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July 4 Is About Self Rule, Not World Rule

The Chattanoogan

With all due respect to Colonel Moon and the 25,000 or so American families who awaken every day trying to convince themselves that their loved ones' sacrifices have been, in George Bush's words, "worth it," I must say I am one American who came perilously close to throwing a shoe through the TV screen last night. Word up, Mr. Bush, we can handle the truth - some of us knew it from the start. So quit lying and obfuscating and preying upon our instinctive patriotism while our nation's sons and daughters are killed and maimed trying to fight the illegal, immoral war which you and your axis of evangelical, neo-conservative sycophants have hung around our nation's neck like an albatross. You, in my opinion, are years past the time when you should have been impeached, put before an international war crimes tribunal, and put in prison.

And puhleeeez quit using 9/11 to sell the totally discredited line about how we had to invade and occupy a sovereign nation which had nothing to do with it, which posed no threat to us, which had no WMDs, and whose people were already on their knees from a decade of sanctions which conservative estimates say had killed nearly a million
innocents - most of them children. Word up, Mr. Bush, it is that for which history is going to demand that you, and we, render atonement. It is that which gives the lie to your overt religiosity. It is that which has made Iraq a hotbed of terrorism. It is that which fuels hatred of America among Islamic extremists - not "our freedoms" as you have so often misstated.

And just what "freedoms" are you talking about, Mr. Bush? The "freedom" to sic our "defense forces" on any country which we please while ignoring the protests of our allies and millions of people around the world? The "freedom" to hold our purposes and their
consequences above international law? The "freedom" to extract countries' resources to fuel our war machine? The "freedom" to enrich oppressive dictators while their people live in abject poverty and inescapable fear? The "freedom" to brand entire cultures as evil? The "freedom" to allow toady corporations to steal the tax money your henchmen blather on about being needed to rebuild the countries we have destroyed? The "freedom" to sell weapons of mass destruction to people like Saddam just ten years before we justify a shock and awe campaign on his purported possession of the same weapons?

Those, sir, are the sort of "freedoms" I would gladly give up. But, as the shadow of your knee-jerk USA Patriot Act hangs over our divided republic, I will fight to preserve my freedom from illegal search and seizure. I will fight to preserve my freedom of speech and association. I will fight to preserve my freedom to be secure in my papers and effects. I will fight to preserve the integrity of our open electoral process. I will fight to keep your theocratic zealots from establishing a Christian Taliban in America and stealing public education from the public. I will fight to protect the Bill of Rights and the freedoms it enshrines from you - because you have shown so little regard for them.

You will never, ever, be able to adequately explain why the billions you have spent exporting war were not spent improving our own transportation and border security. Just today, we hear of a plane being taken from one of several thousand unprotected private airports and flown about for three hours by a drunken joy rider. If he could do it, so could a sober extremist with a canister of nerve gas or a few hundred pounds of Simtex. No, it's not an adequate explanation to say we have to fight them there so we don't have to fight them here. I believe we will be fighting them here soon enough. 9/11 and its Saudi perpetrators set that precedent. I believe your ineptitude and susceptibility to blind ideology will one day come home to roost, just as Ward Churchill has warned. Sadly, when those days arrive, I am convinced you and your Republican neo-fascists will still point to the horizon and say it's them and their hatred of our freedoms, don't you see?

As your poll numbers plummet, George, I would suggest that more and more people are seeing more and more clearly every day. And somehow the barbecue will just never taste as good ever again.

Bruce Wilkey
Signal Mountain


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Well said. I wish the majority of Americans could think this clearly back in November. Maybe we wouldn't even be thinking about Bush.

Well said... I only hope more and more people will see the emperor has no clothes.

Perfectly put. Honestly, flawless.

I could not have expressed it any better...and I feel that your words are the exact thoughts of almost every person that is interested in current world events.

I think that your words just described the attitudes of not only a current majority of Americans, but also of people throughout the world.

All I can say is...Thank you.

Dear Bruce,

Best comment on this lying, incompetent administration that I've seen in a long time.
Thank you!

Michael Kinsley aptly described Bush as a person who has "the stubborn conviction of an unreflective mind." It is clear that Bush let himself be brainwashed by his foreign policy tutors-Cheney, Wolfowitz, Pearle et al--neo-cons all who subscribed to the principles of the Project for the New American Century. This group described the U.S. as "the world's preeminent power" and that as such it could "shape a new century favorable to American principles and interests." Regime change in Iraq became the centerpiece of their foreign policy and 9/11 gave them the excuse and cover to effectuate that policy. The Bushies rushed headlong into the war in Irag without any reflection on what it would cost in the way of lives and the nation's treasury. What ironically has transpired is that we have exhausted our volunteer military and are conducting this war on the Chinese dollar while our deficits build up. Meanwhile the Chinese just sit back, build up their economy and military while watching us mire in this bottomless pit called Iraq. It boggles the mind how dumb this exercise has been and where hubris leads.

