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The following are links to the Investigative Status Report of the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff

The Constitution in Crisis; The Downing Street Minutes and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution, and Coverups in the Iraq War (This Report is 273 pages.)
Full Report

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Chapter 1 - Executive Summary

Chapter 2 - Chronology: Last Throes of Credibility

Chapter 3 - Detailed Factual Findings; Determination to go to War Before Congressional Authorization

Chapter 3 - Detailed Factual Findings; Misstating and Manipulating the Intelligence to Justify Pre-emptive War

Chapter 3 - Detailed Factual Findings; Encouraging and Countenancing Torture and Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment

Chapter 3 - Detailed Factual Findings; Cover-ups and Retribution

Chapter 3 - Detailed Factual Findings; Thwarting Congress and the American Public: The Death of Accountability under the Bush Administration and the Republican-Controlled Congress

Chapter 4 - Legal Analysis

Chapter 5 - Recommendations

Exhibit A -- Relevant Law and Standards

Exhibit B -- Analysis of Powell Statements to UN

Exhibit C -- House Government Reform Committee Democratic Staff Report Iraq on the Record

Exhibit D -- Key Documents



At this site, we are especially proud of the new Conyers Report, "The Constitution in Crisis." We were also pleasantly surprised that the Academy Chicago Publishers, the same people who published "What Went Wrong in Ohio?" decided to publish the report, with a foreward by Ambassador Joe Wilson.

While the book will not be published until early Spring 2006, we wanted to offer Conyersblog readers the opportunity to pre-order an autographed copy of the book in exchange for a $60 contribution to the Congressman's campaign. By purchasing this book, you have the opportunity to own a part of history and help the Congressman hold the Bush Administration accountable. Your assistance in helping Congressman Conyers become the next Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee will bring us one step closer to getting the American people the answers from this Administration that they deserve.


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I promised my family that I would no longer refer to these organizations by name after I was banned twice from the AOL message boards and had my visit from the "Black Helicopter" (I'm not kidding) but I just wanted to state that, yes, Virginia, there IS an Evil Cabal in control of our Government and they have been around, in secret, for decades, if not centuries!! Can we stop them? I doubt it. I truly do. As you said, they wield too much power! It is my most fervent wish that we can stop them. But I must agree with another poster who stated that, per the Constitution (you know, that "Goddamned Piece of Paper!") if a Government is out of our control, then, if the normal processes, such as Impeachment, etc, do not work, we must resort to a more aggressive means! It sounds great, but "they" have at their disposal weaponry that would blow your mind...quite literally! It has slowly been being put into place right under our complacent, dulled, collective noses! And I have been just as guilty of that complacency! Ever watch the new War of the Worlds movie? How so many of the characters refer to the fact that the Tripods were buried "right under their noses?" Well that is pretty much the case here. It has been going on right in front of us, and we didn't see it until now, when it may be too late! I pray to God that this isn't true, daily!
I could list about 20 different organizations, acronyms and so forth that the majority of Americans do not even know exist, But, for my safety and that of my family, I will not. Feel free to do some research yourself, but know this: you WILL be monitored!!!


Are Rumsfeld and Chaney members of Skull and Bones?



The Bush agenda is cracking; it's up to us to make sure that he can't repair the damage or white wash his actions. Don't let his State of the Union address be an oportunity for him to turn the page on these outrages. Join in during his State of the Union Address as we bring in the noise to politically drown out his address on January 31. Then join with World Can't Wait in Washington DC the following Saturday, February 4th to demand that BUSH STEP DOWN AND TAKE YOUR PROGRAM WITH YOU.


How did a dumb Texas get to be president anyway?

until we the peeps finance our elections the politicians will work for those that send them checks and increase their personal balance @ their Caymen Island bank. This is our present checks and balance government. states that finance their electiohs also have health coverage. we all work for those that give us pay-chex. sincerely, Nitai

Lets be clear. Bush and his cabal represent a dangerous regime that has earned an impeachment. That won't happen with a Republican controlled Congress, at the very least until after the 2006 Mid-term elections.

Also, Bush and the PNAC cast of characters are simply presenting an up to date version of the Marshall Plan. Since WWII the elites and their planners have sought to control the Middle East, not necessarliy for the oil, but the control or leverage it creates over the Asian and European governments. Resource control has been seen as critical to the US for decades, even during the periods in the past when domestic oil was our major source. Actions dating back to Teddy Rooselvelt (spanish American War, conquests in the Pacific, etc) have been precursors to our current plight. We must demand an end to US imperialism. Period.

Too many Democrats sound like Republicans. Lieberman, Clinton, Biden, etc. They know that the neo-con strategy may be flawed, but neo-liberal policies (see Latin America) are just as devastating. The Democrats offer no real agenda or alternative. "Big politics" as demonstrated by every president in the last 50 plus years, will continue to dominate the landscape. War and hostile policies in the name of "market development" and other economic technocrat ideals only serve the same corporate masters of those that have gone before them.

These idictments should be pointed at all "professional politicians," yes Rosemary, even Barak Obama thinks kids and grandmas deserve bombs. We must pry the political parties free of the corporate dominance that serves to destroy this nation. We are being bankrupted so that those that are "the haves" will have more and more. The remaining 95% of the country owes itself a realistic evaluation of the current state of affairs. We cannot continue to use military action to bring economies and regions under our corporate control. Iraq is only the beginning. As the US economy needs room to grow, foreign policy will follow. The idea of "Fixing the facts around the case" is not a new one, nor one that will be put out to pasture anytime soon.

And for those offended Democrats that read this article, I am guessing more than one of you thinks I am off base. You must be thinking about Carter (Mr Humanitarian aka The Dove). While Habitat for Humanity is nice, Mr Carter did manage to greatly increase the arms flow to a really nice guy named Suharto so he could exterminate those pesky East Timorese. Thats just for starters, so don't kid yourself into some party based moral high-ground, that's a trick made to look equally ignorant by the current circus at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

We need to do more than impeach Bush. We need to restructure the goverment of this country. This two-party system means that as soon as one party gets in control, they change policies, laws, courts as fast as they can, with absolutely NO CHECK on their tyranny.
We need a parilamentary, proportional representation government. We need to be able to have multiple parties. If voters knew that at least some of their candiates would get elected, then more people would vote. If politicians knew they had to make policy that was acceptable to a broad range of Americans, not just their party, they would not be so quick to obey the fringe groups in their own parties.
If we had proportional representation, we would now have some Green Party members in Congress, we would have some socialists, we would also have some terribly conservative folks. That's okay. The point is to make sure we have checks and balances, to insist on compromise, to get beyond the pendulum, the politically driven policies that swing to the far right, then swing to the far letf, and, in the end, give most of the power to the fringe groups.

