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Newsweek Uses the I Word

Newsweek's Howard Fineman begins an article with the headline: "The 'I Word'" and this subheadline: "Expect 2006 to offer up Nixon-era nastiness and a chorus of calls to impeach Bush." And he ends with this paragraph:

"For months now, I have been getting e-mails demanding that my various employers (NEWSWEEK, NBC News and include in their poll questionnaires the issue of whether Bush should be impeached. They used to demand this on the strength of the WMD issue, on the theory that the president had “lied us into war.

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It is only fair and accurate for you to include the impeachment question in your polls. It's out there. It's logical to ask how "We, the People," to whom King George no longer answers, how we feel about it.

When are you going to run a poll on what WE, THE PEOPLE, want as far as whether or not Bush AND Cheney should be impeached?

The torture, War in Iraq, and surveylance of Americans require impeachment of the President and Vice President. Stop the senseless slaughter of our soldiers and Iraqi civilians now.

Judith E. Zysk

This government has side-stepped all their misgivings to the American people. Now we find out they've been spying on Americans without warrants. Her they have 72 hours prior and 72 hours after the surveillance to get a warrant and they never did. I applaud the Times for getting us this information, but I condemn them because they waited till after the 2004 election to let us know about it! It's time for a poll on I - Impeachment!!!!

It is clear that Bush has committed SEVERAL offenses that would justify impeachment. Please be brave. Do the poll that the American people deserve.

Hi! I hear you on the Al Franken Show! Ask the Washington Post to conduct a poll asking if the head of the Bush Crime Family should be impeached. Happy Holidays!

Yes, the corperate monster whores need to include that question we all want to answer with a mighty YES!! Should the President and his GOP cronies bee booted out of the White House? HELL YES.

Thats why the question has not been asked. Those Repiglican bought networks know, as well as everyone else, that this GOP is the worst in history and leading this country down the road to ruin.

Bush should be on trial, right along with Saddam.

The president time and time again has violated our constitutional, congressional, and judicial mandates, policies, and dictates. he thinks he is above the law. his lastest foray is spying on americans without authority or court approval, violating basic tennants of american jurisprudence. this man must go....this man must be indicted...this man must be impeached. now!

We the people need to take our country back! The media is a sham! If it doesn't bring them riches, then they simply will not report on it anymore. They simply have sold out! Don't waste your breath trying to get polls done either...why should we have to beg for an honest poll. We need to get involved in every branch of our government. No more sitting back and letting the republicans dismantle everything our forefathers held near and dear...and no more watching while the democrats do nothing about it. Unless you're sitting on several million dollars, you best get moving!!! 2006 can be the turning point for our country, and it had better be or we wont be around long. Get out and make a difference...most importantly, vote! Then donate money, donate your time or even run for office. Get this sorry ass group out of office! Lets start with the corrupt "president" and work our way down the ladder. Get out there and make it happen, America!

"I am faithful; I am progressive; I am a proud American and have served her in time of war; but I refuse to be a blind foot-soldier in the riotous republic of the corporate corruption regime that uses religion as its door-stop". - afk

Its time to impeach!

Vote: Dick and Bush for ImpeachPac 2006! (
Vote: Impeach Bush 2006! (

And remember: This country was founded on a very progressive concept called capitalism, with its people from countries across the globe embedding craftsmanship into almost every product produced. This regime has made a mockery out of our country - Now its about cheap, corporate, corruption.

"When a countries so-called leaders turn to corrupting and misusing the concept of capitalism for self-fulfillment, all that is left are left-over government hand-outs" - afk

Is impeachment really necessary? Look at the mess it caused when our beloved Bill was impeached.

I for one don't want te publicity, or the head/heartache.

This country already has a black eye...let's not rush into another roundhouse punch to the nose.

Don't worry Mrs. Bush, he will be treated fairly..................

Speaking of black eyes! How many black eyes and punches in the nose can we allow this administration to give us? Oh, impeachment is a dirty word alright, but not nearly as dirty as wiretap, torture, starvation wages, tax breaks for the rich, elder abuse, mass murder and a dozen other dirty words this administration has subjected us to and will continue to subject us to if we don't do something. The whole world feels sorry for us! Do we just keep wallowing in the pity party, or get up and shake ourselves off and act like we are Americans? Bill was different. His was not a matter of life and death. His was not about the good of this country. Thank God for America! Thank God that He is stil in control, in spite of so-called religion. How about if we remember who has blessed us, as Lincoln advised ut to?

MSNBC has risen to the call of the people and they are running a poll right now. The last time I looked 141,201 people had voted and 85% want Bush Impeached. This poll has been as high as 89% in favor of Impeachment. Now we need a poll to ask the people if they think Bush and Cheney should be brought up on charges of treason.

a simple impeachment would be like Ted Bundy simply losing his job
after being convicted of being a serial killer. George Bush and Dick Cheney has the blood of thousands of Americans on their hands. They have betrayed and mislead their country. That sounds like treason. We should take a look at history to see what to do to people who commit treason.

Impeachment is the least that should be done , let our judicial system the rest of the world that democracy works, that is how to spread democracy to all parts of the world by example not by force.

THUMBS DOWN. Time to rid our fine country of liars, murderers, Constitution burners, torturers, sadists, and manipulators!
Impeach Bush Yesterday!

I agree. Impeachment proceedings should be started now against George W. Bush and
Dick Cheney.

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfield should all be tried for war crimes that they have committed
against Iraq and its citizens and they should also be tried for war crimes against humanity
and war crimes against the US military and the US citizens.