Wow! I am so glad to see in print, exactly my thoughts put in words so perfectly. Thank you. It took all my control not to throw things at the TV during the speech last night. I had to keep telling myself to keep calm. Thank you again.

This bunch o' thugs and neo-CONS in Wash. Dc are the poorest excuse for badasses I have ever seen. Watching Bush trying to be like one of the guys/troops last night was almost laughable, if it wasn't so deadly serious.

It was a poorly written and poorly executed speech. I mean, just plain poor. I could almost hear that fundamentalist preacher inflection in his voice. These guys make lousy speeches and execute wars just as badly.

The article in the Chatanoogan hit the nail on the head.

The sooner we get to trial, the sooner we get to the bidness' of cleaning this mess up.

In AA, the definition of insanity is doin' the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome. So, as we "stay the course", just rememeber that's code for how crazy this bunch is.

I remember the guys in the Fraternity House back in 1969 talkin' large about fightin' communism in Viet Nam so we don't have to fight it here (in Maine, no less). The people in Maine almost elected a Klan (right, Ku Klux Klan, what a stooopid name) Governor in 1925; it is doubtful Ho could have gained a foothold on a Maine shore.

Well, like Bush the cheerleader, these self-same patriots all managed to get themselves those impossible to get Nat'l Guard slots, knowing full well that the Girl Scouts would see action before they would.

Just like this bunch o' chickenhawks... all hat and no cowboy. But, if it's yer kid, brother, sister, etc. well that's okay to send 'em into this Viet Nam-like mess.

Steve King and I protested the WAR.. I got drafted, last one in RI under the old SSS regs (if ya' couldn't afford to get out of it, ya' got drafted). Money and "service" have been inextricably linked since forever.

Inquiry, Impeachment, Trial, move on, clean up the mess and let these bums fade into the oblivion of ne'er-do-wells who may or may not get a footnote in History.

The lying spoilt brat in the whitehouse should definitely be impeached. Can anyone tell me, what are the chances of that happening?
Jack Kyle

You perfectly elaborated the truth about that moral degenerate who currently occupies the White House. He's broken the bonds of trust with the American people and he needs to be held accountable. Hopefully, the voices of decency and honor will rise above the lies and deceptions being churned out by Bush's propaganda machine.

Im going to email this to as many people as I can. It is the best, most straightforward article I have read. Now if someone would only go on CNN and read it over twenty times until it sinks in.....

Your article sums up this evil administration perfectly. We must keep the drumbeat of the Downing Street Minutes beating loudly and clearly until these lying murderers are put behind bars! The proof that the Downing Street Minutes are the smoking gun is the in the concerted effort, on a daily basis, of the Republican majority in the House and Senate to keep any mention of these minutes made public on C-SPAN. Please support Rep. John Conyers and any other member of Congress who refuses to let the Downing Street Minutes die.

I only wish the media had the guts to stand up and speak out like you have done. This administration is a sham and a disgrace to our country.

Has anyone asked, wondered, why the rest of our leaders are doing little if nothing to end the dangerous rule of the Bush administration? What is going on? America is a democracy no longer!? We can change things, But we need every voice, no more apathy, no more standing by waiting for someone else. If you want to see the change, if you want to end the Bush administration than it is up to each and everyone of us to get out there and speak, There are so many organizations working towards this, let's not focus on our hate, anger ,disappointment, and fear, find something to do and do it. "it is the greatest mistake to do nothing when you can do little, do something!"

The reason the MSM is not reporting the truth about Bush & Company's war crimes is that they are controlled by the Military Industrial Complex. Board Directors at the Carlyle Group, Haliburton, Bechtel and Boeing, can also be found on the Boards of the NY Times, ABC, NBC and the Washington Post.
Do not wonder why the MSM is not reporting the truth to the American people. Do not wonder why they are not editorializing about the impeachable crimes of Bush and Company and its corruption in Iraq that continues to put billions of dollars into their pockets every day the war continues. No matter how you cut it, this war is based upon lies and is in violation of the U.S. Constitution, International Law and Geneva Convention. It is a war crime committed in the name of America and it has taken the lives of thousands of Americans and innocent Iraqis and robbed America of billions of dollars. FORTUNATELY, AMERICA IS WAKING UP AND THE CRIMINALS WILL ULTIMATELY BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE.

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