I must agree with this poster! The Cabal that currently controls the White House and Congress have been plotting a "Hostile Takeover" for decades! I have been researching for months on the 'Net, by reading anything I could get my hands on, and networking with different people and Organizations who are not afraid to speak the truth!
While I would like to support the Democrats in their current Campaign to Impeach Bush and Cheney (and I do), I feel that this is only the proverbial tip of the iceburg! This Elitist group have been planning and plotting to do just exactly what they are doing for many, many years! Would I like to see Bush Impeached? Along with Cheney? Why yes, of course! But I fear it would be like cutting the head off the mythical Hydra: another(s) would only grow in it's place!
We have NOT had any control in this country since JFK was assasinated; hell, not since the 1947 National Security Act was signed into effect! This created the Shadow Government that has been plotting behind the scenes and we are only now seeing, openly, the "fruits" of their labor!! Ahhh, you say, another foolish conspiracy theorist! Does fact represent THEORIES? I think not! America has been shaking their collective heads, stunned and shocked by the events of the last few years. News Flash! It has been planned. I cannot reiterate this enough!
I have put myself at grave personal risk, and those I live with and care about deeply for disseminating this information on the Internet! I have twice been "banned" from the AOL message boards (Who contracted with DHS to
spy" on potential Terrorists, by the way) for no other reason than speaking the truths that I have discovered. I have read those boards, and profanity, name calling and slanderous comments are the norm! What was my offense? Mentioning the things the Government would much prefer you did not know anything about! I have had the "infamous" Black Helicopter circling my home on one occasion for researching a Government Facility that is very, very ominous and private, although they DO have a Web site! It was after accessing this site that I was "monitored!" WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! The president's disclosure of spying on American citizens is no surprise to those of us who have been brave (foolhardy?) enough to go where most dare not go! The secrets of this government are many. All at the same time that they solemnly swear that there ARE no secrets and that people like myself are foolish "CONSPIRACY THEORISTS" and therefore, should be ignored along with our foolish ranting! Funny how that "ranting" is becoming, more and more, public knowledge!
I will not expound on this issue any more. If you care to hear the truth, you may visit my Blog site. I am sure that I am opening myself up for more scrutiny, but I cannot be silent! And for any of you who have children and grandchildren, and are concerned for the future they will inherit, you may want to add your voice!

While you do point out many good reasons that it would probably be an understatement to say that Democrats have a long way to go before they can assume the true moral high ground, this is true of the vast majority of governments through the ages. But where there was once Julius Caesar, a monster to some and a wise leader to others, there was later Caligula, a completely self-absorbed monster with hardly a shred of wisdom or rationality. Where the Democrats and even some Republicans might at least realize some limits upon the wisdom of allowing wars to happen or the environment to be degraded, and where run-of-the-mill Dems and Repubs might sometimes resort to skullduggery thinking it somehow necessary for the benefit of the nation, Bush and Company see only opportunities to gain more power, while lining their own pockets and those of their benefactors. This is epitomized by the act of awarding so-called no-bid contracts to the incompetent likes of Halliburton after lying the nation into war, sending children with their whole lives ahead of them off to kill and die on false pretexts of honor and "national security".

While the differences may be largely of degree, make no mistake that Bush has hastened the decline of our civilization, and we cannot afford not to impeach him. He is our Caligula.


Learn to use you Caps Lock button. In Internet parlence, you screamed at me. I probably agree with you, but I didn't waste my time reading, since YOU WERE SCREAMING AT ME. So, now you get it? It's shocking, and you do disservice to your (and our, I suppose) aims if you communicate in a hostile manner.

Getting this turd out of power is what I want as well. Cheers for your intent.


do you mean "whining?" and not 'WINNING' which we're not??


Are you a citizen of the U.S.? We don’t do mob violence – at least not most of us who would like to see Bush go. We are angry because he broke our law – an important law that guards the very heart of democracy: the 4th amendment to the Constitution – which protects you and me from warrantless (“unreasonable

I am with you on following the law of the land to remove the Bush regime. However should this fail then the law of the land has failed and the power of the government has superceded the power of the people, in wich case we will have one power left as laid out in the principles of the constitution and that is if the government ever becomes to powerfull as to enfringe upon the powers and the liberties of those who they govern then the people have an obligation to remove that government, by force if necessary.

I think Cheney will get rid of bush permenantly and then declare Marshel Law

I can honestly come to you and say, I was born and raised an americian, so was my husband who is africian americian, (I am white)
I know first hand what the patriots act can do to your life and family. I also know of others who have wittnessed the same.
My husband ran a hedge fund, (mind you all people have gotten there money back) and when the state couldn't produce charges aganist him, they used the patriots act! The US postal service raided our home, would not let us contact a lawyer (said we were not under arrest yet was not allowed to leave or speak to each other) and after taking our computers (even our childrens that were still in a box) illegally going thru my car (not on warrant) pulling burn barrels to an area that was (found nothing it was trash) burned my lawn, went thru my personal belongings and my childrens (not on the warrant) bank accts, library,phone records, they found one envelope made out to a client and charged him with mail fraud..which was also bogus. But it gets better, now lets see how the goverment is spending our money, ..18 days later The us postal service, the irs, a state trooper, a sheriff, and a town officer arrive at my house to arrest my husband, they took him on a 3 hour ride, which I had to follow on in snow and freezing rain, ONLY to learn after arriving that neither of his lawyers knew of this and were confused to WHY it occoured, so was the JUDGE, when all of this could of been handled thru a citation! (All this money wasted to do this now comes why) The federal attorney Barbara Matherson, said and I quote when asked by the judge why, "WE WERE AFARID HE WOULD RUN" This makes no sense at all, cause why wouldn't he of ran 18 days he had before them arresting him?This isn't happening I said, this is total racial profiling!( I forgot to mention we live in the smallest state in the country, racisim isn't thought of here , and she is from LA, she brought her hate with her obiviously) Even the judge was not amused. But, that day doesn't end, my six year old daughter now who has nightmares, screams and cries if her dad goes to the store, is terrified of policemen, and not one week in a year has gone by that she doesn't wake up crying and afarid..
But it still doesn't end.. the federal atty, has lied, produced false docoments, and our lawyer who is working harder for the feds than us, does nothing, (and we pay him) I looked up one of the names we don't reconise and it leads to a iraq forum, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!! Yet, she presented it and it is a lie. He is being framed and no one is doing a damn thing to help, our lawyer, well if we could afford a new one (he has drained us dry) we would , I hope when he gets his new jobs with the feds he lives a happy life. I have written the aclu, our congressmen, senators, no one will help, they say get a new lawyer, and the aclu well there picky about what cases they take on..(so glad I supported them..)My husband will be sentenced at the end of Jan. I am scared to death, I have gone thru many cases and what he faces is more than people who have done more..I am clueless ..and theres more to this nightmare, but I will save that for later.
But This nightmare hasn't ended for many others, an older man I know who lives in our small town, sells items on ebay, yep you guessed it,the US Postal Service raided his home, took his computer and other items, FOUND NOTHING! after terrorising him for weeks, and gave him back his computer, in which I told him to get rid of chances are they have added things to it.This is an elderly man trying to make a living!!! There are no terrorists here, YET, americian citizens daily are having that patriots act used aganist them. I may be confused here but wasn't this for terrorists?? So far I have seen it used only on americains.
Thanks for letting me air my fears and opinions..George Bush and the rest of our so called politicians who have jobs at stake need to take notes, YOUR JOBS ARE AT STAKE, WE PUT YOU IN AND WE CAN TAKE YOU OUT.
It saddens me to learn that already the schools are learning about President Clinton's impeachment yet Bush & Cheney who have terrorized the world and americian citizens walk free.
We have thousands of homeless families and elderly without care , fuel or food, and Bush gives billions to IRAQ, and in the next breath cuts yet more programs for the needy, or elderly. I thought genocide was done with Hitler?? He is killing thousands and no one sees this? and we have people approving it?? I say not only do we get rid of Bush and Cheney, but the rest of them as well, if there not working for the Americian people lets find ones who will. We have a attorney general who wasn't even born here,that wants to torture people, governors who were actors not born here, and are in office, for christ sake people, look at us, were laughing stocks of the world!
I agree with the Feb4th/ idea, if you can't be in washington, make stands at home in your towns , cities on the street, but make your voices heard..Time is running out on all of us.
And please if anyone knows of something I can do to help my husband please write me at the address lil girl needs your help too.

