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* Amy Goodman on CNN's News Night with Aaron Brown 6/28/05 *

Please thank CNN for having Amy Goodman on the program News Night with Aaron
Brown last night after the Pres. Bush speech.

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* Fmr. Pentagon Insider Blasts Bush's Iraq Speech and Repeated References to
9/11 *

In a primetime address to the nation, President Bush defended the war in
Iraq and rejected calls to set a deadline for withdrawing U.S. troops. In
his speech, Bush repeatedly tried to connect the war in Iraq to September 11
even though Iraq had no role in the attacks. We speak with former Pentagon
insider, Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski.


* Journalist Patrick Cockburn Calls Iraq a "Bloody Mess" One Year After
Handover of "Sovereignty" *

We speak with Middle East journalist Patrick Cockburn of the Independent
(UK) who finds that since the so-called handover of sovereignty in Iraq, 948
U.S. soldiers have died; thousands of Iraqis have been killed; 52 senior
Iraqi government or religious figures have been assassinated; and the number
of Iraqi military and police being killed each month has jumped by fifty


* Mother of Soldier Killed in Iraq: "The Best Way To Honor My Son's Death
Would Be To Bring The Troops Home" *

As President Bush refuses to set a timetable for the withdrawal of troops
from Iraq, we speak with Cindy Sheehan, her son, Casey, was killed in Iraq
in 2004. Sheehan calls on President Bush to withdraw the over 130,000 troops
from Iraq and for Congress to investigate the Downing Street minutes.


* Iraqi Blogger Criticizes Western Media For Excluding Iraqi Voices *

We speak with Faiza Jarrar, an Iraqi blogger about President Bush's speech
and the occupation of Iraq. Jarrar says, "When does Bush care about the
Iraqi people? Iraq is a 25 million population. Who will go to ask them 'what
is your attitude about this war' or 'what is your future' or 'what is your
plan to leave?'"


* Rahul Mahajan: "Bush Trots Out Bin Laden to Justify Anything He is Doing"

We speak with Middle East analyst Rahul Mahajan the 130,000 U.S. troops
stationed in Iraq and President Bush's rare reference to Osama bin Laden in
his primetime address.


* Headlines for June 29, 2005 *

- Bush Defends War, Links Iraq To 9/11 Attacks
- U.S. Helicopter Shot Down In Afghanistan
- U.S. Accused of Killing Three Iraqi Journalists
- Report: Italy to Seek Extradition of 13 CIA Agents
- Saudi Ambassador to U.S. Resigns
- UN: International Tribune May Be Needed For E. Timor Killings
- House Votes to Lift Restrictions on Military Assistance to Indonesia
- Labor Dept Tried to Hide Studies on CAFTA
- Castro Meets With Chavez to Discuss Oil Deal


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Thurs, June 30: TBA

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* Transcript: Amy Goodman on CNN's News Night with Aaron Brown, 6/28/05 *

BROWN: We're joined now by Andrew Breitbart, formerly of the Drudge
Report, currently a contributor to the Huffington Post, and Amy Goodman,
of Pacifica Radio, where she hosts "Democracy Now." It's good to see you

Amy, you say that we need to pull the American troops out now,
yesterday, not tomorrow, right now. What do you imagine would happen in
Iraq if we did that?

AMY GOODMAN, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: I think it's more important to look
at what is happening in Iraq right now, today.

BROWN: What do you imagine would happen if we pulled out?

GOODMAN: Well, I think it can't be worse than what we're looking at
right now. We are talking about now, I mean, your own reporters can't go
outside of their hotels, the roads are all cut off outside Baghdad. In
this month alone, you compare it to June, 2004, a year ago -- then, 42
U.S. soldiers were killed; now, it's about double that.

BROWN: So you think if actually -- if the Americans pulled out tomorrow,
Iraq would be a safer place, a better place, a more stable place than it
is now? GOODMAN: I think the U.S. troops, the occupation is the magnet
for the violence. It has become the target. And I think that has to be...

BROWN: And the jihadis would go home?

GOODMAN: ... removed.

BROWN: The jihadis would go home?

