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A Military Family Responds to President Bush's Speech

Military Families Speak out

Joyce and Kevin Lucey are members of Military Families Speak Out and Gold Star Families for Peace. Their son, Cpl. Jeffrey Lucey, served in the Marine Reserves in Iraq in 2003. He came home neither safe nor sound. He suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and took his own life on June 22, 2004. His name is not in the Department of Defenses' roster of those who died in this war; yet Cpl. Lucey is a casualty of this war as much as any who has lost his or her life on the battlefield. This is their thoughts after watching President speak at Fort Bragg on June 28, 2005.

We have just watched the President's speech and we made notes as he spoke. This is a summary of our reflections some being very personal but very real.

When all this began, despite our doubts and suspicions ,we originally supported the efforts being made to make the world safer and the troops involved .. especially our son.

While the war waged on, we waited for anything from our son to assure us that he and his buddies were safe. We also waited for the for the Weapons of Mass Destruction to be found - after Jeff's death I prayed for them to be found; we waited for the network of terrorism to be found and destroyed and we waited for that link of Iraq to 9/11/01; we waited to find the imminent danger which we were facing.

Were these not the basic premises on which we rushed to war. Were these not the points that this administration went to the country and to the UN and stated that they had proof. Did they not say that they had to react immediately due to the imminent danger to our safety.

I know that this administration has changed the premises for the war like a chameleon - to meet whatever were the fears or concerns existing at that time.

The administration states that they are making the world safer for our children - but my 23 yo son is laying in Island Pond Cemetery despite his returning from the war physically unscathed but destroyed within his spirit. He no longer lives and it was due to this rush to war.

In the speech tonight, we heard nothing of the WMD; we heard nothing of Iraq's link to 911; we heard nothing of Iraq being the center of terrorism except for the illusion to Bin Laden's referral after our country invaded and had killed thousands of innocents.

We heard instead of elections and setting up "free" government in Iraq. Were any of these among the basic premises for the invasion?

Was it not also said that Iraq oil would pay for the reconstruction of the country which we bombed and attacked.

To complete the mission, we need to know what the mission was. None of the original premises for the war was ever realized. Why did our son die? Why did any of our loved ones die?

This administration seems so distant from the reality of both war and the loss. It is so easy for him to say the sacrifice is worth it when he has personally not suffered what 1700+ families have had to endure. What funerals has he attended among all these 1700+? Does he meet only with those families who support his policies?

Will no one ever address the deceptions or ignorance or combination of both which was used to wage this war and kill thousands of innocents and dramatically effect thousands or millions of survivors who probably are suffering from PTSD...and who only have learnt how "dangerous" we have become.

We did all this at the expense of 1700+ lives of our own sons, daughters, mothers, fathers and neighbors...and this is the smallest most conservative number of the numbers which may be true. Will our son be counted - NO.

The administration states that it will send more troops if requested but in reality how many more troops do we have to send.

They speak of the number of Iraqis who died under Saddam but how many innocents have died under our bombs and attacks.

People speak of constitutions. Our constitution - where in it does it enable us to be the caretakers of all other nations. What gives us the right to Impose our values and expectations on others.

We attacked Iraq to remove Saddam - that was one of the subsequent changes in the basic premises but we would ask you - why Saddam? Why Iraq? Why didn't the focus go directly to Al Queda in Afganistan - they were the ones who did 9/11. Isn't North Korea much more dangerous yet I don't see us responding to a very real danger.

The days of soundbytes and glorious words are over. This country must return to its basic once again.

We do support our troops - we want them to come back safely now from Iraq which was such a horrendous mistake. If they are to go in harms way then let us always be sure that war if waged is truly our last resort and is truly deserved.

It is too late for the Jeffrey or the Casey but it is not too late for those who still breathe.

We believe it is abhorrent that he uses the thousands of souls who lost their lives 9/11; we feel that it is horrible that he uses the souls of those that were killed in this war to justify more to die in the future and on a more personal - Jeff stated that this war should have never occurred in Iraq - maybe in Afghanistan but not in Iraq.

Then when this administration submitted their budget proposal for a 5% increase in the VA budget with the recommendation of cuts in services and increase of co-pays, we then realized that this administration truly did not support the troops ... only the war.