You have my utmost sympathy. I really wish I could advise you, instead of just offering my condolances! BUT, what you are talking about is going to become more commonplace all the time if we don't act! It is a nightmare! I cannot imagine the terror you must be feeling for yourself and your family...including your young daughter!
I will do more research, as I am partially disabled with a disorder that many believe is a direct result of Government Bio-chemical weapons testing! Oh wait...they don't DO that here!!
I am sorry...I will seriously do some searching and see if I can offer you any helpful advice at all. We have to come together and help one another! I just cannot understand how I could have been so blind?
My e-mail addy and my blog should be included in my post. Access either any time you want..even if it is just to vent, OK?

I, like Jewels, have little to offer but my deepest sympathies. I can not imagine what you and your family must be experiencing. I will forward your information to activist friends/attorneys but also know that I have been actively fighting for a dear friend who has been held since 02/03 in solitary confinement in a federal penitentiary charged under the Patriot act for supporting terrorist, etc. was just tried (speedy trial?) and almost half the charges were dropped on the most serious of the 19 "terrorist" charges, the other charges the jury was dead locked. All charges were dropped against his "co-conspirators". He is still in solitary confinement awaiting...

I find it extremely disturbing that many Americans believe this stuff is only happening to "others, who are the bad guys".

Please feel free to communicate with me.

Sincerely and in hopes of peace and justice,


I just wanted to add my Blog URL to the post I wrote earlier, as I was not logged on when I posted previously, therefore, my Blog addy did not show up.
If the woman who posted about her husband being a victim of the Patriot Act would care to contact me, here is my blog:
I have been doing a bit of research but have not come up with anything definitive yet. But, as I said, if you just need to vent, feel free! That is what I am doing, although so far, I have only received "threats." No overt action! I continue to hope and pray that I and my family stay safe!
Good luck to you...
Apparently, my Blog is not going to show up as a hyper-link. Therefore, you will need to copy and paste into your browser...sorry.

Talk about a quandry, I doubt that anyone could enjoy the prospect of seeing "W" squirm through the process of impeachment. And I have no doubt that it would never get as far as the phoney efforts to impeach Clinton for sexual improprieties that pale next to "W"s violations of his oath to protect and defend the Constitution. But has anyone else thought through what would occur if the improbable, most would say impossible, were to happen. That is, what if the GOP controlled congress did impeach and the GOP controlled Senate actually held him accountable for his oath and found him guilty as charged? Dick Cheney would then be our President!!! Does anyone think that would be better, or even just the same? There is no question that a President Cheney would have even less respect for the law and the Constitution. OK, it is likely that impeachment charges could easily be filed on him as well. And, if the implausible outcome of the Bush impeachment was successful, we can imagine that the same could then happen to Cheney. Now we have President Hastert. He's been right there to support the George and Dick show from the beginning. Does anyone believe the puppeterrs don't have control of his strings, too?
I have already signed a petition to my congressman for impeachment, but these are just some random thoughts that I've been having since as I thought through the various scenarios.

In conclusion, I think that our efforts would be far better spent in working hard to defeat incumbents that have supported Bush/Cheney, regardless of party, and elect progressives, that believe it is the people who have made this country great, and that have a vision of an America where people of wealth and position are accorded only one vote, the same as any other citizen.

The neo-con chief puppeteer would be far more dangerous than Bush as President. What would happen if Bush were to meet an abrupt end? Cheney would assume full Patriots Act control. Iran would be duck soup especially to mess up the Chinese oil plans. North Korea is toast. If China invades Taiwan, it's sayanora for everyone! What would prevent him from being re-elected for a "second" term. If Bush became a liability there is no reason not to "out" him as so conveniently happened to Valerie. This is a dirty administration. CFR, NSA, CIA, FBI, local enforcement, Congress, the Supreme Court, neighbors and friends are all being co-opted into the New World Order. The only question remains, "Who survives after the next holocaust?". By the way, Charlie Rose is one of their most trusted operatives.

I spent 20 years in the US Army helping to defend this country against THEM. THEM being other countries around the world who wanted to impose their will on other people by military force and therefore imposing a potential threat to this country. THEM who captured people of other countries and detained them indefinitely. THEM who tortured those in captivity in order to obtain information that they so needed to further their cause. THEM who invaded other countries without provocation because they thought that those other countries might pose a threat to them sometime in the future. THEM who wanted the land of other countries for political and financial gain. Now I look around and examine both sides of the argument about this foreign policy of aggression and pre-emptive strikes and it scares me because WE HAVE NOW BECOME THEM!

Impeach these crooks and liars! Stop the Madness!

We have had enough with this disgraceful Administration. Get

the perverts out of the White House. Save America from dictatorship!

John Richmond, Right ON!! and thank you for your service to our country and the world. Right now, Bush, Cheney, Rove make me ashamed to be an American.