GOODMAN: I think that Iraqis need to be able to deal with their own
country, and clearly, the occupation is the most serious irritant. It's
even what people, the Iraqis voted for, when they made their decision in
their election, they were voting for parties that were saying the
occupation must end. I think Iraqis should be respected.

BROWN: We'll come back to that. Andrew, do you think that the country
would feel more comfortable with the policy if the policy had more
specific benchmarks?

ANDREW BREITBART, AUTHOR: I actually agree with that. I think that the
president was great tonight, but where has he been the last few months?
I think what the president needs to do now, because I think the polls
will start going in his way as they do after speeches of this magnitude,
I think he needs to start dictating how we're going to be victorious in
Iraq. We can't just explain why we're there. We need to declare how
we're going to be victorious. Not against insurgents, but terrorists who
are there at the behest of Osama bin Laden, who has called it the third
world war in Iraq.

BROWN: I'm not sure, honestly, I've never quite understood the
mathematics here, whether the most difficult problem we face there are
the foreigners, because certainly for a long time in the occupation they
were not the most difficult task we faced there. How it became that they
are now?

BREITBART: Well, I mean, we're also dealing with the remnancy of the
Baathist regime. So either way, you're dealing with bad guys.

BROWN: And all bad guys are the same in this context?

BREITBART: I don't think that that's a difficult thing to figure out.

BROWN: I'm just trying to make sure that I understand. Yes.

GOODMAN: "The New York Times" last week was revealing what was in a CIA
report that said right now, not when Saddam Hussein was there, but right
now, Iraq is becoming a training ground for more extremists than
occurred in the beginning of al Qaeda in Afghanistan. These are people
training in assassination and kidnapping. This all has to end.

BROWN: I agree with that. I'll agree with that, that it is in many
respects a worse place now than it was, in the terrorist sense, before
the invasion. What I don't think I get is how our leaving makes that
situation better. I think you do have an Afghanistan.

GOODMAN: I mean, you know, the saying from Vietnam, you're destroying
the village in order to save it. That certainly applies today.

BROWN: Yeah, I lived through the era.

GOODMAN: So that certainly applies today. And I think what we have to
look at, is an Iraq that the U.S. is not forcing to privatize, that is
getting out, so it's free to sell its own oil, where the U.S. military,
in their terrible fear of absolutely horrific situation is not killing
Iraqis and insurgents coming from all over at this point are not coming
in and also killing Iraqis.

BROWN: Amy, thank you. Andrew, last word literally, 10 seconds. Do you
think the president bought himself six months?

BREITBART: No, I don't. I think he bought himself another two weeks, and
then he needs to declare battle against and people who have
defined victory downwards. I mean, it's been a disaster the last few months.

GOODMAN: And the president has to stop...

BROWN: Good. Thank you. Thank you.

GOODMAN: ... connecting 9/11 with Iraq.

BROWN: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you both. Good to see you.

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It is nice they had Amy on the show, but these guys on MSM shows never let the guest speak there case, they limit and interupt them with more questions. I think they fear letting them speak, as the minds of many might be changed,,, they might see the truth, and the truth will set them free.

On the night the official war started and the bombs started raining down on Iraq I was so fucking angry I had to go for a walk, I walked longer than I've ever walked before that night. I had done my research, was aware of the PNAC and the neo-cons geopolitical grand plan, this pissed me off but what angered me the most was the sheer laziness of the American people to fail to get up off their fat asses and seek out the truth of what was about to happen in their name.

As time went on my anger grew...I attended all the protests, created posters and banners, wrote e.mails, etc. but then lethargy came upon me as the movement within the States was not reflecting how fucking insanely angry I was, soon I laughed at your inaction and finally I was extremely saddened.

However this now seems to be changing and something finally seems to be stirring within the U.S and it's quite've finally come to realise two years after the rest of the World that you're bogged down in another Vietnam and this time it could be potentailly a lot more serious. The geopolitical plan doesn't stop at Iraq, it covers the entire Asian sub continent and beyond. For those within the U.S who have been campaigning and acting in response to these global criminals(and I know there are many) please forgive this mail for it is not directed at you. The movement can only get can't sleep forever

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