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Veterans ask Baird to oppose Bush


While President Bush made his case Tuesday for the war in Iraq, a small group of local veterans called for his impeachment for taking the country into war in the first place.

About a dozen members of the local chapter of Veterans for Peace delivered a letter to the Olympia office of U.S. Rep. Brian Baird, D-Vancouver, calling on him to support an inquiry into impeachment of the president.

The veterans filed into Baird's waiting room and spoke to the congressman's representative, who accepted their statements.

"I want the war to end. I want our soldiers to come home," said Jody Tiller of Olympia, who served six years in Korea with the Air Force. "I want our soldiers home safe and well. Our soldiers were betrayed into going over there."

Baird was in Washington, D.C., Wednesday when the veterans delivered the letter.

"I will definitely make sure he gets this," said Mike Kendall of Baird's office.

Baird declined to comment on the letter, saying he'd deliver his own statement after Bush's speech.

The veterans pointed to the recent release of the "Downing Street memo" as evidence that Bush deceived Americans and Congress on the reasons for going to war.

"We are very supportive of our troops," said Bob Rudolph, 62, of Steilacoom, who served in the Air Force. "We or our family members have been there. The safest thing you can do is bring them home."

The national Veterans for Peace organization has delivered similar letters to all members of the Senate and House.


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How about some real justice for a change...when the day comes that America finally awakens to the truth lock up Georgy Porgy alongside his fellow terrorist buddies in Guantanamo or even better in Abu Ghraib. You'd never know you might as a nation even regain some semblance of respect from the entire World community

Absolutely....he's a failed president and was before he got re-elected which boggled the minds of the world community (remember there was a time when half of you didn't support the war). He is an idiot, (clearly shown in my pet goat footage) foolish, stubborn, arrogant, and ideologically warped, and is considered a world wide joke, while the right wing says he is the pride of all Americans (at least the gullible and naive ones). And then you re-elect the man (Ohio exit polls were suspicious anyway)? To regain lost respect, un-elect him.

....check out raw story and other sites for pictures of Bush sporting a medal he didn't earn. Not picked up by any news at the time.

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