Read Seymour Hersh's article UP IN THE AIR from the Dec 5 2005 New Yorker and you will be convinced that the President is dangerously zealous (religion-wise). He apparently believes that God has ordained him savior of the world ('"God put me here" to deal with the war on terror;' the 2002 Republican congressional election victories were a sign from God that [Bush is] "the man" ... 'a manifestation of divine purpose' {oh -- you mean it wasn't the extensive Republican "re-districting" gerrymandering??} )

This Administration scares me. A lot.

Please talk to everyone you can and get them to write their member of congress and their senators about Alito -- do everything you can to keep him from the U.S. Supreme Court. If he is confirmed, we can look forward to a truly Imperial Presidency. Alito does not share the view of the Founders that there should be checks and balances on the Administration from Congress and the Judiciary. Oh, no; he wrote an opinion that Congress had enacted legislation "illegally." He favors giving the President more power. He's as scary as Bush & Co.

Please, people, preserve our civil rights. I'm begging you -- MAKE NOISE and do it NOW. Write, call. DON'T let the Dems wimp out on us again. BEG them to stand up and filibuster the Alito nomination.

If he gets confirmed, we can say good-bye to the United States we know and love. Civil liberties will be stripped away. Not just the supergood, long-overdue rights recognized in the last forty years like equal rights, voting rights, and civil rights; I mean basic constitutional rights like freedom of speech and the right to assemble. We won't be allowed to dissent from the people in power. A lot can happen if Bush is authorized more powers.

Wake up your fellow Americans (if you can). Apathy led directly to Nazism in 1930s Germany. Don't let's go there. Please restore true pride in the America we love. Let us nurture the world, not bomb it into submission. Let us nurture our fellow Americans, not give tax breaks to the richest freakin' people in the country.


Well. I just read on my morning news source (The AOL Welcome Screen) that Alito is pretty much a given as far as being nominated Supreme Court Judge! The Democrats refused to Filibuster-stating that more URGENT issues need to be focused on such as the rebuilding of New Orleans and helping the Katrina victims! While I feel these are both very noble and worthy causes, they are not the PRIORITY right now as much as our entire Nation and way of life being in jeapordy!!! I cannot BELIEVE THEY ARE WIMPING OUT AGAIN!! What is the hold this Regime has on the entire Congress? How are they continuing to flourish in their corruptedness? Well, I have answered those questions in other posts of mine...which I think even this web site is beginning to remove! I will not sit and spout rhetoric and utter flowery speech while our Nation is in peril!! I already wrote a message to Mr. Bush that is not posted. I am sorry if my honesty is a bit too much, but people...WAKE UP!! All our talking and wailing and ranting is not doing a goldarn thing! So...where do we go from here? All I have heard is how we must STOP ALITO!! Did anyone ELSE notice the "smug" grin on his face in the pictures posted on AOL? This is the face of a man who is once again stating "NAH NAH I lose!!" This whole Regime is like this!! Like a bunch of playground bullies who are getting away with murder. Literally.
I admire those that can continue to spout happy-talk when every single effort we make is thwarted! I'm sorry, but I think maybe it is time to do what my family is recommending. Sit down; shut up and except the inevitable. You are not going to change it. I'm beginning to believe they are right.

I too spent over 20 years in the US Army, and I too considered my time well spent in defense of this nation and our way of life. Things sure have changed -- for the worse. I encourage those in power to seriously consider impeachment charges against all that impeachment might apply, and then take the matter further and apply legal proceedings against those that are corrupt and wish to see our country harmed in what they consider to be their own twisted best interest. Listen to this however, yesterday evening I listened to a C-SPAN televised Town Hall Meeting where the two major speakers were Congressmen Murtha and Moran -- BOTH extremely verbal -- BOTH appearing to be a voice of reason -- but BOTH surprised the heck out of me when questioned by someone in the audience regarding impeachment possibilities because BOTH indicated there would be no way that would ever happen. Now if those two guys who sit so close to the congressional leadership of this country feel that way, then my question to the people of the United States is -- who in the heck do we have actually honestly truly representing us if those two don't want to get involved? There response was what might be expected coming from the Bush/Cheney team. Add I would like to add that they sure seemed to be speaking our language prior to that, and again after that (voicing strong comments regarding the war and corruption and other obvious wrongdoings, many times to applause) but the question of impeachment was not discussed with the same zeal and the matter was quickly diverted away from the subject of impreachment (happened twice), dismissing it with a wave of the hand and an all-knowing-nod -- as if to say, don't go there. That, I have to say, should be our main subject of focus, fix impeachment as appropriate and surely other matters of reason will fall in place. So what gives here?

I too spent over 20 years in the US Army, and I too considered my time well spent in defense of this nation and our way of life. Things sure have changed -- for the worse. I encourage those in power to seriously consider impeachment charges against all that impeachment might apply, and then take the matter further and apply legal proceedings against those that are corrupt and wish to see our country harmed in what they consider to be their own twisted best interest. Listen to this however, yesterday evening I listened to a C-SPAN televised Town Hall Meeting where the two major speakers were Congressmen Murtha and Moran -- BOTH extremely verbal -- BOTH appearing to be a voice of reason -- but BOTH surprised the heck out of me when questioned by someone in the audience regarding impeachment possibilities because BOTH indicated there would be no way that would ever happen. Now if those two guys who sit so close to the congressional leadership of this country feel that way, then my question to the people of the United States is -- who in the heck do we have actually honestly truly representing us if those two don't want to get involved? There response was what might be expected coming from the Bush/Cheney team. Add I would like to add that they sure seemed to be speaking our language prior to that, and again after that (voicing strong comments regarding the war and corruption and other obvious wrongdoings, and many times to applause) but the question of impeachment was not discussed with the same zeal and the matter was quickly diverted away from the subject of impreachment (this happened twice), dismissing it with a wave of the hand and an all-knowing-nod -- as if to say, NO don't go there. That, I have to say, should be our main subject of focus, fix impeachment as appropriate and surely other matters of reason will fall in place. So what gives here?

Hey man, I agree 100%

Please convert the Adobe PDF document into HTML format (Web) for easier cut&paste insertion of excerpts into EMail distributions, posting on the Web, and reading on client systems.

PDF files cannot easily be cut&pasted whereas with HTML format you can easily distribute via EMail and preserve the same format and look&feel.

I say this because visibility is the key here. The Mainstream media has only reported on about these events in drips and drabs (and usually with a dismissive attitude) and never confronted the totality of all the evidence and abuse of office that is presented herein.

This information must simply be widely distributed, in fact, every U.S. Senator and every U.S. Congressman and every State Governor should be sent a printed & bound copy of the Conyers Hearing Report (in book form) as a blind gift -- simply for the purpose of creating a groundswell of exposure.

In addition, copies should be sent to the likes of Tim Russert, and other News Anchors & producers at NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, C-SPAN, MSNBC, etc.

