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War or Impeachment
By Robert Parry

In the days ahead, American politicians and pundits will talk a lot about “leveling


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I do not feel that Democrats have stood up to change the course of the Bush agenda at all. The "we didn't know" approach to voting to give the president unpresidented and unconstitutional powers in order to wage war in Iraq is unacceptable. If people all over the world knew Bush's "intellegence" was falsified, and took to the streets to protest, how did our government, Republicans and Democrats alike not know the truth?
The reason Democrats have not stood up to the Bush administration is that they don't have nearly as much to lose as most Americans, who are living without proper housing, healthcare, employment, and education. In fact, congress recently voted to give themselves a $3000 raise! This is not a Republican vs. Democrats issue--this is an issue of a government that is serving itself instead of the people.

Folks are starting to catch on... the enemy is within. The tyranny is all around us, and we have more to fear from tyranny than terrorists. Neo-cons are playing us all for fools, and it had NOTHING to do with liberals and conservatives, normal liberals and conservative simply do not behave like the Neo-cons. The Neo-cons are their own little mini-party of thugs, and the majority of the people of America are finally catching on. The rest of a more mature world society already caught on prior to the invasion... even Blair had to be bullied to go along for the ride, you can hardly call that a "Coalition of the Willing'!

Historians will look back on us and scratch their heads in disbelief.
"If you make yourself a sheep, the wolves will eat you." Benjamin Franklin

Just an observation on Bush's approval ratings - He's down in all catagories, way way down. His highest rating is for his handling of "Terrorism." Seeing as how he has abandoned the War on Terror in favor of becoming the savior for Iraq - That means his highest rating is for the one thing he's NOT actually doing anything about! He truly has the Midas Touch - everything he touches turns to shit.

Democrats have NO alternative to a confrontation with the Republicans (right wingnuts). The idea that conftontation depletes the Democrats' voter support is untrue. The Democrats only lose voter support when they go after the right wingnuts in a half-hearted way or when the Democrats lose the debate.

The Democrats need their facts and figures straight and they have to go after these right wing religious zealots with enough moxie to knock them down a peg. The Anne Coulters of the world need to hear and see the word "fascist" as many times as they accuse Democrats of being "traitors". What's more of traitor than a corporation that takes advantage of US markets and moves their profit centers off shore to avoid taxes?

Ya' can't take on the right wingnuts in a pillow fight if they're using bare knuckles... I think metaphor has been "ya' can't play touch football if the right wingnuts are playing tackle ball".

Maybe Bush doesn't want to grab up bin Laden because they share certian right wing fundamental religious beliefs. All kidding aside, that they haven't found bin Laden is a good "knock 'em, sock 'em" starting point.

Take the gloves off and hit back harder than they do. The Repubs and relgious zealots have to learn that when they tangle with us, they go home bloodier than we do. It's gonna' hurt no matter what"

According to little George's autobiographer who was ghost writing little George's autobiography before the 2000 election; little George Stupid was planning a war to take out Sadam, the reason given was not oil, was not Israel, was not empire, but so that he could be a heroic war time president ala Margaret Thatcher, and reap tremendous political capitol which would allow him to persue his political ambitions. Do you really get the significance of this, little George Stupid is willing to sacrifice your sons and daughters for his selfish personal goals; this man is indeed a monster!

Does anybody not understand that this a-hole killed 1740 Americans and ten of thousands of Iraqis solely for his own personal selfish political advantage; and then tries to cover up his crime with lies about the war on terrorism, WMD, freedom, democracy; I just want to puke every time that lying-killing bastard struts onto the TV screen. Impeachment is not good enough for this little stinking piece of crap!

Right on the mark Anonymous. "little stinking piece of crap". Well said.

Wouldn't the ultimate insult to every American be for George (the Lesser) to implement martial law on the very day that independence is celebrated?
Is that what you have in mind Karl Rove?

This guy is the key to the impeachment process against the monkey-king. According to Dearlove, his impression of the facts being fixed around the policy derive from a conversation with Tenet. Tenet either lead the conspiracy or enabled it. Either way, he has blood on his hands and should be the focal point of any investigation that could lead to the impeachment of Bush. It's plain to see now why Bush awarded him with the highest civilian honor...he wanted to keep him quiet. But Tenet has no deep ties to Bush, and faced with fedearl conspiracy charges against the US, he'll drop dime and tell the world what we already know....Bush willfully and knowingly lied to Congress, the American people and to the world to wage an illegal war.

Only a glimmer, John Kerry's June 28th article in the NYTimes and television interview might make a splash if he and the Dems were to do more of this, making the "PLANS" evident that there are thinking democrats, and get rid of the rhetoric that "Dems have no plan and all they know how to do is complain".

John Kerry is also calling for Karl Rove to resign.

All well and good...but if the Dems are not just the illusion of opposition, they really need to REVISIT the 2004 Election fraud.
Their report was too glossy, like the rest of the MSM...
And then they ought to RE-OPEN the 9/11 Investigation, AND STAND ON DOWNING STREET. Dangerous oh yeah, either way. If they dont know this stuff, we are in trouble, if they do and fail to act, we are in trouble. I had hoped the skull and bones of it all would boil down to Kerry being the lesser of the two evils. He does seem to care about people, or he is just a better actor than Arnold and Ronnie.
IF there is any hope organizing groups to gather at major media outlets and having sit-ins will be the only way to get better media coverage...SIT IN TIL WE GET AIR TIME.
And if Kerry is at all sincere, he can certainly get more airtime...
As can John Conyers, etc. We even have a Rockefeller Senator who spoke out against the war and the residents policy. How about a regular TV show to air their daily activities with progressive commentary that is on the local networks rather than just C-Span.
There has to be a power point to turn to. I would like to believe
it possible, with "hope on the way". Listening to Bush is sickening. Learning more about the players and their histories is downright out and out scarey. Kerry is not lilliputian, but compared to the repugs, he was a bright light in the darkest of times.

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