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Blair Again Denies One of the Several Startling Revelations in the Downing Street Documents

LONDON (AP) - British Prime Minister Tony Blair wants the world to know that the Iraq war was not predetermined by the United States.

Blair tells The Associated Press that the "Downing Street Memo," which was leaked to the media, paints a distorted picture.

The memo suggested that the White House viewed the war with Iraq as inevitable, and that the Bush administration was looking for ways to justify that war, through the use of intelligence about weapons of mass destruction.

Blair says "the decision was not already taken." And he says he's "a bit astonished" at the intense coverage the memo has gotten in the U-S.


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I am a bit astonished that Bliar does not seem to understand plain english. What part of "But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy" does he not understand?????

DSM only confirms what was allready understood by those of us who saw the facts being presented by Richard Clarke, O'Neil and others. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to understand that the justification for this war was a pack of lies, you do not need DSM to know that the lead up to the war was a pack of lies.


Tony Blair should step down.

We need to take a lesson from the Rove-ites.
Forget that Blair wants us to read things into the Memo/Minutes that aren't there.
On my blog I chose a different heading for this story.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair becomes the highest ranking source to confirm that the Downing Street Minutes/Memo was authentic!


Blair:Bush Lewinsky:Clinton

Blair is to Bush as Lewinsky is to Clinton

The category is chub smokin'

It appears that Mr. Blair is affraid. He is minimizing Englands reaction to the memo. From what I understand Englands citizens also want their leaders to be up front. Mr. Blair is trying like hell to back pedal. By minimizing, by focusing on our reaction to DSM, by making it appear the DSM memos are unimportant are ways to buy more time to keep this from exploding big time.

It is our responsibility as Americans to demand from our leaders, in cases like this, to come clean.

Last night Mr. Bush had a perfect opportunity to say to the American people that he lied and started the war early, and for that he was asking forgivness. He missed his opportunity to come out of his denial.

Mr. Blair and Mr. Bush need to come clean and stop living in denial.

Looking back decades at the damages of war, power and greed, we dont seem to acknowledge the need for change that comes through a public outcry over a deceipt of an elected official. It is time to clarify past lies to the public:
Johnson, Nixon and Kissenger and Vietnam; Reagan and Iran-Contra;
the silence of the Clinton administration as a million died in African civil war; the Bush alliance with the Saudi family and the blatant fabrication of weapons of mass destruction and a 9/11 connection; Cheny, Bush and Rumsfeld supporting people like Saddham , Bin Laden and Norieaga, when it suits their objectives.

An impartial investigation committee is necessary on both sides of the water to bring forth the truth about the leaked memo

Tony is a bit astonished or a bit petrified?

I am astonished that Bush and Bliar didn't step down after the horrendous mess they have made for so many people in this world.
Saddam, Bush, binLaden, Blair...are all accountable.

I believe Mr. Blair is astonished that the "Roveaganda" to dismiss the existence and validity of the Downing Street Minutes has failed. Fortunately for the reality-based community, the more Bush and Blair feigns astonishment, the more people in the U.S. wake up and understand they have been shocked and awed by deceit.

I'm too astonished that they believe they can just forget about it like it's nothing!

[comment removed for inappropriate content]

You may want to look at the for the "faces of the fallen" to look at the men and women who have died for a lie.

you are such a moron.Unbelievably obnoxious too.

[comment removed for inappropriate content]

You cowardly little anonymous jackass - no, we wouldn't be in Iraq if it weren't for 9/11, because Bush & friends wouldn't have had the excuse they needed, as well as the ability to exploit public fears.

"the decision was not already taken"
Blair will always deny that, cause he want to save his ass and protect big dady bush.

He should have said, we have made terrible mistakes, produce false intelligence, we droped bombs over Irak in 2002.

And also, we have trained and financed terrorist cells in Tchetchenia.
Well, the last one is not in the memo, but it reveals the high connections between US and British services...I mean Britain is in fact the fiftieth state.

Blair is in trouble.
Its the British equivalent of our right-wingers that published the Downing Street memos-- the British war hawks-- that have severely called Blair's judgment into question.

Definitely not a good sign for Blair. Looks like a vote of no confidence is in the works. He's just buying time.

Here at home, even Walter "Freedom Fries" Jones (R) from NC knows when to abandon ship.

Your correct there just buying time.And like everything else from the Bush administration they are working on distracting from this being investigated.God I can't believe the media is 100% working for Bush,it makes me sick.
So the morons in our whitehouse did there distractions to get the focus of this memo,Dick-last throghs,Rummy-12 years,condi-generations.Also they let it out there were negotiting with terroists,all of the above was done to distract from the Downing Street Memos.

Just by what they distracted with shows how concerned they are.
And the fact they played this game just before the elections shows how concerned they are.
They should be,this is solid evidence they wanted war combined with testimonies from many.
This is criminal(war) and needs to go in front of a grand jury immediately,as we have men in war.
Bush is a WAR CRIMINAL,and these are very serious charges.

that will be the unraveling, like Watergate.

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