The 911 Commission Report also has extensive footnoting and was converted into *.html. This made the footnotes easy to follow and helped me discover (at footnote 96)
"Those who called 911 from floors below the impact were generally advised to remain in place. One group trapped[footnote96:It is not clear whether callers from below the impact were trapped...] on the 83rd floor pleaded repeatedly to know whether the fire was above or below them, specifically asking if 911 operators had any information from the outside or from the news. The callers were transferred back and forth several times and advised to *stay put*. Evidence suggests that these callers died."

Thus, the govt(911 operators) were WORSE THAN USELESS!

The govt told the survivors NOT to evacuate. The survivors died.

Katrina: The govt told the survivors NOT to evacuate. The survivors died.

The govt meddled with the survivors of Iraq 1991 war: 500,000 age 0-5 died(UNICEF1999).

I own
I bought last month.
I bought last week.

Am I the only one who believes in Checks and Balances?

Will This Impeachment Happen? We do seriously need these Worthless Trash removed! So I`m asking do many of you feel that this will happen.

Plus i feel we need not only Government Reforms but Religion also needs to be looked into.

I see more and more hate from these people.

I see it If Jesus Christ was to come here all these people be in a rude awaking!

Besides it`s not there place to judge "Only 1 God can do that"

But thanks to many Republicans one thing for sure i will never cast a vote for any one that has a (R) next to their name. I`m sure Abe Linclon is rolling in his grave!

to End this is for Pat Robertson hope you get hit by lighting at a Golf Course!

George Bush, Dick Cheney and company in their reckless arrogance have
brought the corruption level to all-time highs like a white-head ready to pop. It is time for the American people to speak up and not only drive the Karl Rove-inspired monsters from Washington, but dig deeper into the corporate lobby establishment and "men's club" mentality of government officials. We need to forget about parties and the corprorate bottom line and do concrete things that are GOOD FOR AMERICA AND THE WORLD to regain the respect of the peoples of the world. I am embarrassed to call myself an American at this time in world history. Also, RELIGION HAS NO PLACE EVEN IN DISCUSSIONS RELATED TO GOVERNMENT AND THE FACT THAT THE SUBJECT IS ENTERTAINED

I have a question about impeaching Bush: Who will step into the President's position? If it is Chaney or any of his other cronies we'll be in the same position as now.

I feel your frustration, but a severely chastized administration that will be under the microscope for the remainder of its term is a good start. Once testimony begins in the impeachment hearings, things will progress rapidly toward real change when the rest of America learns what we know.

If I had a bad dog that bit people all the time, I would rather keep it on a short leash than let it run wild. Here is a good place to start:

The plan is to remove the entire Cabal from office and hopefully, return a state of Democracy to our country, instead of the Oligarchy that the Bush Administration has brought us!!
We continue to go forward...

Yes, we need to impeach Bush and Cheney. I have the demand to impeach both in my 4th and 8th editions respectively. But what we need is to
prevent the Illuminati from getting their own man in in the next election.

That man, I'm told by those knowledgeable, is Arnold Schwarzenneger. The Constitution will be changed by such senators as Orrin Hatch, enabling Schwarzenner to run.

Lord Rothschild in England wants Scwarzenneger in the White House. That's why he supported his getting voted into the Governor's mansion in California.

I have published four centuries of top secret American history, so know whereof I speak. Read it for free on my Web site under the icon that says Magazine and take control of our government.


Arlene Johnson
Password for 2005 editions: UN
No password is needed to access the previous editions.
Be sure to click on the icon that says Boycotts We Support too. You'll be glad you did.

Here's the crunch. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Ted Stevens, the rabid Alaskan Republican is President Pro Tempare of the Senate and would take over if Bush and Cheney were somehow removed from office. He's a serious nutcase who would probably plunge us into immediate nuclear war and end all our petty bickering forever. . . :-(

Thanks for the comments, keep it up. FYI, in the event of impeachment of Bush and Cheney The Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert - R, would take over the presidency.

bush and cheney will be impeached together.
Speaker fo the House and President Pro Tempore of the the Senate are next in line.

Both if them are fairly innocuous.


The eagle eyes of the government continue to stare at us and to snoop into our conversations, windows and lives without permission or oversight.

The Department of Justice, under the direction of the President, announced that it was investigating the leak of classified information about the illegal evesdropping to the press and to the American people.

The question I have for the President and the Department of Justice is why bother going after those who leaked this information? Why not do the right thing and praise them instead. Whoever leaked this information is a whistle blower and deserves a medal and a commendation and not abuse from the government.

The President of the United States violated the law. He admitted to the public that he failed to use the approved methods for obtaining permission for the monitoring of communications, etc. which he had said under oath that he would use.

Then he lied and said that the NSA only monitored international communications. When it was found that the communications that were monitored were also domestic communications , he again lied and said that the NSA only monitored the communications of those with known associations to terrorists.

At the core of the President's actions is apparently an assertion that because of national security needs the civil rights of the people can be abridged and violated with impunity.

The President though is sadly mistaken.

In taking this view he shows that he has already violated his oath of office which was: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

It is the Constitution of the United States in the liberal interpretation of it (not just the words but the inferences and the spirit of the document and the case law that points at the rights to privacy, etc.) that the President has sworn to protect and defend and not national security.

National security is a fickle thing. The winds of war and terrorism blow and pass by. The Constitution though has lasted as the basis for our government and must be respected and preserved.

The civil rights which it safeguards must be respected as well. They will outlast the present security needs only if this Administration and the others that come after it are prevented from sacrificing them on the alter of a fleeting false sense of security or a desire to strengthen the power of the Executive Branch at the expense of the welfare of the people.

Let us rally and call for our President to act in an appropriate manner, and to protect and defend the Constitution that he has sworn to protect in word, thought and action or if he will not do so, let him resign along with his Vice President.

Let us refrain from buying into fear mongering or any other excuses for the abuses of constitutional civil rights whether it be of our personal rights or even the rights of those who we suspect of being terrorists.

I am reminded now of the words of those who saw the rise of the Nazis in Germany, "They came for the Communists, and I didn’t object – For I wasn’t a Communist; They came for the Socialists, and I didn’t object – For I wasn’t a Socialist; They came for the labor leaders, and I didn’t object – for I wasn’t a labor leader; They came for the Jews, and I didn’t object – For I wasn’t a Jew;
Then, they came for me –

And there was no one left to object."

In the case of the abuses of civil rights let us object while we still have the chance to do so.

wow a real meeting place for lefty whackos - mr hedgefund ripped off a bunch of people but somehow thats okay until he got caught - how clintonesque - you should do time just for supporting the aclu - lol

Having been involved in Peace Rallies and the Peace Movement from California to Kansas, and having blogged repeatedly and vociferously since Cheney's first "energy task force" meeting in 2001, to have Cheney impeached FIRST, and then Bush, I feel quite confident someone in one or another agency is "watching over me," especially my computer.

