You are herecontent / 52 House members file FOIA request seeking documents related to Downing Street minutes

52 House members file FOIA request seeking documents related to Downing Street minutes


Conyers and 51 Members File FOIA Request on Downing Street Minutes; Members Formally Seek Hearings in House

Representative John Conyers, Jr., (D-MI) House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member, along with 51 other Members today submitted a broad and comprehensive FOIA request to the White House, the Department of Defense, and the Department of State seeking any and all documents and materials concerning the Downing Street Minutes and the lead up to the Iraq war, RAW STORY has learned.

In addition, the Members also formally requested that the House Committees on Judiciary, Armed Services, International Relations, and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence commence hearings on the Downing Street Minutes.

"This is the next stage of the Downing Street investigation and brings the investigation to a new more and more aggressive stage," one Democratic Judiciary aide said.

Following is the FOIA request, obtained by RAW STORY.

Here's list of Congress Members who signed.


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Did I miss the program or what. Why doesn't msnc, cnn, talk to your members. Are they afraid of you guys. They ran crazy with Bush's pals against Kerry. (the boat people) They were liars too. This is terrible congress won't let you have these meetings.

Maybe the big networks are afraid of Michael Powell in the FCC.

Michael Powell is no longer head of the FCC. There's a continuing blackout of any news that's detrimental to the Bushies and I would say the DSM qualifies.

bush should be held accountible. 1500 americans have lost their lives in a war which appears to have little justification. additionally, lyndon johnson and all others connected with vietnam should be held responsible for that war as well, in which between 40 and 60 thousand lost their lives. unjustified war is unjustified war.

Out here on the West Coast...It's a Joke to call that stuff on tv News! That what we do get , is only what we can get off Dish network in the way of news. As for CNN [ haw haw ] that no longer should be called news ,it Car Chases an Hollywood Intertainment. Oh yea, an Missing people! Furthermore, what is on is repeated hour after hour.
We do watch Freespeech and Link TV . Of course & Democarcy Now is our favorite but also limited and repeated 3 times a day.
Durning the last recall election out here, I noticed that the we were bomb-barded with good ol' Arnold movies, Enough, to what could be considered, Over-Kill !
And then durning days before the 04 Election ....FOX opened & aired their show without us paying the extra fees. How crooked ? Propaganda was the bottom line.
This is the first time, I've ever written to one of these'' post your comments'' Thanks, for letting me vent,

PS.... yes, I 'd like to hear an see more about the Downing Street Memo.... I hope it moves an shakes DC to the core.
It's Time to clean house up there.

You all have lost your mind with your anger for the President.

and you sir, and your children's children, have lost your country with this president. If that does not make you mad, then you are not a worthy citizen. Wake up and smell the coffee.

You are absolutely correct in your observations. Thankyou kind sir!

I don't know what you mean, that we have all lost our minds with anger for the president. Please explain. It seems to me that anger for the president is reasonably justified in some respects. Aftr all, it does look like the president manipulated the fact situation in order to get us into Iraq, and at least 1700 kids have DIED as a result. They DIED! Do you have a kid? Do you have a cousin or do you personally know any young person? Think how you would feel if that young person died. What about if YOU died in Iraq because some lobbyist wanted to make some money over there? It is all so amoral. No integrity. I am sick, because I love this country so much. I get so proud thinking about the founders, and the people, and their long-fought struggle to get us established in freedom. And I get sick thinking how in a few short years their work, and OUR country, has been co-opted by anti-the people interests.

Look...If your brain is so small that you don't want the truth, and there is no price too dear to make your obese burro comfortable, then tune in to Fox news, and hear what you want to hear. The world is round you know, and after you figure that out, you might contemplate the solar system, and see where your rotund mule fits in there. I imagine any thoughts about this galaxy or the universe as we know it, allthough they have allways been known, haven't been worthy of your observation. here's a pointer...The truth is unchanging...The lies that you have been hearing are forever changing. and repeated incessantly by a parroting administration that speaks with...what they themselves call one voice.By the isn't that we're mad at the president, it's because we fear an administration that has decieved us...linus

why only 51 democrats ? where are the others ?

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