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CNN Chatter Misses Point

If the Downing Street Documents didn't make the important points that they do (Bush had decided on war, had decided to lie about WMD and 9/11, had actually started the war early) then citizens would not have forced them down the media's throat, yet what the media says the documents are about never quite gets it right:

SCHNEIDER: There is evidence in today's ABC News-"Washington Post" poll. For the first time, a majority of Americans, 52 percent, told that poll that the Bush administration, in their view, intentionally misled the public in making the case for war. Now, that could be the impact of the Downing Street Memo, which was the recently released British government document suggesting that the Bush administration manipulated the facts in order to make the case for war.

HENRY: John, you've covered this president for a long time. Democrats on Capitol Hill are agitating for an investigation of the Downing Street Memo. What do you think will be the impact of this memo?

JOHN KING, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, I don't think you'll get an investigation because the Democrats are in the minority. What the memo has done is brought back to life -- as Bill just noted -- not only the debate about the insurgency.

And many Americans, if you travel the country, and many Democrats and Republicans will tell you when they go home, this is the question they get. This was not the war we were sold. What about being greeted as liberators? Never mind the weapons of mass destruction. That debate is pretty much gone.

But what the memo does is it gives new life, a new vehicle to have the whole debate about, was there a really a solid plan? Did the president ask the right questions? And did they plan for the day after the bombing stopped? And that is the big question now.

And the president's not on the ballot next year, but Republicans are just as nervous as Democrats, when you get into that very uncertain environment, because the president cannot say tonight, "The troops will be home on day x." In fact, he will say he cannot say that.


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I call & email the major news organizations weekly asking why the memo isn't covered & get the same answer every time , "We feel we have covered it and it is no longer news " or " everyone knows the country was misled about the war" . It is clear to me they are afraid of the White House. The broadcast news is irrelevant in today's world. I used to believe the evil on the net , pedophiles & such , canceled out the benefits it offered but I was wrong . Thank god for all the web sites because we must keep pushing to educate the people ignorant of this administration's evil. When Clinton was impeached democrats voted to punish him , but republicans in congress don't have the patriotism they profess and will resist at any cost . We must keep shoving it down their throats till they can't ignore us . It's extremely frustrating but I won't stop. Please don't any of you stop either. Patriots do whatever it takes to protect America , and America is in need of all the patriots it can get right now.

The establishment media will not, unfortunately IMHO, cover this story with the respect it deserves, simply because there are too many conflicting interests. Just look at who sits on the boards of these major media conglomerates. Pretty scary stuff when you really think about it.

Maybe our best hope is to boycott them all and put them out of business.

Check out for information about boycotting the media

CNN et al. would be well advised to stop worrying about majorities, minorities, D's and R's and get concerned with the REAL issue in this entire matter. Guys, it is a real story that the most powerful individual in the world has been implicated in a scheme to deceive Congress, the American public and the world community with serious documented evidence.

These memos are every bit and way more damning than any semen stained blue garment ever was!

The American public demands that the all facets of the media DO THEIR JOBS! Failure to insist that this Administration answer and be accountable for its actions is not an option

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