And they are welcome to it, I not only have nothing to hide, I actually encourage those agents looking in on my stuff, they might just get a change of heart and decide they are patriots in the true sense of the word, and come out and tell us about this illegal spying program.

When the weather warms up and I start going to all the inevitable outdoor Peace and Justice activities with my "Impeach Cheney First" table and brochures, I think I'll have a T-Shirt made with my Social Security number on it, printed in big plain letters, so there is no question who they are looking at through those high-power camera lenses.

Fellow citizens, please don't misconstrue my post as approval of this illegal wiretapping and domestic spying, I think it is one more felony from the BushCO. But since they are so intent on knowing our personal secrets, I'll just make it easy on them.

I would like to issue an open invitation for all those assorted spooks, any government agents, whether CIA, NSA, or FBI, don't let this rogue "Bush Gone Wild" administration destroy your own sworn oath to patriotism, come forward and tell us the truth about the orders you have been given to spy on your fellow countrymen.

Even if you have to so it anonymously, DO IT. Write it as a fiction piece, or leak it to the biggest blabbermaouth you can find, but one way or another, tell us all the truth, every chance you can.

And always keep in mind that, in his oath of office, Bush did not swear to protect the American people, he swore to protect the Constitution. That Constitution establishhes the authority from the top down to protect "the people."

Do the right thing, and blow the whistle on your wayward Commander in Chief, he is asking you to break the laws you swore to uphold.


I had to chuckle a bit while reading your post! While I, too, do not think the current atrocities that are being exposed daily are funny, I have many times written and/or blogged the very same things you said! I have been banned from the Government-owned AOL message boards permanantly for mentioning such subjects as DARPA, HAARP, ELF, Chemtrails and so forth, I have been watched by the government "black helicopter" and I know I have now been blocked from my OWN blog site, which covers many of these topics. It is a long story, but I have repeatedly tried to sign on to it, and they keep telling me that I have either the wrong user name and/or password...even though I have them written down (they don't work) and have written their "help" department repeatedly! Sometimes, this abuse of my right to Free Speech and my Freedoms pisses me off, but other times I just wanna tell 'em, " I am !! Come and get me!!" That is what makes me chuckle! I am very involved politically and the government is watching me also, but I will not be cowed!!! I regret putting those I love in danger (when I told my SO about the helicopter circling the house one day, he wasn't too happy. "What are you trying to do? Get us killed??") No, I just want to tell the truth and see things put to rights!! And, I am pig-headed enough to want to do it even MORE if someone tries to tell me I can't!

I would like to say what I think about Bush and Cheney. They should be charged with High Treason against the people of the United States Of America. They should be Impeached!! Any one that worships a 40' owl and
plays like there sacrificing a live Human is very Sick, Yes, I said
worshiping a 40' owl. There was Presidents before that did the same thing. I don't have a list,but there is folks with in our Gov. that belong to the same Religion. Its Sick!! any one worshiping a 40' owl
and playing like they are sacrificing a live Human is sick, I don't care
what they call it, a club,a Religion its still very sick.The Bohemian
Grove is where all this takes place, Northern Calif. Alex Joness is the
one who blew it wide open, Alex Jones is the one who got through one of the most Highly security check points. All he had to tell them was he was with the Bush Family and was let right on in. He had a small camera in his Belt Buckle and had to stand on the back of pick ups to
get the shots that he got, but they where good ones, you can hear the screams from what sounded like a women screaming.I Realy do hope it was put on and not Real. But do you want a president who has sold his soul to the Devel Leading our Country? I know you hear him saying God Bless you and trying to make you think he is a very good Christian, its all for show He is a very evil man. He has been lying to Congress
for the past four years, useing the Patriot Act 1 and the Patriot Act 2. I don't know if you have read the Patriot 1 or 2, I have read it
word for word and let me tell you the Patriot act 2 is a very scary
Document and it does nothing but tear our Constitution up in shreds!!
Thank God Congress is stoping the Patiot Act so Bush can't take advantage of us any more!!
And for you Gun Activist trying to take our Guns away from the American People, Sorry but that Dog Won't Hunt!!
Its not going to work. The Second Admendment
Was put in the Constitution for the people to have Guns in our Homes
so we can Protect our self from Foreign Aggression and Domestic Aggression also to feed our familys. Our forfathers knew what had to
be done,The Second Admendment is what was put in for the reasons above
and so that we can Keep our USA FREE From all kinds of Aggression. So
wake up!! Its just not going to Happen!!You take the Guns away from us
all your going to do is get alot of good folks killed because where I
live we would be wide open for Drug Addicts kicking in Doors and if any one is there they are dead!! Not long ago my friend and his Mother
was kill by a Drug Addict at there Ranch, They where ambushed and killed. There is no one out where we live that could get here quick
enough to save us. So I have a mean watch Dog in the Back yeared and one in side our House and a shot Gun to go with the Dogs and a Deer Rifle for extra meat dureing Deer Season,and a alarm system that is
whatched from 80 miles away. I also have Cameras with night vission and they have censers on them that tell me what camera is going off,
when they go off I know what camers to turn on to look and see what the camera is looking at.No, I am not paranoid,but my wife and I are raiseing a six year old Grandson, we have had him from the time he was four days old. And I am not going to take any chances with his safty.
Now with all that, do you think we don't need a GUN? You know that we do. And there is alot of good folks in our area that have the same problem!! as long as the Meth." Crank" problem is here we have to protect our self!! I have more to say,but I'm going to save it for another time.
Thank You
Don Clark
I will have more to say about
Bush & Cheney in my next Comment

Hey, look. At the risk of sounding harsh, and truly understand that I view you as a brother, understand that undisciplined cranks, spewing ridiculous-sounding, libelous statements like the ones you just made don't help the cause of freedom. I would like to make a few points:

1) Use a spellchecker, and learn to write properly in the English language, (For example, figure out what "there," "their," and "they're" mean) and you will seem much more credible. Maybe it shouldn't work this way, but unfortunately, people make assumptions about your educational background and your intelligence level based on your writing ability. If you have something that you NEED to speak out on, maybe you could elicit some help from someone you know who has complete mastery of english.

2) I don't see any Bush family members in the Jones video, and would not characterize the video quality as being "good." (One crank drawing on the unsubstantiated -- and improvable -- claims of another crank does not win credibility either). I might add that a LOT of movie filming happens in the Great State of California.

Libel is a crime (actually it's a tort, but for simplicity, call it a crime). Maybe the Bush's ARE members of some strange Owl Cult. Until you can provide evidence of this, however, keep it to yourself, and maybe you'll stay out of court.