This administration created a situation of which they have lost control and now for the wrong reasons he wants to invest more of our people.

For us this "issue" is not a matter of spin or politics. When a family has lost a love one, you pray to find some reason but, given this situation, there was no reason. Both Jeff and his family loved the country and its people but speaking only for myself I have lost faith in my government.

I listened to Senator McCain speaking about if he had a child going to war and I can only say despite my respect for him, I have now lost faith in him also.

I would ask many of the commentators who gave their opinion on tonight's show, whether they themselves have loved ones over on the frontlines.

Joyce & Kevin Lucey


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Maybe you have a little nip of JACK in your coffee. You must, because you spout the same ridiculous rhetoric of all the other loser democrats on this weblog.
More opinions from whiny gasbags like you are not required or even asked for. Try to use facts, figures, etc...

Best of all, find me ACTUAL, REAL SOLDIERS, OFFICERS ETC....
that would agree with you in writing. Around 5-6 should do it. Make sure you link them to this website. Make sure that their ranks, enlistment, etc...can be verified.
Make sure whatever they say can be verified by another soldier, or Officer STILL IN THE SERVICE.

Why don't you take your idiotic rants to some 3rd world country, talk about their prime minister or president in the paper or radio, and let's see how long you last. Maybe say, Cuba?


economic interest in voting republican????

Off topic, I don't understand why any American chooses to be Republican unless they have a great deal of money or are earning a great deal. Being a republican, if you are not of substantial means is clearly not in your economic best interest. Even George Bush called his truly rich friends and followers his base. Poor people do not benefit from the republican party. Don't mention tax cuts. They are not meaningful at any level below $100,000 a year and are designed to benefit the corporation. If you're making less than this, you must fervently believe in the trickle down theory. And the question is, how many people are truly satisfied with a mere trickle.

Just to freshen up yr memories, please take a look at an excerpt from the Downing Street memo

"The Foreign Secretary said he would discuss this with Colin Powell this week. It seemed clear that Bush had made up his mind to take military action, even if the timing was not yet decided. But the case was thin. Saddam was not threatening his neighbours, and his WMD capability was less than that of Libya, North Korea or Iran. We should work up a plan for an ultimatum to Saddam to allow back in the UN weapons inspectors. This would also help with the legal justification for the use of force."

and of course,

"Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy. The NSC had no patience with the UN route, and no enthusiasm for publishing material on the Iraqi regime's record."

Well, if a guy is still defending Bush after actually reading and comprehending the audacity of the fabrication woven by yr dear Commander in Chief, then i am at a loss. If somehow the American public doesn't hold President Bush accountable for all this, then i simply cannot understand how you can proudly salute your star-spangled banner. It is outrageously incredible that such a thing could happen in the most advanced, and one-and-only, superpower country in the whole wide world.

I truly sympathize with you Mr & Mrs Lucey.... Please do him justice, and help your people impeach the knave you call Mr. President.

Whew...after reading all of the above the only thing I have to say is
I hope we can be strong enough as citizens to get past this anger and awful division this country suffers from by putting aside the red and blue crap, the name calling and lack of civility long enough to come together to find a Pres. that will make this country whole again.

I hope all of us can stand back and come to terms with the fact that Rove, Bush, Cheney knew just what to push to divide this country all for the sake of votes. It really is a sad thing.

And.....if anyone is feeling the need to post a smart flippant comment to this post, Well point is made.

Maybe what we all need to set up Town Hall meetings on a regular basis all over this country and just face each other and discuss this country's problems openly and with respect for each other. (No cablehead moderators allowed) I feel like too often all of us are spouting what we have heard from blue and red media.

The power we would have as one to make D.C. listen would be awsome.

DC listens when it is time to vote every 4 years.

DID YOU HEAR? Bush won (again)

Sit down, shut up, and get back to washing dishes or whatever Democrats in your neighborhood do when they've lost an election.
Try to change the vote to your favor.
Try hollering racism.
Try wiping out votes.
Try calling "NO FAIR".
Try taking it the Supreme Court.

Help a soldier today, send clothing, food, anything. Just shup up while you do it.

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