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End the Insurgency: Impeach Bush Now

by Sam Husseini

Sectors of the peace movement in the U.S. -- at least those which still
show signs of having a pulse -- have seized upon the Downing Street Memo
which might finally draw out in some substantive fashion the deceitful
manner in which the U.S. moved toward the invasion of Iraq. The group has called for an inquiry into possible impeachable
offenses committed by Bush.

Meanwhile other people in the U.S. who continue to back Bush are focusing
on "how to end the insurgency." They talk of the U.S. military casualties
in Iraq and see that Donald Rumsfeld now states that the insurgency could
last 12 years.

The two camps actually answer each other. If you want to end the insurgency
-- or resistance, depending on your views -- then make an honest accounting
of what your own government has done. Doing that will be perceived and
respected by others. Bush lied the country into war and initiated the war
in an unconstitutional manner. The fact that the Congress, the media, and,
to a large extent, the U.S. public were complicit in this does not absolve
Bush. They each should be judged as expeditiously as possible, but Bush
should be impeached -- now.

Doing so will have an impact in the Mideast and beyond.


After the February 15, 2003 protests, the leadership of Hezballah said they
would no longer burn U.S. flags. They perceived that substantial parts of
the U.S. public were outwardly opposing the then-impending invasion of
Iraq. They changed.

More recently, the Iranian people also perceived how the U.S. functions:
They were basically threatened no matter who won their election. They
discerned that that the U.S. attacked Iraq even though Iraq did not have
weapons or mass destruction and was allowing access to UN inspectors
(despite the fact that such inspections had been used for espionage against
Iraq in the past). Based on this, the Iranian people did the obvious thing:
They voted for the candidate who is almost always described as the
"hardliner" -- but on economic issues sounds like a socialist -- and not
the WTO-loving "reformer."

Such actions by Iranians might tick off liberals in the U.S., but if these
liberals had done their alleged job and really changed U.S. politics, the
dynamics would be different in the Mideast.

There might still be a bit of time to redress this before further
calamities occur.

An impeachment of Bush, for the right reasons -- and not for some
peripheral technicality -- might be the surest, quickest way to ending the
violent resistance in Iraq, ending further bloodshed and beginning a real
democratic process which is designed by Iraqis in accord with the region
and not U.S. administration and corporate ambitions. All the people in Iraq
-- including the resistance which the administration tells us it is
speaking to, at least on days they are not dismissing them as "terrorists"
-- will take note. And, like Hezballah, which is converting itself to a
political party, they will change.

The people of the U.S. can demand an impeachment of Bush and signal to the
people of Iraq, the Mideast and the world that they will take matters into
their hands and show they want a modicum of people and justice on this
planet. That is, if the people of the U.S. actually do want a modicum of
peace and justice on this planet.

Sam Husseini has just returned from the Mideast to the U.S. Some of his
writings are at


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I agree, and I believe that there is something even far more impeachable than the memos. For anyone who is not familiar with the incredible cover-up surrounding 9/11, and the multiltude of flaws and downright lies in the official story, I urge you to please stream or download Painful Deceptions at this site -- you won't want to believe what you will learn, but it's time take to the veils down:

has lied to us repeatedly, and should definitely be impeached. I am a volunteer veteran of World War II and Korea, and I have never been so competely affronted by the arrogance of George W. Bush.

Impeachment yes, war crimes and jail even better!

If you love your country, and if you believe the war in Iraq was perpetrated unlawfully as I do, Bush must be held accountable. Even if that means Cheney winds up at the helm.

I agree at Bush has committed crimes against humanity and should be held accountable for his actions.Many people have died unnecessarly including Americans and others.It seems that he has so much power that many in Washington are frightened to do anything.But although many nations are aware of it they too cannot do anything because the U.S. is a world superpower.This is similiar to Germany in World War 2.But now we have nuclear weapons which makes a difference.Reluctantly,I must wait to see what will happen.

Glad you are on board but you are uninformed if you think only bush should be impeached. chaney has been the puppetmaster the entire time and seems to knowlingly lie about the whole thing. The only reason he may know what a truth is, is so he can twist it and alter it to his needs. Remember the 9/11 hearings when bush would only appear with chaney? The whole group needs to be impeached. these are dangerous,corrupt and pathological liars.

We need to Impeach Bush now to save us the headache of having to deal with him until 2009. Though i see the only problem to impeaching Bush. Getting rid of Bush and impeaching him now, puts dick cheney in charge, need i say more. So if we need to impeach bush, then we need to include dick cheney

I think it's fairly clear that Cheney was in on the war lying process -- perhaps even more deeply than Bush and should obviously be impeached with him.

Call your house judiciary committee snd State Representatives to demand and investigation into this administration's actual case for going to war whereas, to my knowledge, Congress had NOT given permission; thus making this an illegal war.

There is a small but growing weekly protest in Philadelphia. It takes place every Wednesday, 4-6pm, on the south side of Market St., between 6th & 7th Sts. This is right across from the Federal Courthouse.

Anyone who will be in the Philly area is welcome to join us.

There is also an ongoing anti-war protest taking place at the same time across the street.

You can find more information at

No more dancing around the issue.

Impeach W, Cheney, the cabinet, and their neocon advisors now.

For any person interested in finding out the truth, after seeing the obvious exposure of lies about Iraq, then remember that every time Bush and his cronies mentions September 11th, they are giving the truthseekers a detective's dream, the BIG clue.

Then try them for war crimes... Bushco are not ignorant about history, just evil manipulators of it. The Bushco's devious orchestrated propaganda machine would make Goebbels proud:

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