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Times don't get more serious than this; it is time for the most serious of measures.

Every American generation has a moment when it is called upon to do its part to preserve the freedom and higher values of our country. This is our moment.

In the coming weeks and months you will be asked to send e-mails and automatic letters to your Members of Congress to advance the impeachment of the President and Vice President. The resulting flood will not be very effective, compared to the one effective thing you CAN do:

Write a real letter to both of your U.S.Senators, and to the U.S. House Member representing your district.

Yes, actually obtain paper, envelope, stamps and a pen and do it, even if you have never done it before. You don't have to make a midnight ride across Massachusetts on a horse; you don't have to take a position behind a split-rail fence with your old musket; you don't have to stand on a scaffold and be brave for your country. But you do have to take action, and this is no time for the e-mail soldier or the mass-mail patriot. A handwritten or printed letter with your signature on it, taking its place on a pile of similar real letters from voters back home, is the one thing you must do if you really care. Then, you must make a phone call to that office to reinforce your impact.

Use your Zip Code to find the local addresses and phone numbers of your Members of Congress at the following link. Don't use the site to send your message, however, as your personally-mailed letter is worth hundreds of such automatically-processed letters because it indicates the intensity of your feelings. Just copy down the local address and phone number for each of your Members of Congress (click on their pictures for that info):

Find your Members of Congress addresses here

What to say in your letter? You don't need to be told what to say. It's already in your heart and mind, so just say it, and clearly demand impeachment.

The U.S. House begins the process through hearings and the adoption of a bill of impeachment. The Senate hears the case. But both Senate and House members need to hear from us now. They need to know that we have no further use for them if they will not stand up for the rule of law and the Constitution they swore to uphold.

Isn't it odd that a fellow can provide such poor administrative leadership that we lose part of New York and a big part of New Orleans, he can get away with leading a nation to war on falsified evidence resulting in the death of thousands of our young soldiers and tens of thousands of people abroad, he can get away with rigging elections and he can get away with destroying the environmental protections for our air and water and wild places, and he can get away with putting people in jail indefinitely without recourse to lawyers or fair judges, and he can get away with reneging on the Geneva Convention and actually torturing people in secret prisons--all of that--and still survive politically, but he can't get away with admitting to a little old felony back home. It will be like sending Capone up for tax evasion, but if that'll work, let's do it. We owe this to ourselves, our children, and the people of the world. Oh, that the Germans in the 1930s were as resolute in standing up for their higher values as we must do now!

Pass this along to your fellow Americans and friends.

If you want us to advertise a link to this page on the internet news sites, click here and make a donation to the New England Reform School, Doris "Granny D" Haddock, founder.

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People keeping passing this one by, and I don't understand why.
MSNBC (You there search to look up impeachment polls) had as of July 10, 2007, out of Approx. 480,000 Polled 88% Saying George W. Bush should be impeached 88% 88% 88% 88% I will say that again 88%
And with the Die hard, Stanch republicans saying they would be in favor of his impeachment, and with his polls lower than Nixon, I do not believe this 54% crap. I believe an overwhelming Majority Want George W(ARMONGERING). Bush Impeached.
For Treason/Murder/Spying/Torture/National and international Lawy Breaking. So call your cowards, I mean Congress today, and DEMAND IMPEACHMENT. Call Pelosi and tell her that you will do every thing in your power to make sure that she is NOT re-elected, and that you will ask all of her constituients to vote for Cindy Sheehan next election. I have already taken this measure. Here is the letter I wrote the Sneaker, I mean Speaker of the House:

Dear Speaker for the Republicans?

So you tried to play nice with the GOP. You don't seem to get it though; the GOP represents everything this country stands against. They have condoned Spying, Torture, privilege for the rich and mighty, and war for private gain. Please join Cindy Sheehan. I don't care what her motives are. I know the Bush administration's agenda is evil, and it will be the death of our democracy if it is not taken down. Take a look at this most accurate poll from MSNBC:

Live Vote
Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment? * 484678 responses

Yes, between the secret spying, the deceptions leading to war and more, there is plenty to justify putting him on trial.

No, like any president, he has made a few missteps, but nothing approaching "high crimes and misdemeanors."

No, the man has done absolutely nothing wrong. Impeachment would just be a political lynching.

I don't know.
Not a scientific survey. Click to learn more. Results may not total 100% due to rounding


I don't know if you follow the bible, and it really is your business if you do or not. But the bible has given us an incredible insight, on the way people can be. And I wonder if "Having ears they do not hear, having eyes they do not see" Is something that is indicative of you. Wake up Nancy Pelosi, America DEMANDS impeachment. How many times can you look up before you see the sky? How many ears must you have before you can hear people cry? How many deaths will it take till you know, that too many people have died?

If you do not support Cindy Sheehan's request for impeachment, you will loose the next election. I will personally fill every board I can, asking citizens of San Francisco not to vote for you. I will ask your constituents that are members of the DNC, and not to vote for you. I will do everything in my power to see you voted out, because you gave aid to the Bush Regime, and helped him, by allowing him and his cronies to get away with Treason/Murder/Spying/Torture/Ignoring National and International Law. And I will pray to God every night to keep you from winning that election. And I will use every available resource, to have you voted out. I will call "The Pen", and write "The Nation" I will use every bit of energy I have to help make you loose the next election. I will call in on C-span, and email “Air America” I am going to take a copy of this letter and post it, so that people can see, that you are being urged to support impeachment.

Please wake up and hear the call of those who have lost their rights, their loved ones, and their dignity (which would be all Americans) because of the Bush Regime. The World Can’t Wait, we need Bush, and Cheyne impeached yesterday!


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