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Congressman Calls for Bush Impeachment

Congressman Calls for Bush Impeachment
The Associated Press - ATLANTA

U.S. Rep. John Lewis said Monday in a radio interview that President Bush should be impeached if he broke the law in authorizing spying on Americans. THANK CONGRESSMAN LEWIS

The Democratic senator from Georgia told WAOK-AM he would sign a bill of impeachment if one was drawn up and that the House of Representatives should consider such a move.

Lewis is among several Democrats who have voiced discontent with Sunday night's television speech, where Bush asked Americans to continue to support the Iraq War. Lewis is the first major House figure to suggest impeaching Bush.

"Its a very serious charge, but he violated the law," said Lewis, a former civil rights leader. "The president should abide by the law. He deliberately, systematically violated the law. He is not King, he is president."


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So, what would the penalty be if he were found guilty?

Not worth the effort or the taxpayer's money.

Those who believe him to be 'justified' will believe the same thing whether he is impeached or not; while those thinking him 'guilty' now
will only consider him to be more guilty.

And how, exactly, will you remove him from the White House if he simply refuses to go?

So, what's the use?

A 'matter of law' will pale into insignificance on the eve of a war which, if started, could threaten all of human civilization.



So, what the hell are we waiting for? If there are so many people in this country that believe this man should be impeached then why aren't we doing something about it? I have been asking for this to be done for three years. He has done nothing but lie to the American people now for five years. I don't care if bugging a person's private home or life may be a security risk to this country. The more important issue to me is that of PRIVACY. This president has, WITHOUT REMORSE, BROKEN THE LAW OF THIS LAND REGARDING THE PRIVACY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. What is wrong with us that we continue to be blasee of laid back about the criminal aspects of this administration. Let's do it now! Clinton was crucified for his "lying under oath". There was no greater critic then Bush regarding Clinton. He was going to "restore the dignity" to the office and White House. Excuse me, I'll take Clinton any day of the week! He was a better president then this tyrant could ever hope to be on his best day.

Thank you for standing up to this tyrant!

He committed treason by completely undermining the Constitution of the United States of America by proclaiming he has war powers he was never granted by anybody or any legal device or document. Therefore, it's time to impeach his sorry treasonous ass and throw the Son of a Bush out of the White House, preferrably before the '06 election cycle but no later than right after that.

It's time that this nation woke up to the nightmare this man has created world-wide, and exorcise him.

"A system of laws, not of men." -- John Adams

Where does the cowardice come from which gives up in the face of a criminal defying the Constitution and laws?

Stand up for your country -- or get out of the way.

Let's get it right! I. B. C

I. Impeach Bush and Cheney
B. Bush -- Censure
C. Cheney -- Convict

If we convict Bush we will have President Cheney or President Hastert. Better to keep the dimwitted dummy in office with a patriotic ventriloquist.

Annie G.

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