3) "Patriot Act II" has not been passed into law. Keep up on current events, and you will be more credible. For the record, the current issue is whether or not the worst parts of the PATRIOT Act will remain. (I happen to agree that MUCH of the PATRIOT is undeniably unconstitutional, immoral, and contrary to the principles of protected freedom).

4) The Second Amendment was NOT written to protect hunting. It was written to protect freedom. It says so explicitly.

While I'm on a soapbox, I'd like to point out that a "state," at the time of the writing of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights, meant something more similar to "nation" than what we think of as a state today. Think "the State of Israel" and you'll have the right idea. (You see, the Constitution framed a loose confederation of Sovereign States, i.e. the former colonies with their independent governments).

Also, there was a great deal of contemporary discussion about the intent and scope of applicability of the bill that became the 2nd. For example, the intent of the 2nd Amendment had NOTHING to do with National Guard units. The author of the Bill stated clearly to whom he was referring as the militia. (If you don't believe me, do some reading of the contemporary statements). Also, the Supreme Court has confirmed that the militia is not the National Guard.

Obviously, I agree that taking away the guns of American citizens would be criminal. But then, it's already happened. The most useful weapons, in a tactical military sense, have already been outlawed for the common person).

I also am incredulous that drug-dealers are the biggest threat to the safety and freedom of your neighborhood. The greater threat is more likely Federal agents or Marines in flack jackets, Kevlar(R) helmets, and ski masks. Also, kicking in the front door is not called an "ambush."

Who "informed" you that the perpetrator of your friend's and his mother's murders was a drug addict? And even if he/she were an addict, how do you or does anyone else know that the drug addiction was the cause of the aggression? (No, I'm not implying Federal Agents or Marines, but it seems unlikely that a drug addict would have a great deal to gain my murdering two people in their house, unless he were caught in the act of burglary).

Reading historical records will make your arguments more credible, as will being a little bit more skeptical of things you hear and read.

5) We, the People of the United States, as authors and executors of the Law, will not win a revolution. The military is FAR more prepared for domestic conflict than our Militia. (Besides, that should not be considered by ANYONE short of a last defense. Think of the terrible losses of the Civil War). Face it. We don't want to fight. (But that does not mean we should give up our 2nd Amendment rights, just in case).

We need to act quickly to work within the rule of law to bring to justice criminals like George Bush and tricky Dick Cheney for the crimes that we can prove. We have laws that were created precisely for the situation we are in. These men swore oaths to faithfully execute their offices, and to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC! Who might these enemies be? I challenge anyone to tell me how due process of law was served in authorizing the NSA to wiretap American citizens' communications without the need for any warrants or convictions.

There is an extremely strong case for an indictment against Bush, Cheney and others who have apparently disregarded their oaths of office. This is at best perjury, and at worst high treason.

I suggest making a generous donation to one or more organizations devoted to informing Americans about what is happening (it seems hard to believe, but many of us don't seem to see what's going on yet), or to the ACLU or other group devoted to civil and criminal litigation in support of liberty.

While I don't agree that all of the ACLU's causes are truly important civil liberty issues, they have been staunchly opposed to the misuse of Government power, disguised as a war on terror. They have put their money and their lawyers where their mouths are, which is why I carry their card.

Let's not be cranks. Let's make lucid statments that are persuasive to those of our friends and neighbors who don't yet see things as we do.

Deep Regards,

Rich Chase


[ED. NOTE: The following was co-written by Karen Bradley and Dick Bell, after a morning discussion about people and groups floundering between despair and hope over the past week. Karen and Dick co-founded The Democracy Cell Project, along with a group of remarkable citizen-activists, in 2004. They live in Washington DC.]

The understanding that Bush has provoked a "constitutional crisis" is taking root and spreading. Al Gore is expected to deliver a speech on Monday that is going to focus on this. (We will be there and hope to do a little live blogging, if possible.)

We think we are entering a period of extreme fluidity; Bush's ability to control the many dark forces that he has unleashed is diminshing by the day. But, this is a time of both great danger and great opportunity. Watching Americans slowly coming to grips after years of indifference is not a pretty picture, but it is movement in the right direction. In American history, we know that there are periodic convulsions in which the forces of evil sometimes get the upper hand. (i.e. The Alien Sedition Acts of 1798, the red scare of the early 1920's, the internment of Japanese-Americans in WWII, McCarthy, decades of J. Edgar Hoover's illegal actions, COINTELPRO, and now Bush, the NSA, and the Patriot Act.)

In each of these dark times, the ideals on which the country was founded appeared to be headed for the junk heap of history. But time and again, the American people have ultimately returned to the arms of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. The ability of the American people, again and again, to find ways to transcend these efforts to subvert freedom and liberty is the true exceptionalism that has made America a beacon of hope for lo these two centuries.

History shows that we can do what we need to do; the biggest obstacle is persuading enough people that all is not lost, and that by working together, as our ancestors have done repeatedly, we can win this fight.

As one of the spirituals would have it, "Freedom Is A Constant Struggle."

In practice, we need first to keep on keeping on with what we have been doing; second we have to be ready to act boldly and seize the opportunities that we know are coming as Bush's criminal enterprise unravels. History being the elusive prognosticator that it is cannot tell us where the openings will be. What revelations are still to come that could light such a fire for impeachment that even the Republican House would at least have to hold hearings? Jack Abramoff may implicate enough Republican members to switch the House of Representatives all by himself! And then, of course, there is Iraq, as well as the deepening crisis over Iran's nuclear weapons intentions.

No matter how bad things get, however, Bush will never voluntarily surrender an iota of the power he has grabbed. Our energy has to go into organizations, be they existing organizations, or brand-new ones that we found, to push Bush and his congressional support out of power as soon as possible. These are opportunities and they abound.

Along with AfterDowningStreet and CensureBush.Org, Code Pink, the World Can't Wait, United for Peace and Justice, Progressive Dems of America, MoveOn and many many other groups also sponsor town meetings, rallies, petitions, mobilize, march, and conduct nonviolent civil disobedience and street theatre, or run serious vigils and gatherings; PACS raise money to support candidates, blogs report new findings faster than the mainstream media -- all of this is worthy because we simply do not know the threshold or when critical mass will be achieved.

Neither of us is suggesting there is a need to choose BETWEEN actions or that any of these groups have THE answer. The solution is in our daily actions, saying "yes, and..." to all the opportunities. We each need to contribute, in the largest sense of that word. It could be a simple as forwarding an email that you know has truth. It could be as complicated as building an online community for a cause or a candidate. It probably needs to be "all of the above."

In business, managers and consultants are always talking about "capacity building" -- growing the organization to the right size so that more growth can happen, building on the infrastructure set in place. We each must build our own capacity for taking action, making sure the infrastructure is in place, contributing to the hands reaching out for us, and joining them.

