, says Biden, $21 billion of that is from US taxpayers. Only $13 billion comes from other countries or agencies -- and of that, only about $3 billion has been delivered. What's more, he says, of the $18.4 billion Congress appropriated in the fall of 2003 in additional reconstruction dollars, only $6 billion has actually been spent.

Biden says it's time for Congress to get far more aggressive.

"We have been irresponsible," he said. "There have been virtually no oversight hearings about what is going on in Iraq." He proposes monthly oversight hearings to hold the administration responsible for concrete progress toward clearly outlined goals.

That's hardly all Congress should do. The Downing Street memo has increased suspicions that the Bush administration purposely misused intelligence to make the case for war. Yet despite a 2004 commitment to examine the administration's use of intelligence once the election was over, Senator Pat Roberts, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has since said that he no longer considers that investigation a priority.

Last week, 10 US senators wrote Roberts, a Kansas Republican, to urge that the investigation go forward with maximum speed. Of course it should.

But then, a lawmaker truly concerned about truth and accountability shouldn't need any prompting to pursue the Senate's crucial oversight responsibilities.

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More LIES from the Bush administration.
He stood in front of the Nation again and lied repeatedly.
Yes the Downing Street Memo should go forward on maximum speed!

"...can the president really expect the informed public to believe..."

What informed public? Those people that read rumors on the internets?

He cares what the public thinks only so much as it impacts his ability to do what he's going to do anyways. If he can no longer fool enough of the public enough of the time, he still won't back down, change course, or admit mistakes. Until he's removed from office, preferrably by indictment, the best we -- and the Iraqi people - will get is a bloody stalemate.

He's a rich kid who never got his "come-up-ance."

He thinks he can say anything to anybody and get away with it because he's so much more important than anybody else. He's concept of right and wrong is limited to what he can get away with, which is everything, so far.

Can you really call a delusional megalomaniac/borderline psychotic a liar? I don't think so. Bush and his junta are capable of believing anything that is convenient politically. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzales and Rice are the kind of people who believe something is true IF THEY SAY IT!

If people knew how bad it is -- in terms of psychological health -- in this administration, we'd be too scared to go out of our houses.

Fortunately for us, the entire Congress and Defense Department haven't become paid, undercover Bushco operatives yet. But that day is fast approaching. When it comes, Bush is going to stop with the "making nice" with the American public, and start exercising all his "God-given rights and privileges" as our dictator in chief: the last free man in America.

Bush has lied his whole life...he doesn't know the truth... reminds me of growing up in my alcoholic family. One has to ask, what is he trying to convince me of with his lies? Now, it appears, he doesn't see failure because this was his mission all occupy Iraq indefinitely. Because it is the central war on terror, created by Bush.
So get used to it...don't question him...He knows, what is best. (the dominant male is not questioned.) You just have to shut up and pay your, I can spend them by making cash distributions to who ever I feel is necessary to achieve my goals. If we go into debt, so be it...this is the USA.

Whether the President is a lier or not does not help resolve the issue of responsibility for the harm that this country is attending to. I would argue that the administration has found themselves in a "Zietgeist" mentality and their problem-solving approach is caught in an "as is" mode rather than a "what is" mode. Because of this mind set, the administration can not act in a manner that will not harm others. For example, ine way is to inped the Iragis police with the US troops for training which just might give the appropriate training and a time table for our troops to leave the Country. But, the administration is worried about the body count and how that will politically play out in this country. So, we don't have a time table to leave the country.

Bush is on-plan. The plan is to ensure that Iraqi forces are never well trained enough to run their own country (why else would you fire the well trained security force that was already in charge of law and order upon your arrival, and misplace all of the reconstruction funding?). The plan is to ensure that any "coalition" forces are chased out or uninvited. The plan is to stay forever and own the place...referably without any live civilians around to cause any trouble.

Get it?

Bush isn't really that stupid, or that much in denial...the plan is proceeding exactly as it was designed.

Start asking the bigger question. If the foregoing is the only logical answer...who wrote the plan, and why?

Start asking the REALLY tough questions...don't be polite...get right in his face and ask him who he is taking his orders from and what the real goal is. Who does Blair really work for? The Crown? Israel?

Get to the damn truth.

All we have to do is say it loud enough and long enough and it must be true. Because we aid it loud enough and long enough.Where are all of the righteous Repubs who screamed for Clintons head because he lied about a dolly? This bunch misled the whole world, through the whole sham, and not a word for the Repubs.

The problems we face today are the results of poor leadership at best. Unfortunately, we live in the me, my, I, mine generation. Albert Einstein said it best; " a human being is part of a whole, called by us ~ universe ~ , a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings separated from the rest.... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in it's beauty." Monkey Boss, Monkey Business, = a bunch of Monkey Shit!

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