As a Canadian, I'm sure that there are many Americans that would believe that I don't have a right to comment on the subject. But in reality our culture is closer to yours than any other on the planet. So based on that reality, who better to offer an objective third party perspective.
The American media over the last few years has done a huge disservice not only to the American people but to their own professional credibility.
In contrast to the majority of their international peers, when Bush, Chaney, Wolfowitz & Rumsfeld shifted the focus from the war on terror to Iraq, the American media abandoned logic and fact and took on the role of propaganda machine for the Bush Administration and neo-con agenda. Whether this action was inspired by fear of being labeled "unpatriotic" or fear of becoming victims of the most effective political strategy since the McCarthy hearings, the credibility of the American media has been severely compromised.
The goal of inspiring democratic reform, equality and freedom around the globe lies in the hands of the American media. There's an opportunity here to exhibit the real power of democracy and to re-establish the American ideal to the respected place it deserves.
Admitting to poor judgment and mistakes, and taking steps to repair them are true demonstrations of leadership, liberty and the right to freedom of speech.
It's time for the American media to use its power and insight to put the US back on track to creating a better world.

Thank you for caring about my country and for taking the time to give us your view. I am appreciative of any help we can get. We have been taken over by the right wing and it's scary.

R. Lindskog, the thought coming from Canada serves as a breath of fresh air, and your observations regarding USA media are right on target. With Rupert Murdock as the 800 pound gorilla our media has been intimidated and has truly become sheepish, causing more citizens to reach for sources outside of the media establishment to get a true glimpse of what is happening to this Great Nation. It is time, as you say, for the USA to get back on track to creating a better world. As we approach 2006, and the planet spins, I offer the following:
Why we, the citizens of the United States of America need immediate change?: First of all, to capture Osama bin Laden and bring him to justice on American soil, in New York, on the site of the 9/11 unspeakably murderous tragedy! This Commander in Chief is a paper tiger who himself ran and hid from fulfilling his moral duty to fly combat missions in Viet Nam, and can claim no leadership by example with which to lead American Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in combat. He has failed the Nation by not staying the course taken in Afghanistan to capture Osama. And FOUR years later he remains clueless on how to bring this criminal to justice.
Were that not enough reason in itself to effect change, the United States of America needs change in order:
1) To regain our position of World leadership in Democratic principles and Human Rights values.
2) To roll back the social inequities that have delivered extreme wealth to the top 5 percent of Americans while increasing the circle of poverty and lack of opportunity for the lowest 20 percent of Americans.
3) To bring scientific research back to the forefront of American enterprise.
4) To once again live by the principle our Founding Fathers fought and died for: Separation of Church and State.
5) To cease to be an imperial occupier in Iraq (let the Mobil/Exxon's of the world pay for the necessary infrastructure to market Iraqi oil, not the US taxpayer).
6) To make right two Presidential elections that were railroaded right under our noses, with the consent and collusion of the US Supreme Court, in one case, and of the Ohio Elections Board in the other case.
7) To once again have a leader in the White House capable of eloquent and thoughtful expression, able to grasp the critical and transcendental components of international and domestic issues and challenges.
8) To eliminate the corruption that has spread like wildfire throughout corporate America over the past five years.
9) To eliminate the corruption that has put a stranglehold on the US House of Representatives and the US Senate over the past five years.
10) To rid our government of the Right-wing Neo-conservative Propaganda and Ideology machine embodied by Carl Rove, Scooter Libby, Tom Delay, Rupert Murdock, John Ellis, and the entire phalanx of FoxNews storm troopers.

We have laws, and NO-ONE is above the law. Not even Bush.

I agree with you 100% But we need the House and the Senate to start doing something about this. They are the only ones that can start impeachment proceedings. Write to them in your state like I have done and perhaps we can accomplish this.

Iagree with you completely sir.I think Dictator Bush Is personally worse than Saddam Hussein and that I would much rather have him as Our president thyan I would that conniving,lying,decitful Bush and let me repeat In case you did not read It the first.NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW

I don't want to sound too paranoic, but I should tell you that you might been watched by our wonderful NSA directed by our King Pres. Bush. Just because you don't agree or like Pres. Bush, you might be an enemy combatant. It's wonderful! We are re-writing history- like Republicans say. Who cares about our Constitution, right my fellow Republicans?


Dear American, I agree with you 100% and that I am being spied upon right now. You know what? I don't give a damm since I believe that i am exercising my right under the constitution and I could be harassed by the King of this Country or some of the corruted officials that the King has appointed to help his corrupted agenda.
They will not suvive the investigations that will expose the truth.
God (not bush's God) bless you

Get rid of the lier`s,untrustworthy,undependable,and decieving..


I go along with the impeachment. It is my opinion that George Bush &
Cheney both should be held for their actions in regards to the war.
What happened to our ETHICS COMMITTEE? No one is above the law.


I just found out about Rep. John Conyers bill, H.RES.635; "Creating a select committee to investigate the Administration's intent to go to war before congressional authorization, manipulation of pre-war intelligence, encouraging and countenancing torture, retaliating against critics, and to make recommendations regarding grounds for possible impeachment."
Sponsor: Rep Conyers, John, Jr. [MI-14] (introduced 12/18/2005) Cosponsors (7)
Committees: House Rules Latest Major Action: 12/18/2005 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on Rules.
I found out about it when I got this from POAC: There is an bill in Congress to investigate Bush for impeachable crimes. Did you know that? If not, maybe you should be asking your local media outlets
why you don't know about it.
I passed this on and asked others to do so as well, but before I compose my letter, I wondered just how many news stories (in the mainstream ("liberal" my ass!) media there have been about impeachment. If you have any, could you post them here for reference? Thank you. Oh, yes, also please thank Rep Conyers AND ask your reps to co-sponsor. This guy rocks!

Rep Conyers sponsored bill seems to be too tough for the guys to handle..move over guys so we can show you how its done. lol

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