We don't have to say yes to everything asked, but saying no brings the effort to a halt. Offer something back -- a suggestion, a small check, a networking moment, a hug of encouragement.

Think of it as being a good citizen.


This essay originally appeared on the Democracy Cell Project's blog on 1/1/4/06 -- to read or post comments on this thread on that site and to find out more about the other activities of the DCP, go to:

With freedom hanging in the balance, we the people must consider the fact that this problems that have very deep roots. The 2 party plan has helped the long term planners to unbalance the common people in representation. The only way to bring REAL freedom to America is to start over from scratch.

Impeaching the present criminals is a good first step. The second best step is to OVER PROTECT our constition by outlawing all the SECRET promotions that are kept from the people. How can a free people govern themselves with only a few pieces to the puzzle?

A third best move would be to OUTLAW all the EXECUTIVE ORDERS made by all presidents of the past. If such laws are needed, they should be put in motion by "We the people" not by the wim or wish of ANY individual.

A COMPLETE house cleaning of all influences outside the elected offices, by making over rich individuals and companys subject to the exact same treatment as common people, with no special influences.

This kind of house cleaning is hard to imagine, but the "Powers that be" have growing roots that are the same roots that go back to at least 1947, and probably longer.

If ANYONE can match or compete with such criminal forces with such a head start, they should certainly go down in history.

I am converting these Statements and the Briefing Transcript into html. What I have so far is at .

In the briefing held 20 January 2006 by the Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee, the warrantless wiretapping and data-mining of telecommunications company and internet provider databases by the NSA, and elements of Military Intelligence domestic civil infiltration operations were discussed. A number of participants made statements, and those statements and other documents were made available in pdf format at the above link. Then, on 31 January, the Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a class action suit against AT&T/SBC and others yet unnamed in this matter, and released this complaint in pdf format.

In the belief that these should enjoy a wider distribution I have been converting them to html and placing them online. As I continue these conversions, I will update this comment. Here are what I have so far.

The list so far:

Here is the EFF's Class Action Complaint.

Here is James Bamford's Statement.
Here is Richard Hersh's Statement.
Here is Jonathan Turley's Statement.
Here is Caroline Fredrickson's Statement.

They are all in this zip file:

(NOTE: All links are local, and only refer to the filename alone. So You can download the archive, unzip into any directory, and this page will still work when You are not online. -dcm)

Richard Hersh relates his experience of his Quaker Church group being infiltrated by agents of the 902nd Military Intelligence Group from Fort Meade, MD.

From Hersh's Statement:


"In November of 2004, people who represented an association of religious, educational, environmental, peace and social justice activists met at the Quaker Meeting House in Lake Worth, Florida. This group formed The Truth Project, Inc., a Florida non-profit corporation whose purpose is to help educate high school students and their parents about military service and to give them enough accurate information to make informed choices about critical decisions..."

"The Quakers welcomed us into their church, because they believed our intent was non-violent and was in keeping with their deeply-felt beliefs of teaching peace and understanding. They knew our purpose was solely to exercise our First Amendment Rights to assemble peacefully, speak freely, and worship as we choose.

"We had no idea until one year later that the unfamiliar faces in the church had been sent by the President ’s Department of Defense to spy on us; NBC News investigators showed us that agents of the 902nd Military Intelligence Group from Fort Meade, MD, where the National Security Agency is headquartered, infiltrated the Quaker Meeting House, and then filed a report designating us a CREDIBLE THREAT. The president ’s agents DID NOT come to worship alongside us, to help us plan our educational program, or to protect us.

"And it wasn ’t just us. Shortly after NBC aired its report, churches and other groups began sharing their experiences of infiltration and intimidation with us. Saint Maurice’s Catholic Church in Dania, the Unitarian Universalists, the Fort Lauderdale Friends, members of Pax Christi in West Palm Beach, environmental groups, and many others.

"Agents rummaged through trash, attacked and snooped into email, hacked web sites, and listened in on phone conversations. Indeed, address books and activist meeting lists have disappeared.

"President Bush tells us only a few phone calls are listened to, but THAT ’S NOT TRUE.

"Mr. Bush says they only monitor calls to foreign countries, but THAT is ABSOLUTELY untrue.

"He tells us that he spies only on known Al-Qaida contacts or affiliates, but I know for a fact that is NOT TRUE, because I was spied on in a house of worship IN THE UNITED STATES, and in private homes in Florida where I was meeting with other peaceful persons engaged in constitutionally-protected activity.

"I HAVE EVERY REASON TO BELIEVE that the federal government listens to my phone calls to family members and friends about purely personal matters.

"I have every reason to believe that the president’s agents READ my e-mail, PHOTOGRAPH me as I exercise my Constitutional Rights, RECORD the license numbers of cars I ride in, and CREATE huge databases with information about me and my fellow activists, BECAUSE all of this specific activity is on record, from government files, as having been visited on American citizens, around the United States, by members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the FBI, the NSA and other agencies.

"If as George Orwell once said, 'In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act, 'we members of the Truth Project, Inc., must be revolutionaries. I thought Congress passed safeguards against indiscriminate domestic spying after the gross violations of citizens ’ rights during the Civil Rights Movement and Vietnam peace activism. But here we are again. Like the Church Committee. Today, I think President Bush should confess the true extent of his domestic spying program. Confession is good for the soul. I think HE should tell the truth. That truth shall set us all free."

James Bamford is the author of The Puzzle Palace: A Report on NSA, America ‘s Most Secret Agency (Houghton Mifflin, 1982) and its sequel, Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultrasecret National Security Agency (Doubleday, 2001). His most recent book is A Pretext For War: 9/11, Iraq and the Abuse of America ‘s Intelligence Agencies (Doubleday, 2004).

At one point during questions, Bamford noted that when most Americans think of wiretapping, they think of some guy on a telephone pole with some alligator clips, and were for the most part completely unaware of the idea of how signals intelligence is applied in practice.

From Bamford's Statement:


"With no longer any FISA buffer between the NSA eavesdroppers and the American public, anyone’s communications can be targeted. Once a name is placed secretly on NSA’s watchlist, it will likely be sent not only to other agencies within the United States, but also to NSA’s partner agencies in the U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

"And like India ink, there is no removal. Five years later, when an innocent target attempts to get a new mortgage or take a trip to England, they may be turned down or turned away, with no explanation given. Who is a target would also likely change as administrations change. Today it might be a Muslim who demonstrates against the Bush administration ’s war in Iraq.But next time it could be a Christian fundamentalist belonging to an international anti-abortion group.

"Such thoughts were not far from Frank Church’s mind when he warned, “I don ’t want to see this country ever go across the bridge. I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision, so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return.

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